Vivid Entertainment Releases Clips from Chyna’s New Adult Movie

Vivid Entertainment has released clips from Chyna‘s new adult movie, ‘Backdoor to Chyna’.

The clips can be seen here. Please note: Link contains content of a sexual nature. Click at your own discretion.

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  •!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    You should put those scenes on this news,not on a link! lol

  • adifferentsame

    Oh Chyna… Whatever floats your boat, doll.

  • LDGisHere

    So.. Chyna is now a legit porn star?? Well good for her.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    *Vomits* a chyna’s body! LOL I hope she gets back into shape , I think it will make her more sexier , in porn I might add. Eh…Chyna can do whatever she wants lol I have no problem with her doing Porn. No its not because im a guy…

  • GlamSlamFan

    Well, um… I was hoping it wasn’t true but… hey, whataya gonna do?

  • Mikas

    Seems TMZ was right for a change. Oh well, guess most people had hoped it was just a bullshit rumor.

    It does mean Chyna and her representative can never be taken serious again after their claims that it wasnt true. It would’ve been better if they had just admitted it and said it was something from her past.

    And I doubt we will see Chyna again in TNA now.

  • Gail Kim #1

    Wow, she is absolutely vile.
    She didn’t even bother getting in shape for the scenes.
    It’s not just her breasts that are saggy, shall we say.
    She did a lesbian scene too. I wonder if she fancied any of the Divas when she was in WWE.
    She must have been desperate for cash, poor girl.

    • Melina&Mickie4ever!

      LOL Nice to see I wasnt the only one about her not getting back into shape

  • NaomiNightfan2011

    Well whatever floats her boat……

  • jeremycanrana

    ….I’m gay

    • jeremycanrana

      …definitely ….(muhahaha)

  • DAFereldan91

    Once a porn star,always a porn star,eh? I kinda feel sad for her…

  • The Kharmic Heel

    This is so disappointing considering everything she used to represent while in WWE. People do porn for different reasons, mainly for cash. This tells me Chyna is a desperate and highly insecure individual. Had she taken care of the fortune she made with Playboy and WWE, I doubt she would have done this. She needs an intervention, but she doesn’t open up her emotions easily as we saw on Dr. Drew’s rehab show.

    Oy Chyna! SMH*

  • Macho Madness

    As a huge fan of Chyna’s, this makes me unbelieveably sad. I just can’t believe this is the same women is the WWF who was ground breaking, and making history making all those years ago.

  • jimbo440

    Such a shame Chyna threw away her whole wrestling career and any chance of ever getting into the WWE HOF for Quick Cash & Porn. With her suvstance abuse problems thats one business she doesnt need to be involved in

  • drayme


    What did she represent? How to get a push? Date a wrestler who has influence?

    Have to laugh at all those who shot down the possibility of this story over the past few months.

    •!/kaledrina_x Kaledrina

      i didn’t shoot it down as a possibility, i just chose to believe her management rather than a porn company which thrives on any form of promotion… no idea why her management lied, tbh.

      • drayme

        Her management never denied it out right.

        •!/kaledrina_x Kaledrina

          michelle roberts, her manager at beauty queen said she wasn’t involved in any porn and wouldn’t be in the future. so, well, i take that as her manager denying it outright. *shrug*

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    So because Chyna is having sex , with a camera in front of her face she is a bad person ? Eh..smh…

  • seasons-of-love

    If she doesn’t have any personal issues with it then good for her.

    •!/kaledrina_x Kaledrina

      i agree with that completely, people doing what they want to with their lives is completely up to them. i adore chyna as a wrestler, never knew her and never will know her personally, so the decisions she chooses to make in her life now is nothing for me to judge or particularly criticise her over.

      the only thing i do worry about is her state of mind. x-pac recently spoke about this and how the last time that home video was leaked, she was torn to bits and rather depressed over it for ages? she must be in a bad place to put herself through it all over again and that’s not cool :(

    • Melina&Mickie4ever!

      I agree to Seasons!

  • JJ

    Well it seems I stand corrected. Just got back from being on vacation for the past week and saw this new post. I went and checked out the clip and have to say I am in shock! I personally believe in “to each his own” but this just makes me sad for her.

    Diva Dirt I apologize to your site for thinking you had posted a story before verification and thinking it was wrong of you to do so. I am man enough to admit when I am wrong and in this instance I was.

    Whether she did this before her return to the ring or after I think this has ruined her chances of a Hall of Fame induction by WWE in the near future. With them being PG now I highly doubt a Porn Star is something they will want to advertise.

    Again, I judge no one and do not think there is anything wrong with doing porn if that is what you want to do, however for some reason I just do not see this as something she truly wanted to do but more of a maybe, desperate decision due to financial strain? Hell I don’t know, for all we know she could be a total nympho and just loves to have sex! lol

  • shannymac

    This is so depressing. I’m not going to judge or shame her for doing porn (her body, her life, her choice, etc), but I’m just wondering what her made her do this. She seemed genuinely upset about the first tape, so why to it again?

    I just hope she made this choice after some serious consideration. I mean, there is a big difference between “leaked sex tape” and signing a contract with Vivid. She can never go back. No matter what she does after this, “porn star” will always follow her name. She could find the cure for cancer, and the headling would start with “Former Porn Star…”

    I always loved her, so I just wish her the best.

  • Edazon

    Odd observation… In Chyna’s playboy spread she had a tattoo of a vine and some roses above her lady, that seems to replaced now with a fold of skin (and maybe even a scar). Weird…

    If this is what she wants this is what she wants. At least the girls she was getting with were very pretty. Didn’t really see many males. <_<

  • Lily

    So i’m guessing she’s gay for pay as are many other porn stars are.

    I could care less on what she does, it’s her buisness not mine.

  • The Kharmic Heel

    Drayme, I don’t have to explain anything to you. I couldn’t care less if you laugh at her career in WWE. In my eyes and millions of others I’m sure, she was a groundbreaking character. One of a kind. So to see the real life Wonder Woman(again my views not yours), doing porn is sad. Yes I’m a christian, so I believe its wrong. Again, just my personal opinions Drayme, deal with it!

    • drayme

      Of course you do care as you spent a paragraph on it. There was nothing exceptional about her: a weak promo, limited charisma and a worker who had to be carried and protected a lot. Sorry but she was novelty act who got over during a hot period for Wrestling. I wish her to no ill will just that is her place in Wrestling.

      As a Christian have you turned a blind eye to her prior porn stuff and drug use? After ten years of all that why is this a tipping point for you?

  • Team Laycoolness!!!

    And then I chundered… Everywahhh!!! :S

  • adifferentsame

    In the vein of Madonna, we’ll call this Chyna’s “Erotica” phase. Seriously, if Chyna is content with what she’s doing, I personally have no warrant to criticise, but something I will say is that it’s somewhat sad of someone who could once mobilise all of her unique beauty and strength to defy stereotypes has, well, kind of surrendered. I guess it’s just worrying for me as a fan that her legacy will be left buried beneath the towering debris of some bad choices. I hope she’s happy, though.

  • The Kharmic Heel

    Thanks ADifferentSame- I guess its easier to see it that way.

    Drayme, I just don’t want you to think your reply has affected my thoughts on Chyna. Her legacy is real in WWE, wether you want to accept it or not. Your argument on her being a novelty is silly. She might have been originally, but the fans became used to her and it was accepted that she was a big girl who could go with the guys. The novelty wore off, but she didn’t.

    • adifferentsame

      Even though she legally changed her name to Chyna, I think it’s perhaps time her fans (including myself) come to terms with the fact she might want to be completely dissociated from her wrestling past. Two things that appealed to Chyna in WWE was the spotlight and her gradual sex symbol status. Naturally if you mix the two pornography seems less like a shocking development.

    • drayme

      She hit a ceiling in WWE before she left. The crowd ended up turning on her towards the end in her feud with Jericho. She was not good enough to stay in the upper card with the men and wouldn’t lose to other women. She destoryed the Divas division to the degree WWE waited six months to reboot it given how damaged it was.

      I really dont see her legacy as something positive especially now.

  • totallynecessary

    I thought it was well done at least…. the brightside is VIVID is like the best of the best in the industry… She looks happy…. I think she is a big girl and she loves the FAME and obviously the titillation of it all… I hear its worst than heroin….. I will say she should expose the freaks of the Business.. The voyeur in me enjoyed seeing X-Pac too…. ANY OTHERS???? r.i.p. KANYON

    • totallynecessary

      I think im a little tipsy….