Reader Poll: What Was Your Favorite Match on TV This Week?

The Glamazon Beth Phoenix made a big return to Raw, Velvet Sky finally confronted ODB in a match and AJ scored a big victory in her singles debut. All of that happened this week on TV, but what did you enjoy most?

For a refresher, catch up with this week’s action:



Now, vote for your favorite match/moment:

Tell us what you voted for and why in the comments!

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  • Mikas

    A tie between Superstars Tagteam Match and the Knockouts Teamteam Match.

    AJ/Tamina was good, but both tagteam matches were clearly better.

    • Rhawk

      It was a bit of an average week for all of these matches, they all had theif goods and their bads, but I’ll go with the supersars tag team match, just because of how Gail lightened up the match when she got tagged in until the match ended. AJ’s singles victory was a close second though.

    • Rhawk

      sorry about replying to your message Mikas, I must have pressed the wrong button, my mistake. x-D

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Even though both Beth & Melina got victories this week , LOL I gotta go with my Bubbly Aj her match was great although her theme is Effin horrible , it fits her character and I can deal hearing it everytime she comes out. So my vote goes for Aj vs Tamina.

    This week was a great week all matches were good. Plus too I had all my favorite knockouts and divas expect Alicia wrestling this week. Melina , Beth , Aj , Mickie , Tara , Winter LOL Great Week for me I should say…

  • adifferentsame

    Impact’s tag team match.

  •!/kaledrina_x Kaledrina

    the kos tag match, for sure. the raw match didn’t interest me – not that big a fan of either four ladies and all the other matches were rather too sloppy or slow in parts for my liking.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Tamina Vs Aj or the Superstars match, it was a hard choice

  • shokko22

    How are the two most boredom inducing matches in the lead

  • NaomiNightfan2011

    Angelina/Winter vs Mickie/Tara without a doubt. They all performed very well.

    Then it’s Velvet/ODB. I don’t care if it’s a brawl, it was a great brawl for me.

    Then it’s Eve/Gail vs Melina/Maryse. It would be above Velvet/ODB if Eve/Maryse wasn’t sloppy.

    Then AJ/Tamina which wasn’t as bad as Eve/Maryse but not as good as Gail/Melina

    Then Kelly/Beth vs Bella’s because of that hideous arm drag done by Kelly

  • The Kharmic Heel

    Not a popular choice, but I voted Velvet Sky and ODB.

    Would love to see Beth and Nattie in a brawl, but I guess that’s not going to happen. I do wonder who will take the Women’s Title from the Bellas. Hopefully, its Kelly or Maryse.

  • TheBeautifulPeople.

    ODB vs Velvet sky, Like I said before the match was Unpredictable and Over whelming.

  • melina prez

    This is hard, all the matchs were good. I would have 2 say Melina and Maryse vs. Eve and Gail thought.

  • Lily

    ODV/Velvet or AJ/Tamina? Well, since i’m not a fan of the result of ODB/Velvet, i’m going with AJ/Tamina.

    The KO tag match would have been my choice if i bothered to have watched it.

  • shaky209

    It’s the comment going around.Who’s going to take the Diva’s title off of Brie Bella’s.Okay it’s always been known that Vince can put the title on who-ever he damn well pleases.But it’s also been said that Vince put’s it on somebody that looks like they can really kick somebody’s @$$. And lately all the house shows have had Beth Phoenix on them.And she when in the ring is one of the best in-ring workers in the WWE.And also Beth is one of the best at in ring fueds which is what Vince like’s.I am just saying all you have to do is observe the house show matches an Beth is working every week end.And for next weeks Supershow they have Beth vs the Bella twins.That would mean the twins can be up to there trickery and at that Beth is at her best. LIke handicap matches.Cause where you got one of them you’ve got the other and Beth might as well have them both and destroy them both.Maryse yeh but she’s a heel and Brie Bella’s a Heel so that wouldn’t work out too good.And besides Maryse isn’t working house shows right now.Nor is Melina..

    • adifferentsame

      I said it before and I’ll say it again: Beth Phoenix and Maryse could be a dream program if the writers got into it. The beauty taunts beast formula would be entertaining. Maryse would be funny and cowardly, and the crowd would get behind Beth wanting to slap the snot out of her and become Divas Champion for the first time.

    • The Kharmic Heel

      Beth is a great worker, I wish she would get another push. Despite her distinct advantage in the muscle department, she’s a versatile character. Such a shame they’ve wasted her.

      As far as the next Women’s Champion, it could very well be The Glamazon who takes it, but if she doesn’t… I want the magnificent, the New Queen of Xtreme, Kelly to get it!

      She’s perfect for it! I know when she wins it, she will become a stronger competitor and be a proud Champ.

      • Mike in Like

        @ Kharmic Heel

        In my honest opinion Kelly should stay being one of those divas like Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson and never win the belt. I just don’t think she needs it to be over (obviously the generic blonde goes over well with crowds.) I really liked Kelly’s stuff in the Vickie/Edge/Dolph story line and I’ll be honest I think she could have made a good champion during that time. Right now though she’s fallen flat and there really hasn’t been an interesting title run since Alicia Fox imo. The bellas are pretty boring to me and Kelly at this time would probably have a reign similar to Eve’s where she doesn’t really do much with it other then carry it to the ring with her. Though that’s pretty much what the bella’s are doing so whoooo knows I’ll stop ranting now – I voted for AJ and Tamina as I liked AJ’s offence in it.

        • The Kharmic Heel

          @Mike In Like – Yes, I see what you’re saying. It seems as though whenever the divas are headed into a nice groove as far as storylines go, they take a big hit and everything goes back to shyt. Pardon my language, just think its an appropriate term.

          Kelly is definitely the Stacy/Torrie type, but I sincerely think that given the current landscape in the divas division, now is as good a time as ever to put the title on K2.

          I think we’re being a bit unfair to the Bellas. They’ve recently started developing into serious heels and are somewhat solid in the ring. They do grab my attention faster than say, LayCool – who struggled most of their run. The Bellas are more natural and with further character development can become more memorable than the former Gaga/Beyonce imitating duo.

          Kelly isn’t the greatest, I have said this before. I agree she’s a tad common in WWE land, but I think she’s got heart and if Candice(who was sloppy as hell, yet all the same fantastic) can hold a title – the Women’s Championship no less- why not Kelly? With the exception of Maryse, I’ve noticed the girls skills dramatically improve after becoming champion. Not really supposed to be that way,but hey…atleast they try. Kelly would make a great Champion imo.

          Who knows, it might even light a fire under a lazy writer’s A and they might give her Trish Stratus treatment. Feed her challenger after challenger so that the whole diva roster eventually gets decent exposure. Not my dream scenario either, though it will give us more to look forward to.

        • adifferentsame

          @Mike in Like: If the Divas Championship was prided upon rewarding strong competitors and lengthy, prestigious reigns then I would concur with you and say that wild horses should stand in the way of Kelly Kelly ever coming near it. Sadly, real wrestling women in the WWE are outnumbered by photogenic waifs who know how to string together a few tired spots and be vainly passed off as credible workers. What’s more, proof that women’s wrestling in WWE is indeed defunct is that these girls are popular with the crowds. Kelly’s routine in the ring is so one dimensional it matters not who she wrestles because she lacks any sense of dynamics to create chemistry. It’s just as well I hold the option to turn off the TV when Kelly emerges because I more or less tune out anyway. A pretty belt strapped around her waist isn’t likely to change that.

        • The Kharmic Heel

          ADifferentSame- “Photogenic Waifs?” Really? Really? REALLY?! While we can agree that a good portion of the divas in WWE are mostly spot monkeys, we should also not disregard the backstage handlers. Namely Vince and the people in his ear. They’re the ones pulling the strings, subsequently leading to poor 3 minute, spot matches. There’s no need to insult the girls who work hard, risking their bodies night after night to entertain me and you. We’ve agreed they are not Joshi or Shimmer quality bouts, but again, its not their fault.

          I’m actually quite proud of them for their efforts, despite the office having little faith in their skills and talent.

  • laqisha

    WARNING!!! Off Topic:
    Yesterday I washed SHIMMER 36 and I think they put mainstream’s men/women’s Division to shame I mean half of the matches on that DVD were like TNA’s Hamada vs Sarita, Hamada vs Taylor Wild, and Hamada vs Alissa Flash but way longer. So really right now its hard for me to like any matches in the mainstream world. But as Mainstream goes Imma go with Superstarz Tag match, and I also Like Aj’s match because of that uniqe/non-pop typical Diva’s theme song and I thought it was cute too. Also not to mintion how the crowd got behined her :)

    • adifferentsame

      SHIMMER 36 is my overall second favourite volume. The eight woman tag team elimination match was phenomenal. Rachel Summerlyn and Daffney’s I Quit match was pretty awesome too.

  • Blonde Bombshell

    Melina/Maryse vs Gail/Eve was the most boring match I ever watched, no kidding.

    • laqisha

      I guess if we all liked all the same shit, then life would be boring

  • beliEVEr

    Superstars match (Eve and Gail vs Melina and Maryse) hands down

  • adifferentsame

    @The Kharmic Heel: Therein lies the beauty of differing opinions and the way we wish to assert them.