Diva Draft 2011: Alicia Fox to SmackDown

Welcome to the fourth annual edition of our Diva Draft feature here at Diva Dirt! If you haven’t been with us over the last couple of years, the premise is simple — each year, we make several predictions/suggestions for the WWE Draft in the lead-up to it taking place. This year’s Draft is set for Monday and promises to shake things up once again. Check back over the next week leading up to the Draft for our picks!


Two years ago a rising star in Alicia Fox was ripped from SmackDown, where she had made strides in just a matter of months, and placed onto Raw where, like many others, she ended up in purgatory. Sometimes seen, often not, Alicia has become a background player almost — this despite a two month run as Divas Champion. We want our big-haired, sassy Fox back!

With Layla presumably turning babyface, Alicia could perhaps regain her one-time spot as Michelle McCool’s understudy. I mean, think about it: she was with Michelle first, not Layla. Had she not be traded to Raw, would LayCool have happened? Perhaps with a chip on her shoulder that she didn’t get the titles and PPV spots that came with being part of LayCool, Alicia could make Layla’s life hell — and realign herself with her one-time mentor.

There’s also something to be said about a possible Beth Phoenix vs Alicia Fox feud. Unlikely a pairing as they may seem — of course, Beth is much more experienced and stacked like a bodybuilder — there’s something that intrigues me about this idea, perhaps because we haven’t seen it before? It would definitely be a fresh feud. Alicia, young, overzealous and eager, could want to ‘make a splash’ by taking out the biggest girl in the yard.

What we most want to see from Alicia, that we didn’t get to see much of on Raw, is some more personality. We know she’s got it, but it just needs the opportunity to come out.

Your thoughts? Alicia to SmackDown – yay or nay?

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  • http://www.youtube.com/user/dsanchez96?feature=mhum sanchezdiego96

    Beth vs A.Fox. Intriguing! But I think Beth is going to Raw. A.Fox should go to SD. I actually would like to see her and ms Lay have a feud. I think they can pull out something good. I definitely want Alicia on team blue!

  • NaomiNightfan2011

    Nay. Alicia just seems like such a RAW diva, seeing her on Smackdown would make me cringe (I know I put her on SmackDown for my “dream brand”, but I honestly didn’t pay attention to which diva was on which show, I just gave them a random show)

  • 04bia

    i agree poor alicia has been jobbing for ever! i mean she was doing fine until melina returned and buried her to the ground. smackdown could be refreshing her her. smackdown maybe the “B” show in wwe but its definatly the “A” show for the divas, divas get the exposure they need on the brand and storylines. so this is a YAY for me!!!

  • JustJ3rmz

    I am the biggest fan when it comes to Alicia Fox. I love her. It makes me mad that she has been jobbing. Alicia is more of a Raw diva but with Kong coming, I think is going to SD, which is the A show when it comes to Divas. We all need a break from Michelle McCool honestly, love her too tho

  • Lily

    She won’t be a jobber for long anymore since Layla will take up that spot. I think Melina, Fox, Maryse and Tamina should move over to Smackdown and 3 of them can work on their skills while they push Melina into a feud with someone. While Beth and Michelle come to RAW.

  • DaWayne999

    I’m all for this switch, however i think beth is going to raw.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i think Alicia and Tamina should go over and get a push or whatever, help them both get over with the fans and all that, and it would be good for the show, to get some more new divas for kelly and them to work with

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I would love for Alicia to return to SD. If Layla was to turn face , we could see her and Alicia tango in the ring. Im one of the biggest Alicia fans out there , I really hope she dosent get released it would crush me lol. I love my Foxy Red Head. Im hoping one day she will become a 2x Divas Champion. I dont want Michelel & Alicia to team up and then we would just get Lay-Fox. Alicia should take over as TOP HEEL on SD. I would love that

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikeybicycle Kaledrina

    love alicia and smackdown would definitely be a good move for her, especially as they seem to care more about giving the talent chances to shine more than raw does.. but with kong likely being a heel on raw, raw needs a heel jobber more than ever and unfortunately alicia seems to fill that role better than anybody else. a move to smackdown would be best for alicia, but staying where she is would be better for the division as a whole.

  • WWFoverWWE

    i think winning the divas title was what destroyed Alicia’s career. Everyone was praying she would win it, because they thought she was good, but once she did, her reign was horrible and only lasted a month in a half

    I don’t think she’ll get pushed again, since she’s now in the Jillian column, where the announcers are going to constanty mention her being a former divas champion so when someone beats her, it will put them over

  • Lily

    Alicia only had a month in a half of holding the Divas title and i thought her reign was becoming entertaining. She defended it against Eve only, which wasn’t fair. She got on the mic twice and both segments were far from horrible, it showed her personality alot. She was backstage with Josh M. and she she told him off. Then in the ring she grabbed the mic and said that she’s the greatest divas champion in history then bam Melina came and ruined her spotlight. Alicia should have at least lost her title to Melina at NOC. Alicia was doing way better then Eve as champion. If WWE would have pushed her for about 3 more months and kept pushing her the way they were she could have become a real star/champion.

  • adifferentsame

    Alicia Fox realligning with Michelle McCool? It could work. Alicia is a more rounded performer and though many are reserving enthusiasm for another spotlight for McCool, I think Alicia would run with the role like Layla did.

  • Mikas

    Gail Kim, Alicia, Maryse, Eve, Melina. They all did great on Smackdown, then they were moved to Raw where they were only used in rushed 2-minute matches and the fans stopped caring about them.

    Being on Raw is a curse for the divas, i hope for Alicia that she gets drafted back to Smackdown.

  • Williambitious

    Meh.. I don’t really mind.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    @Lily-Amen! LOL Alicia’s Divas Title regin was one of the best divas title regins 2day she cut 2 promos , she was built as a strong contender for the divas title have had 2-3 Divas championship matches before winning the title , she was built a strong champion during her title regin , her matches showed her personality.

    No one cant say Alicia didnt build her way up to the top. She started on ECW moved To SD teamed with Michelle got victories over Melina , moved to Raw earned title shots , victories over Maryse , Kelly , Melina , Mickie , Gail. Alicia climbed to the top..You would have to be a No Alicia Mark to not realize that…

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    And a Victory over Natalya also….

  • MickieFan226

    I agree with @04bia, the Divas get better matchs and storylines on SmackDown. I think this move would be good for Alicia.

    Although, like Melina, I’m afraid Alicia would still play second fiddle to Michelle McCool. Basically, whatever brand Michelle is on, you can assume she’s going to be the top heel. If Melina or Alicia go over to SD, they’re just going to be Michelle’s sidekick, or be in random tag team matches.

    I think Michelle needs to go over to Raw. Everyone says WWE won’t put her on Raw because she wants to travel with Undertaker. But lets be honest, Taker doesn’t even work a whole year. He barley travels and doesn’t even work houseshows (neither does Michelle), so it would be best for Michelle to move to Raw and have Melina/Alicia reclaim their spots as top heels.

  • UncleCuc

    Maybe if she moves to SD!, she can contend for the “Undefined Diva’s Championship” again.

  • UncleCuc

    And Beth (as a charcter) is like a female version of the Big Show. Attacking her is a great way to make an impact. On her fist. With your face.

  • ilovelita

    If she goes to SmackDown! Michelle can get with her because she is flawless and make Layla jealous because Michelle doesn’t think she’s flawless anymore.

  • vonVile

    On an interesting note:

    Earlier today on WWE.com Beth and Rosa’s links to their pages didn’t work. Could that be an omen?

  • http://ahlanthony.tumblr.com ahlanthony

    I’m a big fan of alicia. This girl got some in ring skills and personality. She was doing great when she was the divas champ and I agree to everyone who are saying that melina ruined her career. LOL! She could have at least beat melina once before actually losing her title to melina.

  • http://ahlanthony.tumblr.com ahlanthony

    and I think she better stay on raw. She could have a good feud with nattie or tamina,

  • BornThisWay

    @Vonvile – They were temporarily moved to RAW on the site. Maybe they’re getting drafted there?

    Alicia to Smackdown would absolutely revive her career, which is currently on life support.

  • DaWayne999

    If beth and rosa r moving to raw then i do expect nattie or fail and tamina to move, as i also expect even to turn heel, seeing as to how I’m sure one or both the bellas will b moving to smackdown.