Breaking: Gail Kim & Melina at Raw Tonight!

Thanks to reader, Josh for sending along news that Gail Kim and Melina are scheduled to be in the arena at tonight’s Raw tapings in Providence, Rhode Island. One or both are expected to appear on the live broadcast tonight.

EDIT: This news has now been picked up by quite a few sources. Reports also suggest that both Divas were backstage at last night’s Survivor Series pay per view.

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  • amygirl

    I really hope they don’t do both in one night…that would be a waste for both of them. And unless they’re planning on shipping someone else on the roster off to SD that’s way too many Divas on the Raw roster if they both end up there.

    My guess is Melina since she was in the Thanksgiving photo shoot on the website yesterday.

  • Vakho McCool Neidhart

    hope they will challange beth for handicap match today :P

  • Christi84

    Melina needs to come first. Gail should go to SD.

  • melinafan996

    i’m guessing Melina

  • Laura

    Im so hoping for Melina to return, i dont really want them both to return tonight together.

  • bonepile

    I will believe that Gail Kim is in the WWE when she struts down that WWE ramp and climbs into that four sided WWE ring. Up till then … well … seeing is believing. Thanks for the news.

  • amygirl

    There’s also a rumor going around that Milena Roucka has been brought on the road this week…

  • Marco

    YAY YAY YAY!!!
    I think that melina will return and have a WC title match and gail will interfere and help beth

  • TopDogg

    Oh snap…things just got a little more interesting in the women’s division. :)

  • Luis-Angel

    Melina better come first
    i luv Gail and all but i really wanna see Melina =]

  • bonepile

    Gail Kim was seen with a huge group of WWE wrestlers at the Kowloon Restaurant in Boston following the live Pay Per View broadcast last night which means she will probably be at the RAW live broadcast in Providence, RI tonight, and perhaps the Smackdown tapings in Albany, New York tomorrow night. This sighting has been confirmed by someone who saw her there and spoke briefly with her.

    Welcome to WWE Gail Kim … Welcome!

  • bonepile

    Melina looked terrific in her return tonight. I guess it is on to the Smackdown tapings tomorrow night in Albany to see where Gail Kim fits in all of this.