Raw Redux Does WWE Superstars (April 21st, 2011): Clash of the Canadians

Last night’s WWE Superstars saw a first (I think, don’t quote me!) as Maryse and Natalya did battle for the first time in singles action. It was a clash of the Canadians as the two former Divas Champs represented Montreal and Calgary respectively.

Watch below:

No play by play… let’s just get into the meaty bit, okay? That was kind of a shocker, no? I didn’t expect to see Maryse pick up the win over Natalya. It feels like forever since we’ve seen Maryse in a singles match and honestly, I can’t recall the last time we saw her in one. This is probably the longest singles match I’ve seen her in in well over a year, but I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything. It seems Maryse is still hitting her regular moves without any progression as a wrestler.

Can’t say this match did much for me, I’m afraid, but I did like the DDT on Nattie.

Your thoughts?

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  • DaWayne999

    It was fair for maryse standards. While maryse may b an amazing character, her wrestling is not where it should b in terms of how long she has been wrestling, when girls like eve, and tamina has surpassed her ability’s. It seems as if she doesn’t want to change, in the sense that she is so repetative. Same for nattie. Besides the fact that she is great at the things she does its the same. While i love her and where she comes from and what she does, it gets old seeing the same moves and all. I’m not going to b like everybody else and say the match was great, or try to make it better than what it was, because nattie was in it. I’m going to b honest and say it was a fair standard divas match.

  • unscripted & flawless

    the match wasn’t really that bad – at least it wasn’t slow moving, i hate that lmao. i’m really glad nattie stepped outside of her submission/mat style wrestling some, that made me happy :D

    maryse getting a win wasn’t a bad thing either, i just wish that’d be the same for alicia fox though. =\

    plus, i wish Superstars would venture out a little more and have like a triple threat or something with the Divas that we RARELY catch on RAW/Smackdown

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    At first I thought this was Maryse & Natalya , 1st time going one on one, but its not. They went one on one b4 on Raw with Eve & Melina on commentary.

    I still stand by what I said , I enjoy Maryse in the ring she is one of the most entertaining divas in the ring , despite the fact that she does NOTHING in her matches. She keeps you laughing … im glad she got a win though , its not really a shocker some of these top faces need to be knocked down off their throne sometimes. You cant keep getting wins all the time

  • Anthony

    @DaWayne999 you basically took the words right out of my mouth. Maryse has an amazing character, theres nothing she needs to change with it, but wrestling wise..she needs so much work. She uses the same moves, she looks sloppy and she sucks at selling. She’s 1 of my favorite diva’s on the roster but her matches are pretty damn bad.

  • http://www.sodazzling.com Trashley

    an ok match for maryse but sloppy ddt

  • Liam

    Is this the shortest RAW redux ever!!??? wow…

    The match was ok..I think maryse should wrestle no more, she is all over the place. She has gone down so so so much since she injured her knee! Back then she was good but now shes just lost that wrestling credability. Shes better as a valet!

  • http://www.facebook.com/StaceyJohnWood SJWood

    Re-watching the match, I stand by my statement I made in the previous superstars thread.

  • chrisP

    “an ok match for maryse but sloppy ddt”

    I disagree about the DDT. The French Kiss looks vicious, but no one ever really gets hurt by it. That’s pretty much the whole idea behind pro wrestling, not getting hurt while making it look you got hurt very badly.

  • 04bia

    i agree maryse has an amazing character, she along with laycool are probably the only divas with personality but that isnt enough. maryse needs to learn how to carry a match and how to sell nattie offense. when nattie did the body slam, maryse just quickly got up in a splint second!!! your not supposed to do that it doesnt make the move look good. maryse did good on sd soo well, but i guess we can thnx michelle mccool for carrying her and putting her over. mickie and gail also put maryse over.

    she needs to improve in the ring. girls like eve, tamina, layla hell even the bellas have exceeded her!

  • randallsnow19

    WOW to be fair every diva in wwe repeats moves over and over..obviously wwe doesn’t care about the WRESTLING ablity anymore…..I see why they have to repeat moves over and over they get 3 mins only..What can you really do in 3 mins?..I have to terms with Maryse’s wrestling ablity, she can put on decent matches when there longer. In all this match imo was much better then that hot mess on Raw…I cannot get into the Bella’s and Eve Torres, they’re so BORING. I’d rather have these two going after the title..btw is it me or has almost every diva on the roster been a champion, except Kelly, Rosa, and Katlyn.

  • Liam

    Oh hold on I meant shorest WWE Superstars redux :P

    Maryses selling often looks so awkward and painful, she can injure hurtself, dont get me wrong we all know she has it in her perform really well (look at her when she was on SD) but now its painful to watch!

  • Liam

    @randallsnow19 I thought that too! the divas title is being passed around the locker room like a football on a football pitch.

  • 04bia

    liam, the only reason maryse performed so well is cos michelle mccool carried her in all her matches. look her best matches of her career were with michelle, such as unforgiven, when she won her first divas championship, and also a few times on sd.

  • http://maryse-unlimited.net/ litaluva06

    One thing I love about Maryse’s matches is that they are never slow paced…
    She is always doing something; even though she isn’t doing power slams and diving clotheslines, she is always helping her opponent look good as a face, and is playing to the crowd with her heel bitchy like persona.

    Even arguing with the referee in her matches is amusing and entertaining. Comparing to Eve vs Nikki, which IMO wasn’t garbage, “except for when Brie got involved” they had a very slow paced match. Nikki and that little submission move of her’s takes too much time away from the match. Eve can move at a pretty good pace, but Nikki slowed her down.

    Maryse is always moving around doing something, laughing maniacally, a flipping her hair, which actually keeps the crowds attention. I think they are waiting for the WWE to break the mold with her, as I am, and allow her to use a little bit more wrestling as compared to 95% character in the ring. She can wrestle, everyone know’s that, as we all have seen it from 2008-mid2009. Perhaps when she gets her official face turn we will see a hair flip during her entrance, and thats it.

    Good match, I can honestly say I give it two thumbs up.


  • http://maryse-unlimited.net/ litaluva06

    Oh, and one more thing, Maryse has stated herself that she wants to evolve as a character/wrestler and wants to do everything she can as a womens wrestler. Face turn/valet/champion etc. Thats all that matters is that she actually wants it. Things take time, and eventually she will be fully embraced by the fans. You can bet your bottom dollar on that one!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOyzTv-g8FA Piggie James

    Maryse always tries hard to play her character well, and it really shows in this match. She was interesting to watch. But perhaps that’s one of her problems. She focuses too much on her character and not on her wrestling. At the end of the day it just means she has to do more training.

    But fact is, she’s one of the few Divas with a distinct personality. Who else has a personality? Melina did, at least until they took the words out of her mouth. Lay-Cool isn’t bad, but they’ve had so much airtime to get over. Alicia has personality, but is never used anymore. And then all the faces seem to lack any personality whatsoever.

    What it really means is that the DIvas need more non-wrestling segments in order to get over. Either that, or they play their characters up a lot more in the ring, which Maryse does do. With the multitude of Divas that they now have (and more supposedly incoming) it’s imperative that the individuality of the different Divas is emphasized, otherwise they just end up blended together and hard to care about.

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Wesley Romano

    Maryse wasnt great WRETSLING WISE…but damn she owned this match with her hair flip!!

    a Sexy Pin, and a Hair Flip standing on Natalya lol AWESOME!!

    BTW Natalya did great too

    Great job ladies

  • Lily exLVEF

    Aksana, Maryse, and Maxine all belong in the same catergory. They can entertain alot outiside of the ring but inside the ring they aren’t as entertaining. I think Maryse won’t be needed anymore when Aksana comes up to the main roster since she has a bigger and better personality then Maryse. I was happy when WWE paired Maryse with Ted and didn’t have her compete as much. That was a good and professional idea. You should have the personality girls be valets and let the real women do the job.

    Aksana with Goldust and Maxine with Wade Barret xD

    As for the match, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. Still alot better then RAW though.

  • http://maryse-unlimited.net/ litaluva06

    @Piggie James: I agree with that of which you’ve said. One of the reasons I am so high on Maryse, even though she doesn’t show much of an apparent basic knowledge of wrestling, she makes her self stand out with her character and personality which is something that only Layla, Michelle, and Alicia in my opinion do. Beth has faded into just another face, who just so happens to be strong, Melina lost her “paparazzi princess” gimmick a long time ago IMO, the Bella’s do twin magic and thats about it. Its not even a gimmick with them, they’re just twins. Kelly has always played that pretty good girl role, but I can’t say it does a lot for her. She needs a Candice Michelle/Torrie Wilson type heel turn. All the Divas seem to just conform into the word Diva without trying to show the different aspects of what a Diva should be.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    not a bad match, it would have been better if Maryse had of had a better move set, but she did her best and the match was alright, and Nattie was awesome, and thats about it so good on them :)

  • http://maryse-unlimited.net/ litaluva06

    @Lily exLVEF It doesn’t matter if a woman can wrestler if she has no personality, and it doesn’t matter if a woman has personality and can’t wrestle. You need both to be successful. Thats the bottom line. Eventually, they grow together and make the total package, ex: Lita, Trish, Victoria/Tara, Mickie James, Awesome Kong, Gail Kim, Michelle McCool, Layla…after a while it all comes together.

  • randallsnow19

    Aksana entertaing??? I thought she was just a copy of Maryse, who def plays a BITCH better then Aksana,,,Wrestling terms she could be tad bit better!!! Other then that I’d rather watch Maryse over Aksana anytime!! :)

  • chrisP

    “when nattie did the body slam, maryse just quickly got up in a splint second!!! your not supposed to do that it doesnt make the move look good.”

    She was supposed to get up. The next spot was her crawling to the corner in order to lure in Natalya.

  • Matthew 22

    I fee like for people to say she can not wrestler you don’t know that i mean when she was on smackdown she was doing so much better she did a lot of things i think what it is she is playing to her character the girl that don’t do noting but pull her and do some slaps she is a pretty girl and that is what she is playing to so she is not going to do but you can’t say she is boring like some of the other divas she is the best at what she do and that is entertain people unlike eve yes the girl have some good moves but she is so boring

  • DaWayne999

    I agree with a lot of u on the subject. Maryse, and Laycool r pretty much the only girls with personality. While layla and maryse are great when giving the chance to show personality, it couple b said for the same as eve, and gail. When giving the chance, these girls are amazing at cutting promo’s. Especially eve, who I’m sure no one can deny, if giving the oppurtunity, could b a real threat to legends like trish, and lita in the future. Its not just enough to do your job as now a if u don’t have passion its obvious. Not saying maryse doesn’t have passion, cause I’m sure she does, I’m just not sure if she has the passion girls like eve, beth, nattie, gail, and michelle has. Also to those saying that eve and the bellas are boring, i partially agree. Eve may have her moments but usually its the heels who make the match more interesting, but in this case the bellas don’t really seem interesting at all. No one even takes them serious as champions. Pple said that eve was going to be a squash for kong. Imagine what the bellas will b. Sorry about the rant, just venting my feelings.