The Untitled Allison Danger Show: Episode 12 (Larry Sweeney Tribute Show)

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The Untitled Allison Danger features gossip and opinion from the world of women’s wrestling, plus regular features such as ‘Douchecanoe of the Week’, ‘Promotion of the Week’ and ‘Dear Danger’. Each episode, Allison is joined by her co-hosts — SHIMMER’s backstage interviewer extraordinaire, Amber Gertner and Diva Dirt‘s very own Steven.

This week: Join us as we pay tribute to ROH and CHIKARA star, Larry Sweeney, who passed away this past week. Also, Amber discusses a very personal and emotional issue.

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  • Rhyseboi

    After being a daily visitor of this site for about 2 years and never feeling the need to join and comment, this show just…wow. Allison & Amber im so sorry for your loss, your kind words have made me youtube Larry and watch the tributes and his work and he put a smile on my face, I hope it helps in some way that he is still making new fans care about wrestling and what he stood for even though he is gone.

    Amber recently i have been worried about a good friend, over the last year i have seen him deal with relationship/exam stress more than usual but when he is down on himself, he is down on himself. It seems almost unnatural how his moods are so extreme and especially when he drinks he has been a very real danger to himself a few times. After hearing what you had to say its made me consider maybe things arnt so black and white and he may need some real help, other than shoulders to cry on and im going to try and help him.

    I commend you for your bravery on speaking out, and you’ve reached at least one person in me.

  • Mr_McKay_86

    Thank you for opening up on a hard topic. I realise it was a tough thing to do and applaud you all for sharing with everyone.

    Amber – thank you for being so honest with your diagnosis. I too have been in that and appreciate how difficult it is to discuss these that I have never done this until now! I hope you realise that you are appreciated as from my own experience it is hard to see the glimpse of light through the constant darkness!

    This was a great show and gives me a deeper understanding and appreciation of wrestling and the toll it can physically and mentally has on people. Keep up the great work and deepest condolences at this time for all those affected.

  • BobAnthony

    Amber I am not bipolar, but I have not just Generalized Anxiety Disorder, but Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a form of Autism. My diagnosis in 1995 shocked me to my core. It is a borderline diagnosis which makes me lucky as there are those who are worse off with Autism in its forms. By the way April is Autism Awareness month. The rate of kids facing this is 1 in 60.

    There are times when I am just normal and things seem like nothing had happened. But other days, well i wish I did commit suicide because i have a lot of stress in my life. Autism has been my roadblock in finding a steady job. My mom is getting on in years and stress from her job and how expensive it is to live in CT it is making me think like my life is worth nothing. To CT I guess i am just my Social Security Number, not my name.

    I am taking medicine for it, but all it does is give me migraines (due to a drop in riboflavin) and really doesn’t calm my worries.

    Listening to this U-A-D-S makes me realize something I have known all the years on and off I’ve been a fan of wrestling, wrestlers are human beings.

  • adifferentsame

    A very moving show. My prayers are with Larrt and all those who have been affected by his passing.

    Bipolar disorder is something everyone should understand, because the human condition places everyone in dark places during their lives. It’s just such a shame that it can cause such tragic loss when there is help out there.

    I just bought SHIMMER Vol.36 and am eagerly anticipating the new releases. Can’t wait to see the Knight Dynasty, though I’m sorry to hear they were treated badly by a couple of douchebags. I’m spreading the word about SHIMMER here in Scotland (Sara Del Rey in particular is trending) to anyone who’ll read my writing, because the
    quality of wrestling is unbelievable.

    Another great show. Cheers guys.

    P.S – I’ve got my friend obsessed with Sara Del Rey to the point that she’d probably pay good money to have Sara kick her in the lady parts. Haha.

  • alexl467

    1) Allison & Amber,

    As they do for all of Larry Sweeney’s friends and family members my thoughts and well wishes go out to the 2 of you for the sad passing of someone you both considered to be a dear friend and colleague.

    2) Steven,

    I have to respectfully disagree with you on the topic of Matt Cross’ TE elimination. I could be totally off base but from what I saw of him on the show and in 1 or 2 “in-character” youtube interview/promo videos I feel Matt Cross, unlike CM Punk, lacks the character related aspects to truly make it in the WWE. The furthest level I could realistically see him reaching within the company is one of a low card highflying jobber. Matt Cross seem to me to be in the same category as Amazing Red, meaning that while being able to excel in the ring he’ll fall flat on his face when it comes to working a mic and executing other non-wrestling character related performance aspects.


  • The_JM

    So sorry for your loss and wrestling’s loss in general, RIP Larry Sweeney. Very touching words from Amber, that surely took a lot of courage. It was nice hearing Amber be so honest, much love for her. I actually thought Matt and Ryan both should have left, lol. Matt has amazing ring skills, but he had ZERO charsima and personality, you either have charsima or you don’t McCool is a perfect example of that. Stone Cold was waiting for Matt to tell him off, but instead he says permission to say something?

    I really can’t express my excitement for the upcoming dvds, the Knights will be worth the $20 alone. Now about calling Britani a whore, I think it’s amazing that they got so much heat that fans had to resort to dirty name calling like that. Spitting seems to be crossing the line for sure. The pics of Saraya alone scare the hell out of me. Can’t wait for next week’s show.

  • DarkJoker

    Another sad loss to the wrestling industry. Larry Sweeney was very talented and proved that managers are still needed in wrestling today. I hope you have found peace my man. To Allison and Amber I’m so sorry that both of you lovely ladies have lost a friend. Amber it took guts to come out on a pod-cast and inform the general public of you having and living with Bi-Polar. I know where you are coming from and how “DARK” life can be. I’m not Bi-Polar but I suffer from Major Depression and Panic Anxiety Disorders. Last Year I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome stemming from growing up in a in a Stressful Household. My Father Mentally Abused me from the time I was born until I moved out on my own at age 22. It all started with Fear, then that Fear turned into Paranoia, and finally the Paranoia turning into Anger and Rage. I didn’t find out until I was 20 that my Mom’s side of the family has a history of Mental Disorders. The damage was already done. I’m 33 going on 34 later this year and still suffering from the Mental Abuse from my childhood. I’m currently taking 60 mg of Cymbalta (once per day) along with 600 mg of Wellbutrin (300mg in the morning and 300mg in the afternoon). I’m also seeing a Therapist, an EMDR Specialist, and a Psychiatrist on a regular basis to help keep me in balance along with the medications. I’ve lost and had to quit jobs due to my Mental Disorders. Currently I’m on a Leave of Absense from my current employer due to my Mental Disorders but thankfully I’m still receiving a paycheck from my employer each week. Thanks to my Mental Disorders I’ve been treated like an Outcast and labeled a Freak by many people (including family) through-out my life. It’s no fun being a Loner and living in the Darkness. That pressure alone is enough to drive to a person like myself crazy to point of thinking about and acting upon taking myself out of the game permanently. Thank the Big Man Upstairs for always watching out for me and giving me a very special gift that has been lost in today’s society. That gift is a conscience. The voice of reasoning that keeps me strong and gives me the hope that by reaching-out to the right the specialists and being on the right medication that maybe I’ll be able to eventually live a somewhat normal life and be something that I have never been HAPPY!

  • DarkJoker

    @Allison, Amber, and Stephen. If any of you read what I wrote please feeling free to share this on a future podcast. Amber hang in there the best way you can. Trust Me It sucks when you want to be in control of the disease, but the disease seems like it has a death-grip on you and has the control of you. To anyone else who happens to suffer from any type of Mental Disorder definately seek professional help A.S.A.P. Don’t do what I did. I tried and thought I could handle my problems all by myself cause that’s what “Real” men do right? Seeking help to me was admitting that I was Weak and Coward. Boy was I an Idiot! I let all the Emotional Trauma stay buried inside my mind and body and let my Emotions control my actions towards myself and people around me for years. Until finally last year I suffered 2 Major Panic Attacks at work scarring a lot of my co-workers in the process. Peeps don’t keep any bad feelings, situations, etc.. buried inside yourselves, try to find a positive way to release them or seek help. Keeping bad things buried inside yourself will only lead you down a dark path. I’ve been stuck down this path for years and I don’t know if I’ll ever get myself back onto the path filled with sunshine. I’m taking the right steps, but it may be to little to late ???

  • Rhawk

    God bless Larry Sweeney, I wish I knew more about the man, he sounds like such a great person and well loved in the wrestling business, and its definetly saddening to hear Danger and Amber tearing up over this sudden loss, not just from a great talent, but a great friend. I also had no idea either they had Bipolar, that was a shock to me, I find that hard to believe with her fun and perky personality… I haven’t been diagnosed but I can only imagine how hard it is for people with the disorder, I have friends with it and its a very emotional time for them as well. And even though its not exactly the same, but I’ve been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome since 3 years old (I’m 18 this June) and it has been awkward and somewhat difficult to live with it, its been hard to talk to someone when I need to talk to them, I can’t make normal conversations, I’m nearly alone on my laptop 96% of my life, its very difficult. I’m not sure how I’m alive to this day sometimes, especially with this time of year with my A Level exams, but I have somehow, hopefully it gets better come summe time… but either way, my true and honest wshes go to Larry’s friends and family, all we can do is remember him for his good qualities, RIP Larry, may you never be forgotten…

  • IronSheikFan

    RIP Alex Whybrow.

  • NY32986

    @BobAnthony how old were you when you were Diagnosed with Asperger’s since I too have the syndrome