Something For Your Sweet Tooth

Candice Michelle looks pretty sweet, and it’s not just because of her candy-colored dress. In her new photoshoot, “Cotton Candy”, she keeps it simple, and I always find that Candice is at her best when she limits the accessories and over-the-top gestures. Her face is a bit wonky for whatever reason (speculate if you wish), but overall, I think this is a very strong photoshoot. The word “simple” doesn’t exactly spring to mind with I think of Candice, but she can master it and look fantastic if she sticks with it. With her, like most Divas, less is more.

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  • Dani

    candice looks great in this shoot.i luv luv luv her hair.

  • marco

    hot bad candice not bad at all

  • marco


  • Terrell Perkins

    sexiest shoot yet,and her last one *****

  • Luis

    i totally like this shott =]
    but on the second pic its funny cuz she reminds of spider man lol

  • Krystal

    She looks great!
    This and her last shoot were deffinately her best as of recent. I love the dress, the hair, everything!

  • CJ

    This is one of my fav Candice shoots to date!

  • Erin

    LOL Luis, I didn’t even catch that. She should be shooting web!

  • Ryan

    Decent photoshoot. I think Candice looks beautiful in Pink.

  • christi

    Two good photoshoots in a row. I like this dress and think she looks good, especially when she’s not covered in alot of crap..very simple is perfect for her, and she looked great on TV the day she wore this.

  • TaylorJade

    Yeah, that is so true, she really does look like Spider Man in that second shot. :D

  • Angela

    She looks fantastic!This is my fave so far!:D

  • BB

    Marco she looks great in this shoot I don’t know what your seeing or unless you have no taste when it comes to style.

  • marco

    not bad at all is a good thing!

  • marco

    also i found an unreleased summerskin photo of cherry

  • marco

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh you must have been looking at my *not comment

    i was correcting myself when i said hot bad at all candice not bad at all
    sorry for the mix up BB

  • Luis

    i know lol
    but yea she looks good.