In Video: Shaul Guerrero Wrestles at FCW Live Event

As well as the fan report and pictures posted earlier, there’s now good quality footage of Shaul Guerrero wrestling last night at an FCW live event in Punta Gorda, FL.

This was Shaul’s second live pro:

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  • Macho Madness

    I think she did pretty damn well for her first(or second) match!

  • Kenu91

    Maxine should debut on the main roster, damn she’s so beautiful and full of talent, my favourite ICE QUEEN :) Aksana, Naomi and AJ are ready too :) and Shaul has a great future in wrestling business in my opinion :)

  • memosoto

    omg i want all of them in the main roster.. smackdown needs new faces!… they are only 4 divas (5 with kk fired)..and im sick of laycool every week!

    i loved vickie coming out of nowhere! :D

  • Lily

    Shaul, Caylee and Aksana are all on the same level soon Shaul & Caylee will top Aksana. Aksana did ackward in this match. All NXT girls deserve to be on the main roster already. Maxine & Aksana have character/personality. AJ & Naomi have the wrestling skills. Perfect combination except Maxine & Aksana should not debut any time in the ring but i wouldn’t mind if they debuted as valets and got on the mic from time to time.

  • Reid

    Ok so what needs to happen (ASAP) is LayCool both become face, with Vickie already not liking them atm, she could go to michelle one last last time to get her to get something done and they fail … vickie has a mental breakdown which would leave next weeks episode for vickie to get her revenge. She should call them out in the middle of the ring and have a go at them saying they cant do anything right etc etc She should say seeing as they cant do it, shes gone off to hire two woman who can, out comes Awesome Kong & say Naomi (maybe with a new name?) and beat the shit out of laycool .. i reckon it could work. They both have great potential to be face, and because everyone knows who they are by now, turning them face could actually get the crowd behind them??? Since WWE is trying to keep up with the TNA K.O’s i think they should make smackdown have their very own diva’s titles…. Tag team titles. With the draft coming up soon (….i think??) they can easily mix up the roster, they would have Laycool(face), BellaTwins(heel), the new team who would be fueding with the newly turned face team of laycool…awesome kong& naomi or alicia fox, or completly rip of TNA’s idea and have maxine as a woman hidden in a burqa, then have gail drafted over and because of the new TAG titles, she is asked to get a tag partner…. calling up AJ to the main roster. What do yall think?

  • Jayd211

    wow Shaul while super green she has a ton of potential she looked at home in the ring in my opinnion not at all awkward like some wrestler can in their first matches

  • FoxAxeKick

    That was funny when Aksana fell over the top rope and when she did a KO punch to Racquel. Racquel was ehh, Caylee Turner was better in her debut match.

  • AdrianKanellis

    When Rosa lost the Queen of FCW To Aksana??

  • C_Payne

    Adrian, was in some spoilers about a week ago, if you don’t read spoilers you wouldn’t have noticed

  • dunk20

    @Jayd211. totally got that vibe too. It’s like she’s really doing what she loves and wants to pursue. I felt great vibes watching her wrestle

  • LadyGoDiva

    Honestly it the match was okay and all but I was hoping to see a littler more from Shaul despite it being her first time in the ring I’ll cut her some slack on this one sooner or later she’ll improve.

  • melina prez

    Not everday do we c Vickie as a face. and shaul did good for her first or second match.

    Whoever took this vid they did a croutch shot. That was hilarious.

  • art1e

    match was ok & why the hell didnt maxine wear a ref colored shirt?

    Naomi & aj should have been in more,u could tell shaul was alittle off & her moves looked sloppy i.e clotheslines but all she can go from here is to get better…

    loved vickie “EXCUSE ME” when she came out & owned maxine…maxine has good mic skills & if maxine worked on her ring skills she could def be a face & work against vickie…

    Also wwe bring Naomi up to the main roster like omfg shes got what it takes to be a star..