Rumor Killer: Cherry Bomb Has Not Signed with WWE

Despite reports to the contrary, independent wrestler Cherry Bomb confirms to Diva Dirt that she has not signed with WWE.

Cherry Bomb, real name Laura Dennis, was in Tampa this past weekend for an FCW tryout camp however, which is how I’m guessing the rumors got started.

The only talent to be signed to a deal coming out of the camp was Tenille.

Dennis previously had a tryout with WWE last year and appeared on Raw in a segment with Goldust.

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  • jmoe87

    As much as I wish the rumor was true…I think women’s wrestling fans would have an overload from all the actual wrestlers being signed lol.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    also, Irena was at the try out this weekend,

    Also, did she mention if she was in talks with WWE or anything, but i guess its a good thing she got another try out because this is her second in less than a year, and i guess the rumors about more women eventually getting signed was true

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    just read from Cherry twitter that she recieved very good reviews, from all the trainers and Dusty so i guess we will see, but it looks good :)

  • makemewannadie

    Shame. Would love to see her signed.

  • Lily

    Was i the only one to have nearly had a heart attack to read that she signed with WWE until you actually read the title.

    Jennifer Blake, Cherry Bomb, Jessie McKay, and SDR are my dream signings.

  • Lily

    It’s still to early to tell if she has been signed or not. I’ll give her 2 months to really see if she’s been signed. She gives me this big Taylor Wilde vibe and she’s really really pretty.


    I hope she gets signed to make a new BlondeTourage with Kelly, Tenille, Kaitlyn, and hopefully Tiffany and Jamie.

  • Anthony

    I hope she gets to sign with WWE, that would be great.

  • Piggie James

    She was probably offered a contract, but she chose not to sign it unless there was a clause to give the Divas more time.

  • Dylan

    She is very pretty and young so she could get signed in the future, WWE have signed some interesting women recently and Cherry Bomb wouldve been awesome.

  • Marlon Eric

    Bummer. She’s really cute.

  • Mrs Bryan Danielson

    I hope she is offered a contract. She’s good. Could add to the division.

  • Marshy

    Hopefully Cherry Bomb can finally say to quote The Rock “Finally Cherry Bomb is coming to WWE”.Now If WWE wants African-American Women who are wrestlers that should go after the following Josette Bynum Aka Josie,also was known as Sojo Bolt,even though they gave her a tryout, like they say if you don’t succeed try try again,don’t stop til you get sign, Trenesha Biggers formerly known as Rhaka Khan in TNA,Jana and Latasha-The Soul Sisters from WSU,Athena,She Nay Nay,Epiphany, Vanity(Valet) from Glory,Mia Yim,and if you can think of any other African-American women who are wrestlers. Jessie McKay,Jennifer Blake,Rayna Von Tash,Christina Von Eerie(if TNA doesn’t want her on their roster,then she should try out with WWE) , Portugese Ariel,Malia Hosaka,Angela Fong, and if look the roster of Shimmer, WSU, and Glory that is easy to pick ones who are suited to be in WWE.

  • Anthony

    @Marshy, were you just naming names to name them? Malia Hosaka is in her 40’s. Christina Von Eerie, Jana, Latasha, and Ariel are not WWE Material at all. WWE has no interest in Josie, Rhaka, Epiphany, and She Nay Nay. The only girls who have a shot would be Jessie, Jennifer, Mia, and Rayna. I don’t want to sound like a downer, but its jus the truth.

  • Jhonmarco

    It would’ve been an epic signing, but it is what it is. I’m still amazed wwe hasn’t signed Jessie McKay or Nicole Matthews, great wrestlers and have the diva look. McKay a little more, than Matthews but both could surely fit in the divas division.

  • Marshy

    In your mind Can you name me any African-American women who are wrestlers that WWE should be interest in who are in the independent scene? I know that Malia is older than Su Yung,Mia Yim,and Angela Fong,but I think that she got a Raw deal to show on Raw to be the challenger to Ivory back when Ivory was The WWF Women’s Champion and then after that Malia didn’t get a chance for a rematch. The Rock is 39 years old and he is back,Do you think that The Rock just stand there and look handsome and do nothing? Besides every once in the while Jerry Lawler wants to get in the ring and no one talks about the men who are in their 40’s and 50’s who are already on the roster that are still wrestling.

  • Mikas

    “I’m still amazed wwe hasn’t signed Jessie McKay or Nicole Matthews”

    Unless they send in a demo or visit a tryout camp WWE will probably never know they exist. Basicly 99% of all development talent (with prior wrestling experience), that were signed past few years came through tryout camps or from schools that have connections (Lance Storm, Afa, Harley Race, Danny Davis).

  • MelinaMickieF3v3r

    Cherry Bomb would make a great addition to the divas division. They probably did offer her a contract , or maybe they didnt yet. Either way she would help boost the division back up. We need more independent wrestlers in the divas division. All we have now is Melina , Gail , Beth & Natalya & Kong.

  • Anthony

    @Marshy..21st Century Fox is a good looking and young african american independent wrestler, she could fit the diva mold. All im saying is that Malia Hosaka stands about a snowflakes chance in hell of ever getting signed by the WWE. Gail Kim just turned 34 and people are getting worried that shes getting too old. Not too long ago we read that the WWE will no longer hire women over 30.

  • Jhonmarco

    @Mikas, you’re probably right. but for all we know maybe they have and wwe being who they are weren’t interested.

  • Marshy

    I think those ladies that I have mentioned that I think that they look like Diva Material. I think that the women that I have mentioned that you have said that WWE has no interest in, I think that they are Diva Material as well as the likes of Jessie McKay, Nicole Matthews,Jennifer Blake,Mia Yim,Rayna Von Tash,and others who are young.I think that WWE should ante up the age limit to 39,Is WWE are trying to be like USA version of Japanese Wrestling Companies when their Women who reach a certain age that she is no alternative but to retire when she could still wrestle.

  • Marshy

    I think that we will have to wait and see if Cherry Bomb,if gets hired that she should use the song by The Runaways-Cherry Bomb.Since she was getting rave reviews from her tryout that she has had this past week.Who knows if WWE are keeping her signing a contract with them a hush hush.I hope that the Diva Search is what they say it is of hiring outside Women Wrestlers and not just use Divas who are already in FCW,then you will ask yourself “then What is the point in all of it,if you are going to use women who are in FCW!