Exclusive: Miss USA Rima Fakih Speaks on Tough Enough Elimination, Reveals Rib Injury & More

After being eliminated on WWE Tough Enough this past Monday night, Diva Dirt catches up with Miss USA, Rima Fakih to discuss her shock exit. Rima spills the beans on a previously undisclosed rib injury that led to her being cut — and reveals who’s responsible for the injury. We also talk to Miss USA about her highlights on the show, thoughts on the other contestants (which girl is Rima not a fan of?), Trish and what happened between her and Andy that led to her throwing a drink in his face!

Download the interview by right-clicking here and selecting ‘Save Target As’ or stream the interview below:

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  • PedroPedroso17

    Very interesting audio. Could Melanies voice be any sexier? Don’t think so…

  • http://facebook.com/albertalonsocastaneda Albert Castaneda

    I sure do hope they offer Rima a developmental deal :), I feel like she has that Carmella DeCesare look but actually wants to get down and physical. Good Job Melanie :), I love all the work and effort you have put into this site.

  • http://facebook.com/martibelle martibelle

    I have to say, thanks Melanie for interviewing her and posting this. I will admit, when I found out she was on the show, the first thing I thought was publicity stunt, that the only reason she was on there was bc of the Miss USA title, she did turn out to be a tough cookie. I, like everyone else was unaware of her injury but give her props for sticking it out and fighting through the pain as we all have learned to do. I do hope she continues to train and continues to proving to people (including myself) that she is a tough one and that her passion and love for wrestling extends past the cameras.
    If the school Bill was talking about is Rodz’ (we’re located in Bklyn) would be great to have her come down and work with us, if she’s as tough and determined as she seems, I can see her going far and not just based on her beauty.

  • http://twitter.com/jeremysalvatico jeremycanrana

    I’m loving her more and more. Amazing interview! thanks a lot for sharing!! She is interesting! I could listen to her for hours.I really wish her the best! I believe she has potential to be a wrestler she already has the most important thing : heart

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Loved the interview, it was very interesting to listen to, and i love rima, and simply hope she gets signed very soon, because i think she will be a great diva some day :)

    and also rima just reinforced eveything i said about Michelle.

  • http://youtube.com/kristalmelinafan kristalmelinafan

    to me she looks like candice michelle, but since shes a native of michigan and also she is candice looking i hope she do come back

  • andagain

    I guess this proves wrong the people who claimed she knows nothing about the business and is only in it for the fame.

    I really enjoyed this, thanks guys! She comes across as down to earth and intelligent and of course, an actual wrestling fan. Even if wrestling doesn’t come naturally to her, I hope she becomes a wrestling personality of sorts, like a valet or interviewer or something. The business definitely needs more people who are truly in love with it.

  • http://divaderby.net/ DivaDerby

    I’m guessing that after the Ariane incident, that the WWE isn’t going to issue any contracts to anyone till the show ends. Rima’s biggest asset is her personality. There’s alot the WWE can do with her. She would be create on the mic, which is something a lot of the current divas lack. Also, all the public speaking she does as Miss USA is also going to help her in the WWE. Promos will likely be easier for her to do than the other divas.

  • Liam

    Rima is a great person a knows how to stand up for herself! Well Done to you Rima!

    Steve, Bill and everyone else must of known that Rima has a future in WWE, telling her to go to Brooklyn becauses there is a good wrestling facility she can train at!

    I feel bad fr Rima being injured due to Michelles big headed-ness…She was so confident..wait to cocky that she exelled everyone else! Rima knows more than Michelle FACT!!!

    Hope to see Rima in WWE very soon :)

  • Anthony

    I think it would be great if Rima was signed to a developmental deal. I caught the vibe that she got along with Christina and didn’t really speak to Ivelisse.

    @Melanie, I’m so happy you mentioned Ariane tweet about her saying she signed. I’ve been wondering about that since she tweeted it.

  • Jake

    Rima will more than likely get signed once her reign as Miss USA is up. Great interview.

  • makemewannadie

    It doesn’t sound like Miss USA knows anything more about wrestling than Ariane does. Mispronouncing Melina as Melanie? It’s not like Melina isn’t a current/active superstar or anything. I’d be interested to know what HER favourite match of all time is, to be honest.

  • http://twitter.com/rodneyclint rodneyclint

    Well she is talking to Melanie so it’s not hard to get confused with names that sound so similiar. I think she has a future, but I woudn’t have called out Michelle though because it sounded like she is blaming the injury and Michelle on her departure when it was clear she wasn’t ready.

  • GoofyGreekGuy

    She’s a very interesting person and extremely beautiful as well. We can criticize her all we want, but think about this first. Kelly and Alicia Fox were picked out of a model catalog, look at them now.

    Kelly, although not one of my favorites by a long shot, has come a very long way. She’s got some nice moves going and is over with the fans. She’s not as over as the legendary Queen of Xtreme Lita, or Trish, but she proved she is more than just a pretty face. Alicia(one of my favorites) has done the very same thing.

    I’m going to support her if she gets signed. What Kaitlyn lacks, Rima has, and that’s prescence.

    Trish Stratus is a prime example of what a beautiful woman who loves the business, can achieve.

    Go Rima!

  • Litaker61

    She seems very down to earth and passionate about the business. I’d like to see her given a contract to see how far she could go, she definitely has the right attitude and wouldn’t be the first model turned diva.

  • Spike7000

    Wasn’t a fan of hers when I heard she joined the show but when the show started she really impressed me

    I was surprised she said she was inspired by the old generation of WWE Divas particularly Trish and Chyna

    I would love to see her in WWE. I know that her, Christina, and Ivelisse/Juliet the Huntress will be signed right afte the show is over

  • alexl467

    Albert Castaneda & kristalmelinafan,

    To me she looks and in terms of only the latter sort of sounds like Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger and the Rock’s former co-star in the Game Plan Rosario Sanchez.


  • Marshy

    WWE should do is make people who sign on Tough Enough & Diva Search sign a waiver that if they shall ever get eliminated that they promise not sign a contract until after the show is over or mentioned on their twitter account that they have sign a contract.Rima,Christina,and Ivelisse/Juliet The Huntress will definitely get sign after the show is completely over.

  • http://jamontewayclan.webs.com/ OhSoPrettyDiva

    i know she’ll be signed.

  • Saracasey

    I love Rima.She has so much heart and passion plus she knows a lot about wrestling,more than anyone thought she did.When her ribs get better I hope she do start training.

  • wweandtnadivafan

    i was crying when Miss.USA was eliminated!!!!

  • spyderone1981

    She had already somewhat made a believer of me…when i first heard of her being on the show i thought “Great, another pretty faced model type that only wants to skate by on her looks”…but she really changed my tune as i watched her on the show! Its clear to see that she really wants to be there! And now, knowing she was working with fractured ribs and fighting through the pain so she could stay, i have even more respect for her (while i do agree with Bill that it was kinda stupid to risk worse injury)!

    Having said that, i wish her all the best and hope she gets a chance to show us what she can do in a WWE ring!

  • MickieFan226

    This was a really great interview, I liked it a lot. Just wish it went on longer, lol.

    Rima seems so honest about everything and I respect her for what she did on the show. She was obviously a wrestling fan growing up, so I would hope she keeps going with her wrestling training and I’m sure WWE will offer her a contract.

    Best wishes to Rima!

  • mikeparis18

    Awwwwwwwwwwww! I love her, she is so cute! I hope she gets a developmental deal eventually. I liked how passionate she sounded about everything in wrestling. Evalease (spelled wrong?) looks like a very shy girl so she probably wasn’t being quiet to be mean, she is probably the type that won’t talk much until she gets to know you better :)

  • Mike in Like

    I have so much respect and love for Rima. Not only did she prove everyone wrong but she looked great doing it. Rima has such a great attitude and is just a great person from what I can tell. I wish her all the luck in wrestling and I’ll continue to support her. Great interview Diva Dirt.