TNA Knockout Removed from Roster

TNA has removed long-time Knockout, Daffney from its online roster page.

Daffney last appeared on the December 9th episode of Impact.

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  • Ed

    Yeah. Unfortunate, but not surprising. I called this months ago. Poor Daffney. :(

  • Macho Madness

    Well, for what it’s worth, her photo gallery is still up.

    I will be so pissed if she was released. She has one of the best characters of the male and female roster. TNA needs to get it’s shit together.


    I wish I could say “Im done with TNA” but I can’t. So angry. She didnt even have a last match. The last time she was on iMPACT she got a huge reaction. This is so awful, but lucky for her to get out of that hell hole.

  • Flybytre

    Much love to Daffney, but maybe it’s best that she is no longer in TNA they weren’t using her anyway despite how much the crowd loved her. She is better off somewhere else in this wrestling buisness. :{

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Not a very big surprise, since they never really used her right, she could have been a good star and good character but they never capitalized on it . Also she was the most experienced girl on the roster, so its a shame to see her go :|

    so i guess were down to 9 knockouts, the tapins are tonight and i wonder if we will see any returning knockouts or debut (isis)


    I will be saving all of her photos but scratching out the TNA tab. That way I could enjoy them.

  • Kaledrina

    it’s no big loss, she hasn’t been relevant for a year now. i am surprised she didn’t just ask for her release six months ago, to be honest.

    what also surprised me was she never got an endless push due to her being ex-wcw.

  • ItsRayVolution

    Sooooooo not Surprised…I would say I’m disappointed of TNA but what good will that do >_>

    She had her own cult following when she was in WCW, surely that would have convinced TNA to push her since they are supposed to be “For the Fans”

  • Lily

    TNA possibly now have lost another talented KO leaving them with only Angelina, Mickie, Tara and Sarita. The others either are ackward in the ring or just need a bit of more experience (Rosita). TNA lost all of it’s spark in 2010 and now it looks as if they’re going back down that road. So now both WWE & TNA are on the same level but at least WWE are trying to keep fans interested with all these stars returning.

  • Mikas

    No surprise there. Like Hamada, Taylor, Alissa Flash and Nikki Roxx they had no clue on how to use her properly. She might not be the best (technical) wrestler, but she was entertaining, had a unique character and can cut promos. What more do you want from a wrestler?
    With some luck Lucha Libre USA is interested in her, they are building up a nice roster there, and she could really stand out there.

  • vonVile



    Well not a big loss, and I don’t see her going to WWE.

  • MelinaMickieF3v3r

    This really blows , I kinda figured this was coming but I ddnt want to i thought they were just holding Daffney backstage and had plans for her. Yet another blow to the knockouts is gone. Now for who knows how long every week on TNA the Impact Zone wil revovle around Mickie , Tara , Madison , Rosita , Sarita , Angelina , Velvet & Winter….there can be only so many matches we can do or seen already

  • drayme

    Long time coming.

  • laqisha

    It’s Clear to me now TNA are Demanding for women with “PLAY BOY LOOK” they fucking trying to copy WWE at everything, I can totaly see TNA doing the “Celebirty turned wrestler” in near future similar to wat WWE have been doing for the past years “The Model Turned Wrestler”cough……cough

    3 YEARS LATER…………………Anglina from jerey shore completes her wrestling trainnings, Become a decent Wrestler,TNA signs her,gives her a Trish- like run which includes 14-17 times KO’s Champion wins,and Never Seen Before Finisher. Around 2018 or so we might witness a first ever ‘KNOCKOUT SEARCH” which includes stick figured girls who either a Celebirty or former Realty TV Stars ONLY….In 2020 Anglina will retired as the most successful woman in TNA history. During those ages TNA might due a “Gail Kim Career rip off'” Which around 2014 MIA YIM will make a TNA debute during a Battel Royal to win the KO Champion in her first night then lose it 4 weeks later to Rosita.then TNA fires her ass for some stupied reason. Afterthat she jumps to LLUSA which might be TNA’s rival #2 during that time, And have a epic battels with a monster type woman known as ANNA MINNOSHKA. TNA knowledges Mia’s success at LLUSA, offer her a deal she can’t refuse and finally TNA hires her and buri her by jobbing to TALENTLESS REALTY STARZ WANNABE WRESTLERS.

    But God I pray it would never end like this.

  • alexver11

    also removed miss tessmacher profile too

  • laqisha

    @KELLYKELLY27: Why would Daffney wanna make the same mistake Gail and Kong did ?

  • DarkJoker

    A sad shame but it was inevitable. Maybe WSU and Shimmer will use her properly. Let’s hope so.

  • shannymac

    DAMMIT! She’s probably one of the best “characters” that women’s wrestling has ever had.

  • Marshy

    They could have had Christina Von Eerie & Daffney as being The Scream Queens, well at least there are Shimmer,WSU,Wrestlicious,and Lucha Libre USA: Battle Of The Chicas.

  • madslam2009

    Daffney had alot to bring to the KO’s divsion. Sure it’s doing fine without her but I don’t know why they would release her. To say she was over with the crowd would be an understatment. And she was a pretty good wrestler, had mic skills and a kick-ass gimmick. Maybe she reqyested ger release. I dont know but whatever happened, its a shame cause she coulda done more.

  • VinceNotVance

    It’s a shame, but we all saw this coming. Still, she was probably my favorite knockout. She is somehow hotter and more talented now than she was 10+ in WCW, if that’s possible.

    Also, she’s super over with the fans/Impact crowd. If you watch her last match in TNA, even though she’s playing a heel, the fans can’t get enough of her. There’s just about non-stop chanting for her to join that match, which is all kinds of crazy.

    TNA is really screwing up these days.

  • Macho Madness

    This a really big shame. Very disappointed by this.

  • drayme

    @laqisha Mistake? Are you for real?

  • laqisha

    @drayme: Yes I know i know Gail is getting the mighty dollar but jobbing to models isn’t a good thing in my book even do she wins sometimes but during the match she always get dominated.

    And for Kong ? WWE already stated she would NOT have the same gimmick which I give up on here.