Tweets of the Week: Week of May 30th, 2011

Twitter may just be our favorite website on the Internet. (Aside from Diva Dirt, of course!) Where else can we keep up with the shenanigans of our favorite wrasslin’ ladies, or see the creepy questions they get from fans? So, each week we’re going to round up five of our top tweets and share them with you.

Who impressed us in 140 characters or less this week? Let’s find out…

We kick things off with Miss USA, Rima Fakih (@OfficialRima), who has some sage advice for little girls out there…

Yikes, Rima! You’re not supposed to take the lyrics so figuratively… “There’s a fire starting in my heart on my lip.”



Up next, we have a Diva who likes comic books and video games… bet you’ve heard that line from commentary just about every time she’s stepped into a ring. NXT-turned-SmackDown Diva, AJ (@RookieAJ), reveals the name for her new team with Kaitlyn:

While we couldn’t think of any name more suitable for the duo of AJ and Kaitlyn, let’s be honest, any tweet mentioning Trent Baretta is automatically a winner…



Thirdly, we have one of my personal favorite female wrestlers on the independent circuit. She can wrestle, talk, and if you’ve seen the ArenaChicks DVD, she can even change a mean tire… Introducing Sassy Stephie (@SassyStephie) commenting on Monday’s technical difficulties during Raw.

So on top of all the qualities mentioned above, Sassy Stephie also proves her taste in wrestlers is nothing short of perfection



Let’s move on to the highlight of my Thursday nights (just barely edging out Zack Ryder) with the one, the only… Winter (@dawgkilla). Winter requested help from her loyal following on an important mission…

Loyal Diva Dirt fanbase, fret not: Winter did end up finding the star! I dont know about you, but I was a nervous wreck waiting to find out the end result of this adventure. Is there anything she can’t do?!



Finally, we conclude today’s services with a tweet from a classy, sophisticated woman of many phrases, most notably including “Bammmmm” and “Ohhhhhh.” Yes, I’m of course referring to ODB (@TheODBBAM). In this tweet, ODB advises you all to tune into Impact Wrestling by… let’s just say, using her own special methods.

Did someone say dirty whores? Ah, I can just picture the remote controls of dirty old men everywhere flicking channels to Spike TV. Clearly, TNA’s recent rebranding to Impact Wrestling wasn’t necessary — this is how you get viewers!

That’s all the tweets for this week. See any tweets that made you chuckle this week? Tell us about ’em in the comments.

Also, be sure to direct your Tweets of the Week suggestions to us on Twitter via @divadirt.

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