Mickie James Injured at TNA House Show

TNA Knockout, Mickie James suffered a slightly separated shoulder at last night’s TNA house show in Jacksonville, Florida.

James competed in a match against Madison Rayne. ProWrestling.net reports that a botched spot during the match led to the injury.

Mickie is still scheduled to appear tonight when TNA heads to Savannah, Georgia.

Get well soon, Mickie!

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  • JillianHallTNA

    Oh no!
    Poor Mickie :(

  • Born This Way

    Whew! I thought it was a major injury. I’ve suffered a dislocated shoulder before too and although it’s very painful; it certainly isn’t something she can’t get past quickly. This will not stop her from making history. Get well soon MJ, your going be okay. =)

  • MadisonMaryse

    Perhaps Madison should ‘reign’ a little bit longer as champ

  • A.E

    i hope mickie’s ok it sucks with her ,too bad i was looking forward to her lockdown match and the dream match that most of us was looking forward to with sara del ray .
    get well mickie

  • A.E

    @MadisonMaryse with all do respect heck no take the title of her when tara turn on her,then have mickie back as heel to take it from tara but please do not let madison carry the title championship need deference in faces

  • Born This Way

    This isn’t a major injury, wrestlers work with this stuff all the time. They simply pop it back in. Had it broken, it would have been a lot worse – but Mickie will be fine and will be at the PPV which is 3 weeks away. Plenty of time for her soreness to go away.

    I remember Lita had the same injury when Eddie Guerrero(God Bless Him) powerbombed her on the floor on RAW in 2000. Her shoulder became dislocated and was in intense pain. She wrote about this in her book. She had it popped back in the same night and even worked the house shows the same week against Jacqueline. These women are superhuman! They’re tougher than guys! Mickie James is so tough, this won’t phase her at all. Lol.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    ya she has lots of time to get it heeled, she should def go and see a doctor get some X rays just to make sure there is no fractures or anything

    She probably has a type 1 shoulder seperation, which is just mostly pain, but still go and get it checked lol

  • melina prez

    Oh i thought it was major like she will b out for 8 months ! Wooooh glad that over umm i hope it dosent hurt as much for the ppv !

  • WWFoverWWE

    she has plenty of until lockdown, she should recover fine if it’s just a minor injury like everyone said, get well mickie, will pray for you

  • WWFoverWWE

    the best thing TNA can do now is make mickie rest until lockdown, so shes at the best of her abilities, especially if they’re planning to make her win the title.

  • mickie4eva98

    ='[ Poor Mickie… I hope she’ll be Ok

  • A.E

    is that me or i am the only one that remember that mickie got a match on april 2nd against sara del ray main event which i read in an interview and probably the match well be like kong vs mickie cancelled.however i hope mickie is OK and bounce back better than ever.

  • http://picsmafia.com/images/58Jealous.jpg art1e

    Ouch ive separated my shoulder before i hurts,i hope shes ok & rests for abit the last thing she needs is to actually separate it….

  • http://picsmafia.com/images/58Jealous.jpg art1e

    *it* hurts not i hurts… lol.

  • seasons-of-love

    Glad it’s only minor. Mickie’s been very lucky in terms of injuries over the course of her career. She’s one of the only long-termers I can pinpoint who has never been out with a major injury. Not that she hasn’t come close a few times…remember when she fell from the top turnbuckle onto her head during the FCA match with Melina?

  • http://RobertoCanuonFacebook Kenu91

    mickie botched a move…….really? ahahahaha

  • MickieJamesFan07

    Kenu91- Observers said it was Madison who botched the move, not Mickie.

  • A.E

    @Kenu91 actually no some reports said madison who botch and so what everybody botch get over it.

  • MickieJamesFan07

    I hope Mickie feels better! I can’t wait until Lockdown when she makes history and takes the title off Madison.

  • A.E

    however i read i report that mickie’s injury maybe serious she was in a sling , made me concern hope she heel fast.

  • Born This Way

    @A.E – Slings are applied when people dislocate their shoulders to prevent soreness etc… – that doesn’t mean it’s major. It does hurt, it happened to me back in 05. Lol.

  • Billy James

    I hope that Mickie is not hurt real badly. I am really looking forward to the match at Lockdown and the possibility of Mickie becoming the first Triple Crown Women’s Champion. Much as I want Mickie to be the first Triple Crown Women’s Champion but Mickie’s health is more important. Get better Mickie.

  • suman2135

    get well soon mickie…….hope this doesnot effect her career in any way……….

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOyzTv-g8FA Piggie James

    Oh no! If Mickie’s shoulder hasn’t healed by Lockdown, then her hair will need healing too! =(

    But Mickie has wrestled fine with one arm in the past, so she still has a chance against Madison.

    Anyway the Lockdown match should still be on given her Tweet: “Just want to say thank you the gang for all your well wishes. I’m so tuff! & at LOCKDOWN this war is over @RayneLane! *shakes good fist* =P”

    Hope you heal fast Mickie!

  • spiffy

    Everything else happening in TNA is under the radar now thanks to Jeff Hardy