In Video: TNA Hypes Sarita vs Velvet Match

TNA has released a pretty cool preview video hyping up next week’s Sarita vs Velvet Sky match which will see the latter put her career on the line. If she loses, she’s gone from TNA.

Watch below:

Thoughts: Rarely do we see promo packages like this for the Knockouts so I like that they’re promoting the match and making it seem important.

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  • Macho Madness

    Can’t wait for this one! A good old fashion 1 on 1 wrestling match to settle their fued to see if Velvet can hang with the best female wrestlers in TNA.

  • Macho Madness

    Cool promo too! Definitely make Sarita vs Velvet on iMPACT next week seem important.

  • Kaledrina

    velvet has always been the fall girl. even in her tag matches with lacey von erich, she was the one mostly taking the losses so i like that they actually made a storyline out of her losing, especially as it has helped turn sarita from an awesome wrestler with not much personality, to somebody who now has quite a character.

    the storyline stretches back to october last year and even though it’s been a huge slow-burner and inactive at times, i appreciate the continuity given to it. this, winter/angelina and madison/tara/mickie are all feuds that have been going on a good four, five months and i’m not bored with them yet. kudos, tna.

  • Superstar77

    I don’t give TNA credit for this at all. If anything making a storyline about Velvet losing all the time made her look bad. Also all those loses she took over the past few months have been ridiculous. This angle did more for Sarita than Velvet but I guess that was the point.

    I guess it ends next week but after reading the spoilers I’m not sure.

  • C_Payne

    I honestly feel this match deserves to be on PPV, adding in to the fact this really well done promo.

    I feel that Velvet has earned a single PPV match, I’ve found her entertaining and enjoy watching her matches, she is the only reason I watch TNA because truthfully I do not like Mickie James character and feel that Tara, recently, has only reminded me of Victoria in WWE. I respect both of them though

  • Kaledrina

    @zino but velvet didn’t need putting over, sarita did and that’s exctly what this feud has done. velvet has been losing most of her matches since she first showed up in tna. i mean it wasn’t too long ago taylor wilde pinned her like 3 times in less than 1 minute, but even though velvet has mostly been a loser, she’s always been quite a big force in the knockouts division not to mess with.. so, yeah, i don’t think her losing so much recently has really affected her stance in the division.

  • future tna knockout.

    it was a good match , but i expected more out of those two . but , they did pretty good . :D

  • Superstar77

    I don’t think Sarita needed to be put over. Everyone already sees her as a good wrestler. Velvet was the one who needed to look good since no one seems to believe her and sadly don’t think she’s good. All this feud did imo was make all those people that don’t think Velvet is a good wrestler and made them right. Velvet was made to look like a joke and honestly don’t like the storyline at all. I really hate how badly TNA has made Velvet look over the years she’s been there. Even though it happened about 3 years ago I’m still mad about the Taylor Wilde thing because that was ridiculous.

    I understand Sarita winning the first two matches or even 3 but 7! That was unnecessary.

    I agree. This match should have have happened at Victory Road instead of them giving it away on Impact.

  • callie superperv

    easy on the spoilers in the comments please


  • BillyGP

    Go Velvet :)

  • melina prez

    Nice promo we barley c that.

  • Harley

    Zino: I don’t necessarily agree. To be honest, I prefer a division where all the athletes seem to be on a somewhat even footing because it makes it unpredictable, exciting and competitive. That said, I’m not a fan of Velvet losing 7 times, as you said, to one person. However, I don’t think that that can accentuate her lack of in ring skill.

    In her earlier years in Raw, Melina lost a lot of matches but people still knew that she’s not bad. Gail Kim has lost a lot of matches in the WWE but I’m sure you’ll find more people who think that she’s a great wrestler. Jillian has jobbed to so many people consecutively and so did Victoria/Tara but none of them can be considered as bad wrestlers. The reason is, even though they were booked to lose, they still looked convincing, agile and technically sound in the process.

    What truly defines a good wrestler, in my opinion, is in-ring fluidity. Velvet, sadly, doesn’t have that as much as the other girls do and perhaps that is the reason why they think she’s a bad wrestler.

  • Piggie James

    @Zino: First of all, Velvet losing ‘7 times in a row’ to Sarita in the past few months is complete nonsense. I have no idea where this is counting from, or what matches it is including, but to get to 7 matches you would have to include non-singles matches, and if you do that, you have to include the two tag team matches that Velvet won against Sarita.

    Namely in the first round of the Knockouts Tag Team tournament (with Angelina Love against Sarita and Daffney), which built the feud since it pissed off Sarita who then went on to ‘strap attack’ Velvet, and also in the 6 women elimination tag team match (even though it was Angelina who did all the work, but a win none the less).

    I won’t disagree that Velvet has been booked recently as a ‘loser’, but to the degree that you suggest is completely untrue. Using misinformation to support your points is just stupid. “That was unnecessary” indeed.

    Most of her ‘losses’ to Sarita weren’t exactly clean, so it’s not like Velvet comes across as especially weak since she has been cheated more than a few times while wrestling clean herself. Velvet is just playing a classic underdog face trying to defeat the cheating bullying heel. People are going to want to see Velvet win, and Sarita lose. That’s just the simple way the feud has been built up. How they could have achieved this without Velvet losing to Sarita I’d be unable to work out.

    If you put the entire division into context, Velvet isn’t a bad wrestler, but she is surrounded by some very good wrestlers that make it hard for her to be booked strongly on a consistent basis. Unfortunately for her, she’s often used as a jobber, but every division needs someone to job. That’s just the inescapable reality of wrestling. For every winner, there’s a loser. And in Velvet’s case, none of her matches with Sarita have been anything as bad as those notorious squash matches she had with Taylor Wilde.

    As far as TNA misusing her. In a wrestling sense, to an extent. She shouldn’t be used as a jobber all of the time. But fact is, TNA heavily uses Velvet for all of their promoting, and she’s arguably the face of the division. She’s probably had the most action figures of any of the Knockouts, and she was also the only Knockout who was used in the Tom’s Snacks TNA promotion where she got her own chip flavor (along with AJ Styles, RVD, Mr. Anderson, and The Pope). Not to mention the only Knockout used in TNA’s ‘Eliminate The Hate’ TV ad campaign. There are plenty of other examples I could list, but I don’t think TNA has made Velvet look as bad as you suggest from an overall viewpoint (wrestling aside).

    And as callie said, it would be appreciated if you didn’t even give minor spoilers without a warning! There are spoiler threads for a reason.

    Now as far as putting the Sarita vs Velvet match on Victory Road instead of Impact, well the Impact it’s going to be on is by no means a regular Impact. TNA have been promoting the March 3rd Impact all month (way more than the PPV so far), and they are probably hoping for their biggest rating ever. This is probably the reason they’ve given the Knockouts match its own promo to ensure that all the Knockouts fans will be watching. Whether they actually get a huge rating is by no means certain, but being featured on this episode is a great thing for both Velvet and Sarita.

    Also if an editor is reading this then this article seems to be bugged and merged with the ‘In Video: Divas Play the Dating Game’ article! Please fix! Because I really wanted to express how painful I found that video!

  • Superstar77

    @Piggy James
    1st off I am not using misformation to support my points. OK Velvet has been pinned by Sarita 5 times not 7 I admit I made a mistake but she has lost 6 times to her and yes I am including non singles matches into this and that strap match they had. Sarita has pinned Velvet 5 times since this feud started in late October. So I’m not trying to make up stuff. I know Sarita cheated to win some of them but the fact is she still pinned Velvet in those matches.

    Madison Rayne, Tara & Sarita vs. Mickie James & The Beautiful People. Winner via butterfly suplex from Sarita to Velvet Sky, Sarita, Tara & Madison Rayne.

    Sarita vs. Velvet Sky. Winner via butterfly suplex, Sarita

    Sarita beat Velvet Sky in a Strap Match

    Madison Rayne w/Tara & Sarita vs. Mickie James & Velvet Sky. Winner after an elbow pad shot from Tara to Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne & Sarita after Sarita pinned Velvet

    Elimination match, Sarita, Madison Rayne & Tara vs. Mickie James, Angelina Love & Velvet Sky. Velvet Sky eliminated first by Sarita via victory roll. Madison Rayne eliminated by Mickie after an errant clothesline. Sarita eliminated Mickie immediately with a crucifix. Tara eliminated next via bicycle kick. Angelina then reverses a victory roll from Sarita and grabs a hand full of tights for the win.

    The Beautiful People vs. Sarita & Rosita. Winner via a foot on the ropes pin from Sarita to Velvet Sky, Sarita & Rosita. Velvet gets on the mic and says she’s had Sarita beaten every single time. Sarita has only won thanks to outside interference and shenanigans. She wants to end this in the ring right now. Sarita says Velvet is a loser. If Velvet wants to take her on she’ll up the ante. Why not put your career on the line? That way their next match will be Velvet’s last match in TNA.

    Also Velvet only has one action figure that was released last year. Another thing I didn’t post any spoilers in my 1st post. But if a mod has a problem with the last part of that post they can delete if they want.

    I’m just tired of Velvet being made to look bad and losing all the time. If I got some info wrong it wasn’t done on purpose. It just feels like she’s more than she has. That’s all I have to say about it.

  • Piggie James

    What you’ve said is fair enough. I do hope when she does get her payoff against Sarita she will be booked a lot stronger (although she’ll be going on to feud with Winter).