YouTube Classics: Chyna vs Jeff Jarrett (Good Housekeeping Match)

With Chyna returning to the ring tonight in a mixed tag match with Kurt Angle versus Jeff and Karen Jarrett, we look back at her historic match with Jeff in WWE.

Chyna became the first ever female Intercontinental Champion by defeating Jarrett in 1999:

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  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    LOL what’s so funny about this match is that I remember watching this back in 99. LOL I was only a kid then…Good Times. Too bad because of PG , we wont ever see another female I.C champion. Beth , Natalya and Kharma would be great I.C champs

  • totallynecessary

    I don’t understand why people give Chyna such a bad rep about her in ring work…. on a spot for spot basis…She consistently held her own. The only spot I remember her botching in an epic fashion was her attempted “pepsi plunge” , which was completely her fault alone… I remember back in the day, I would order PPV’s to see Her, The Rock, D’Lo Brown, Kane, and the Undertaker… That was her and HHH’s best theme hands down…

    What was you guys’ favorite storyline with Chyna?

    TOP 5

    1) The entire Chyna vs. Jericho saga including the co-intercontential champion reign
    2) The Corporation heel turn leaving DX and the face turn to protect Kane…
    3) Latino Heat / CTV angle, Chyna became more of diva during this era to me
    4) Chyna ragdolls Marlena (Terri) (Chyna debut and first PPV appearances)
    5) Corporate vs. DX rumble Chyna becomes #1 contender for “the TITLE” and rumble entrant.

    yes im so amp’d she is back… especially with Jeff Jarrett who was initially one of the first to really put Chyna over… I doubt Sacrifice will be a classic but IM EXCITED!!!

  • WWFoverWWE

    @totallynecessary Haters are gonna hate cause they have nothing better to do. Chyna is a legend and even though she’s not what she was back then, we shouldn’t take anything away from her

    great match btw…the good ol days of wrestling lol

  • WWFoverWWE

    besides the obvious facial aging for jarrett, he looks pretty much the same

  • kristalmelinafan

    Cant wait for tonight i’ve been dreaming of this for chyna’s return and its happening secretly wishing it was on wwe, but its good its on tna, i hate how people talking about a good pay day, i use to respect jr. but he is so coming off as a pompous fat hokey who thinks he know everything, how dare he insult chyna and these simple minded fans bashing her, she’s happy and just came back not for a pay day but just because simply tna wanted her back and she is ready to return, i wonder why people bash rock and chyna but not stone cold or shawn michaels, but anyways im glad she back and i was watching all her matches friday. Chyna’s back the first woman to be the 1# contender to the wwe championship the companies head title not the heavyweight title, the first to be a 3 time intercontinental champ, 2 time royal rumble entrant, 2 time king of the ring participant, the only woman to have held a mans title and womans title, the only woman to be 1# one contender to the wwe tag team title, light heavyweight title, and european, and she is the first woman of entertainment, which trish is not she is the first diva of entertainment its a difference. Chyna is legendary and for someone to take that from her had not watched wrestling until 2003. Anyways i loved how her and hhh entrance looks and how the lights defined their muscles very epic entrance, also the music is by far the best theme ever in the wwe, next to chynas dont treat me like a woman theme, and mnm theme. And eddie and chyna was another great legenday duo, i notice chyna been in three legenday groups.

  • kristalmelinafan

    my favorite feud is chyna vs jericho and also i would of loved if wwe would of let chyna and lita carried their feud would of been a legendary feud i bet, cause chyna was going to drop the title to lita.

  • The Kharmic Heel

    The only problem I had with Chyna when she was wrestling was that I felt she relied far too much on being carried, as opposed to stepping up and carrying her weight in the match. It wasn’t always, but alot of the time it looked like she was coasting through a match. I’m not hating though, I’m a HUGE Chyna 9 fan and so glad she’s back. There were times when she was in top form. One match that you can’t find on youtube was when she wrestled at NO MERCY in 2000 in a tag match against Right To Censor and she performed so well. Also when she fought against the Radicalz in San Antonio in 2000 during a one night only DX reunion in November, she really brought out her A Game.

    Ofcourse, when she was wrestling the girls in 2001 she performed alot faster. Maybe it was because she shedded off a good amount of muscle. That was the year she looked the best. The real life Wonder Woman, she truly was.

    As I’ve said before, the match between herself and Lita was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT to me as a big supporter of theirs. I felt like they held back. I wonder if Chyna had known it would have been her final match in WWE, she might have gone all out in it. Unfortunately they didn’t. I had a feeling it was Chyna who wasn’t putting in the effort and then when I read Lita’s book, learned that it was indeed the case.

    Lita spoke about it in her book where she had hoped they would have a very entertaining match, but she says Chyna did not want to give up too much offense – which in my opinion was silly because Lita was known to mix it up with the guys as well. It would not have damaged Chyna’s character and credibility. Also, Lita said she won’t be going to TNA ever, so there goes my dream for a rematch.

  • ryanmvs

    TNA or IW is hyping up Chynas debut. Its the first thing on their website and has a COUNTDOWN I mean wow.

    and I don’t know if this is Chyna’s twiiter. Karen Jarret retweeted her. She’s been saying stuff like

    “Hm, I didn’t know TNA could aford an after party.”
    “Im just working with TNA on a handshake deal, they pay me per appearnce.”
    “Mickie James vs Madison for the title? Bohoo. Ima take the title soon.”

  • The Kharmic Heel

    Also – I’ve heard fans say that Chyna wanted to drop the WWE Women’s Championship to Lita, but Lita didn’t want to?

    Well in Lita’s own book – She says she wanted to have the Championship and take it from her at Judgment Day because it would’ve been a winning moment for everyone involved. She might have indicated that WWE didn’t want Chyna to drop it yet, or Chyna herself did not want to lose to Lita.

    A great Chyna moment was when she returned won the number 1 contendership to fight for the WWE Championship. That was EPIC in alot of ways. Stephanie McMahon once weaseled her way into a WWE Championship match with Jericho? but Chyna fought for it and earned it! That was crazy! I know alot of people disagree, but I could have seen her as WWE Champion for atleast a couple of weeks in her prime. It was the attitude era and anything could have happened. In my opinion, that was something that should have happened. Hell, Vince held the title as well, why not Chyna?

  • The Kharmic Heel

    @ RYAN – What’s the name on the twitter account? Honestly, that sounds nothing like her. She is usually very nice and warm. The one I was following her on which I know it was hers, as confirmed by her website was (9thWonderChyna).

    I just checked it out on twitter and it doesnt exist anymore. Hmmm….maybe it’s an imposter?

  • The Kharmic Heel

    Nevermind, I see that she reopened it under (TNAChyna)..

    She wants to compete in the TNA women’s division? FIne by me.

  • ryanmvs


    I found out shes a fake account. @JeffJarrettTNA said so, and she even said so her self. So we don’t know yet.. The fake account is TNAChyna. So don’t follow her. I don’t even think Chyna has a twitter anymore.

  • The Kharmic Heel

    Really? That’s not her? She’s been tweeting with the fans and the TNA stars? I was following her…DIxie Carter confirmed her…but I guess it might not be her afterall then? _dunno_

  • ryanmvs

    Which one are you looking at?
    I was looking at TNAChyna.
    effJarrettTNA – ” @TNAChyna fake account. This isn’t a game.”
    TNA Chyna in reply “@JeffJarrettTNA Never said I was real ;) check the bio”
    Fan TNAChyna retweeted – “@TNAChyna is NOT chyna. its RolePlayer. RT”

  • The Kharmic Heel

    I see thanks for clearing that up. Some people are so stupid. I don’t know why he’s doing that…but whatever floats his boat. He needs to get a life.

  • imj1995

    My two favorite Chyna moments are when she back dropped Jericho on the chair and when she hit Jeff in the over the head with the guitar.

  • litafan2000

    This match was very good! I still remember ordering this 12 years ago. Seesh doesn’t seem like it was 12 years ago. Chyna was so amazing!

  • LadyGoDiva

    @KharmicHeel as a Chyna fan myself I saw her some of her wrestling skills were okay even when she put on a good match and it kinda sad on what happened after she retired but its great to see that she’s okay.

    Good Housekeeping Match? Reminds me of Extreme Makeover Match.
    My favorite Chyna moment would be when she won the womens title at WM17 even though it was a no brainer that she would win and the match was very small short match.

    I wouldn’t count the Divas out when it comes to them winning mens titles someday we’ll see it happen again.

  • Ozzy

    Another standout moment with Chyna, as LadyGoDiva pointed out, was when she finally won the Women’s Title at Wrestlemania X7. She looked great and it’s ironic that it took her entire career to finally achieve it. In a way, it meant more that she created her legacy first as a formidable opponent for men and especially for women, and then went on to win the Championship at the biggest stage. It meant that Chyna created a new barometer for how tough the girls had to become, to win the Championship from her, therefore adding prestige to it and repairing the damage that “Harvina” and Kat created.

  • mr_socko

    one of my favourite matches ever, and also one of my favourite feuds of all time. the build up to the feud, involving debra, was epic!

  • Teri

    Wow, i can’t believe it’s been over a decade since I saw this

  • Wesley Romano

    I didnt have cable back then lol so i saw this match maybe two years ago on Youtube and of course RE-Saw it several other times!!

    CHYNA IS A LEGEND Like it or not!! So is Sable and Lita!!

    Im Glad to see Chyna again! Sure she isnt what she was 10 years ago but shes still Chyna!!

    Haters you know what to do..Words of The Rock!! ANOTHER Legend ;)

  • Wesley Romano

    BTW Saw Jeff Jarret beating up the WWF Divas ten years ago lmfao!!

    I miust be a horrible person because i was rolling with laughter at him beating up Moolah and Mae Young!!!! LOL

    Man he beat the crap out of Luna Vachon and Jacqueline!
    Even went after Cindy Morgolis and Ivory!!
    The Make up Lady Janet and Lillian Garcia lol

    See thats what happens when you dont bring Jeff Jarret his Sandwich lol XD

  • divinitycomplex

    Yipes! Not a fan of this woman very much nor the idea of male on female wrestling, just isn’t cut out for me…

  • The Kharmic Heel

    Simple, change the channel. =)