In Video: Angelina Love vs Rosita on TNA Xplosion

New match between Angelina and Rosita. Obviously this was taped prior to Sunday’s pay per view match:

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  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Xplosion is just like Superstars we get good lengthy matches because i cant wait for tonights match on superstars hopefully it is good.

    I think SoCal should stay just at ringside lol, because she isnt a very good announcer, and is it just me, or is the impact zone very very dark lol other than all that it was good match, Rosita is still green but she did good

  • Kaledrina

    @ aww, i really like socal val’s announcing, even if it sounds like she smokes 40 a day lol. anything’s an improvement on jeremy “runs out of breath between ‘angelina’ and ‘love'” borash for me though ;p

    all in all it was an okay match. nice to see more from rosita as her ring time on impact has been pretty limited, she is much greener than i thought she was but she’s surrounded by a nice handful of talented women so i’m sure she’ll be improving and stepping it up noticeably soon :)

  • Koedii

    geez she’s sooooo green >______>

  • Lily

    The first time Rosita performed she was great but now i think she needs more training. She’s too green and ackward even though her moonsault was eye opening.

  • RR45

    I liked this match but Rosita does need some more training.

    @Kaledrina Thats true it is better than him announcing a “TNA Knockouts Ladies Tag Team Championship” match lol jk. But he does drag on too much.

  • Macho Madness

    @SherriShepherdWWE I agree, I personally don’t like SoCal Val’s announcing either. She doesn’t have the right voice for it. I don’t really like JB either as an announcer.

    Love me some of that spicy little fire cracker Rosita ;)

  • MelinaMickieF3v3r

    Botox Injection


    The Match was nice , Rosita is still a tad green……I did like the Reverse Backbreaker Angelina did , at 1st I thought she was gonna do a Reverse DDT! 3.5/5

  • vampire13melody

    It was a nice match.There could be something better though.While I was watching Rosita and her progress through the match I thought she was slowly fed to a lion (Angelina).I think that Rosarita may actually turn out to be TNA’s Laycool and,just like Layla,Rosita will never be able to do anything right without Sarita’s aid…Gimmicks are so similar in every show,nothing new…

  • DarknessRuler

    Thank god I’m not the only who noticed that Rosita really is green. Now I’m sort of ashamed I wanted her to become a champion when in reality, her wrestling is pretty basic and she’s new to the company. I noticed this during the PPV aswell.

    Anyways, both SoCalVal AND JB are NOT good announcers. I know that Lilian must be 100% pro WWE, but I’d really like her to announce in TNA. I swear her voice just energized in the WWE. Everytime I hear Justin Roberts,,,ugh. He’s only good at announcing Cena.

  • Mr. AJ Lee

    @keladrina that Jearmy Borash comment literally made me laugh so hard. I hate the at he does that as well! I have also been noticing that sarita is still a lil green as well. But she has loads of potential! Hopefully working with the set of women TNA has, she can get the hang of it quickly. But for some reason I just can’t get it outta my head that TNA is setting Rosita up to REPLACE Sarita soon! Thtats just me. And also. Ever sence I seen Angelina use that Backbreaker move. I think it should become her new finisher. It looks amazing

  • spyderone1981

    I am by no means a fan of SoCal Val, but i do think she does fine as a ring announcer! Her voice comes off solid on the mic…she does a better job than JB in my opinion! As the ring announcer anyway!

  • BillyGP

    Good match love the backbreaker angelina did.

  • callie superperv

    rosita is that hot that’s why she’s thrown in the deep end of the pool- big matches right away, i think she’ll end up swimming-she’s seems confident and willing to bump- rey mysterio makes an art of wrestling bigger people- rosita could also check out the wilde vs kong matches as well… i hear on diva dirt audio shows “when i look at my tv i want to see pretty” and divina rosita is that

    callie ^..^

  • laqisha

    WTF???? You guys where so damn excited when TNA offered her the try out but now

    yall like oh….she’s too green, need more training, awkward.

    Its not her fault, she can wrestle as good as AJ lee but some stupied fail company waterd down her moves and who the F*** book a small framed wrestler as a heel ?

  • Mikas

    “and who the F*** book a small framed wrestler as a heel ?”

    Have you seen Daizee Haze as heel in Chikara?

  • Piggie James

    Rosita isn’t exactly a full on heel at the moment. She’s just Sarita’s lackey little cousin. If she’s used right she can draw more heat onto Sarita. Rosita is obviously still green (at least for TV), but it’s not like she’s bad by any means. She was getting carried through the match by Angelina Love, who was impressive.

    I thought the match was good, and the best match I’ve seen from TNA or WWE all month, which is surprising considering the Xplosion crowd/environment always seems to lack any energy.

    I personally don’t mind JB’s announcing, although he makes announcing blunders rather frequently for some reason (which doesn’t make him boring lol). SoCal Val is fine at announcing, although her voice isn’t entirely suited towards it. I think once you hear the same announcer a few times though you get used to them. Interestingly, she announced the main event at the last Impact when JB got knocked out by Anderson (who was attacking Sting). There’s no reason why she doesn’t deserve the role given the amount of work she’s done for TNA.

    Also I don’t know if it’s been posted up already, but Mickie James vs Rosita was taped the other night for an upcoming Xplosion. Will be interesting to see (since Sarita will surely be there again).

  • Superstar77

    I wasn’t too impressed by the match. Angelina was good but I found Rosita like everyone has said to be very green. She didn’t really do much out there.

    Also I loved how Velvet snuck back to ringside by coming out through the crowd and helping Angelina win. That was a nice moment for Velvet.

  • lazberg

    Typical overbooked nonsense from TNA. Multiple run-ins and external distractions took any momentum the wrestlers in the ring could have developed and squandered it. Angelina having to wait and wait and wait as the face in peril, selling minor damage, while Hebner, Sarita and the lummox Velvet fiddle about on the outside… lame. Rosita needs to get her character sorted out in a hurry as it is very difficult to buy her as a dangerous heel. Mysterio manages because he is so crisp and skilled in the ring. With Rosita being noticably green it falls on her opponents to carry her to a good match. This match exposed not only the consistently terrible work from creative but also exposed Angelina as being quite a bit less than a ring general. Also, that modified back breaker did not look safe.

    And a last note, Taz… shut the hell up with the pigeons already. I want to see the Divas and Knockouts taken seriously, as competitors first. Sure it doesn’t hurt that they’re attractive but putting them over as lap dancers instead of professional wrestlers is demeaning and does nothing for the product.

  • Ryan

    Rosa needs MORE training…like Rosa MENDES lol
    But yeah shes green..Angie needs better competition
    Knockouts need a dedicated heel (a 2002 version of Victoria)