In Video: SoCal Val’s Pillow Talk with Velvet Sky

The latest episode of Pillow Talk features guest SoCal Val:

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  • Rhawk

    lolz gotta love SoCal andher lesbo friendly gimmick, makes me lol. Daffney next plz, for even better lolz! x-P

  • AnnaRose

    “The latest episode of Pillow Talk features guest SoCal Val:”

    I think you mean Velvet Sky. lol

  • markiz2001

    wow. that was super cool. is this how all episodes of pillow talk are like?

  • Piggie James

    They’ve only had 4 or so recently. I think I heard Val say they used to have this segment before though so perhaps there were others in the past?

    The four they’ve had have been Madison, Miss Tessmacher, Tara, and now Velvet. They’ve all been essentially the same format, with quite similar questions. Example, Velvet’s sappiest movie is Pulp Fiction, while Miss Tessmacher’s was The Notebook (which was referenced to in this interview).

    Anyway I like these a lot, and they’re very entertaining. You learn some things about the Knockouts that you didn’t before for sure. Hope to see more in the future, with all the other Knockouts. Sarita and Daffney would be interesting to see for different reasons, not to mention Winter.

  • Piggie James

    Correction, 5. There was one with Christy Hemme too. Don’t think I’ve forgotten any others.

  • Blowbangfan

    Wow, they’ve got chemistry! Velvet Sky is sexy and naughty and SoCal Val is just infatuated. I wish Velvet dumped Angelina and became The Beautiful Person or kept the name of The Beautiful People for her and SoCal Val. That would be much more fun to watch because SoCal and Velvet have a lot more chemistry (and apparently mutual attraction) than Angelina and Velvet. How’s that sound…SoCal Val and Velvet Sky as The Beautiful People…or if they lose the naming rights they can simply be The Gorgeous Girls. I don’t know about you but it sure sounds good to me.