WILD Wrestling Crowns Transgender Champion

California-based WILD Wrestling crowned a new champion last weekend in ‘The Bloodthirsty Vixen’ Amanda. The title change has received a lot of buzz because Amanda is in fact transgender.

Read the press release below:

CHINO, CA. – “The Bloodthirsty Vixen” Amanda won her case with the WILD Championship Committee, was reinstated to active competition and, in her return match, defeated longtime nemesis Lucky O’Shea to win the coveted WILD World Championship.

Lucky O’Shea had issued an open challenge for anybody on the roster to come and try to take away her title. She was surprised when her opponent was Amanda. Lucky had outed Amanda’s transgendered status after their amazing 2 out of 3 Falls match in January. Amanda had defeated O’Shea in that match, but the crafty redhead outed Amanda’s status to WILD Owner Travis Leland, who was forced to reverse the decision and return the belt to Lucky. Amanda was then placed on suspension pending review by the 5-Person Committee. Wrestling fans around the globe gave their thoughts on the situation, some positive and some negative. Going into last night’s show, the committee was deadlocked at 2-2 with one vote still undecided. That vote belonged to Head Official Jay Stone, who oversees the Rules and Regulations of the World Independent Ladies’ Division.

Jay’s decision officially allowed Leland to reinstate Amanda, and he placed her in the match at IWL’s “Crossout” in Chino. Amanda ran through the curtain and attacked O’Shea before the bell. With revenge on her mind, Amanda made it clear that failure was not an option. After a surprisingly quick match, Amanda walked away, finally, as the WILD World Champion!

Lucky was not the only one displeased with the night’s outcome, however… Buggy had originally been scheduled for a match against Allison Danger last night, but travel problems forced a change in plans. Buggy felt slighted by the powers that be in WILD, and decided to confront the new champion about it. She promised that Amanda would “see her soon” and stalked off.

All in all, it was an historic night not only for WILD, not only for professional wrestling, but for organized sports of any kind. Amanda is the first transgender athlete to win a world championship in any sport. That is an accomplishment, no matter how you look at it.

Amanda’s first title defense will be this Sunday at Lucha Pro in Los Angeles. On May 26th, WILD will make it’s debut at Freak Show Wrestling in Las Vegas, featuring a WILD World Championship match vs. challenger Allison Danger.

Thoughts: The new champion has been getting a lot of buzz since winning the belt with some feeling she shouldn’t be champion. In my opinion, it’s pretty inspiring to see WILD Wrestling accept Amanda and put their belt on her. In this day and age, there’s really no room for intolerance. If she chooses to live as a woman, then who are we to stop her? She is a woman and has right every right to compete against other woman.

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  • http://maryse-unlimited.net/ litaluva06

    Good for her…I love how they used the WWE Womens Title and just added their stuff…real original lol!

  • Lily

    I’m kind of surprised by this since i’v never seen/heard of a transgender women/man in wrestling, that’s interesting and cool. Well, congrats to her. Also, lmao the WILD title sure does look exactly like the WWE womens title xD

  • shannymac

    I think it’s awesome. She’s a beautiful and brave woman, and I’m glad WILD has been so accepting of her. Congrats!

  • The_JM

    Congrats to her, as long as she’s a fierce champion, i’m definitely okay with this, lol.

  • Evan

    lol.. That belt looks like the bought a WWE replica and put “WILD” stickers on it :/

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikeybicycle Kaledrina

    it’s good and shows progression in the business, i guess, but it comes across as a bit too publicity stunt-y for me. i mean, i’m sure amanda would like to be remembered as a great champion as opposed to a great women’s champion who used to be a man? either way, congrats to her.

  • http://www.youtube.com/RingVixens Teri

    LOOOOL @ the belt

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/dsanchez96?feature=mhum sanchezdiego96

    Get it girl! Who cares what she was before. Shes a woman now. Women’s champion to be exact.

  • laqisha

    I saw the match!!!

  • Cyndi

    Hey if Ric Cataldo can call himself the “The Boy Diva” and wrestle in skirts and dresses then Amanda should be able to compete in the ring as a women’s champion

  • Cyndi

    i seen Britany Force defend a similar looking title for some promotion

  • JonelleDanger

    That’s amazing. She should be a champion and I respect WILD even more now. More power to Amanda.

  • Rhawk

    OH I GET IT NOW… A, Man… DA! *Friends reference* But seriously I don’t see a problem with this, me being a guy as well, and I’m pretty much okay with it, she should feel proud of this achomplishment, she’s a history maker, and I say congrats and all the more power to her… though I wish see chose a less corny ring name, going back to my friends reference…

  • ThePopPrincess2000

    Oh my gosh im so happy being transexual as well this is so uplifting if the WWE crowd werent not for being so disrespectfull to women (calling lita a slut, shouting puppies throughout a whole match ect) Id say it be great to have a transgender DIva. for anyone intrested she will have to be on hormones which reduce her muscles tremendousily and her entire body will change completly so she wont have any extrae ‘edge’ over the other girls unless she put the work in to do so by working out. I agree though @Rhawk i wish she had gone for something a little less obvious :). can i say thankyou for everyoen for being so nice about this issue too

  • Judas

    She looks like Ariel. =)

  • JJ

    @ Rhawk, That friends quote was the first thing I thought of as well!

    Good for Amanda. She’s gotta be brave to be transgendered in the wrestling world. I watched their 2 out of 3 falls match (nothing overly impressive) but interesting how the crowd all already knew that Amanda was not entirely a woman!

    And, like a lot of indie promotions, that is a WWE title with their companys logos pasted over. It makes the promotion look completely bush league, and this one in particular because it looks like someone printed those logos out on paper! You can buy custom belts for around the same amount as a replica WWE belt if you shop around the right places.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Amazing never heard of something like this before , Its good to see that she got the respect and is recognized as a women. LOL and thats where the womens championship went lol

  • http://twitter.com/art1e art1e

    congrats to her..im sure she would rather be remembered as champion as well but it really shows how she doesnt limit herself & pushes herself is amazing…

  • vonVile

    I hope they use the transgender issue as part of a feud. Having Lucky and Buggy using it would be interesting.

  • Jamal

    Congrats to Amanda. I’ve been following her story for a while now. Glad to see her with the belt although I am a Lucky fan LOL

  • Rhawk

    Random note here, but what ever happened since Winter’s debut with WILD? Was there any confrontation with Aiden Riley, or has she been doing good for herself lately? I can see the woman making it big somewhere, whether its WWE, TNA, SHIMMER, or anywhere else, she’s got the charisma (can adlib on the spot like hell!) and she’s not that bad of a worker either. Hopefully we get to hear more from her in the future. Maybe a contender for the WILD Title someone maybe? That would be nice. =-)


    congratz to her and lmao at that belt i thought i was trippin when i saw it….So thats where the WWE womens title went after they retired it…..lol

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/ElectricMVx ElectricMVx

    Lol i love how they took the Womens Championship and stuck WILD stickers on it.. how creative xD But the thing im wondering.. Amanda is a woman now, sort of, so shouldnt she be allowed to win the championship? “Hervina” was WWE Womens Champion, Chyna was IC Champion, Alissa Flash is RCW Champion so why cant Amanda be WILD Champion?

  • wewanttables

    Wild is a women only promotion. Every picture of her she is cute. Its nice to see a promotion treat her as the woman she sees herself as than placing her in a seperate division like they have with with exoticos (drag queens and midget wrestlers). It would be excessively disrespectful to treat her like a “guy”.

  • http://maryse-unlimited.net/ litaluva06

    I am happy to see that nobody is complaining or fighting over this :)
    Like I said before, good for her. There is NO reason why she shouldn’t hold the belt, and I am sure that she will carry it with just as much class and pride as any other champion. What gender you are should have contradiction of what kind of champion you are, nor what kind of person.