Exclusive: Another New WWE Signing

As well as Tenille, whose signing we broke earlier today, Diva Dirt has confirmed that another female wrestler — also trained by Lance Storm — has been signed by WWE.

The latest signee’s name is Irena Janjic and according to the Storm Wrestling Academy website, she is from Bosnia.

I’m told she is a little greener in the ring compared to Tenille.

She too will feature in the ‘World of Hurt’ documentary series that will air in Canada from May, along with Tenille. The show, which was filmed prior to both ladies signing with WWE, follows Storm’s advance training class at SWA.

According to Lance Storm’s official website, Irena was signed before Tenille, who won her contract by impressing at an FCW tryout camp this past week.

He writes:

Very happy to report that the 4th Storm Wrestling Academy Student has been offered a WWE Developmental contract. This past weekend WWE held one of their FCW tryout camps and several SWA students attended. With these tryout camps the top prospect is offered a WWE developmental contract and for the second straight tryout camp in a row a Storm Wrestling Academy graduate took that top spot and earned the WWE contract.

My third signee (name withheld until her work visa and all paper work is finalized) heads for her medicals and testing this week. The latest signee (another female student) will now have a lot of paper work as well as her medical testing to go through before she gets to report to work in Florida.

Congratulations to Irena as well as Tenille.

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  • jmoe87

    Check WWE trying to do the right thing and sign actual wrestlers…thumbs up!

  • ecwroh

    @jmoe87: I agree. Here is hoping WWE gets rid of the models & hire actual legit wrestlers who want & deserve a shot in the WWE.

  • Cookie!

    I’m guessing that they’re definitely doing a Male vs Female NXT season. I could see Tenille, Sonia, Raquel (Shaul), and Irena vs the 4 guys

    If this is true, I’m really excited :D

  • makemewannadie

    @Cookie! I doubt that Tenille and Irena will be on television before their work visas/paperwork go through.

  • chrisP

    WWE has way too many women signed for the amount of TV they get.. There are 15 Divas (16 if you count Vickie Guerrero) on the main roster, plus 6 women in FCW, plus 4 women who haven’t been assigned to either the main roster or FCW.

  • Anthony

    wow 2 diva signings in 1 day? This is crazy lol I read on another news sight that the WWE wants to rebuild their FCW diva roster.

  • jmoe87

    @chrisP I was thinking about that earlier…there are a lot of divas employed currently. Either they are looking to clean up the roster after Mania with some cuts or they are just preparing to give the division an overhaul and give the divas the attention they deserve. I believe there is enough room on the roster for all of the divas, WWE just needs to do a better job of booking them. Recently we’ve seen a lot of divas become managers…this is a good thing. Divas like Rosa and Kelly are probably better suited as managers/valets than actual wrestlers. We also have to keep in mind the upcoming diva search and tough enough…that’ll probably add even more to the roster. With that being said…some divas spend YEARS in developmental so by the time they are put on tv another diva has retired or been released.

  • Marshy

    It is like a child going through a phase of being wild and now the child has come of age have decided to go in the right path and every once in awhile go wild,but not too much.Congratulations to Teniile and Irena for signing with The WWE. They need someone that will view tapes,photographs,application,and resume of how many championship that she has won and how many wrestling companies that she has been in.

  • melina prez

    Another wrestler dang. I c alot of people being fired sooon. Which is not cool. But i hope she gets far in the company !!

  • drayme

    Why is Divadirt reporting these names when Lance himself is keeping quiet?

    I hope this doesnt affect either girl.

  • makemewannadie

    @Drayme SHIMMER reported that Tenille was signed, on their forums, so I don’t think it’s a big deal that her name’s been released. I don’t know about Irena though.

  • wl75

    Now you have to think there will be multiple releases of Divas after WrestleMania is over…and you don’t know how long some of the current ones who are relatively safe will stay either. We’re seeing the beginnings of the next generation my friends…

  • Spike7000

    This pretty much confirms releases are coming

    Tenille and Irena join AJ Lee, Naomi Night, Sonia, Shaul Guerrero, Caylee Turner, Maxine, Aksana, and Brandi Reed as the New Divas from development

    With Tenille and Irena, this makes 11 legit female wrestlers in WWE

  • Rhawk

    Tbh I’m actually more interested in this signing rather than the Tayla signing, since we all know the latter can work well, while Irena is totally fresh in my mind, hopefully that training with Lance paid off for her. =-)

    I also agree with everyone, with all of these current signings along with Tough Enough and the possible revival of the Diva Search, I have a strange feeling we’ll be seeing quite the few releases, the names of Kaitlyn and Rosa pop to mind for some reason (even though its say for either or anyone too go). Theres just too many women on the main roster for how they are being used right now, but in FCW however, they NEED to extra few people so thats not so bad I guess.

  • jmoe87

    The saving grace here is that a lot of developmental talent stay in FCW for a long time…honestly SD! doesn’t have any divas so you could send 3 developmental divas there to even it out. I wouldn’t cry if Rosa was released…but other than her I can’t see them letting anyone go except maybe Maxine in FCW.

  • Spike7000

    I found Irena’s facebook page through the official wrestling school fan page of Lance Storm’s

    Irena’s full name is Irena Janjic

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie

      @Spike7000 Thanks!

  • http://divaderby.net/ DivaDerby

    These are A LOT of divas! Are they going to try giving the divas a 1 hour show? It really wouldn’t be too difficult to do. One match on RAW, one match on Smackdown and then the 1 hour divas show. It can’t be that expensive to produce, since the WWE is continuing on with NXT and that show is seen by few people. Making the divas show would be about as difficult as making NXT. They could put the show on a channel that’s comfortable with lower ratings or even online like NXT. The divas have so much passion, plus on slow nights they can just go down an eye candy route (a beach photo-shot of Maryse, etc) . They could even play around with the reality TV angle, showing the girls at clubs/bars/out etc. Maybe even some cat fights? Similar to Jersey Shore? There are so many different things they could do with an all divas show. It doesn’t need to be just wrestling. The WWE is stupid if they don’t at least test out the idea of doing an all divas show. Right now is the perfect time to do this since they have so many divas and so many amazing divas! With a one hour show we might get some longer matches from the talented divas. Main events! It would be absolutely amazing. The guys would likely tune in for the eye candy. I’d make the announcers Trish, Sunny & Jim Ross.

  • http://divaderby.net/ DivaDerby

    A simple way to test the all divas show out would be to replace NXT with the all divas show. GIve it one season, see how people respond to ti. It people like it, then they can move it to cable.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    wow nicely done WWE, to indy women in one try out lol, that is pretty good, so that is pretty much 3 indy women signed since 2011, Kong(even though she was like dec 28, but still), Tenille and Irene

    but i did read that WWE wants to beef up there FCW divas division and its reportedly that there will be more female signing in the comming weeks, so sounds very interesting fingers still crossed for Britani

  • http://divaderby.net/ DivaDerby

    I think they have something planned for the divas. Something big. Why hire so many divas? They have more than enough. AJ & Naomi are not just backups, they are amazing and for sure future stars. I felt they might fire the Bellas & Rosa, but they are the one that are currently being pushed! Firing gail would be stupid since she can work with Kong. At least have her wrestle Kong a few times before they let her go. But, even if they wanted to replace some of the current divas, they don’t need to hire THAT many new divas. I’m guessing they are up to something. Or maybe its just wishful thinking.

  • Lily exLVEF

    I’v seen her work. I don’t know why someone would say she is green. She’s better then half of the divas divsion. She knows what she’s doing in the ring. You have 3 new talented woman and 1 model. Not bad at all. Also this is the 3rd of many other signings. Probaly after the bellas feud they will be release and so will Rosa and possibly Alicia.

  • Lily exLVEF

    Just waiting to see “WWE SIgns Jennifer Blake”. It’s my main dream signing. I want it to happen and i hope it does.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    me tooooo @Lily exLVEF, Jennifer is one of mine as as well, my three dreams were Tenille, Jennifer, and Jessie McKay, so 1 of 3 down, 2 to go lol

    and i think it would be easiest to release the bellas lol, because that is like 2 in one

  • Marshy

    I agree with you DivaDerby on what about to take place.Maybe their revamping the WWF Women Tag Team Titles now becoming WWE Women Tag Team Titles Or Divas Tag Team titles and bring back the Women’s Title,that there will be two Women’s title in WWE,one is still held by Madusa(Alundra Blayze) and the other one that was the last defended before they put it on the shelf.Since TNA has Knockout Tag Team Title in the tag ttitle for Knockouts that WWE will have Tag Team Titles for their Divas.

  • Lily exLVEF

    I think WWE will only release 2 divas after WM e.g Alicia & Rosa. Then when they’re ready to call up AJ & Naomi then they can release the Bellas since they’re push will probaly be done by then because the new signings will be on FCW for a year or 2 which is a total of 10 FCW divas which isn’t a lot for them espicially since it’s not like they’ll be put on the main roster right away making it crowded.

    Anyway in total they have 26 divas including Kong and not including Vickie. I think they need to take their womens wrestling serious and espicially now that WWE Velocity is returning in May. They can have room for more womens wrestling.