Christina Eliminated from Tough Enough

The last of the female contestants has been eliminated as host ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin sent Christina Crawford packing on tonight’s episode of Tough Enough.

Following a lackluster showing cutting promos during ‘charisma week’, Austin decided that she didn’t have the passion for to remain in the competition.

In a surprise double elimination, AJ was also cut.

Last week, Christina suffered a sprained ankle injury and thus couldn’t continue forward in the ring.

Crawford, 22, is the sister of WWE Diva, Alicia Fox. She was already under a WWE developmental contract when she was offered the opportunity to compete on Tough Enough and was let go from her deal.

Shocked by Christina’s exit? Let us know in the comments!

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  • chrislandee

    Not shocked, but sad…

    Oh well, it’s not the end of her anyways.

  • mrdiva518

    i swear i cnt stop cryin if luke win this shit he gone get fired in 2 months

  • Lily

    I want Luke to win.

  • Lanoom

    Not shocked, not sad, she’s going to get back into FCW and get called up anyway because she fits right in with the rest of the lackluster women that WWE loves so much.


  • unscripted & flawless

    i’m super sad, it really sucks she had to go. question: did anyone else feel like her injury made her turn back to her timid self? i say this because after her talk with Stone Cold, she was getting out there and holding her own, but right after her injury, she kind of shelled up again and stopped being so out there.

    but what’s done is done, and i really hope luke doesn’t win. i was a fan of his in the beginning, but his sour attitude is a complete turn-off to being a WWE wrestler. all that asshole cockiness didn’t come out in the challenge today, and i was surprised. i expected him to act a lot more douche-like than he did. i’m actually kind of rooting for andy, he has the wrestling skill and his promo wasn’t the worse, so meh…I think he can make it. The only thing that would make me lean towards Jeremiah is the fact that I think Andy is going to quit after he really gets to feel the effects of being a WWE Superstars when he’s not there for the big moments of his 2nd childs young life.

  • unscripted & flawless

    @Lanoom I wasn’t really aware that Kharma, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Melina, Gail Kim, and Alicia Fox were lackluster (:

  • Charlie-K2

    Sad… = (
    She didn’t deserve it I really think that she would be alright for next week; she was clearly the best one to be last diva standing. Love her last moment with Andy, I really believe that you don’t have to destroy others to step up and he was very sweet by saying that they were in the wrong place because as you teach them how to wrestle you can help them to earn more charisma. Well I just wish her the best; she is not a diva yet, but she already wins my heart and I will love to watch her on TV.
    I think Andy should win he I more balanced than the others. Luke will die immediately he goes backstage because you can be the meanest on TV, but you should be humble and be nice with people. Jeremiah he definitely got charisma and character, but he is dangerous inside the ring and you should take care of yourself and the people you work with inside the ring.

  • Williambitious

    I’m pissed…. Ah well, we’ll see her soon anyway.

  • art1e

    alicia is lackluster cause shes sloppy most of the time @unscripted & flawless

    why would she need to cut a promo?? hardly ever do they get the chance too..

    i want luke to win but he’ll be eaten alive backstage for his attitude,so he’d have to work on it or hes gonna have a hard time..maybe they can put him in a cocky role since i think it would be easy for him to get over that way as well..

  • Anthony

    I’m pretty confused, why would they film Christina and Bill in FCW then?

    Anyone else get the feeling that Andy and Christina were actually never released? Just taken off FCW’s roster to do the show. I just find it odd that WWE would release talent to put them on a WWE related program. I’m fairly confident Christina will be in FCW asap. (or i’m just reaaaally hoping i’m right)

  • mikeparis18


  • Raekon

    She was in FCW as Caylee Turner and I had watched 2 matches of hers.
    One she was a heel (6 divas battle match) and once she was a face teaming with Kaitlyn vs AJ and Aksana.
    She did pretty well in the ring and sold everything great.

    As Andy already had said, these two were already in the wwe and had done well there so they should be actually be in the top 3 in the finals.

    As Austin hinted, Christina was obviously in pain, even she didn’t admitted it most of the time.
    That obviously affected her a bit. Her Promo was good in wording but the attitude and voice was too soft.

    I wish her all the best and hope to see her back in the FCW again. :)

  • Matthew

    Damn. :/
    I really thought she stood a chance of winning.
    Out of all the women in the competition, I hope WWE take on Christina!

  • IvanPang

    it’s so sad!! They make a mistake, sexist (LOL), one thing she is not as good as her sister is she speaks too softly, not fierce!!!! I love her! I think she has a great future in Wwe

  • NaomiNightfan2011

    If Luke or Andy wins TE, then I will go into hysterics (not literally^^)

  • ahlanthony

    Damn christina!!! My bet was on you but WTF girl? You should have shown more passion. Anyways, I’m roting for jeremiah now.

  • Team Laycoolness!!!

    So we’ve been left with the gay porn star, the reality whore and the shadow… GREAT!

    I won’t be watching anymore!!! XD

  • Wesley Romano

    Andy Luke Jeremiah!! THESE ARE MY BOYZ!!!! LETS DO IT MY DUDES!!!

    Christina..meh…I bet Ivelisse would of made it top 4 and beat AJ lol…its a mans world in Tough Enough and Ivy had a huge passion and drive for it…whether its showing she had an Injury…well dammit shes trying to get cred and show she did it injured and all!!
    Eric should of been gone a Looooong time ago i dont like him and his story doesnt move me simply because he had no drive in this and he sucked.

    Christina “Pretty Birds Pretty Birds” Crawford will be in FCW so meh whatever

    Too bad Martin got let go I really liked him I guess Andy Martin Look and Jeremiah would of been the top 4 and Ivelisse Top 5!!!

    Save tha Drama for your Mama peeps lol dont like that stuff thats why I dig Ivy cause shes Drama Free and like Luke cause he knows hes the best and Andy too!! Jeremiah just plain kicks ass! And Martin too