In Video: Victory Road Pre-Match Interview with Sarita & Rosita

TNA released the following footage going into tonight’s PPV:

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  • melina prez

    They apperantly dont need any luck. haha well the way the velvet and Winter storyline is going i think they wont need it.

  • WWFoverWWE

    hahaha nice shout-out to taylor :D

    These 2 look hot and ready to go

  • Piggie James

    Nice that Taylor got a mention, rather than the usual ‘forgetting’ about previous people on the roster.

    Does Rosita even speak Spanish? It wasn’t a bad effort if she doesn’t, but she doesn’t use that awesome Latin accent that Sarita uses for speaking English lol.

    Sarita was acting damn cocky as usual, and I really like it. I can definitely see her as the Knockouts champion by the end of the year, and I hope she will get that opportunity.