Tough Enough: Ariane Gets Cut But Gets Signed by WWE Anyway…

Ariane Andrew was the first contestant cut on the revival of Tough Enough tonight.

Citing Alicia Fox vs Melina as her favourite match and describing wrestling as her ‘new passion’, host Stone Cold decided that she wasn’t Tough Enough.

However, the cut makes no difference because Andrew has confirmed via Twitter that she will be starting at FCW next week under a WWE developmental deal. She writes: “Might have lost but I got what every1 wanted a contract with the wwe.. I said u will see me again and #!@%*# it u will..start fcw next week..hey.”

Was the right person cut? And does it hurt the credibility of the show that she gets signed anyway? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Lmao She told Stone

  • queennattie

    Oh dear. Honestly, not sure about this just because it ruins the credibility somewhat.

    I hope she improves. I want to see what she’s made of. :)

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i love the fact that she got signed, i think the wrong person went home, i think she has alot of attitude and if trained right i think she will be good, so good luck to her, cant wait to watch you on FCW TV

    Also it makes me wonder how many other girls got signed??? i think Rima and Christina is a lock for sure, so as long as Ivelisse gets signed i will be happy :)

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    IMPO her getting signed is completly disreguarding the rules of tough enough and the whole aspect of it . If she can get signed then so can everyone else. It just makes you ask why is she so special that she gets a contract and everyone else who got kicked off diddnt ?…. Guess we will have to see who else gets signed …. I hope that guy with the fasle theeth gets signed. I can really see him as a superStar in WWE

  • Lanoom

    Everybody on this show better be getting a FCW development deal anyway.

    I don’t care if she gets to run around in Florida for three months and then gets future endeavored, if she does not have passion for the business she does not deserve this.

  • Lily exLVEF

    She has the personality but i don’t know if she will ever get the skills. She’s definetly a heel though.

    So that leaves 3 new FCW divas that still have yet to make appearances while Sonia and Shaul still have to debut on FCW TV.

    So that means WWE will release about 3 divas on the main roster and bring up AJ and Naomi.

  • Bobby-james

    I don’t think it hurts the credibility of Tough Enough at all for one reason:

    The winner of tough enough receives a WWE contract and will work on the main roster, most likely. So, a developmental deal simply means that she will be developed, but her having a contract to work in FCW doesn’t mean she’ll ever make it on the main roster – lots of people have had developmental contracts and never even scratched the surface of the main roster. Personally, I think her attitude and limited knowledge of the product will hurt her in the long run…

    And honestly, a match between her and Natalya or Beth in the future? I doubt it.


    Maybe she worked her ass off to get a contract. A developmental deal doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gonna end up on the main roster. They could be surveying her a little more to see if she can REALLY do it.

  • Spike7000

    I liked her

    I’m glad she was signed. Good personality but she fits better as a valet

  • queennattie

    Disregarding this and just focusing on Ariane… She can be a good heel. She seems like personality and charisma wise capable of pulling something off. :/

  • Jillian Rayne

    I personally think it kills the purpose of the show. She just wanted to be on tv and be pretty. So she gets cut first like she should have and yet they sign her anyway. So they in turn make the statement that it doesn’t matter if you want to be a wrestler or have the desire, it matters if you’re pretty. Sorry, I think it’s crappy.

  • Marshy

    If you really really want this that you will do anything to get there,since Ariane got cut from Tough Enough,Ariane is showing that she is no quitter and that she really want this,cause some from past Tough Enough whether they were winners or a past contestants that when they get cut that some will continue on to get further wrestling training and some just plainly let it go and now are doing something else that is not wrestling related.

  • Spike7000

    Ariane Andrew joins AJ Lee, Tenille Tayla, Irena Janjic, Sonia, Naomi Night, Aksana, Maxine, Shaul Guerrero as the New Divas from development

  • sebastianstratus

    I figure all the girls will get a developmental contract. I can See Rima Fakih getting on the main roster quicker simply because of the publicity it will bring.

  • Matt

    Yeah it does hurt the whole concept of the show, but it shouldn’t damage the ratings or anything as the general public by and large has no idea that FCW even exists so to them these people still lost and the winner will probably appear on TV immediately. Thus, I’d expect for a male winner to already have solid ring talent. Expect nothing for a female winner because they certainly won’t, see: Kaitlyn. Rima has an amazing chance to win from the way this first episode went down.

  • Roqqsz

    I dont se her tweet about being signed

  • Roqqsz


  • crazymixedboi

    at first,i thought eric was going home,but then she pretty much ruined her chance of staying there for herself during,her attitude was terrible and she was more focused on the looks and personality part of wrestling instead of the ACTUAL wrestling.i do feel that it does hurt the credibility of the show because the purpose of the show is to find the next superstar/diva who has what it takes to be a professional wrestler,yet they’re signing somebody who only cared about looks and personality.she was a “powderpuff”just like stone cold said.then again,maybe the wwe saw something in her?plus,she must be passionate about wrestling,especially since she’s gonna be a part of fcw

  • AdriRay<3Maryse

    Shes my least favorite out of the ladies for sure but good for her. I love Tough Enough though, I never saw the originals so I really like it. Glad Rims and Ariadne stood up for the ladies to that Mick Guy!

  • AdriRay<3Maryse

    *Ariane sorry

  • Macho Madness

    Did the right person get cut? Abso-freakin’-lutely.

    Does it hurt the credibility of the show that she got signed? Yes. I expected people from the show to be signed though. It happened with all the other tough enough’s and diva search’s.

  • Macho Madness

    I think the only person from the original tough enough that is still in WWE is Josh Matthews( the RAW announcer).

  • rodneyclint

    Please, the WWE’s credibility with shows like this and contests like the Diva Search was gone a long time ago when they signed whoever the hell they wanted from the eliminated pool of people. This makes no difference as a lot of the people will probably get developmental contracts from this show simply because they might not be “tough enough” to win the competition but still might have potential to get there and be great. If she really isn’t passionate, she’ll be gone but if she is then I’m happy she got what she wanted. But I hope that her silly tweet doesn’t get her the boot..

  • TorrieFan12

    I like her too. Great personality and the most important thing is that she is pursuing her dream. But i hate the way she was eliminate she didn’t deserve it.
    I think that the idea of the show is find a tough enough contestant , but if the wwe as a company find great talent on the show i think i would be stupid to waste it.

  • NurseBetty

    … and John Morrison