Raw Redux (March 28th, 2011): Jersey Shore Invades Raw

Holy F-bomb, Batman! Last night’s Raw needed a lot of censoring when it came to the Divas in a last effort to attract interest before Sunday’s WrestleMania pay per view.

In a taped segment, Trish Stratus and Snooki were spotted at a bar in New Jersey with the latter looking in no fit state for live TV. (Glug, glug, glug!) Lay-Cool didn’t know what was about to hit ‘em…

Trish and Snooki are drinkin’ it up (well, one more than the other) at Miami Mike’s when some dude comes up to them and pesters our pint-sized (pint… *cough*) MTV star. Snooki tells Josh Mathews that she’s ready for ‘Mania (“Bring it on, bitches!”). The interview is interrupted by the lurker — who, by the way, is named Danny E (vital information right there) — and he ends up getting a smack from Snooki for his efforts. A change from being on the receiving end, eh?

The interview comes to a close but wait! The cameras go back to the bar where Lay-Cool have appeared. Snooki throws a drink all over poor Layla and things disseminate. Before you know it, Trish and Michelle are mounted on a pool table exchanging blows. But the real victim is Layla as she has to deal with slizzard Snooki. What a brave woman. *Tips hat*

Lots of non-PG words later, Trish, Snooki and Lay-Cool make Bad Girls Club seem tame!

So does this do the trick in getting one excited for ‘Mania on Sunday? Kind of. It wasn’t quite what I was hoping it would be. On paper it sounded epic, but in execution — as with most things Diva — it felt far too short & you couldn’t really catch all of the action. It was definitely cool to see the Divas acting rough and tumble for a change, but it certainly contradicts the image that WWE usually likes to portray for its women.

Still, it was a decent effort in inciting some heat going into ‘Mania and something different, though it didn’t totally work for me.

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  • http://twitter.com/#!/jayd211 Jayd211

    yeah i agree it could have been longer i think it would have worked better if they showed them in the bar a couple times during the night just hanging out it could have just been a few 30 sec. spots and then i think laycool should have interrupted the interview it would have come off better.

    but it wasnt horrible i guess

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/dsanchez96?feature=mhum sanchezdiego96

    I think it was cut short. Cuz when MIchelle is cussing, shes on one side and the guy is pulling her to the other while Trish is getting up. But when the camera goes full, shes already there and Trish is already swinging. I dont know. Cryssi said on twitter she wouldnt be surprised with they cut this short to give Rock, Miz and Cena 40 minutes. And I think they might have based on the time.
    But at least we got something. Its better than other years and I love me some Diva brawls.
    Poor Layla! Snooki was really going off on her! It seemed like Snooks was really trying to beat her up the way she was smashing her head!

  • melina prez

    I liked the segment, but i wish Josh didnt interview them i wish the just made a promo. And wow there were a lot of f-boms and the b words in there alot. Catfight !

  • Jamal

    Snooki looked plastered lol And are the rumors true and did this really take 5 hours to film? If so, yikes!

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    The segement was kinda boring for me…..

  • chrisP

    I can’t believe that….

    1. this was an all-day shoot
    2. this was, presumably, the best take out of however many they did.

  • Dale

    Thought it was boring rubbish tbh. Just seemed like they wanted it to try and come off edgy by throwing in all the bleeps. I have zero interest in this feud, it’s just a total snoozefest and the biggest component as to why this feud is even happening (Kelly Kelly) isn’t even involved, it makes zero sense.

    I really hate it when I see people put “Oh the women are on, it’s time for a piss / snack / refreshment break” but this time, I think i’m going to be one of them.

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Wesley Romano

    haha all the bleeps…WWE can be so contradictory…no surprise. I rather have a cluster Diva match than this…btw Last years team Beth Phoenix vs team Vickie Guerrero was pretty cool match! and actually had somewhat build up to it.

    Robbie E OWNZ Danny E lol

    Poor Layla got Splashed lmfao…damnn shit was funny

    Expect a good match tho, from Morrison and Ziggler obviouslym but also from Michelle and Trish!…dont wanna sound to hasty…but Trish is gonna take on one of WWE’s best divas! It should be a good outcome!…but i dont really care for it lol

  • Jamal

    “I can’t believe that….

    1. this was an all-day shoot
    2. this was, presumably, the best take out of however many they did.”

    Exactly! I was thinking the same thing. This was just sad.

  • brian

    If the WWE was looking for a new diva, why didnt they just ask Eli Cottonwoods wife…shes hot.

  • NaomiNightfan2011

    Meh, this was not anywhere near I thought it would be. Heck, Lay-Cool didn’t even go through a table, it was just Trish and Michelle randomly catfighting on top of one.

    But don’t get me wrong it was good, I just had far higher expectations for the divas than I should have.

  • wl75

    I wonder if things just got cut, or the original story was wrong about LC going through a table…

    I’m sorta worried about what’s going to happen to the Divas division after WM- If you didn’t hear, Finlay was released over the weekend because of a major screwup on a house show he was producing- and he was a major part of the Divas behind the scenes..

  • Taylor

    I still can’t seem to get over the height difference between Michelle and Snooki. She just grabbed Snooki’s head after Layla got drenched. That was pretty funny.

    Trish looked gorgeous. She must have a plethora of patience if she dealt with a mildly-drunk Snooki for five hours straight.

    It’s unfortunate that so much of this segment was cut to make time for the totally uninteresting and so four-weeks-ago Rock, Cena, and Miz agenda.

  • http://www.youtube.com/RingVixens Teri

    Wow, I didn’t even notice the cut. Anyway, mediocre. Though I totally burst out laughing when I saw Layla’s reaction to Snooki throwing her drink at her, haha

  • http://twitter.com/#!/jayd211 Jayd211

    @wl75 i dont think he’ll be gone for long they just fired him so the national guard wouldnt be pissed someone had to pay but he’ll be back vince really depends on him and trusts him

  • DIVAsupporter

    aLL I liked about the segment was all were cursing :D

    I feel bad and sad that there isnt another divas match… what the hell are Eve, Nattie, Melina, Alicia, Gail, Tamina, Maryse, Brie, Nikki, Beth, Kelly, Rosa, Kaitlyn suppose to do during WM (the super bowl of wrestling) ???? It annoys me that they’re not doing anything…

    Just hoping for Lita ad I’d be happy :D even without the other divas

  • javiousmckenzie

    Snooki was drunk! To me this is total hypocritical, a bar fight with divas drinking on WWE television but they fired Serena for doing it off screen? I can careless if she was stra8 edge or not lets be real grown ups at the bars who saw her know its fake the kids who think its real can even get in. Layla is being made to look like Snooki whooping doll if no one has noticed, and also Trish. I love her she is a legend but i just idk i feel like she says whatever she thinks the fans want to hear i.e Chyna in HOF. She keeps talking Natalya this Natalya that Trish had the pull when she returned to WWE to say i want a program with Nattie at Mania she has the pull to do that she didnt have to do this foolishness. Something in me tells me that she i dont know just says what the ppl want to hear but in honesty will do anything to stay on WWE good side to keep that legacy . Trish fans get mad etc my opinion keep in mind i love Trish but im a realist

  • javiousmckenzie

    Yes Lita and Trish vs Laycool would have been epic the two top divas from the past vs the two top divas of the present. Lita could have hosted Raw Ziggler could have been smitten with her Vickie could have confronted her in the ring about her man saying she already had her ex Edge bringing up Lita past calling her a homewrecker etc Lita attacks her Laycool comes out attacks her. Trish who was attacked at the Rumble out for revenge along with Lita a perfect set up

  • http://twitter.com/iTripp Tripp

    all the b bombs and f bombs are the only saving grace from this.. lol

  • bortman

    now that the overly sensitive GLAAD people have voice their shit.. now lets hear FCC and all the Parents would say about this…

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    it was alright, nothin liked reported but i guess it continued the storyline

  • http://www.twitter.com/wwerobertn WWERobertN

    I liked the segment, but it could have been longer and not cut so much. However, I found it VERY sexist that they bleep “B*tch” when Snooki and Trish say it, but 10 minutes later the Rock says it and no bleep! I’m looking forward to it and I do in fact hope Snooki is training for the match and not going to do like Angelina and JWow and just stand there in the ring thinking thats all she has to do. The main reason I am looking forward to this match is because of TRISH! I wish Lita was the tag team partner. That would be epic!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOyzTv-g8FA Piggie James

    The whole idea of the segment was that it was supposed to be somewhat reminiscent of something we would see on Jersey Shore, hence the random cat-fighting, the bleeping, and Snooki.

    Even with this intent though, the segment was just horrible. For a start, if Snooki is supposed to be a face, then why does she keep starting fights? (slapping that guy just for being annoying, and then throwing her drink on Lay-Cool before they even have a chance to speak.) Furthermore, why is she continually burying Layla?

    I don’t know if something was necessarily cut out due to time. Most likely they did several takes and ended up having to cut two of them together, due to Snooki messing up her lines. As said, if this really did take all day to shoot, then there is no doubt in mind that the rumours were true about Snooki being drunk (I didn’t believe they were true before).

    I still stand by my comment that this Snooki angle has tarnished Trish’s legacy (which, was in my opinion, virtually perfect as Divas go). Now whenever you think of the low light of Trish’s career, you can’t help but think of her tag teaming with Snooki. Though in Trish’s defense, she probably signed on to do the angle with Kelly Kelly, but obviously Kelly was replaced by Snooki part way through the feud, leaving Trish with no choice but to work with Snooki. From what I’ve seen, Trish as acted as a true professional in working with Snooki, and I can’t help but feel sorry for all the Divas of having their division buried once again by WWE for not even having a proper Divas match this year.

    Anyway, I’m still hoping that Trish and Michelle get a decent amount of time together in the ring, and we don’t have too much Snooki promotion (and Layla demotion) during the match.

  • will

    Backstage Heat On Snooki & Michelle McCool Headed Into WrestleMania

    According to a reliable WWE source, there is backstage heat on the celebrity-involvement of Snooki in the tag team match at Wrestlemania, and the heat is not directed solely at the Jersey Shore star.
    “We bust our asses 250 days a year on the road,” one prominent RAW-brand superstar claimed, “Snooki will cut right into everyone’s Wrestlemania paydays. And the whole show is built around Rock, who is not full time; Austin, from another era, too; Michael Cole, who doesn’t go on the road; Lawler, who doesn’t go on the road; Snooki, who is a three-shot appearance; and Michelle McCool, who is Undertaker’s wife and therefore doesn’t even go on the road with Layla El, who has to represent LayCool all by herself while her partner gets preferential treatment because of the person she married!”
    No superstar we spoke with seems to mind Undertaker or Triple H getting top billing this Sunday since everybody acknowledges they’ve earned their rightful spots. However, many are unhappy with the preferential treatment McCool is afforded as well as the names previously mentioned collecting major paychecks for this year’s biggest show, and not helping the company “on a daily basis.”

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/jordanmvsx Jordan

    I wouldn’t read too much into the report just yet, I mean you can’t believe everything these sites post. Michelle has been doing this for quite some time and they’re now just bringing this up. She does her job, it’s not like Michelle just half asses in the ring. She may not be at the house show, but if they had a problem, they can easily tell her to travel.

    I do believe the heat on Snooki though, from the first time she got to talk, she delayed by a good long 10 seconds and looked buzzed the whole time.