In Video: Shelly Martinez & Winter Star in “Miss Outta Control” Music Video

Looks like the Smashing Pumpkins aren’t the only band featuring Shelly Martinez in their video. Shelly and TNA Knockout, Winter, feature in the Electrolightz music video for Miss Outta Control.

Exclusive: On Set Pictures from Smashing Pumpkins “Owata” Video Shoot

Watch below:

Shelly will also star in the Pumpkins’ video for Owata which premieres June 28th.

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  • Straight Edge Mattie

    Love it
    also 1st

  • Lita Fan

    Well thas was realy cool!

  • velvelove

    that was really cute actually :)

  • xXGeo910

    Haha I like where Winter is going with her career, unlike when she was in WWE