In Review: “Timeline: The History of WWE – 2001″ Starring Lisa ‘Ivory’ Moretti

Former WWE Women’s Champion, Ivory (real name Lisa Moretti) re-emerged last year, starring in a shoot interview that received a good review here at Diva Dirt. Now she’s back, teaming up with our friends at Kayfabe Commentaries for a new DVD looking back at the year in WWE in 2001. The ‘Timeline: The History of WWE’ series adds a unique spin to the regular shoot interview, as it allows for more focused discussion and gives fans an insight into how things were backstage during the year and how things played out on television.

The first thing that comes to mind is that, despite being 50 years old, Lisa looks radiant! And if you’ve seen her previous shoot interview, you’ll know she has a personality to boot. Playful, humorous and highly engaging, Lisa comes across as the ‘cool aunt’ we wish we could all have.

Like with their YouShoot series, Kayfabe niftily breaks things down for the viewer with a month-by-month look at the year that was 2001. There are often a few screens per month, highlighting the major events of 2001 that year and they simply let Lisa rip. Her comments may be on the events that were highlighted, her personal opinion on the people involved, or at times, she can even go off into discussing things that occurred in other years. And hey, who’s going to stop her?

In fact, one such moment where Lisa goes off on a tangent is probably the juiciest parts of the interview. The former champion reveals that following SummerSlam 2004 — which saw the infamous Raw Divas vs Diva Search contestants dodgeball game — the male roster actually took the Divas roster to Wrestlers’ Court for losing to the Diva Seach girls. Seriously! Lisa reveals how she served as the defense attorney for the Divas. Without giving too much away, there are some interesting anecdotes here about Jonathan Coachman and Triple H.

You’re probably wondering what she said about some of her fellow Divas, right? Well as history will tell us, 2001 was a big year for Lisa’s character, Ivory. In 2001, Lisa continued a high profile feud going into WrestleMania. Her opponent was of course, none other than Chyna. It’s no secret that Chyna didn’t want to be in the women’s division and preferred wrestling men. Lisa recalls her condescending comment to her when they first began their program: “Okay Ivory, you know how to pull hair, right?” Elsewhere, though she puts over Lita’s great gimmick at the time with the Hardy Boys and puts over her passion for wrestling, Lisa felt that Lita was unappreciative of the fans noting that she’d leave behind fan mail, gifts etc. that she would receive in the lockerrooms. “It may not mean anything to you but it sure means a lot to the giver, so you don’t leave that stuff behind in a lockerroom. That pissed me off a lot,” she says. One Diva that doesn’t get off so lightly is Miss Kitty aka The Kat, but you’ll just have to watch to find out more!

I think Steven put it succinctly in his review of Lisa’s past interview: Lisa is honest, perhaps brutally, but she doesn’t go out of her way to bury anyone or be bitchy towards anyone.

Looking at the run time beforehand — over two hours — the DVD is highly entertaining and the length seems less daunting as you’re sucked in by Lisa’s charm. Lisa gives her humorous and unique insights into some of 2001’s big events and looking back, there were several including the maligned XFL, the purchase of WCW and subsequent Alliance angle and lots more.

To go back to the earlier analogy, Lisa really does come across as wrestling’s cool aunt! She is charming to watch on screen, her stories are highly entertaining and as we’ve come to expect from Kayfabe Commentaries, the production is top notch. Another great release following in the footsteps of the epic Maria Kanellis YouShoot.

Rating: 4/5

- Click here to purchase ‘Timeline: The History of WWE – 2001′

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  • seasons-of-love

    ‘Wrestlers’ Court’ really does sound like the most stupid, childish thing ever. It really does decrease my level of respect to people like The Undertaker, who is supposedly front and centre of it all. :S

    But yeah, this is something that I’d actually quite like to see. I like Ivory…she’s not like, say, Maria, who gives me the impression that she’s just saying a ton of crap for attention and ‘fame’ (lol, yeah right Maria). In her interviews, Ivory just seems like a nice woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. It’d be an interesting watch.

  • mikeparis18

    I like that Ivory will say things she didn’t like but also say things she appreciated about people. It wasn’t a simple “she was a bitch” like other people would say. Ivory seems like a hell of a woman and I’d love to meet her one day.

  • litafan2000

    Awesome! I love Ivory! In Lita’s DVD it shows her house having a full load of fan gifts and mail. Lol

  • K2beliEVE

    classy. there’s no need to talk shit about ppl u don’t like.

    i remember in 2000 when i was playing smackdown2 on PSX, she’s my punching bag lol. sorry ivory!

  • drayme

    @seasons-of-love re:wrestlers court you have to realise that they arent unionised so they dont have a foreman.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Lmao I love Ivory ! One of the best Heels in the WWE. Trish , Melina & Ivory played their Heel Character off so well , no diva 2day has that statue!

    I agree with ivory , I would be pissed too If you get Fan Mail , Gifts etc from fans and you just leave it behind. That’s total diserespect right there , that’s like a slap in the face to Fans…which makes me wonder does any Diva in the wwe do that now ?

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    classy. there’s no need to talk shit about ppl u don’t like.

    woudnt you do the same ?

  • bortman

    hey is this dvd or straight up downloadable video shoots?

    i just bought it via paypal .. without looking/searching if this thing is dvd or downloadable.
    now im *scratchingmyhead*…

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    I miss Ivory. She represented ‘real women wrestlers’. She’s one of my all time favorite female wrestlers but she still can’t top Molly Holly.

  • bortman

    nvm.. haha i need to wear my glasses. its dvd..

    anyway.. i laugh when she said wrestling lita is like wrestling gumby… lol and lita did admit that shes very clumsy girl.

  • art1e

    even thou she doesnt like miss kitty the kat,they had that great match on smackdown & an awesome match at mcw its on utube people its crappy quality but shows the kat could wrestle also the kat vs molly holly too…

    i totally respect ivory maybe at the time lita had an ego being the most over female of all time might have gone to her head,i think molly said when lita came back from her neck injury she didnt have her ego..but as a fan id like to think if i gave them a gift they’d at least read/or at least keep for awhile….

  • litafan2000

    Yeah Molly said Lita took her wrestling WAY to serious back in 2000-2002 and when Lita did come back she was a completely different person. I sent Lita a gift back in 2003 and I describe it on her Twitter page and she wrote to me that she still has it.

  • Piggie James

    I just watched the Maria YouShoot, which was actually very captivating, so I’ll probably get this one too, even though Ivory isn’t quite as relevant to the Divas division today. I think as someone who was a true female wrestler, her opinion would be great to hear.

    Kayfabe Commentaries have produced some very entertaining shoot interviews, and I do hope to see some more women do them. The Dixie Carter one seemed great, and is one I’m definitely considering.

  • Mickey_Beck

    @K2beliEVE do you realize kk and eve do the same things? HELLO. Wake up. Not all our faves are great people. also amy was never the most over girl wrestler. Not even dd beloved trish. Both are just little girls compard to Madusa, Sherri, Kong, and Sara Del Rey.

  • bortman

    @ Mickey_Beck do you even know what OVER means in wrestling term?

  • sugarrush28

    I love Ivory. Her RTC character was probably my fave heel character since I started watching wrestling again.

  • iloveme

    “One Diva that doesn’t get off so lightly is Miss Kitty aka The Kat”

    umm… can someone please explain this to me???

  • Harry

    Before so many get so carried away with the portrait of Ivory as the epitome of disinterested, balanced accuracy, it should be remembered that when Chyna left and there was no clear women’s locker room leader, Ivory tried to call a meeting of all of the girls to deal with the situation. Lita believed that there didn’t need to be any reestablishment of some kind of hierarchy. If two people had a problem, they could deal with it amongst themselves. Additionally, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, January 2002, p. 34 wrote: Lita is “a hero” to the girls and “the fantasy ” of the guys. She’s “also the envy of every diva on the WWF roster.” Additional to PWI World of Wrestling Magazine wrote at the beginning of 2001: “The pre-teen and barely-teen tomboy lot look at her as a role model. They now have an assertive woman who is not afraid to stand up to men or get her hands dirty in the ring.” Some people with their cute smug comments forget the kind of bumps that Lita took such as on the night the agent for the match wanted Lita to do a crossbody off the top rope and have Eddie catch her. Lita knew that with the force she would be coming with from that height only Brock Lesnar could have caught her. Lita suggested her coming off the apron.The agent refused,that wouldn’t be impressive enough. .Lita then suggested coming off the top but with Eddie catching her in the ring. Again the agent refused. Lita then agreed that she would hit Eddie with a hurricanrana, he would catch her and reverse it into a powerbomb on the floor .That night during the match when Eddie slammed Lita onto the floor he knocked most of the wind out of her, her shoulder felt like it was on fire, she didn’t know if she could get up. Essa tried to hep her up by her arm and it hurt like everything. It took Lita forever to change clothes. Lita had to ask Tori to help her with her things. I doubt if Lita or most of the rest of us would have felt like looking around the room to see if fan mail was there.

  • art1e

    @KK4Ever u need to shut up LITA did things that kelly can only dream off & at least lita put the work in unlike that barbie doll who cant even perform a kick or forearm without looking sloppy…

    kelly is way more sloppy than lita,Candice was way more sloppy than lita,f*ck trish botched more then Lita ever did….

    also LITA got powerbombed on the out side of the ring no female has taken that,she got put & pushed through a f*cking table….Ivorys boot cut litas face & with blood all over her face she CONTINUED the match till the end,not any diva prop would have done that…

    im not litas biggest fan but shes not as sloppy as some of todays & past divas where & are so KK4Ever go get a life ok & go watch litas matches since shes not as bad as u & others make out to be….

  • drayme

    @Harry Why do always trot out those quotes from that wacky publication? You do realise PWI is one of the least respected publications in Wrestling right? Most of their interviews and awards are made up. Using that a proof of anything is laughable to the highest degree.

  • Jake

    You gotta love those Lita fans…

  • drayme

    @Jake I like Lita but they do her no favours by overcompenstating the way they do. If you read her own book is likes to keep to herself and is kind of moody, nothing wrong with that just her personality.