FCW Watch: Aksana vs Naomi

This week, FCW has finally given the Divas some needed spotlight, as Divas Champion & Queen of FCW, Aksana, takes on the most athletic Diva in WWE (wow, I sound like a commentator), Naomi in a Divas Championship bout. But Aksana doesn’t come alone, as she has the general manager, Maxine, in her corner. Will everybody’s favorite Lithuanian export secure a defense under her belt? Or can Naomi become the first ever two time champion? Let’s find out…

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Out first making their entrance together is the General Manager, Maxine, and her sorority sister-type acquisition, Queen & Divas Champion of FCW, Aksana! Raquel Diaz clearly has just as much trouble announcing all of that as I do trying to type it, but nonetheless, the two ladies enter the arena as Aksana poses with her belt and Maxine stands ringside. Some pretty familiar music hits, as out comes the first ever Divas Champion, Naomi, sporting some new custom gear that looks great. The bell sounds as the the match gets underway to a plethora of “NA-O-MI” chants erupt.

The two lock up as Naomi takes control with a side head lock. Displaying her athletic ability to its fullest, she leaps onto the top rope and springboards back with a beautiful sunset flip for a two count. Naomi sends Aksana flying and then proceeds to take her down with her patented “Booty Call” which leaves Aksana clutching on to her face in pain. This might be just enough to fire Aksana up as she goes for a clothesline, but Naomi ducks and runs off the ropes before getting planted in the stomach with a kick from Aksana. The Divas Champion then charges towards Naomi and clotheslines her over the top rope as Night falls to the outside.

Maxine starts to make her way over to a downed Naomi, but before she can do anything, the referee stops her. He can not stop the legal competitor however, as Aksana scurries to the outside and tosses Naomi back in. She goes for a pin, but Naomi kicks out after two. The Queen throws Naomi into the turnbuckle before scooping her up with a powerful looking bodyslam for another two. After a kick to the stomach, Aksana sends Naomi throat first onto the second rope and begins using her leg to choke her out. She backs up and obtains the referees attention just long enough for the queen of mean, Maxine, to take advantage and snap Naomi’s arm off the ropes.

Aksana gets another two count, but again Naomi shows her never say die attitude by kicking out. She tosses Naomi into one of the turnbuckles, before instead throwing her to the opposing corner. From there, Aksana delivers an absolutely SICK boot to the side of the face…one that looks like it may have just won her the match right there! Naomi just barely kicks out as Aksana goes for yet another pin attempt. After some relentless beating, Aksana applies a choke hold. The crowd gets behind Naomi, which seems to help her muster up the courage to fight out of the hold and break it. Aksana irish whips Naomi into one of the corners of the ring, but Naomi leaps up onto the second rope and erupts with a phenomenal flying spin elbow!

After both women reach a vertical base, Naomi ducks a clothesline from Aksana and charges off the ropes with a very unique vertical flipping clothesline of her own! She follows it up with a Spin Kick, before going for a leg drop that Aksana is able to dodge out of the way for. From there, Aksana goes for a bodyslam, but Naomi is able to counter it into a small package…only for Maxine to slide into the ring and reverse the pin into Aksana’s favor for a three count!

Naomi is furious after the match, and goes to grab Maxine by the hair. Aksana puts a stop to this though, as she blasts Naomi from behind. A few kicks to the stomach later, the Divas Champ lifts Naomi up and holds her back as Maxine slides into the ring. Out of nowhere though, the infamous pocket rocket, AJ runs out to even up the odds! Maxine slides out, as Aksana tries to before receiving a beatdown from AJ. Naomi kicks Aksana in the head to send her out, as the two infamous rivals engage in a hug inside the ring, showing that even the worst of enemies can see eye to eye at times.

Thoughts: Where do I even begin? The match was very good for me, one of the best ones in FCW in quite some time. Naomi proves with every performance why she deserves to be on television, and this was no exception. Seeing Naomi and AJ embrace at the end was a great touch since they’ve been the two most focused Divas in FCW’s history for their rivalry, and I don’t think they’ve ever been on the same side for TV before. I also really enjoyed Maxine helping the champion, but not overdoing it to where it made Aksana look weak in any way. Speaking of Aksana, getting a successful defense under her belt is good for her reign, but I wish that FCW would use the Divas on a weekly basis because the next match isn’t for another three weeks and I’ve heard it’s very short… so until then, this has been your FCW Watch.

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  • http://twitter.com/art1e art1e

    Naomi IS the future of the womens division..i dont know of any other female who wwe has hired whos become to good in such a short amount of time…

    its going to be sad to see her on wwe tv & they hold her move set back & even worse if she doesnt make tv or its another few years before she makes the big time….shes amazing..

  • Rhawk

    Gonna watch this later as I need to catch up with episode 9 & the final episode of TLC, but I gotta say, thak lord that FWC Watch is back! Bobby *bow* I praise you good sir. =-3

    • Rhawk

      My bad, FCW

  • andagain

    Not feeling this match. I’m not buying Aksana as a wrestler, something there isn’t really clicking. Naomi’s a fantastic performer, but Aksana really slowed down the pace of this match. As far as I can tell, there aren’t too many promising women’s wrestlers down at FCW. WWE’s system really ain’t working :/

    • Rhawk

      Well they now have Audrey Marie and Eden Stiles, plus they need to bring up Irena and Tenille, so it is getting better… slowly, but surely. Although more talent would be nice, ala Britani Knight. ;-)

      • andagain

        Audrey & Eden have no experience and don’t have the advantage of a dancing background like Naomi. Irena is greener than every girl currently on the main roster. Our only hope for the near future is Tenille. I really hope they’ve signed Britani too, some young wrestling talent would be great.

        • SherriShepherdWWE

          no, i disgaree with you really the only ones that we havnt seen anything from is Audrey and Eden, we have never seen them wrestle yet, but as far as the rest , Irena has been wrestling about year and half, and is alot better than what they showed from her on WOH, and Tenille, Naomi and Sonia are all ready for the main roster, Maxine is a great manager and talker, also Shaul is a decent wrestler for only begin training around 6 months, so i think we have a very bright future with the FCW Divas.

        • Rhawk

          True, so in these terms, Eden & Audrey are the ones with the least amount of in-ring experience, and I’d bet that Audrey is the greenist as we all know about Eden/Brandi’s signing awhile back, but Audrey popped up outof nowhere.

          All they need t do is keep her off the mic, my ears are still in pain after listening to her annouce from last sunday’s FCW episode. x__x Eden does a much better job, and I hope she keeps to that so we can see moe from Miss. Latina Heat. ;-)

    • Matt

      If the system was designed to produce great wrestlers you’d be right, it’s never worked, but the whole point is to produce women who can pick up a move or two and look sexy on tv for a minute or two at a time. In that you have to agree that the system works flawlessly.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    wow Naomi should be on TV, i hope they dont screw her over, she is just amazing, :), it was a good match, Maxine is a good manager, however, Aksana im just not feeling it with her

    • Raekon

      Aksana has definately put better matches up there then this one. With the whole Maxine thingy going on there she sets back and does the regular heel type slapping, kicking, punching only most of the time. :/
      I miss her back breakers, side slams, dropkicks, the dibiase move she got from him and more she tend to do in the past.
      Naomis moveset is solid and she is using it almost always the same.
      In this match though she brought 2 new moves with her that were great. :)

      However, if you watch previous matches of Rosa, Kaitlyn and AJ in FCW and compare them with what they do in WWE then you can imagine what will happen with Naomi if she mades it on the main roster. Exactly, jobbing like the other 3 do and restricted to pull their actually great moveset. :(

  • Hunt-A1

    NAOMI WAS AMAZING! This is her best showing for me. She is soooo ready to debut and take the divas division by STORM, divas championship is calling for you Naomi

  • Mikas

    Aksana really needs to speed it up a little bit. Every time Naomi was down (and thus selling a move), Aksana just walked towards her as if she had all the time in the world. She needs to take a little bit more initiative, like pull Naomi up by her hair, or kick her while she is down. Walking towards your opponent like that makes it look fake.

    • andagain

      I agree. One of the problems I have with the FCW system (or it might just be the talent, I don’t know) is that they trainees are mostly taught nice little moves. I rarely see transitions and smooth wrestling and that goes for the FCW Superstars as well as the Divas. It just slows matches down and looks as if you’re simply going through the paces. What’s the point of learning all these great moves if you’re not going to make them look smooth in your matches?

  • LadyGoDiva

    I didn’t see much from Naomi but her ring attire is alittle different but anyway I liked what I saw and I have nothing else to complain about.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    The match was nice , I liked the top rop reverse elbow by Naomi !

    The announcer what the hell was she saying ? She needs to get it 2gether.
    The only thing that bothers me about FCW matches they sometime come off fake and looks unreal. Like when Aksana attacked Naomi after the match ? LOL Wth was that it lookd like she just slapped Naomi’s back..lol but w.e good match though

  • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    Aksana is still champ! :D
    I hope she will work in WWE TV very soon! :D

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaMFKnOqG6o litalove21

    BOBBY I LOVE YOUR WRITE UPS <3 When I looked at the new DD staff I was intrigued with the new face and you are a great addition :) Loved this and yesterdays entries!

    • Bobby

      Many thanks for the compliment. Im glad you enjoy reading =]

  • Anthony

    Out of all the girls on the FCW roster, I fear that Aksana is the most in danger. She’s 29 and still in developmental, 29 is considered old for a Diva on the main roster, almost 30 and still in FCW must be like grandmother status.

    I really like Naomi, I hope she isn’t another Savannah..someone who did excellent in developmental and then released before they had their chance to shine on the main roster. I think this was Naomi’s best look yet.( hair and attire)

    • beliEVEr

      Agreed. It’s so hard for me to take Aksana seriously as a possible Championship holder in the WWE because she is 29, and as we’ve seen age does play a large part in whose pushed or not. WWE is all about building “young stars” to take over the Veteran’s spot when they eventually part ways with the company. The best option for Aksana would’ve been for WWE to put her on TV as soon as they hired her, which I believe was when she was 27? But she was NO where near ready back then. Now, she is at least ready to put on a a decent match. But I don’t expect her to be anything huge when she gets to WWE. It’s sad. Maybe she should just go to TNA where age doesn’t play a part at all.

  • WWFoverWWE

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE NAOMI, she is seriously going to be the next trish stratus of WWE, she is just amazing and so gorgeous, I love her look and everything

    I say get rid of kaitlyn and call up the real star naomi

  • WWFoverWWE

    Naomi has shown that she can transform herself into anything she wants. her debut look showed she can be gangsta and hardcore. Her look when she won the FCW divas title showed she can be stylish and colorful

    her look on the season finale of NXTS3 showed she can be a sexy WWE diva that WWE wants, and her look in this match showed that she can combine all of her different looks into one beautiful creation

  • http://twitter.com/#!/madslam200959 madslam2009

    I can’t quite put my finger on Aksana. I usually have a clear opinon on the wrestlers I like and the ones I dislike but Aksana is so in the middle. When I see her in the Aksana Show, I laugh. When I hear her do ring announcing, I smile. But when she plays “Wresler heel” I dislike it. And she has flashes of greatess (Spinebuster) but then she puts on weak transtions and looks lost in the ring. Plus her cockyness looks bad but then when she gets on the mic and does comedy, she makes me smile. Honestly I dony know abot Aksana. Naomi though will be always be fierce.

  • Lily

    I’m a big fan of Aksana, she’s one of my favorite Divas at the moment. I think the only thing stopping her from being a good performer is her ability other then that she can perform moves like the spinebuster.

    Naomi is a god! I can’t wait to see her feud with AJ on the main roster. AJ/Naomi is the new Mickie/Melina & Trish/Lita. She should be called up to Smackdown during the summer. Aksana and Maxine should be be called up in early 2012.

    Naomi’s spinning heel kick is good but i hope she learns how to perform it like Jacqueline use to or how they perform the spinning heel kick in Japan.

    • Mikas

      In Japan that heel kick usually targets the head, I dont think WWE will allow that. Too easy to botch the move, especially against a moving opponent.

      I’m not a fan of Naomi’s heel kick, kinda looks just as bad/fake as Candice’ Candykick. With her athletic abilities there should be more suitable moves for her to find.

      • Lily

        I know, Jacqueline’s heel kick use to hit the opponent in the head which is what i’m talking about.

  • Rhawk

    Saw the match, and even though I though it wasn’t her BEST showing, that doesn’t mean she didn’t have a good match, for she did, and she made Aksana look more credible in the match as a result. The only problem I have is her spinning kick as she messes it up half of the time, but thats not entirely her fault as the women sheuses it on don’t sell it well enough, that or her legs are too long to take the hit. x-P Maybe a different kick, I mean what happened to her old Half Calf Kick finisher? Use that as a signature and make a new finisher.

    Either way, hopefully FCW focus more on their women, for I honestly feel that they have been lacking ever since Serena left the WWE. Serena VS Naomi in the first ever FCW Divas Championship is by far my second fav FCW Divas match, closely behind Angela Fong VS Alicia Fox for the first EVER FCW Crown match. =-P

  • laqisha

    I didn’t really enjoy the match and thats because of Aksana’s Heel tactics, and everybody knows I hate heelish rope chokes, stomping,etc.

    I hope Naiomi go back to the colorful outfits and the long braids cuz that was her best look.

  • adifferentsame

    I love Naomi.

  • http://ahlanthony.tumblr.com ahlanthony

    Naomi and aksana should be on the main roster now. They both have in ring skills and charisma.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001164441111 Straight Edge Mattie

    is it just me or has Naomi gotten prettier since she grew her hair back

  • http://divaderby.net/ DivaDerby

    The WWE needs a new star to take Kharma’s place. This is the perfect time to debut Naomi! She’s the future!

  • seasons-of-love

    I really like Aksana, but sticking her in this role really drains the energy out of her. Naomi is great, and I really do think she’s the girl WWE is going to push to the top in the future.

  • 04bia

    when in the world is wwe gonna call up naomi????
    the girl should be on the main brands, and should have been called up the same time as AJ!
    put naomi on sd as heel, it it will be alicia tamina rosa and naomi
    and the faces natalya aj layla kaitlyn!

    • Raekon

      I would rather like AJ to turn heel again and have Naomi on the faces side. ^_^
      The reason why was that AJ was a great heel in FCW and has also the mic skills to back it up.
      Loved the tag team matches in which Naomi and Kaitlyn teamed up vs AJ and Aksana.
      Well not all but most of them. :p