Michelle McCool Injured

Former Divas and Women’s Champion Michelle McCool, who was visibly seen sporting a cast on her foot last night at the SmackDown taping, suffered a broken toe reports PWInsider.

It’s not clear how/when she hurt her toe, but Michelle has not been in action on SmackDown for the past couple of weeks.

Our best wishes to Michelle on a speedy recovery!

EDIT: Michelle has updated her status on her Twitter page, writing:

Yes its true…@mslayel has a hard head! Broken toe, torn mcl in foot, torn joint capsule & swelling in bone! Still luv her…..

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  • Macho Madness

    get well soon “Chelle”! haha

  • wl75

    So the SD taping spoiler makes a bit more sense now- it sets up a way for Michelle to be out of the ring for a few weeks (though she can still be on TV accompanying Layla, she just can’t wrestle)…

  • A.E

    aww feel bad for michelle get well soon,maybe thats a sign to tell the stupid management to hire more girls,or elese i well take the blue divas one by one anyway get well michelle.

  • drayme

    Funny timing as Taker is just coming back from injury himself.

  • A.E

    i read the report right after the week of the main event.that michelle was working while injured.i didn’t believe it first but i start to believe it now.

  • A.E

    @drayme good point

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    So, WWE won’t probaly tease the LayCool split no more. I really hope the injury isn’t serious because 80% of the time athletes get injured they’re never the same going back into doing the sport they were doing i.e Candice Michelle, Maryse, and Melina.

    Anyway, now that K2 & McCool are gone for a while maybe WWE will call up 2 deserving divas from FCW ;)

  • wl75

    Oh man- a torn MCL in the foot? She might be out for longer than we think….

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Poor Michelle. I really hope she’s more motivated then ever when she returns but the sad thing is no michelle mccool in the ring, that worries me deeply. I hope her being injured isn’t anything big because her wrestling is golden. Never seen someone who can wrestle so solid and clean in years in WWE.

  • squared.circle

    I wish her a smooth recovery. It’s a shame; Michelle is an amazing in ring competitor and is a joy to watch. Get well soon:)

  • http://www.twitter.com/kaledrina_x Kaledrina

    so layla is the only wrestling heel on smackdown.. perhaps now smackdown creative will wake up a bit and start to use kaitlyn and rosa as something other than fodder.

    all the best to her with her recovery.

  • wl75

    @Kalderina that’s why I suspect when KK comes back in a couple of weeks, she’ll probably turn heel very quickly…

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    ya apparently kelly kelly is going heel

  • Nick

    keep her injured! i wanna see outside the ring more often. her casual clothes inspire me alot.

  • DIVAsupporter

    life’s way of telling her to take a break.. :)

  • callie superperv

    i bitch about her push as much as anyone- but truly i am sorry to hear this and the wwe is less without her-strangely i hope she stays involved in storylines over her recovery-and (gulp) wish her well–this is a very strange place for me

    it is possible to like michelle, but hate her push right?

    callie kinda confused but still superperv


    I doubt its wrestling related since she doesn’t work house shows and she really doesn’t wrestle or tv that much anymore.

  • mikeparis18

    Horrible timing, but what can you do? I wish her the best and I hope she’s okay soon. This means she might miss WrestleMania, at least getting in the ring. I guess Layla will take the lead now.

  • Kiki94

    Anyone Else Feel, Kelly & Layla Team Up Agian As In ECW.?
    Haa Crazy To See How They Might Recycle That Team.

  • Alex

    aw get well soon michelle


    I doubt Kelly will be heel. Maybe they will move Maryse to SD. And maybe Eve can make the move to.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOyzTv-g8FA Piggie James

    Bad news. Was looking forward to the Lay-Cool split. Still, sounds like Michelle will still be appearing on Smackdown out of the ring. I hope this injury doesn’t dampen any of her passion for wrestling, since she did have that other injury scare many years ago.

    As some have said, this is a good opportunity to bring some Raw Divas to Smackdown, or even bring up AJ or Naomi.

    I know the backstage reports keep hinting at a Kelly Kelly heel turn, but I can’t see Kelly Kelly just coming back as a heel straight away. Maybe if she became a valet from Drew McIntyre it might sort of work, although I dread the thought. If she’s a heel on Smackdown, she basically has to ally with Vickie and Lay-Cool, who she just feuded with. Kelly Kelly might just go to Raw since that will be one way to get around being ‘fired’.

  • melina prez

    Get well Michelle.

  • layglamacool

    Nice time to bring in Kong as McCools backup, and Laycool can be her managers. Heres to a speedy recovery Michelle, Smackdown won’t be the same without her.

  • layglamacool

    Did McCool kick Layla in the head during a house show or something? I wonder how the writers will deal with this injury.