Chyna Says TNA Not Bringing Her Back Due to Adult Movie

We had been wondering why TNA didn’t snap Chyna up following her big return to wrestling a few weeks ago at the Sacrifice pay per view.

Well, it seems we may have our answer: Chyna is claiming that TNA have warned her that they won’t work with her again if her pornographic movie with Vivid Entertainment is released.

TMZ reports that Chyna had been in negotiations for a longer term deal, until they received word of her XXX flick.

Chyna to Appear in Porn

“Chyna tells us she got a call from TNA honchos warning her that if she lets the tape hit shelves … the deal is off for good.”

Vivid released the movie online this week.

Speaking to TMZ, Chyna adds: “The whole thing has been constant drama … it’s all good in the end … [TNA Wrestling] is missing the boat.”

Thoughts: The timing of her TNA debut and the movie is a little unfortunate. I can certainly see why TNA, as a company, wouldn’t want to be associated with an adult movie. It was really nostalgic to see Chyna in a wrestling ring again and I had hoped we’d see her stick around for longer. Perhaps they can work things out once this movie blows over?

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  • rodneyclint

    Figured that was why she only appeared those two times. I really don’t think they should let the video affect her future, especially considering there is already a porn video starring Chyna out there. Seems pointless not to bring her back because of that seeing as the first one has been out for years now.

    • TheGunner

      Don’t put to much stalk in what she says. This woman is such a mess I’m amazed she didn’t blow off TNA.

  • KatieLeaMinion

    Ridiculous! As if porn is something bad. And weren’t they interested in Trina Michaels, a famous porn star?

    Enough said there.

    • Trashley

      porn star is something bad trust me

      • KatieLeaMinion


        • WWFoverWWE

          trina micheals?? that was back in 2009, and they didn’t choose her because lacey von erich was too gorgeous to pass up

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Im sure Chyna knew something like this would happen. Im pretty sure before she did her adult film or films , she didnt know that she would be approached my TNA.So its not like she had a for warning.she choose what she wanted to do , If Chyna really wanted to return to wrestling even if it was a short peroid then she probably would have tried to make a come back within the 10 years she has been gone.

    I dont blame TNA for not wanting her , they did the samething with Isis. And not that Im trying to through my Baby MJ under the bus , but she has naked pics on the net and they signed her and thats in her past. So what makes Chyna so different ? Just like Mickie’s picture there were done in her past and so was Chyna’s films . But I guess since Chyna did porn its a whole different ball game..Poor Chyna :(

    • Takeshi Miike

      technically, Mickie’s weren’t just nude pics.

      Saying “nude pics” generally precludes sex acts which were in Mickie’s.

      • Piggie James

        I don’t believe there were any actual sexual acts in the photographs. Perhaps implied. The absolute ‘worst’ ones were a guy she was ‘forcing’ to give her oral sex but there were no photos with his mouth ever in direct contact with her genitalia. A few others were of implied masturbation where she was fingering herself, but in all honesty, it was really as tame as that could possibly ‘look’.

        I should be ashamed to know this, but I suppose I can balance that out by saying that it was part of a body of research lol.

        • Takeshi Miike

          “implied masturbation”? lol

          either the pics show contact (in her case penetration) or they dont. I dont think it matters whether or not she did it any longer/further than what was intended for the camera.

          It was what it was.

      • Melina&Mickie4ever!

        @Mike So what do you perfer to call it ? Mickie Topless and bottem less spreading her eagles with some guys LOL. Either way its some type of sexual activity.

        • WWFoverWWE

          Mickie did that way before she was signed to WWE, so it’s outdated and irrelevent, mickie is not the same girl she was back then. This chyna thing is current so it is a problem to address

        • Takeshi Miike

          well “naked pics” as she put it could mean: art photos, or posing in her home or a nude beach, etc.

          I believe those pics are “porn modeling” due to the dude’s involvment and the fingering as “Piggie James” described. Otherwise they are no more risque than Playboy.

          I got no problem with it, but ya gotta call it like it is.

  • CanellisMVMaker

    Its getting harder and harder to respect her. was she a great figure in professional wrestling? yes. but look at her now.. she just keeps screwing up and it frustrates me because i really do wanna like her.. but when she would rather do porn then return to professional wrestling where her whole fan base is. it makes me think she is just trashy and is not the old chyna we once knew.

  • Kessuki

    well that blows!! i had hoped to see her square off against tara.

  • KatieLeaMinion

    I don’t know why so many people have a problem with Chyna now! She decided to do this movie and she did it. You don’t have to be happy with it, but respect her decision. I don’t judge her because of that, because it is not bad to me. I certainly would not want to watch it lol but she is not a bad person because she did that. Are we living in the year 1500?

    The thing that makes me angry, and i’m definetely not a fan of Chyna, is how TNA reacts to that. They wanted to sign a porn start and act now like it is bad?

    • CanellisMVMaker

      No, its the fact that she has a better job then to have sex on camera for money, she has fans, she has the support, she would be getting paid and instead of doing something respectable , she chooses this road.. she has been on and off drugs since leaving WWE and basically been a big mess. TNA doesn’t wanna have a current porn star in there company and everytime someone searches up ‘TNA Chyna’ . They get some graphic shots. It may not be year 1500.. but im sure even in 2011, a television company does not want to help promote a pornstar.

      • KatieLeaMinion

        sooooo, why did TNA wanted to sign Trina Michaels then?

        • Macho Madness

          You don’t know for a fact that TNA wanted to sign Trina Michaels. That was just a rumor, and they never did sign so it was probably not true. Quit acting like it’s a fact.

    • Melina&Mickie4ever!

      I agree with KatieLeaMinon Im not a big fan of Chyna , she did porn who cares its her buisness. Everyone is too focused on her to return to werestling. If she really wanted to she could have done that within the 10 years she was retired for…

      • KatieLeaMinion

        It was a fact they were interested, as Trina Michaels was backstage at some tapings because of that!

        • Takeshi Miike

          yeah there’s def no other reason to allow a hot chick (esp a porn-star) backstage

  • Lanoom

    I bet she/TNA (whoever thought of the idea) thought it was really clever to have her TNA theme be a rip of My Darkest Days’ “Porn Star Dancing.”

    I don’t really care, but, whether it’s “wrong” or not, most non-porn companies don’t want to be associated with porn stars. There’s lee-way made if time has passed (see: MIckie James, Chyna’s earlier work) but you can’t be having new material released just as you’re brought back on TV in a relatively big way. It’s not only a case of morals; there’s also the idea that attention would be split between her return to wrestling and her return to porn.

    I sincerely wish good luck to Chyna, whatever she does.

  •!/kaledrina_x Kaledrina

    doesn’t seem really fair, wasn’t the porno said to have been filmed months and months and months ago? i guess being off your head on drugs, as well as in trouble with authorities is not as bad as having sex on camera ???? silly tna, especially after the reaction she got..

    • KatieLeaMinion


    • WWFoverWWE

      it clearly says that if the movie was RELEASED, then they don’t want anything to do with her

      •!/kaledrina_x Kaledrina

        a release shouldn’t make any difference. it was still filmed, still grabbing headlines before the release.

  • buddycake

    I don’t care what anyone says, I hope she keeps on doing porn.
    I think her body is great for porn

  • Macho Madness

    I’m sorry, but as much as I love Chyna, and LOVED seeing her return to wrestling, I wouldn’t want to work with her either after that porn being released. That isn’t just a “stolen sextape”, that is a nasty hardcore flick.

    It’s a personal choice by TNA, and I unfortunely agree with this decision. Chyna made her bed, now she is going to have to lye in it.

    I also hope that maybe once this whole porn blows over, and she doesn’t do anymore, that Chyna and TNA can work together again.

    • KatieLeaMinion

      Why is this adult movie bad…explain please!

      • Macho Madness

        Let me start of by saying this is her personal decision and she is intitiled to it. Do I agree with it? No, but it’s her life.

        Have you seen the preview for it? This is a HARDCORE flick. As opposed to the other one that she did with her boyfriend at the time that was “stolen”. There is a big diffrence between the two.

        It’s just very hard for me to see the woman who was such an icon and a role model in the WWF turn to this. I can’t see where you’re coming from, and why you feel that way, but this is how I feel.

        • Macho Madness

          can see where you’re coming from*

  • _Bryan_

    i just hope to god this blows over quickly….and from what it seems she dosent feel giulty about it like i was expecting….its harder to keep respect for her with this constant hit and miss

  • melina prez

    Chyna didn’t think TNA would care…..yes that would !!!! The whole adult movie thing was not a good idea.

  • litafan2000

    According a living wonder (chyna fan site) the movie was recorded year ago. So I’m not sure why they would let porn effect her future with the company. Hopefully when this crappy porn film goes under the ground they will let her come back.

  • shannymac

    Though I feel bad for her, I can understand TNA’s decision. Judging from the previews, this film will be quite…um…explicit. Plus, it kind of kills her persona. They can’t really build her up as this powerhouse legend while clips of her vagjayjay are all over the internet.

    It really pains me to see that she may not have thought this whole thing through. She’s offically a semi-high profile “porn star” now, and that is going to seriously limit the things she will be able to do in the future. Like it or not, most people/companies don’t want to be associated with someone who has done hardcore porn.

    I’ve always been a fan of Chyna, so I hope that she’ll be able to get everything back on track in a year or so, when no one cares about this anymore.

  • adifferentsame

    I’m taking this with a grain of salt, sadly. What I am discerning, however, is that Chyna’s decision to do the film was purely for financial gain and that she regrets it. Can’t say for sure as I don’t personally know the woman, but I’m fairly sure she’d prefer the glory of being back in the ring as opposed to the derision she’s getting for being serviced on her back. :(

  • JJ

    I am just so disappointed about TNA not wanting her back. I was so excited when she returned to the ring and thought for sure this was the beginning of a big return for her and this has just crushed my dreams hahaha. As for her doing porn I really don’t care. I don’t think it is a bad thing if it is something someone really wants to do but like I stated in a previous post I don’t think she did this because she truly wanted to. I think this was a desperation move made a while back due to possible financial troubles, or maybe she was still in a bad place at the time. Oh well I guess I will just have to continue to enjoy old matches on youtube. I will also be buying this new porno over hers just because hahaha I own the One night in Chyna so might as well get the sequel! lol

  • velvelove

    in a way im happy bcuz tna isnt known for theirr morals but this makes them look good lol

  • Liaaam _

    Can’t say I’m surprised by this but I think in someways TNA can be quite harsh…It’s not like other knockouts have done porn in the past…

    Chyna would of been great in TNA and she just got herslf with the wrong crowd…Money isnt east to come by nowadays. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If i was in need of money and was offered porn I’d do it!

    Its easy money!

    • Taylor

      Easy money isn’t the equivalent of good money, and easy money doesn’t tend to stay with you for too long.

      • adifferentsame

        Totally agreed.

        And the cost of dignity is arguably worth more than what Chyna was paid for this.

      • Piggie James

        Yeah, there’s a reason why it’s ‘easy’, and obviously in that sense it isn’t as easy as it sounds. O.o!

  • LadyGoDiva

    This news kinda makes me upset by having me wondering why she did an adult movie then a Hollywood movie?

    Plus I’m kinda bummed out that I won’t see Chyna be KO’s champion.Wonder what this will lead to towards her going back to the WWE?

  • Piggie James

    At the end of the day, Chyna made a very poor decision to return to porn, and jeopardize the possibility of a future wrestling return. This report somewhat explains TNA’s hesitance with signing her to a longer-term contract.

    From TNA’s point of view, they gave Chyna an opportunity to redeem herself, but she may have misled them by not giving them appropriate information about the actual status of her porn movie, which TNA may have only known as much as the rumours. In which case, she breached TNA’s trust with her, and you can’t exactly blame them for not wanting to go near her again. As fans we were lucky to get to see her return at all.

    You can also understand why they were keeping Isis around as a backup plan, not so much over concerns about Chyna’s ability to wrestle, but the possibility of her porn movie coming out during the same period of her wrestling return.

    It would not be ethical for TNA to be enabling Chyna’s behaviour of exploiting her wrestling career for financial gain and giving her even more promotion to her movie. As Chyna says, TNA are ‘missing the boat’, but it’s not a boat they want to be attached to.

    It’s absolutely ridiculous comparing Chyna to other women like Mickie James, Candice Michelle, Shelly Martinez, not to mention all the other Divas that have appeared in Playboy (which can certainly be classified as ‘pornography’). Chyna is involved in a hardcore pornographic movie that involves sexual acts. None of the other women mentioned have been involved in anything close to that level.

    Candice was involved in some ‘softcore’ fetish/lesbian (including video) material, but none of it simulated actual sex acts, and all of it was before she was famous. Similarly when Mickie was struggling to make ends meet when she started on the indy circuit, she did some nude photography that was only slightly more revealing than the typical Playboy fare. It would be hard to put any of these women on the same level as a ‘pornstar’, in that neither of them were ‘stars’, let alone wanting to be.

    Fact is everyone has their own personal beliefs and limits as far as pornography is concerned, but it would be quite difficult for some of the current TNA employees (such as the Knockouts) to be working with someone who only recently participated in a taped sex orgy that is all over the internet with their name (Chyna) as the selling point, ie. a pornstar. It’s very easy for us to criticise TNA for not respecting Chyna, but what sort of respect would they be showing their current employees if they had issues working with her?

    From a business point of view, it wouldn’t make any sense for TNA to sign her, unless they actually wanted to ‘cash in’ off her porn career, but ostensibly ruin their company’s image and reputation as a ‘wrestling company’ (which is obviously the direction they’re focusing towards at the moment).

    I’m quite concerned about Chyna, since she probably really regrets her decision, because she’s really blown it now (I mean with TNA lol). It’s hard not to see her life go spiraling downwards from here from all her personal problems in the past, and it’s a bit unfortunate the timing of everything. Sadly this probably marks yet another tragic chapter in her life.

    • adifferentsame

      And cynical me can’t help but suspect that in a few years time when the spotlight has once again wandered off, Chyna will release a publicity grabbing statement that the porno caused so much disharmony in her life.

      Again, I have no problem with people who do porn or porn itself. But one can only relate to the situation from a personal standpoint, mine being that I’d personally feel like I was exploiting myself by doing porn.

    • SJWood

      I agree with everything you said Piggy.

      But Candice did a sex scene with a man in his late 40’s, no It wasn’t hardcore porn, but it was still penetrational sex .

      • Piggie James

        Ah, think I just found the scene you’re talking about. Didn’t know about it so thanks for the info. It certainly wasn’t hardcore, and while it was depicting penetration, they still weren’t technically having sex if you get my meaning. I suppose it was easily on the same level as any sex scene from a B-level Hollywood movie.

        From a practical standpoint, the softcore/hardcore distinction isn’t all that large, but they tend to care a lot about it in the entertainment industry. So that’s probably why WWE were so lenient with Candice, while I don’t think they would have been had she gone a few steps further.

        Then again they did have the Val Venis gimmick with Jenna Jameson and such back in the day, so standards have certainly changed.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    I think it just makes TNA even more ridiculous, first off your have a huge major name return, and build stuff up behind her, and then she disappears and you never see her again, after a impact apperance and PPV, and then she is gone, it just looks dumb for them and looks like they dont know what there doing,

    As far as the porn, its porn its not that big of a deal, half the celeb’s and wrestlers all have nude pics out anyways so, i dont think this is a big deal at all, and TNA is just making it a big deal

    • Piggie James

      They limited Chyna’s role purely to Kurt Angle’s ‘mistress’, which was just a pseudonym for old friend he hired to help equalize Karen against Jeff (and get revenge on her). They never had her speak or cut a promo, or expand her role any more than that. She wasn’t even acknowledged as a TNA Knockout or anything, so essentially it just came across as a one-off appearance to the viewer if she doesn’t appear again.

      Obviously they would have had continuity errors if they gave her anything more to do than that. They basically just booked her so that they could go either way with a full-time return or not depending on how she performed and whether the backstage situation changed or not. Since she was probably misleading management to an extent, they went with not having her appear again.

      For that matter, Snooki ‘randomly’ disappeared from WWE with no real followup after Wrestlemania either (she was noticeably absent in the following night’s mixed tag match on Raw), so if you treat Chyna to be making a ‘celebrity appearance’ then her case wasn’t much different.

      • SherriShepherdWWE

        I think comparing Chyna and Snooki, is completely dumb lol, because there not even in the same category, the WWE built Snooki as the Celeb Snooki, however, TNA didnt promote Chyna as the celeb Chyna Doll, NO, then promoted her as the former past wrestling star and Chyna, and then to have her only appear twice and promote around and build her up, for her return and everything, and i think its dumb and poor booking

        however, that is just IMO and i dont need you to reply and write some big long story about your point of view, thanks

        • Piggie James

          She was only promoted and ‘built’ for the Sacrifice, just as Snooki was promoted for Wrestlemania. The main element of using Chyna was enhancing Kurt’s feud with Jeff, and letting him get revenge on Karen. I suppose in that case Snooki was different because she was the one with the feud against Lay-Cool/Vickie.

          Kurt outsmarted Jeff and Karen by hiring Chyna to help him, which just makes Kurt look strong, and to mark the beginning of the end for the Jarrett’s, who have been getting the better of Kurt ever since their feud began. So Kurt hired Chyna for a one-off wrestling appearance at the PPV to help him out. There was nothing that implied that it was supposed to be a long-term return for Chyna.

          I’m entitled to my own opinion, just as you’re entitled to yours. I’m not saying that your opinion is ‘wrong’. Just giving my own assessment on how and why it was booked the way it was. You don’t have to agree with my opinion, but I think I’m allowed to have it.

          Diva Dirt wouldn’t have given us a reply button if they didn’t want us to use it!

    • Melina&Mickie4ever!

      *claps* At Sherri ( for your 1st post) LOL You took the words straight outta my mouth

  • mikeparis18

    If TNA won’t work with her forget about a WWE appearance, especially in a PG enviornment.

  • Matt

    It’s not sad, just see it as a new beginning. She’s going to have a great career in porn. Good luck, Chyna!

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    TNA makes it seems like she did the porn after her appaerance with the company. Not like she knew that was gonna happen , if she wasnt going to TNA before she made her film which she had no idea they was going to offer her a deal then what did you expect her to do ? Hold off making some money in hopes TNA or wwe would call her and ask her for a deal ?

    Its pretty clear what TNA is or was trying to say. All they have to say was “Chyna we got what we wanted we dont need you anymore” Didnt the rumors surface 2 weeks ago about her film. Matter fact isnt one of her films already out. A night with chyna or w.e its called. TNA is just trying to find some damn excuse….If thats the case then why isnt jeff hardy released yet ? Look what he is going through…Smh…

  • MaryseAddict

    TNA gave Chyna a warning…and if she really wanted to comeback to wrestling then she would’ve told or begged ViVid to not release that movie…so i don’t blame TNA for not bring her back