In Video: Footage from Jillian’s Return to the Ring

As reported over the weekend, former WWE Diva, Jillian, returned to the ring for the first time since last November on Saturday night in Orlando, FL.

Jillian hasn’t competed in a match since her WWE release. In her first match back she defeated Orlando local, Santana.

Footage from her appearance has been posted online:

Thanks to Al Haft for the tip.

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  • RJ

    I’m surprised she’s still doing her old schtick :) Hey, if it’s getting her booked and paid, more power to her! Hope we see more videos from her–I really do miss Ms. Hall.

  • shameronstar

    Santana stole Gail’s Eat Defeat! LOL!

    • Scar

      Actually, Gail stole it from Sexy Chucky T…:P

      • laqisha

        There are about 5 to 6 diffrent ppl uses the Eat Defeat.

        • Scar

          May be true, personally, I’ve seen no one else use it execpt Chucky and I watch a ton of indies, but I think everyone has stole it from Chucky cause I remember him using back in his IWA days. Like, ’05-ish…

        • Mikas

          @Scar: yeah, Chuck is the one that invented it. His version is called ‘sole food’, then Colt Cabana has the ‘Eat da Feet’ i think. And Gail ‘Eat defeat’. I havent seen anyone else use it in the us.

          There is a girl in Japan who uses something similair, but she only uses it from the topropes (which Chuck has done as well), unfortunately i dont remember her name.

  • VinceNotVance

    The video pops up as having been removed from the user.
    Did that happen to anyone else?

    • Hands.ofthe.Wicked


      • Illyria

        and me :(

  • WWFoverWWE

    man the video was removed :(

  • art1e

    cant view it.

  • jillianhall_tna

    anyone have the video _PLEASE

  • imj1995

    To anyone who still hasn’t watched it there is a site that has the video. I don’t know if I’m allowed to post the link though.

  • Lily

    I thought that was Gail Kim! The way she is dressed, the way she moves and the eat defeat.

  • litalove21

    For those who want to watch the vid, type in ‘Jillian vs Santana’ on youtube and you will find it there :)

  • Bdawg0701


  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Im so happy Jillian is still in the wrestling buisness. Hopefully TNA will sign her. I would so happy the knockouts division would be even better

  • seasons-of-love


    Fan: “I love you!”
    Jillian: “Heh…I don’t love you that much…”

    Glad she’s back.

  • JJ

    Wow she really packed on the pounds since she has been off of tv! Oh well still nice to see her back.

    • imj1995

      She had a miscarriage remember?

  • Blonde Bombshell