SmackDown Redux (February 25th, 2011): Vickie’s Reign of Terror Comes to an End. Lay-Cool Continue to Fall Apart.

(Sorry for the lateness of this Redux. I don’t make this a habit but last night a migraine hit me and I couldn’t finish it. So yeah, apologies everyone.)

The six-hundredth episode of SmackDown went off without a hitch in my humble opinion and to say the Elimination Chamber was amazing would be an understatement. The momentum kept on rolling with a solid Raw, so with history not on the side of the Divas, this SmackDown can either be a hit, or it can be a total miss. I’m not entirely sure which it’s going to be because I’m writing this intro without having watched the show. So how about you great readers take this journey with me this week?

SmackDown doesn’t really waste any time getting started this week. Before the intros even roll, a video package highlighting last week’s firing of Dolph Ziggler is shown. This is relevant to us Diva fans because number one, Dolph is sexy, and number two, it involves Vickie Guerrero. And Vickie is made of win. Once the package concludes, SmackDown General Manager, Theodore Long, is shown on the screen. He says that due to Vickie’s involvement with Dolph and Dolph’s attack on him (Teddy), Teddy has every right to fire Vickie. But instead of doing that, he is going to give Vickie a chance to fight for her job. Tonight’s main event is going to be a mixed tag team match featuring the team of Vickie and former Intercontinental Champion, Drew McIntyre, taking on the team of Kelly Kelly and the World Heavyweight Champion Edge. If Drew and Vickie lose, then Vickie can kiss her SmackDown career goodbye. Teddy smiles, takes off his glasses, and the SmackDown intro begins to play.

Do you know the enemy….


Now that’s an opener! Not only does it set the tone for the rest of the show, but Diva fans have something to look forward too. Kelly and Edge were incredibly successful (and majorly cute) the first time around, so I expect much of the same this second time. It’s nice to see Kelly picking up where she left off; in the main event! And every time Vickie gets in the ring, hi-jinks always ensue! I have high expectations for tonight. Lets see if the show can live up to them.

(Long drawn out Cody Rhodes’ segments don’t help those high expectations. Just sayin’!)

Layla versus Rosa Mendes is our strictly Diva match of the night. Michelle McCool is on commentary and wow, she looks fierce. And speaking of fierce, Rosa and her dark locks are amazing. Okay anyway, Rosa’s music is playing as we get started and yes, she is dancing. Layla seems confused by Rosa’s gyrations and she wants to know what’s going on. The bell rings and our comedic gem begins to mock the Latina Diva, and of course, Rosa takes exception to that. She pounces on Layla and begins smashing her head into the mat. Michelle is completely disgusted by this and says as much. Layla does fend off her foe and comes back with a sharp little kick to the stomach. Layla slams a forearm into Rosa’s face and attempts to whip her into the corner. Rosa reverses it and sends Layla flying, but Layla catches herself on the bottom rope. She goes to jump over an oncoming Rosa, but saucy Rosa catches Layla’s feet and throws her over the ropes. Layla lands on the apron, knocks Rosa in the face, and is able to move when Rosa tries to spear Layla off the apron.

Rosa catches her mid-section on the ropes but she is able to stop a kick from Layla. One sloppy exchange later and the two women awkwardly tumble to the outside. They get to their feet simultaneously with Rosa gaining the upper-hand. She slams Layla’s face off the apron and the ex-champ fights back with a very weak kick. Rosa is loving her moment and she absolutely sends Layla flying into the steel guardrail. Layla goes down almost right in front of Michelle and that prompts the leggy blond to declare that she needs to help her friend and she throws down her headset.

As Rosa is trying to throw Layla into the ring, she’s distracted by Michelle. Rosa drops Layla like a bad habit and she bucks up to Michelle. Michelle starts trash talking Rosa and that allows Layla to nail her from behind. Rosa flies into Michelle and sends her crashing to the ground, and Layla sneaks back into the ring. Frustrated, Rosa gets up and goes to follow Layla, but Michelle is livid. She attacks Rosa and begins beating the living Hell out of her. The referee sees what’s going on and he calls for the bell which gives Rosa the WIN. Rosa the win?!


Layla flips out on Michelle and demands to know what in the world she’s doing. Michelle tries to explain that she was taking care of business but interestingly enough Layla doesn’t seem to want to hear it. The two BFFs stare at each other for a minute, and after Michelle pulls away from Layla the first time, they finally shrug it off and leave the ring together.

Okay first of all, wow. I want Michelle’s body. Her figure is to die for. Second of all, did the WWE forget they had a pay-per-view this past Sunday? They didn’t even mention Lay-Cool antics at the Chamber and they certainly didn’t bring up Trish. How odd to have Michelle on commentary and everyone acting like Sunday never even happened. All they did was talk about the Lay-Cool drama. That’s just not acceptable.

As far as the match goes, we can’t really call it a match. It was like two minutes long. I’m not complaining because I actually enjoyed it. Rosa getting a win was nice and she looked really sharp on offense. Layla is so good at selling for the faces and I loved her starting the fight with Michelle this week. It was fun to see Layla angry and Michelle acting like she did nothing wrong. I reckon at this point the split is inevitable (duh/hello) and I’m interested to see which girl will end up on top. It’s all just a waiting game now.

But seriously, how can you not mention the Elimination Chamber during this?!

skip ahead to 2:47

Later on, Vickie is seen backstage beating on Teddy’s office door. She calls his name and then says that putting her in a match for her job is completely unfair. She grabs the door-handle and begins to shake it, and then screams at Teddy to come out and speak to her. When he doesn’t, an upset Vickie gets dramatic before she walks away.

Short and sweet, and most importantly, to the point. I don’t blame Vickie for being upset about the stipulation!

skip ahead to 5:00

Again, we see Vickie backstage and this time she finds her nephew, Chavo Guerrero. She frantically tells him that she’s basically asked everyone around the building for help and all of them have flat turned her down. She gives Chavo a speech about them being family and says that they have to stick together. Chavo agrees with his aunt and when Vickie goes to hug him, he brushes her off. He brings up all the horrible things Vickie has done to him in the past and says that paybacks are a you know what. Needless to say, he won’t be helping Vickie tonight.

Awww poor Vickie!

Drew and Vickie are the first team out and they enter to Drew’s music. Drew, as usual, looks angry. Vickie, on the other hand, is still upset over the situation that she’s basically brought on herself. After the match is explained, Edge’s theme song begins to play and he makes his way to the ring with the gorgeous Kelly. They receive a thunderous ovation and they continue to look adorable together. Edge poses on the ramp behind Kelly, pyros fly, and the blond twosome pose some more once they get in the ring.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Edge and Drew are ready to start the match off, but Kelly is bouncing around on the outside. She holds out her hand and Edge gleefully makes the tag. Drew has no choice but to get out of the ring, and Vickie has no choice but to enter. She’s hesitant to say the least but she finally gets in. Kelly and Edge get the crowd solidly behind their team and Vickie shoves Kelly back. It doesn’t phase the blond bombshell. She actually wants to know if Vickie is serious. The SmackDown Consultant attempts a kick, but Kelly catches her by the foot and sends her down. Kelly wastes little time in going to town on Vickie. She jumps on top of her and begins knocking her around. The ref has to pry her from Vickie and that allows our favorite heel to scramble away and tag Drew in.

The hot Scotsman gets in the ring and begins barking at Kelly that he was the only one who stuck up for her. Edge places himself in front of the two and gently pulls Kelly from the situation. They start fighting in front of Kelly and Drew ends up with the advantage. He whips Edge into the corner but when he goes for the follow-up, Edge is able to execute a sunset flip and go for the first cover of the match. Two count.

Cue shot of Vickie nearly having a heart attack on the apron!

Edge taunts Vickie with how close that count was as he nails Drew in the face. The champ attempts to whip his handsome opponent in the ropes, but Drew reverses it and Edge finds himself against them instead. Drew comes at him, but the Canadian is able to kick the other man back. Edge comes at Drew, but the brunette anticipates this and is able to send Edge crashing down. Drew rolls over on Edge for a cover, but it’s barely a one count.

The match spills to the corner where Drew starts working over Edge. He jerks the champ from the corner and stomps on Edge’s pretty face. Drew gets on Edge like he is going for a cover, but he yanks him up instead. He wants to punish Edge for whatever reason so begins punching him and whatnot. Some manly stomping follows until Drew backs off and grabs his own head.

I guess he is slowly spiraling into this cray cray aggressive character who just can’t help himself when it comes to beating people?

Drew finally turns his attention back to Edge and locks him in some modified camel clutch like move. We get a nice close-up of Edge’s perfectly straight and sparkling white teeth. The crowd is after Edge to get back into things and he finally begins to fight free. Drew doesn’t let up and jerks Edge down by the hair much to the chagrin of the crowd. Instead of trying to cover Edge, Drew goes to Kelly and begins arguing with her. Vickie is in shock and Kelly doesn’t seem to care about what Drew has to say. When Drew turns away from the blond, Edge is waiting and takes him down in nifty fashion. Both men are down and it’s a hot minute before they both make their way to their feet.

Once they do, Drew swings wildly at Edge, who ducks the clothesline attempt. Using the ropes for leverage, Edge comes flying at Drew and knocks him down. Edge definitely has the momentum now and takes it to drew. Kelly is nodding in approval from the outside and Edge sends Drew crashing and burning with a fun facebuster type of move. Edge goes for a quick cover but Drew muscles out. Vickie looks absolutely sick to her stomach and rightfully so. If Drew screws this match up for their team, Vickie loses her job!

Edge continues his path of offense and sends Drew into the heel corner. Edge goes to pulverize him, but Drew moves. Edge stops his own momentum and ends up face-to-face with his ex-wife. Vickie slaps the former man across the face and no, Edge is not amused. In fact, Edge is pretty pissed but he does the right thing and turns around. Unfortunately for Edge, Drew is waiting and nearly takes Edge’s head off with a big boot to the jaw.

It takes Drew a minute to collect himself and Vickie goes nuts. She wants Drew to put Edge away and who can blame her? Drew finally pulls Edge to the center of the ring and appears to be setting Edge up for the future shock DDT. He glances at Kelly before going into the motion and she’s not happy. Drew wants to hit the move but Edge is able to reverse, shove his boot in Drew’s gut, and he lays Drew out with a guillotine like DDT of his own! Fun!

Edge backs up and that crazy look comes across his face. We all know what that means. He begins raking his hands through his hair and getting set for the spear. The crowd wants it but Vickie sure doesn’t. She runs into the ring and begins to beg Edge to have a little mercy. She’s practically in tears and Edge sneaks a peak over at Kelly. Pretty soon, Kelly comes flying into the ring and spears Vickie out of the way, which leaves Edge’s path clear to Drew. Kelly kicks Vickie from the ring, Drew eats a spear, and Edge gets the cover for the one… two… three! Edge’s music begins to blare and Kelly rushes into the arms of the World Heavyweight Champion.

Vickie is completely crushed. Her reign of terror over SmackDown has come to an abrupt end and she now joins her boyfriend in the unemployment line. Edge and Kelly lean over the ropes and wave goodbye to Vickie. They’re completely beside themselves with joy. Teddy Long comes out and yes he is dancing. It’s awesome. What’s even more awesome is Edge dancing like Teddy. Wow. Teddy has a microphone and goes to the ring as SmackDown cuts to a commercial break.

When the show returns, Vickie is alone in the ring with Edge and Teddy. All three of them are hamming it up and the crowd has even started to sing that song. Yes, you know the song. Teddy starts talking but Vickie grabs the microphone and begins to beg. It’s bad. Teddy cuts her off and fires her without mercy, and the crowd goes wild. He leaves the ring and Vickie is left with Edge. She’s inconsolable but the Rated R Superstar doesn’t care. Seeing that she’s not going to get any sympathy from her ex, Vickie rolls out of the ring. She goes to referee Scott Armstrong and begs him to help. She goes to Booker T who has no mercy for her. She practically dies in the arms of Michael Cole who promises he will try and talk to Teddy. She even goes to the cameraman and begs him to try and help her get her job back.

And then Vickie gets the microphone. Oh boy.

She spazzes out at the crowd who begin to boo heavily. Once she’s in the ring again, Vickie approaches Edge. She says that they have great chemistry together and that back in the day her heart was always with him. Vickie says that he can help because he is the champ and she drops down to her knees. She wraps her arms around Edge’s legs and begins screaming that he please help her and that she needs her job. Edge says that yeah he can help her but he would rather sing. So yes he starts to sing her away from the ring. Wow. Just wow.

Vickie makes her way up the ramp and breaks down right before going backstage. She starts screaming what sounds like “you wait!” With Edge distracted, Alberto Del Rio comes in and attacks his Wrestlemania opponent from behind!

And that’s where our Redux ends.

Brilliant main event from a character standpoint! Kelly got another moment and Vickie was fabulous even when being fired. There wasn’t enough Diva action in the actual match for my liking but that could be a good thing since Vickie was one of the competitors. She’s not a wrestler. She’s a fierce character. Drew and Edge are hot, so having to watch them wrestle wasn’t bad I suppose. I’m interested to see where this is going next week.

And yes, I’m still bothered that Sunday wasn’t mentioned at all during this either.

And where was Christian when Alberto attacked?! I swear the WWE totally forgot they had a show this past weekend. Whatever. At least SmackDown was still solid and we have a lot to look forward too on the road to Wrestlemania… I think.

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  • suman2135

    i loved sd this week!!!
    as for kelly………kudos to dat girl.she improved miles!!!
    as for the divas match it was really entertaining.good to see rosa again she looked really good in the ring though the match was short
    i can understand the length of the match…….wahtever but i bought the laycool drama!
    and everyone looked hot tonight

  • gameover813

    Ok seriously how fn pretty are the divas this week Rosa, Layla, Michelle i mean damn lolz also i wonder whats Michelle’s secret because she’s had her body like that since she’s been in the wwe. Cant wait 2c how this Lay-Cool thing is gonna end i luved when Michelle McCool was just standing there talking down to Layla and you cud c Layla was thinking “i should just take this b!tch down lmfao” hopefully they can get a wrestlmania match out of this and michelle gets drafted to Raw while Layla stays on Smackdown but they both stay Heel :D

  • art1e

    next week kelly & rosa vs laycool its the only thing i can see happening,since rosa beat layla by dq & laycool would want revenge for kelly getting vicky fired….

    Rosa looked gorgeous & fierce,she looked like she was gonna cut someone lol…ok match,rosa looked really good here i wish wwe would give her more then 2 minutes,how is she gonna get taken serious if shes shown every 2-4 weeks & only has 2 minute matches????…

    loved laylas acting towards mccool at the end was great but was it edited or not the crowd wanted them to go at it???

    layla hitting the guard rail must have hurt. like damn..

    vicky isnt a wrestler so its painful to watch her so i skimmed the main event..can kelly get ring gear that isnt pink???…mix it up girl…

  • gameover813

    @art1e what did u think was edited if you mean the crowds reaction that part was real i think because alot of spoilers said that the crowd was going crazy for Layla and Michelle to go after eachother


    ITS OFFICIAL ROSA IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE DIVAS, AND I DO NOT WANT HER TO GET RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rosa looks fierce with black hair. But where is Beth????

  • art1e

    @gameover813 i didnt know if the crowd was editied in or not since sometimes wwe edits cheers/boo’s in so i didnt know,but i think it was real people their said it was real…

    also vicky seemed really upset i wanted to hug her…

  • 04bia

    Art1e, the reaction towards laycool at the end was real, i had friends that went live here, and they said the crowd were chanting “cat fight” repeatedly, they were screaming for laycool to fight but boo’d like crazy when they walked away together hand in hand.
    this is a good sign, this is the reaction laycool are getting when they’re not even feuding, imagine how it would be when they have a proper feud!

    about the match kinda dissapointing, 2 minutes was nothing BUT it showed alot, the fiestyness in rosa and the laycool drama at the end. honestly this is the first ive seen the crowd get pumped up for a 2 minute divas match :o!

  • 04bia

    art1e i was feeling soo sorry vickie, i wanted to hug her too! poor thing i didnt want her to go. everyone was laughing @ her poor vickie :(


  • gameover813

    @04bia yea im excited too you can tell the crowd is ready for Lay-Cool to feud i can imagine if they end up going at eachother at Wrestlemania the crowd would probly go CRAZY espically since its Wrestlemania!!!

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Rosa was very fierce here, showed some skills, it kinda reminded me of roucka days down at OVW. loved the crowed they were so into the match and whole laycool thing, very good smackdown and i wonder were Vickie is gonna go

  • Lily exLVEF

    Didn’t enjoy K2 or Rosa’s performance last night. Layla was the only one who did good imo. As for the tension between the 2, i’m loving it. The crowd wants to see it too. Those pops did not look as if they were added because you can actually here the people yelling ‘catfight’/’fight’. I want their feud to be best of the year for the divas, it has to go over the top with segments, promos, attacks, etc. I’m so glad they’re on smackdown because that’s where all that happens. With their last match being for the womens title right before the draft.

  • cockyflow

    I loved Rosa here please dont release her…I rather her get a nice fued with lay-cool going since she has improved in the ring and it shows here

  • art1e

    @04bia i just hope when they do feud its not like Melina & natties feud,laycool have been built up for over a year & the crowd wants them to fight…the crowd was into it & that matters i just wish maybe it went another minute so rosa could show what shes been learning at fcw…i just didnt know i didnt read the spoilers about the match only watched it on tv…

    i think Dolph & vicky are heading to raw & they where saying vicky is there on smackdown to support her daughters & the crowd was still like that,guess shes just doing her job(very well at that)….

  • cockyflow

    so with Naomi AJ, and Kong hopefully getting the call up sometime this year who should be released to make room for them, because after last night Rosa stays in my opinion

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I thought Rosa did Peeeerrrrrrrfeeeeecccccttt lol…For what little she did she did good imo.

    I thought layla was gonna pimp smack the hell outta Michelle lol…


    Rosa did good, her time in FCW is starting to pay off and hopefully she can be taken more seriously as a wrestler now. i really hope she is shown regularly and gets involved in storylines apart from the backstage ones with Hornswaggle.

    @KELLYKELLY27 – i dont know why the WWE aren’t using Beth as shes one of if not the most solid performers. Her return has been a massive anti-climax for me and i’m also wondering when they are going to start using Kaitlyn as her recent FCW matches she has improved a lot and I feel she could be used more frequently in the main roster than she is being used at the moment.

  • Piggie James

    I found the entire ‘victimization’ of Vickie at the end rather difficult to watch. I know it’s supposed to be the payoff (her getting fired), but to have her humiliated in that fashion (and by the faces too) just seems very strange. I felt I had a face reaction for Vickie and a heel reaction to everyone else lol. I just thought it was a bit much, they should have just had her steal the mic, piss off the crowd saying she’ll return, then be booed out of the arena, rather than just begging around for her job back.

    As the heel that she is I just don’t think people should be feeling sorry for her (although the crowd didn’t), and as faces Teddy & Edge just came across as childish bullies (although Edge is perhaps more of a tweener). Teddy’s dancing (with Edge) was just ridiculous, and not in a good way. The match itself was fairly mediocre and short for a main event. In fact the only parts I liked were the few spots from Kelly Kelly, and that’s from someone who isn’t a fan of her.

    Now the Rosa vs Layla match, despite being unjustly short, was very good for what it was. Rosa was probably the most impressive I’ve ever seen her, both in her look and ability, and I actually wouldn’t mind seeing more of her (I didn’t think that before seeing this match). Layla was selling well as always, and I enjoy Michelle on commentary. The final confrontation between them was great, until they walked off together. It didn’t seem very plausible to me that Layla would just put it aside just like that, but whatever. I think they should have at least shown Rosa ‘sort of’ celebrating, even if her win was through disqualification. Anyway a good Divas match, wish it was much longer >.>

    As far as the crowd noise is concerned, it’s certainly great if it’s legitimate (why WWE decided to taint their product with fake noise in the first place is anyone’s guess, since nowadays you can never really tell if the noise is legit). I wish they would lower their volume though when the wrestlers are speaking. I could barely hear Lay-Cool talking to each other over the noise, and for a pre-taped show, this sort of production is unacceptable really.

    With that said, there’s plenty of TV shows and movies that play their soundtracks so loud you can’t hear what the actors are saying anyway.

  • gameover813

    @Piggie James i think Layla walked off hand and hand with Michelle at the end is prbly to make Layla look weak espically since Michelle was basically talking to her like a dog, i think its supposed 2 lead up to Layla being tired of being pushed around and not being taking seriously so she’ll just finally just SNAP on Michelle and start attacking her…..atleast i hope that’s what there trying to lead up 2

  • chrisP

    “this is a good sign, this is the reaction laycool are getting when they’re not even feuding, imagine how it would be when they have a proper feud!”

    Not necessarily. The crowd typically reacts to that spot when it’s done because they think something is going to happen, then get mad when it doesn’t. Like someone getting cheered because he or she said “(insert local sports team) rules!”, it usually works no matter who does it. Ted DiBiase, known for having little-to-no heat, got a huge reaction when it looked like he was going to fight Randy Orton a year ago.

  • Trevon

    The little 45 Sec. Match with Rosa Mendes and Layla was kinda pretty good I Would like to see them go a little longer Rrrrrosa has really improved in the ring.

    The last match with K2 Edge Vickie Drew was great. I Really Want K2 to add the spear to her kinda never growing move set.

  • Piggie James

    @gameover813: That does make sense. I suppose Layla is currently the submissive one and still the ‘lackey’. And so she’s going to want to break out on her own.

    The way it was booked though, it seems like Layla will almost certainly take on a face role if they do end up feuding.

    @chrisP: I think you’re spot on about that. While crowd reaction might be a hopeful sign, it’s not something you can truly bet on, as to whether the feud is really going to get a good reaction when it actually gets going.

    The crowd could have just been bored and wanted them to do something (rather than just talk to each other in such a way that the crowd couldn’t hear them since they had no mics). Of course I’d hope this wasn’t the case, but WWE crowds have traditionally been rather disrespectful to the Divas and not shown much interest.

  • 04bia

    TBP_FAN, i agree i dont understand why beth is not involved, but i suppose this is because theres nothing for beth to do just as yet. when she returned her main priority was to get revenge on laycool which shes done. shes beaten LC numerous times and theres nothing more for her to do. LC are the only heels on sd that can be feuded with, and beths done it, theres no one else for her to fued with. i think unless they call up new divas or untill the draft then i see beth actually getting somewhere in the title picture.

  • A.E

    not a bad week for sd divas the layla rosa match seem awkward to me however creative didn’t forget about laycool break up story,as for the main event is good dear kelly please stop wearing pink.however i would love to see divas involve solo in main event.without the males wrestlers.

  • layglamacool

    I cannot take Kelly Kelly seriously in that pink ring attire.
    The match served its purpose and it seems that Rosa is on the right track(baby I was born this way)
    It seems that both McCool and Layla want to work their relationship out which McCool elaborated on while doing the commentary, which is why they walked out together.
    I do not think their should be a match next week maybe an in ring segment where laycool talks to the crowd about the problems they have been having or a video clip of them going to counseling. Or maybe even Laycool demanding Teddy give Vickie her job back.

  • Mikas

    Rosa was definately more ‘entertaining’ in the ring than usually, but how can people say she improved? Other than an Irish Whip and an elbow her moves fall into the push/hairpull/throw category. Naturally there is nothing wrong with that, like i said this was more entertaining than her usual matches. But until she inserts some actual wrestling moves in her repertoire i wouldnt use terms like ‘improved’ just yet ;-)