SmackDown Spoilers: November 28th and December 5th

WWE taped two weeks worth of shows last night, check out spoilers below.

EDIT: More detailed spoilers now added.

November 28th
Maryse, Natalya & Victoria def. The Bella Twins & Michelle McCool
Brie Bella accidentally clotheslined Michelle leading to Maryse pinning her. After the match, Michelle shouted at the Bella Twins, this led to Maria coming out to try and keep the peace. Michelle slaps Maria and shoves her down to the mat, leaving the ring shouting at Maria.

December 5th
Maria def. Michelle McCool in a non-title match
Maria beats McCool with a schoolboy. Backstage, Maria celebrates her win with the Bella Twins, Carlito and Primo. Michelle comes in and kicks Maria in the chest.

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  • dan333

    I’m guessing with Michelle’s heel turn here then Gail will be debuting soon

  • Ashleigh

    I can’t quite see why Maria would come out to the ring and slap Michelle? =S but achh well. Hope the matches are good =].

  • Luis-Angel

    oh well now it makes sence why michelle kicked maria cuz maria slapped michelle…
    this is so wierd!!!

  • melinafan996

    So who’s turning heel?


    Okay. I was there live and Maria did not slap Michelle! Michelle shoved Maria and Maria fell to the mat. Thats what happened

  • Vakho McCool Neidhart

    yeah so no heel turn

  • Vakho McCool Neidhart

    but natalya will turn face real soon

  • Melanie

    More detailed spoilers now added.

  • Ashleigh

    Now they make more sense. I’m a bit disappointed as it seems as though Michelle will be making a heel turn… I’ll still be her fan though =]

  • DivasofDestruction

    Michelle makes a cool heel so it may boost her character and make her a little more interesting…
    also to comment it would be cool to see Maryse turn face cos she always gets a great boost from the crowd but shes a great heel so hmmmm

  • DivasofDestruction

    oh and everyones seems to be hitting michelle by mistake hehe Maria at survivor series Brie Bella hehe

  • Sitau

    i think this kinda sucks…..after survivor series i thought maryse would of got her shot at the title…..being she took out three divas and was the last one standing for her team,,,,,i hope shes next inline for the title after maria…hopefully before gail comes in the picture…..

  • Kaycie

    LOL Michelle and Maria are like little children.

  • Melanie

    Lol Kaycie, an interesting point of view. I have to agree =P