Unwrapped (April 30th, 2011): Eve, Kaitlyn, Maryse, Mickie & Winter

Every week, following WWE.com and TNAWrestling.com’s photoshoot updates, we’ll take a look at the newest Diva and Knockout shoots and give you the opportunity to voice your opinions on them in a feature we lovingly call Unwrapped. Let’s unwrap this week’s eye candy, featuring Eve Torres, Kaitlyn, Maryse, Mickie James and Winter:

Eve Torres
Rarely does lying around make for a satisfying photoshoot, but Eve achieves that here. She sits on a blood red booth, surrounded by what looks like hockey memorabilia. It’s a bit of an unorthodox surrounding, and part of me think there’s something lacking from the shoot, but that just may be the disconnect in Eve wearing a fancy outfit to hang out with sports memorabilia. Speaking of her outfit, it and her hair work together for a beautifully sleek look and the criss-crosses on her skirt are hypnotizing, but not overwhelming, thanks to the limited color scheme. Her poses are varied, but simple–she mostly smiles and relaxes in the booth. It’s a bit of an odd shoot, altogether. Still, somehow, she pulls it off, looking quite casually beautiful.
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The main point of interest in this shoot, for me, is Kaitlyn’s hair. It’s dyed in completely opposite tones and, though I’ve definitely seen this technique done badly, I like it on her. It gives her an edge that the blonde hair just wouldn’t do, and it certainly makes her stand out amongst the other WWE blondes. That’s something she can use, given that she’s yet to develop a character as a Diva. Not that she can build a character as “the girl with the duo-toned hair”, but it helps in this instance. Her dress, with the details on the shoulders, adds interest as well, but I think it’s a wee bit short, a few of the poses making me double-check to make sure she’s fully covered. Those poses, by and large, are not all that interesting, but I like that for at least one she pulled out something different, posing on her hands and knees, showing off her sculpted arms and curvy figure in a way that’s more intriguing for what it doesn’t show rather than what it does.
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Maryse looks like an evil queen straight out of a fairy tale, wearing a luxurious fur; long, sweeping hair; ornate jewelry; and smirking like she’s just poisoned Snow White. This is a perfect fit for Maryse, a heel who has every characterization of an evil queen: she’s self-obsessed, beautiful and intimidating. Her dress, which is decidedly unlike traditional fairy tale garb, clings to her and makes her look like a total badass, and I like the cutout at her shoulder–it’s a nice little detail. Her poses are in keeping with that haughty, evil vibe, and all thing considered, I think she looks more intimidating than alluring. But that’s not a bad thing–it’s unique and sets this shoot apart from the countless photoshoots where sexiness is the extent of their purpose. And anyways, I’m sure many of you (and her) still consider her to be the fairest one of all.
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Mickie James
You can’t blame Mickie for wanting to pose with her newly-won Knockouts Title–it certainly took her long enough to win it. That long, hard-fought battle resulted in her first TNA championship, and to celebrate it, she’s taken part in a photoshoot, posing with it as if it were an entity in itself. Her poses are unique, lying beside it, crouching behind it, and hanging it behind her head. Some of the poses are more sexy than your usual title photoshoot–most show the champion basking in the glow of their victory, not making sexy faces at the camera. Still, the title compliments Mickie quite well, its colors echoing the same ones on her boots, jewelry and top. While I never really thought about matching one’s outfit to their title, it does make for interesting photos. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional on Mickie’s part, but I really wouldn’t blame her for doing that, given what she had to get through to finally claim ownership of that belt.
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I’ve complained about the small number of photos that often amount to TNA photoshoots, and I’m again disappointed that we were only given four photos for this shoot. Winter looks fantastic, and her poses are eye-catching. She seems more personable than her screen persona could ever be, yet you can still sense that slightly quirky quality somewhere underneath. It’s odd to think that her WWE photoshoots displayed more quirkiness, yet her TNA persona is decidedly more strange. Still, maybe that could be simply because the photo selection is so slim that you’re not getting a true feel of her personality in them. In fact, my only complaint about this photoshoot is the scant number of photos, and I’m sure that’s something that’s entirely out of her power.
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  • http://kociakiwrestlingu.za.pl Rafaello

    Kaitlyn ise the Hottest Diva…for me…

  • http://maryse-unlimited.net/ litaluva06

    Maryse knocked the others out of the park!

    #1. Maryse: She ALWAYS tops my list. Not that I put her their because she is my favorite, but because the way she works the camera, and what she is wearing. Of all the Divas, modeling experience or not, Maryse does it best! Though I heard many people complain that she looked older in this shoot, I found that to be one of the most inviting things about the shoot. She reminded me very much of a heel Lita in a small sense, but when I first saw her in the shoot, I said to myself, Maryse is looking a lot like Sable here! Can’t wait for her next shoot as usual; Love it! <3

    #2. Eve: Much better than some of her past shoots. I love her dress, and I am so glad that her hair isn't all crazy curly like it is occasionally on RAW, specifically when she wears her Red&Gold "Iron Woman" attire. That hair es no bueno! But all in all, other than the random hockey items around her, she was gorgeous in this shoot!

    #3. Mickie James: She has without a shadow of a doubt always been beautiful, and this is by far one of her best Championship Shoots.

    #4. Winter: I just don't care for the way her hair looks here.

    #5. Kaitlyn: From the moment I saw it on WWE.com I hated it. I have seen some of the poses and pictures this girl has done, so I don't really understand why her WWE shoots are so bland…

  • BillyGP

    well for me

    1-Mickie- Love the shoot,the poses, plus she looks gorgeous
    2-Maryse- What not too like here?
    3-Eve- Very classy & beautiful
    4-Winter- Unique
    5-Kaitlyn- Beautiful

  • DaWayne999

    I love eve this time around. She isn’t the hottest Diva to me. But she definatly is the beautifulest… I like beauty over hottness. Whith Eve being beautiful, its like that won’t run out, unlike hotness which won’t last 4 eva, but for now maryse is smoking. Mickie is fine as hell, and the other two r bla. But I say eve all the way.

  • NaomiNightfan2011

    1. Winter (I don’t know how on Earth people could call Winter’s photoshoot bland, I absolutely love it and her poses (in my opinion) really gives me her true personality!) 9/10

    1. Maryse (She looks so seductive, yet so evil in this photo. I think she’s done a tremendous job for her photoshoot) 9/10

    3. Eve (I only like it for her facial features, they are just…FLAWLESS! (Pardon the LayCool joke) But her poses are very simple, it’s just her resting on a chair) 7/10

    4. Mickie (I like it, but she keeps on using the same faces for most of the photoshoot) 4/10

    5. Kaitlyn (Bland! Bland! Bland! She’s just standing there putting on a smile, if that doesn’t scream generic then I don’t know what does) 2/10

  • http://www.youtube.com/RingVixens Teri

    Holy crapballs, by far the greatest Maryse photoshoot in history. The overall feel of it is very reminiscent of a shoot Trish did in ’02.

  • bortman

    Maryse! wow she smoking HOT! she looks bit like sable on those pic imo…

  • http://www.youtube.com/RingVixens Teri

    By the way, there’s some WHACK photoshopping going on in Mickie’s shoot (especially the 4th photo in the gallery).

  • mikeparis18

    Maryse first, Winter second. I want Maryse to be manager of the Nexus so bad lol

  • mikeyism

    Row #3 of Mickie James’ shoot can be best described as ‘sexy Wilma Flintstone’. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • http://aksanahq.com twilson addict!

    Maryse and Winter as usual look stunning, its rare for me to not like a Maryse shoot. She is gorgeous. It should be illegal to be that pretty.

  • LoveMissTessmacher

    Brooke lookes better than Eve in this skirt.

  • https://twitter.com/Ana_THDanielson Ana_Nattie_rules

    Maryse wins in the poses and face expressions department. The clothes…not going to talk about them.

    Liked the classiness of Eve’s outfit.

    TNA girls are looking hot lately.

    Kaitlyn as the blandest shoot, but I love her hair.

  • TheBeautifulPeople.

    I like Mickie James And Maryse photoshoot I heart it, I wasn’t a fan of Kaitlyns it was very dull and not outstanding. Maryse’s shoot was Fabulous and A-List Like, Winter shoot looked OK I’d put it after kaitlyns But Winter looked stunning as usual. Eve photoshoot looked Classy and elegant A Sexy side from Eve.

  • JillianHallTNA

    Vote goes to Winter :)

  • Evan

    I don’t like Kaitlyns new look :/ she was so “cute” on NXT, now her hair is just weird..

  • adifferentsame

    No doubt about it, the camera adores Maryse’s as much as she loves being in front of it. The girl oozes beauty from ever pore. I also think Winter, as I’ve said before, is one the most beautiful women in wrestling.

    No disrespect to Mickie, for I’m a huge fan, but I don’t think modelling is her strong suit. She’s a beautiful girl, but her poses are a little too forced.

    Kaitlyn looks more like a clubkid than an actual Diva to me.

  • GlamSlamFan

    I am convinced that Maryse can put on anything, and still be the best dressed one.

  • Manda

    Wasn’t that the dress Maryse wore in the Spring Flower shoot last year?

  • I <3 Maryse

    maryse is gorgeous..that’s all i can say lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/DoodieB19 D_Jon2020

    Maryse is just stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love Mickie & Eve’s photoshoot as well!! but Maryse won this one

  • Zach0uellet

    “Wasn’t that the dress Maryse wore in the Spring Flower shoot last year?”

    The “Spring Flower” shoot was from 2009 and the dress is different from this one. Her Spring Flower one had no strap to it. :)

    But my vote went to the always beautiful, Maryse.