Layla Gets Some Ring Time!

Regular readers of Diva Dirt will know that we are huge advocates of gorgeous Raw Diva, Layla. Sure she may be a by-product of the Diva Search, sure she may not be a conventionally trained wrestler – but we just can’t help but love her! So allow me to gush over the fact that London’s finest is finally getting some ring time, something she hasn’t really had an opportunity to do since joining Raw during the Draft in June.

At a house show earlier today in Milan, Italy, Layla teamed up with Beth Phoenix to take on Mickie James and Kelly Kelly, albeit in a losing effort.

While on ECW, Layla was making strides earlier in the year, putting on some great matches on SmackDown with some exceptionally good matches with Michelle McCool. But since joining Raw, Layla has been involved in about three matches and those ‘good ole days’ seem a lifetime ago. I’m really hoping this is the start of Layla appearing in matches more often, she is a great raw talent that WWE could really capitalise on. I truly feel that she has the makings of an amazing Diva in future.

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  • thomas

    i love layla i hope she uses her 540 kick as a finisher, it’s look awesome

  • Larry

    I like Layla too. She adds diversity to the division and hopefully before this year is over she’ll be a regular!

  • christi

    I LOVE her. She’s absolutely fantastic, especially being the ONLY black woman on the roster. She’s really the most successful of the Diva Search winners and did some really good matches with Michelle McCool. I was personally hoping she’d go to SD because her matches with her were so good. But, I’m glad she’s wrestling again now and in a managerial role also. Hopefully we’ll get some sort of this tag team soon. I also hope she gets some mic time on RAW since she’s from England.

  • Vakho McCool

    shes nice and pretty

  • TaylorJade

    Finally! I love Layla! She is pretty skilled in the ring, and she is unique-which is great! Many of the Divas nowadays are very generic, IMO.

  • marco

    i hope she starts using her 540 crescent kick as her finisher again!
    that would be so awesome!!!!