Extreme Rules 2011: Michelle McGone from WWE?, Kharma Arrives

The battle of the former BFFs led to one ousting the other in a Loser Leaves WWE match.

It was Layla, always the underdog in LayCool, that picked up the biggest victory of her career by defeating her long-time BFF, Michelle McCool and forcing her out of WWE.

Following a brutal physical brawl, Layla managed to roll-up Michelle for the win, thus ending the first ever Divas Champion’s career in WWE.

Adding insult the injury, the former Awesome Kong debuted as Kharma, hitting an Implant Buster on the outgoing McCool and sending a message to the entire Divas lockerroom.

As the reign of McCool ends, the era of Kharma begins…

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  • AJLee

    I do believe i was correct in my prediction! ;)

  • http://www.diva-fiva.com samtherofl

    Michelle McCool looked GORGEOUS! and when she cried it was heartbreaking! :'(

    She’s obviously going to return as a face and go after Kharma!

    It’d been cool to see Michelle raise Kharma’s hand and point to the back instead!? Because McCool isn’t exactly a ‘barbie doll WWE Diva’ i mean, that’s Kelly Kelly, The Bellas and the rest of the Models.

  • unscripted & flawless

    augh, i’m not a happy camper right now. congrats to layla though, and i’m happy to see kharma debut, even if it was taking out michelle after my heart had already stopped beating from her losing. *sighhh*

  • http://www.bebo.com/Official-Divas gavin harvey

    what a way to come into the wwe, and Kharma was hot ! i love the hair, ! xx

  • adifferentsame

    Michelle McCool’s greatest performance. Sad the crowd didn’t care much but nonetheless a passionate effort and powerful aftermath.

  • Mikas

    Unfortunately for McCool, I think most people will talk about Kharma’s debut instead of her (temporary) retirement.

    I love Kharma’s music btw, something different than the generic pop songs divas get. I think they added a little bit of old dr.who in it.

  • bortman

    that was really good match between layla and mccool. both showed emotion. i meant alot. and finally mccool, her face finally showed a tremendous amount of emotion too especially when she looses. too bad its her “final” match.

    kharma debut was effing awesome! she looks a million bucks. wwe didnt change much on her appearance. all the divas were in awe/starstruck as they watch kharma destroy mccool. wow.. that was epic, awesome! WWERULES!! lol

    gail mind “ohhhhh man! NOT AGAIN!!!”

  • DaWayne999

    O my goodness. Kharma looks so damn good. The match wash great, and kharmas debute was amazing. Love her laughing throughout, like this bitch is crazy. But I know she will b on raw tomorrow as The bellas r next. Pretty much the segment with eve now makes sense. All the divas r the same, and will get their kharma. Thus eve saying it she will align with kharma. But my night is complete. Can’t wait for the post show.

  • http://www.youtube.com/RingVixens Teri


  • http://www.diva-fiva.com samtherofl

    @Mikas, Yeah but i’m pretty sure McCool would rather go out after putting two legit talents over than leave like Trish Stratus..

  • KiKi

    So much for Michelle not getting beat up by Kharma!

    Jokes aside, I salute Michelle for all the years of hard work, passion, and dedication to this crazy thing we all love called wrestling. If she comes back that will be cool, but if this is indeed the last time we see her on WWE then she went out with quite a bang!

    Off the McCool train and onto the awesomeness that is Kharma!

  • DaWayne999

    @ bortman, I was thinking the same thing.

  • Litaker61

    Amazing night for the divas. I’m depressed at the thought that was Michelles last match but if it was what an impact was made. Kongs debut was perfect especially her music, it has the whole creepy vibe going on. Michelle’s face was priceless throughout the whole thing and after everything I really want her back as a face to feud with Kong. And to those who say McCool never puts people over she put 2 over in one night.

  • unscripted & flawless

    btw, i really hope now that kharma is here, alicia fox still isn’t used. the girl deserves to be the top heel of one of the brands. if they are just gonna push one heel to cover both brands, they might as well give the divas their own show or put them all on the same brands.

  • HoorahMonster

    @Samtherolf Oh yes why not leave on the night your retirement means nothing? Sorry don’t dis Trish when she left ontop, the only way legends leave are ontop O.o

  • Spike7000

    Wow Amazing night for the Divas roster

    Though not a fan but I liked her of her personality of not caring what haters thought, it’s a shame McCool is no longer in WWE

    Kharma Kong’s debut was very epic!…and I loved how all the Divas were all lined up backstage watching Kong and surprised the legit female wrestlers showed no fear

    Prepare yourself girls…the biggest chalenge of the Divas roster has begun

  • BobAnthony

    Somewhere John Lennon is wondering about Instant Karma (diff spelling).

  • adifferentsame

    It’s great that finally fans have a reason to anticipate what will happen next. I can’t wait to see how Kharma is developed.


    C’est la vie Michelle. Kharma is a bitch. ;)

  • tjsmith3

    I never thought I’d say this about a Michelle McCool match, but that was really really good. Cool the see Kong debut.

  • http://www.diva-fiva.com samtherofl

    HoorahMonster, How was i dissing Trish Stratus? If you think about Legends and leaving WWE then you’d know that NOONE goes out ontop, Look at Batista, Lita, Victoria/Tara, Jericho and so many more..

  • litafan2000

    Awesome Kong yay!

  • chrisP

    Kharma debut was really cool.

    As for the match, Dave Meltzer basically summed it up in his review by saying they were really trying hard but not many people cared. And unless I missed something, they didn’t do anything with the no-DQ stip. It was basically a normal match.

  • Taylor


    Consider who Trish’s opponent was. Lita didn’t need to be put over; she was the most over Diva. Now I don’t know how it would have went if Trish went out by going against a newer Diva, but as far as Lita goes, she didn’t need the win.

    I can’t wait until the match is up on YouTube so I can watch the very awesome debut, lol. Was Kharma sporting new gear?

  • cockyflow

    wow can someone upload this somewhere asap man I wanna see it so bad….hurry guys and how long was the match what was kongs hair like..and were the divas at ringside how did this all go down? if mccool got implanted how did she raise Kharmas hand up im so lost I wanna see it so bad now come on Naomi.