Raw Redux (March 21st, 2011): Eve Gets a Lump of Cole While Vickie Continues Her Roll

After being shafted from Raw last week, in favor of Snooki, Divas Champion, Eve, is in action this week, taking on Maryse in a non-title match. We even get a mid-match interruption by Michael Cole. Oh joy… Check out the match below:

We come from commercial to find Maryse already in the ring, doing the usual preening. Eve makes her way out next to a pretty good reaction, while Maryse mocks her from inside the ring. The official signals for the bell, but Maryse stops to do a very over-dramatic hairflip before the match begins. Eve brushes Maryse and does a little mocking of her own. Maryse offense and goes for a slap, but Eve dodges and strikes back with a slap of her own.

The referee tends to Maryse, while Eve plays up to the crowd. While Eve is distracted, Maryse rushes her with a forearm and slams her into the mat face first a few time for good measure. Maryse pulls Eve to her feet and whips her to the corner, smacks her around a bit and smashes her head into the turnbuckle. Before Eve can get back to her feet Maryse throws her into the ropes and chokes her out. Maryse charges for a butt bump, but Eve dodges, sending Maryse crashing into the ropes. While both women struggle to their feet, Cole decides it’s a good time to grab a mic and interrupt the entire match. Go figure…

Eve does her best to ignore him and continue the match, taking Maryse down with a crossbody for a nearfall. Cole continues to rattle on while Eve slams Maryse into the turnbuckle repeatedly and follows up with a nifty throw. Eve then hits her signature flurry of strikes before going for a standing moonsault, which Maryse block with her knees. Maryse tries to take advantage with a neckbreaker but Eve counter into her corkscrew neckbreaker to pick up the win.

Post-match, Eve gets feisty with Cole for interrupting her match and even goes as far as to slap him. That’s what I’m talking about!!! As for the match, it was nothing special. More of the same from both ladies, in my honest opinion. Don’t expect to see much happen in the Diva’s division until after WrestleMania is over and done with.

Later on in the night we had a very confusing special 4-on-2 intergender match that stemmed from Lay-Cool, Vickie, and Trish’s involvement in John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler. Watch below as Dolph, Lay-Cool and Vickie Guerrero take on JoMo and Trish Stratus:

After an exchange with JoMo, Dolph scrambles to his corner and tags in Layla, which means Trish has to come in… even though this match is under intergender rules… So you mean to tell me no one knows the difference between intergender matches and mixed tag matches? Not even the referee? Anyway…

Trish comes charging into the ring like a bat out of hell, dodging a clothesline from Layla and blasting her with a few solid forearms. Trish whips Layla across the ring and charges in, but Layla stops her in her tracks with a kick to the face. Layla sits atop the top rope to celebrate, putting her in the perfect position for a Stratusphere. Bsck in control, Trish chops Layla a few times, before whipping Layla across the ring again. Layla manages to reverse and Michelle kicks Trish in the back as she hits the ropes.

Layla quickly tags Michelle in, who hits Trish with a running knee to the head. Michelle stomps Trish for a bit before goes for the pin, which nets her a one count. Michelle goes back on the offense, lifting Trish off the mat, but Trish reverses into an impressive head scissors. Trish scrambles to her corner, but Michelle recovers just in time to stop her from making the tag.

Michelle drags Trish back across the ring and tags Layla in, who hits a spin kick to the gut for a two count. Layla slams Trish down to the mat a few times, before tagging in Vickie. Oh, boy… Vickie goes for a leg drop, but Trish rolls out of the way and tags in JoMo, forcing Dolph to come in (Once again, incorrect).

JoMo and Dolph face of for a bit and Layla runs to the other side of the ring and pulls Trish off of the apron. Distracted by the scuffle outside of the ring, JoMo goes for the Starship Pain, but Ziggler avoids it and hits the Zig Zag. However, instead of going for a pin, Ziggler remember the definition of a intergender match and tags in Vickie to let her pick up the win for their team.

Truth be told, aside from the confusion in regards to the rules, I really enjoyed this match. I thought Trish would be a little rusty after so much time away from the ring, but she is looking as good as ever. This has actually given me some hope for the mixed tag match at WrestleMania. Hopefully, they can put on as good of a show on the grandest stage of them all. That said, we also have to factor in Snooki, who is the unknown variable. We’ll just have to wait and see.

In other news, don’t hold your breath for a Divas Title match at ‘Mania. I expect a big battle royal to be announced on next week’s Raw. Hooray! Or maybe the rest of the Divas won’t even make the card. Let’s all hope that isn’t the case.

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