TNA Slammiversary Results: Mickie Wins but the Celebration’s Cut Short

Knockouts Champion, Mickie James successfully retained the belt over Angelina Love tonight at Slammiversary, despite Winter‘s best efforts to interfere.

However, after the match it was made clear that the war is far from over as Winter and Zombielina choked Mickie James out with a strap.

Thoughts: I enjoyed the match until the end which saw the Mickie-DT botched. The post-match attack was well done, however.

What did you think of the match? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    The match was nice I was gutting for either to win TBH! But Im glad Mickie retained now that Winter attacked her we probably will get Mickie vs Winter next. Which should be good…

    Mickie is having a nice title regin so far , probably her best title regin since her 1st regin as WWE Womens Champion! But i cant help but feel Mickie is some what getting a nice regin as champ due to her name and popularity. I cant really remember in a while a knockout who was champ that has defended their title 3 times vs 3 different people. BUt the again maybe there was…

    • WWFoverWWE

      madison rayne first reign she defeated angelina, tara, roxxi, and taylor wilde to retain her title

      Tara is also a big name and her TNA title reigns weren’t that good, in fact 3 out of her 4 were very short

    •!/kaledrina_x Kaledrina

      pretty sure madison did (her latest reign did seem like it was forever! lol) although some of the title defenses were against the likes of roxxi, odb, alsisa(?) with no real feud behind ‘em.

      •!/kaledrina_x Kaledrina

        *alissa, ugh. the question mark as in, odb vs madison was for the title.. not sure if her matches vs roxxi and alissa were

        • WWFoverWWE

          yeah during madisons second reign, she defeated mickie twice, roxxi, and alissa flash. Her match against ODB wasn’t for the title, but her matches against roxxi and alissa were

        • Kharmaofficialfansite

          you mean her third reign??

      • Melina&Mickie4ever!

        LOL Oh yes I4got about Madison…*shrugs* I just wish every knockout who becames champ has regins where they defend it 3 or 4 times during their regin and not againts the same person for months on end. *cough* ODB vs Tara

        • The_JM

          Angelina’s first knockouts title run actually had 3 title defenses as well, lol. She defended it against Sojo Bolt, Kong, and Tara.

      • A.E


  • WWFoverWWE

    I think the DDT mess up came from all the excitement from the near falls, maybe angelina forgot to lift mickie or something

    anyway, I loved the match

    • Kharmaofficialfansite

      ummm didnt you mean madison rayne’s third reign when she defeated mickie and all those other ppl?

      • WWFoverWWE

        oops yes :P

  •!/kaledrina_x Kaledrina

    next ppv i would like to see winter vs mickie, winter wins and then perhaps in the couple weeks afterwards angelina finally coming to her senses or something, feuding with winter (winter retaining) and finally a proper tbp reunion with the tag titles in sight for them. and winter could move on to tara or tessmacher.

    anyway, the match was pretty decent. sucks that the botched ending will likely be the only thing memorable about it, though. new finisher please, mickie.

  • DarkJoker

    Great Match till the Botched DDT. Mickie vs Winter next month. NO more drugs for Angelina should slowly but surely lead to her getting out of Winter’s Control of her plus with no drugging the “NO SELLING” needs to diminish& go away as well. Still a good match.

  • RR45

    Hey Angelina finally seemed normal! Mickie and Angelina looked great and they put a pretty good match. I didn’t mind the botched finish too much since the match was good. And for a second i thought she was gonna go for another one. This feud is one I don’t mi-…..actually like watching. ODB/Velvet feud needs to end. She had so many feuds that could’ve happened/continued and they choose this

    •!/kaledrina_x Kaledrina

      fingers crossed the feud ended last week on impact, i like velvet, odb i don’t mind too much, just not really feeling the feud between them. would work a lot better if the roles were reversed tbh.

  • Lily

    I think Mickie should debut a new finisher because most of the time it’s either the opponent who messes it up or it’s mickie and it’s rare for her to ever hit it correctly sometimes.

    The match was great but of course the ending was meh.

  • Kharmaofficialfansite

    the match was good alot of “DAMN” moments with all the interference and pins and when winter helped angelina pin mickie but still kicked out :) im just happy mickie james retained :)

  • A.E

    really good match i would give it five to five if it wasn’t for the ending ,better than their last match together,hopefully they had a proper build up till destination X.

  • BillyGP

    Was at the show good match the ending angelina stumbled when going to lift Mickie

  • MickieFan226

    The match was good, just that DDT at the end ruined it.

    Loved the post-match attack. I’m looking forward to this storyline continuing.

  • shameronstar

    Angelina love looks much better when she doesn’t have an excessive amount of make up on. Also, I just saw the match and the ddt did kind of ruin it unfortunately. Perhaps Mickie should do what Trish use to do. She use to do the Stratusfaction on stronger more experienced wrestlers and used the standard bulldog on the weaker less experienced wrestlers. Except in Mickie’s case she should just save the tornado ddt for stronger wrestlers and for the weaker one’s just use an entirely different move. Hey, better yet I just had an idea, Mickie James can do a rope aided tornado ddt where she springboards off the rope or turnbuckle. That way she can get leverage without the person taking the move to lift her as much.

  • adifferentsame

    I definitely echo the cry for Mickie to change her finisher. I’ve only ever seen it performed beautifully once, and that was when she hit Trish Stratus with it after kidnapping Ashley.

    Winter will need to be booked stronger in the ring if the feud is to develop between she and Mickie.

  • BillyGP

    Mickie DDT if fine just who ever she wrestles need to lift her or she need to jump. No need to change it she known for it. One move should not take away from the match which was good.

    • Lily

      it’s an opinion. I think she has botched the move way too many times.

      • BillyGP

        Ok it your opinion your always say that which is fine. But it not just Mickie fault for the botch of the move who ever she wrestles need to lift her up too. Like Tara she lifts Mickie plus sell the move good.

  • drayme

    Cant believe the people who thought this was good or great. Horrible match,, horrible storyline, horrible finish.

    Are we grading this on a curve or something?

    • Melanie

      All of this is in your opinion.

      • drayme

        And the rest of the internet’s too from what I’ve read. You can say they are typically harsh on the knockouts and in my opinion you have a case. But most sites have said this is bad even by current knockouts standards.

        If this was great what was Kim vs Kong or Cheerleader Melissa vs Hamada?

        Are standards this low?

        • BillyGP

          The match was good.

        • BillyGP

          i read reports saying the match was good till the ending but one move should not take away from the rest of the match.

  • perucho1990

    Mickie needs a new finisher, IMO she should use the superkick as her finisher move, It looked devasting against Rosa Mendez on Raw 2 years ago.

  • AJ&K2Mark

    I agree with @PERUCHO1990 mickie could use the super kick OR why cant she use the real LONG KISS GOODNIGHT i mean TNA is tv-14 (i think it is) Girls can kiss Girls or she could use the mick kick I mean she used it in this match and I was hoping that was the end since it was her finisher before.

    Anyways the match was pretty good, I loved all the interference by winter.But hopefully Angelina Zombelina whatever you want to call her gets out of the “spell”
    I want the old angeina back.

  • Wesley Romano

    Hell no why should mickie have to change her move for anyone!!! Even short little Madison Rayne was able to hold it even if Mickie had a Bad Arm!
    Hey Angelina…I Love You!…But you gotta EAT MORE!! >_<

    Funny thing about Angelina even with all the weight shes lost, it hasnt affected her game in the ring at all!! She doesnt faint nor will she ever! She still wrestles smoothly, her hits still look hard. And she has found a way to take a full hit or move and sell it perfectly with a straight Zombie face!! =D
    Thats awesome!! Art of Wrestling baby!!! Angelina is awesome!

  • melina prez

    Yes Mickie won !!!

  • BieberFever

    I loved the way Angelina smiled at the end you could tell she really enjoyed this match.

    Now this match was good to me, I actually thought Angelina would win at times but in the end liked and wanted Mickie to retain no short title reigns for you missy.