Elimination Chamber in Review: Divas Deliver 100% Stratusfaction (That’s a Guarantee!)

It’s funny how things work out sometimes, isn’t it? You take a throw away pay-per-view like the Elimination Chamber, the show that’s get stuck between the big two, and you put together a rather weak card of five matches that leaves so much to be desired. For Diva fans the show appeared to suck even more because there wasn’t a match announced at all. I can’t speak for everyone, but I didn’t really want to watch the show. All day I debated whether or not to order it and my gut kept telling me to do it; give the show a chance and you won’t be disappointed. The show ended up getting ordered and low and behold it blew the Royal Rumble completely out of the water. Not only did the matches deliver, but the show was full of surprises. New champions were crowned, both Elimination Chambers far exceeded expectations, and the WWE continued their theme of shock/awe returns. That Diva match never happened but if you want my humble opinion (and you know you do), what we got was much, much better.

When an announcer gets in the ring for what seems to be no apparent reason, I, like all Diva fans should, cringe because it usually spells bad things for the girls. Diva dance offs or bikini contests, or something that’s not a match, usually ends up taking place. So when Booker T got in the ring, my reaction was natural. Booker T has a microphone and he says that he wants to introduce somebody and that this somebody is going to be a trainer on the new season of Tough Enough along with himself and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. He glances in the direction of the stage and a few seconds later some very familiar theme musics begins to play.


To be completely honest and break kayfabe for a moment, I truly marked out. Trish Stratus on Tough Enough? Seriously? Wow.

Trish, as a stunning brunette, makes her way to the ring to a delicious pop from the fans. She looks great, her smile is genuine, and once she gets in the ring she plays to the crowd and embraces Booker for a friendly hug. Booker welcomes her and compliments her on how amazing she looks, then he asks her to tell everyone what she’s been up too. Trish says that she’s been hanging out with the kids from Tough Enough, possibly looking for the next WWE Superstar or Diva, and then she teases that being around the ring has gotten her to the point where she’s come up with a new catchphrase. She slyly takes the microphone and spoofs The Rock, saying that finally THE Trish has come back to Oakland! She continues on by saying that she’s come back to deliver stratusfaction to the millions… and she encourages the crowd to follow-up with “and millions. And to cap it off, Trish pays homage to Booker by ending her little improptu skit with “SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKA.” She drops down a la Booker T and he just shakes his head. He wants to know if she really just said that, and yeah Booker. She totally did.

Booker plugs Tough Enough and announces that it will be airing the night after Wrestlemania, right after Raw, on the USA network. He turns back to Trish and asks her why she’s in attendance tonight. Trish says that she’s in Oakland to see one of her personal favorites, Jerry “The King” Lawler win the WWE Championship. Booker agrees and caps it off with his signature catchphrase, and he gives Trish a final shout-out. Her music starts to play and as she exits stage left, we fade into a promo for that Z-List movie starring Triple H.

Seriously, wow. Who better to teach the women of Tough Enough about what it takes to be a Diva than Trish? She embodies everything that being a Diva stands for. She’s basically the mold for the perfect Diva. The WWE is not about wrestling, it’s about entertainment and Trish is one of the most entertaining performers the ‘E has ever had. She’s got spunk, personality, charisma, and her matches always told a story. This is great for Tough Enough and even better for Diva fans because for awhile we will once again get to see Trish on a weekly basis. Amazing.

And as amazing as the announcement of Trish being a trainer on Tough Enough was, the night wasn’t finished.

Later on in the night a very somber Vickie Guerrero walks to the ring. She excuses herself all the way down to the ramp and once inside, she starts speaking about the situation that happened with Dolph Ziggler on this past episode of SmackDown. She calls it a horrible tragedy that Dolph was fired and she wants to explain why her man attacked SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long. She says that they had issues as a couple and that Dolph’s temper is really bad. She claims that his state of mind, when the attack happened, was confused and that he did what he did out of his love for Vickie. He committed a crime of passion and Vickie apologizes on his behalf.

The heat is just raining down on Vickie at this point and she’s milking it for all its worth. She begs everyone to show compassion to her and to plead with Teddy Long to bring Dolph back. She asks the WWE Universe to get on Twitter and Facebook in an attempt to get Dolph rehired. She even tells them to call Teddy. She really wants Dolph to get his job back. Vickie says that she and Dolph deserve a second chance and as if on cue, Teddy Long’s music starts to play. The popular authority figure struts out on stage and he tells Vickie to just stop, she’s embarrassing herself. Vickie starts to plead with Teddy, apologizing for Dolph again. She apologizes for herself and then she starts using compliments to try and soften Teddy’s tough exterior. She flat out asks him to do the right thing and rehire Dolph.

Teddy says that luckily for Vickie he’s in a hiring mood tonight. Vickie’s face lights up like a kid’s on Christmas morning and she starts freaking out about how excited Dolph will be. She thanks Teddy but he is quick to burst her bubble. He tells her that he hasn’t rehired Ziggler, but he has rehired someone who wants to personally thank Vickie for her time as acting SmackDown General Manager. Teddy steps back and another familiar Diva theme song begins to play. A radiant Kelly Kelly steps out to absolute thunderous pop and Vickie’s face suddenly turns Sheamus White. Smiley Kelly makes her way to the ring and it doesn’t take long for Vickie to try and bolt. Kelly seems amused and goes after the woman who fired her, catching her and backing her into the corner as Vickie gets back inside the ring.

Kelly wants to know what’s up and Vickie tries to laugh at the situation. Kelly isn’t laughing and she catches Vickie with a boot to the stomach. She kicks her down and the catfight is on. Kelly starts slamming Vickie’s face into the mat, flips her up, and mounts her. She goes cray cray on Vickie and all of a sudden she is pulled away by an interfering Michelle McCool and Layla. Michelle has her arms locked around Kelly’s waist with Layla helping. Kelly manages to kick Layla away, but Michelle slams Kelly down. Lay-Cool begin a double team beatdown on Kelly and after wailing away on her for a few seconds, they kick her out of the ring. They slither out of the ring and hit the ground, and Layla ends up throwing Kelly into the guardrail after they trash talk her for a few minutes. A groggy Kelly slowly sits up and Michelle ends up slamming her knee into the side of Kelly’s head.

Thank goodness for Kelly’s sake someone comes running to the rescue. Trish flies out from the back and chases Lay-Cool off. Michelle and Layla jump in the ring and roll out, and Trish immediately begins checking on Kelly. Lay-Cool start to head to the back but they stop and glance at each other. Nodding their heads they turn around and run towards Trish. Michelle and Layla rip her from Kelly and slam her down onto the mat. Michelle starts screaming at the Diva of the Decade and they toss her into the ring. Michelle goes in first, with Layla following, but a crafty Trish is able to get to her feet and I think headbutt Michelle off of her. Layla comes to Michelle’s defense but she ends up getting Thesz Press-ed and beat on. Michelle pulls Trish off Layla and throws her across the ring. She goes after her and helps Trish to her feet. Trish eats an uppercut and Michelle motions at Layla to get in position. Michelle nails Trish again and Layla goes to the top rope and waits. Trish is fighting back for all she’s worth at this point and she’s able to muscle Michelle off of her. Michelle slams into the ropes and nearly knocks Layla down, but she collects herself and goes back for more. Trish is waiting and after months of seeing Michelle kick the snot out of people, she ends up getting destroyed with a stiff Chick Kick to the skull. Michelle goes down hard and Trish sees Layla and runs for the corner. She’s tries to go for the Stratusphere but she slips in the heels she’s wearing. Layla ends up catching one leg and once Trish gets the other up, Layla is sent flying into the center of the ring.

Michelle has gotten back to her feet but Trish is just on fire now. She scoops Michelle up and perfectly executes her trademark springboard bulldog (The Stratusfaction!) on not just Michelle, but Layla too! A double Stratusfaction! IN AT LEAST FIVE INCH HEELS! Lay-Cool is done and Kelly finally makes her way back into the ring. She and Trish embrace and both girls celebrate as Kelly’s song begins to play.

What a beautiful moment.

It’s hard to describe the feelings that ran through my head when this happened. A Trish/Michelle match is a dream match, and when Layla and Kelly get to play too, it’s just makes for great Diva television. I don’t care that Trish slipped up when doing her move in the corner. It happens and the woman was in a fierce pair of stiletto boots after all. You try it. What I do care about is the potential this has and what it could possibly mean for the Divas as the road to Wrestlemania continues to head towards Atlanta. Having Trish back as a trainer is one thing, but giving her a storyline is even better.

Michelle and Layla are classic heels and I love the fact they didn’t give a crap about Trish. It was like her name and her legacy meant nothing to them. All they cared about was that Trish got involved in their business and they attempted to take it to her. Unfortunately for Lay-Cool it didn’t quite work out. Kudos to Layla for being able to work with that spot in the corner despite the slip in the corner. True professional.

Kelly’s return was about as great as her firing. This girl is a complete gem right now and I’m so incredibly glad she got to have this particular moment with Trish. Kelly went after Vickie full throttle and like always, she sold her beating from Lay-Cool well. I hope this leads to something spectacular for Kelly. The pop she got was one of the loudest of the night and the WWE needs to build on this.

Diva wise, the Elimination Chamber was a complete success. I truly hope the division gets a huge rub from this. The girls deserve it. The fans deserve it. The crowd in Oakland was hot for the segment and I’m definitely glad they didn’t bother to announce a match for the show. What we got was a whole lot better and more importantly, it brought the surprise element. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in recent weeks is that not having something spoiled makes wrestling much more fun, and the Elimination Chamber was truly one of the funniest pay-per-views I’ve ever seen. Thank you Trish, Michelle, Layla, Kelly, and Vickie. I’m pretty sure most Diva fans will echo my sentiments.

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  • SherriShepherdWWE


    loved see trish and tonight she proved that she still got the best mic skills, and she can kick some ass, at the same time, but really there is no better DIVa than Trish to train on Tough Enough, she came in as a Model, nobody thought she would make it and look she is the most popular women to come out of the WWE and even the most popular female in the wrestling business

    5/5 on last night, it was just magical

  • javiousmckenzie

    The combining the rock and booker t catchphrase was kind of a funny fail lol but who cares its trish stratus. I was kind of hoping they would bring molly holly in as a trainer but looks like there going for an all star cast, i bet the girls oin fcw are highly pissed who wouldnt want to be taught by trish. Love the laycool fight a tiny botch but it was still great for ppl to say Kelly is following trish i kind of see kelly as the new torrie wilson honestly but hey and also without the heavy umm you know what rosita and trish look like twins omg wow

  • http://twitter.com/#!/jayd211 Jayd211

    ok so i was thinking after seeing that if the WWE truly wants Kelly to turn heel what better way then to have her turn on arguable the most popular diva of all time that would get her over as a heel instantly i really hope they go that route (plus i’d love to see both trish and lita in the ring together at WM)

  • http://www.twitter.com/kaledrina_x Kaledrina

    it was great seeing trish back and her having a place on the tough enough team but honestly i feel a bit insulted as a fan that they had her come out during the kellly/lay-cool stuff. it’s like heey, we’ll just wheel out trish for the cheap pop. would’ve made more sense if it was eve. heck, having lay-cool come out was a step too far for me. i would have preferred it if we just had kelly chase vickie to the back. half the time wwe uses layla and michelle in their random raw or ppv appearances, it isn’t necessary.. which is probably why i became so bored of them so quickly.

    hopefully this doesn’t mean an end to the lay-cool break up they’ve been teasing for almost what feels like a year now. that and the bella twins/gail stuff is all i find interesting right now.

  • layglamacool

    I hope this leads to a match at Wrestlemania and i hope there is a follow up on this on tonights Raw. This can truly cement Laycool as the top heels in WWE. And maybe at Mania Kelly Kelly could turn on Trish Stratus and cost her the match and turn heel. That would be epic. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this and how Kong will be involved with the divas. Wrestlemania is looking pretty good right about now.

  • chrisP

    “ok so i was thinking after seeing that if the WWE truly wants Kelly to turn heel what better way then to have her turn on arguable the most popular diva of all time that would get her over as a heel instantly i really hope they go that route (plus i’d love to see both trish and lita in the ring together at WM)”

    If that crowd last night was any indication, the fans would be perfectly fine with Kelly turning on Trish. She was way more over than Trish was. If Trish is going to be wrestling at Mania, WWE needs to bulid her up a lot more than they are probably planning because last night and her Raw guest host job in 2009 showed that there’s clearly a portion of the audience that either doesn’t know her history or just doesn’t care. If WWE thinks they can just put her in a match and everything will take care of itself, they’re wrong.

  • BillyGP

    Trish was the true highlight on the PPV still has it all this hype for Kong to save the diva division to me should be put to end for now. Because the PPV was the starting point for saving the division if only WWE continues with it.

    E+For Eve seem she will have the Bellas after her after last week Raw.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    I would love to see Kong Vs Trish, i never thought of seeing them in a match until now, thinkin that Trish is back for a couple of months and Kong is HOPEFully debuting soon, so there is a chance we will see them in a ring together very soon, fingers crossed

  • http://www.youtube.com/xDivatoxicV3 MiPiMafia

    If they do carry on with this, I wouldn’t mind seeing Trish/Kelly vs Laycool/Vickie at ‘Mania but with the WWE & getting-all-divas-on-wrestlemaina, they will do something like Team Trish (Trish,Kelly,Eve,Natalya & Beth) vs Team Laycool (Michelle, Layla, Vickie, Melina & Maryse/Alicia)

    With turning Kelly heel, it’s not the right time. She’s the most popular diva in WWE right now, they can’t mess it up by turning her heel, they have been too many heel turns this year & no babyface turns.

  • gameover813

    “F4WOnline.com is reporting that Trish Stratus is said to be open to wrestling a couple matches now that she’s returned to WWE to be a part of Tough Enough. So there is speculation that she might team with Kelly Kelly to take on LayCool in a tag match at WrestleMania. More on this as it becomes available”

    So it looks like most of you mayb right about whats 2 come for Wrestlemania hopefully it happens but i would love for K2 to turn heel at Wrestlemania by backstabbing Trish and getting Lay-Cool the victory.Whats a better way to turn Kelly heel and get Lay-Cool to be hated even more and defiently set the status that Lay-Cool are the top divas right now, i mean they could brag 4ever on how they BEAT TRISH at the most important event of the year plus it wont make Trish look to bad since it wont be a clean win……

  • Taylor

    I would rather have Kelly turning heel leading up to WrestleMania and then introducing Kong as a face. That way it could possibly be Trish, Kong, and Lita going against Lay-Cool and Kelly. That would be perfect. Kong and her character would automatically get cemented that way.

  • A.E

    glad to see my own time favorite trish,i have a reason to watch tough enough finally,she was the best thing in the whole ppv along with christian.

  • http://facebook.com/francesca.zarate francescaa415

    i was there! and it was AMAZING.
    when trish came out, i screamed. not gonna lie. i practically flew outta my seat.
    vickie got sooo much heat that none of us could hear what she was saying.
    and the pop when kelly came out? i didnt really hear it. i was too busy screaming.
    it was amazinggg. im not gonna lie.
    and another thing, the TV does not do the divas justice.
    the dark match was teddy vs. daniel bryan and maryse came out with teddy.
    and she is GORGEOUS. just thought id throw that out there. haha.

  • KellyLayCoolFan

    Iloved the kelly kelly return the crowd went CRAZY lol

    ps.can anybody tell me how to change the profilr picture

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Im so happy to see Trish Back , I wasnt really gonna watch ” Tough Enough” before but now I am. !00% StratusFaction

  • 04bia

    it was a good night, i swear any segment with laycool and vickie in seems to be FLAWLESS! laycool really controlled the match well and sold the offence good too kudos to them! trish was FLAWLESS TOO! she botched but i suppose she was in heels but she still stratusfied! kelly got a huge pop she is very popular so i dont know too much about a heel turn right now.

    btw kelly was actually more over than trish, kelly got a huge pop while trish got a mediocre one, which is a shame. it should have been opposite way around considering trish is THE biggest star and kelly doesnt compare a single inch towards trish.

    anyway im happy! i hope wwe follows this up towards wrestlemania and dont drop the ball with laycool and trish!

  • Kellybug

    As far as the Diva portion of the night goes, I wonder how many people would have still liked it if Trish hadn’t been involved.

  • Jamal

    Nice to see Trish back again and a decent segment, despite the headscissors botch.

  • BillyGP

    Trish admitted to slipping up but my god with those heels no wonder but it still came out good. Lay-Cool will get theirs and i can’t wait to see Trish/Kelly kick their asses then show them they (Lay-Cool) are not Flawless.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    ya i agree @billygo, Trish mentioned herself about the botch on her twitter twice i think and then again in the interview, i dont think we have ever had someone actually admit to botching and not try and hide it, so i give her big hand for admitting to it, and making a joke of it,

  • http://www.twitter.com/johndern JDernTrishStratusFan

    Watching Trish back in action was AMAZING! I had chills the whole time! I’ve missed her beyond belief!

    So glad she’s back. The botched move doesn’t bother me ONE BIT. She’s been away from the ring, full time for almost 6 years. She did amazing!


  • mikeparis18

    She was amazing, especially for being in pointy heels like that. I hope something like this happens with Lita one day, would be nice.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Trish should have known by now not to wear heels in a wrestling ring smh. The segment was sloppy because half of the moves were botched. If WWE announce LIta as a trainer for Tough Enough, that would make the show a lot better and the ratings would boost up.


    I dont think Kelly is turning heel. She obviously will be fueding with LayCool and Vickie.

  • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RockinRed45Mvs

    Wow! That was just amazing. I was so excited watching it live that I didnt realize that the crowd was dead for that first segment. I think that most didnt even know Trish…unfortunately.I guess Trish will be involved WM. I would’ve loved to have seen Lita. Mainly because Trish and her are my favorites.I am very Stratusfied!