Christina Crawford Returns to FCW, Irena Janjic Debuts

It looks like Christina Crawford has been re-signed by WWE. She and newcomer, Irena Janjic, debuted at an FCW house show last night.

Christina recently appeared on WWE Tough Enough after being released from her previous developmental contract to take part in the show. She was the last female contestant standing on the show.

Exclusive: Christina Crawford Talks Tough Enough, Giving Up WWE Contract for TE, Her Sister Alicia Fox & More

Meanwhile, Janjic is a former trainee of Lance Storm’s wrestling academy, and was most notably showcased on the opening episode of Canadian series, World of Hurt. She was signed earlier this year alongside fellow Storm Academy trainee, Tenille. Tenille has yet to debut in FCW.

The duo teamed up to face fellow FCW Divas, Audrey Marie and Sonia, in tag team action but came out on the losing end as Irena was rolled up for the pinfall.

Photo credit: Jasmine

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  • drayme

    Irena is awesome if you watched World of Hurt.


  • Hands.ofthe.Wicked

    shes wearing AJ’s outfit lol

    • Rhawk

      This made me lol out loud

      • ElectricMVx

        laugh out loud out loud?

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    oh wow….Glad she got signed again. Maybe it would have been better if they kept her signed *shrugs*

  • adifferentsame

    I anticipated Christina returning.

  • Mikas

    I kinda feel sorry for the other contestants of Tough Enough. It gives off a feeling that the entire TE show was rigged from the beginning, especially with Andy winning the show (who also came from development).

    • adifferentsame

      As with the Diva Search, it makes the whole competition redundant if the WWE are going to extend contracts to the losers of the program.

      • Jake

        The original Tough Enough did the same thing. Josh Mathews, Chris Nowinski, Matt Morgan, and pretty much all of season 4 was hired lol.

  • Rhawk

    What a nice little piece of news, mostly due to the fact that FCW’s Diva division is FINALLY getting back on track! With the debuts of Eden Stiles (Hasn’t wrestled her, but we can only assume she will soon), Audrey Marie, and the we have Sonia finally wrestling more on TV. And now we have a debuting Irena and returning Christina (lolz rhymed), now all we need is Tenille and we got ourselves a party! =-P

    Like others hve said it does make you tink that all those other WWE Tough Enough contestants may not be as fortunate to get anything out of ther run since Andy and Christina, both from FCW, still won at the end of the day. Makes you think the likes of Ivelisse, Martin and all them hopefuls don’t have a chance. =-(

  • alexl467

    Does anyone have any new factual information and not just assumptions & rumors on Audrey Marie, such as whether or not she was signed with prior wrestling experience?


    • Jake

      She is that Ashley Miller girl who was a former gymnast and little wrestling experience. I’ve seen the pictures of that segment and yeah Ashley = Audrey.

    • Rhawk

      I have to ask, why do yo u ALWAYS ask irrelevant question and answer your question with your username, we can see your name, we don’t need to see it twice, kthxbye.

      • alexl467


        1) To answer the first part of your query while you may find them to be irrelevant I feel my questions are simply things I’m truly curious about and are some of the reasons why I frequent sites like this one in the hopes of successfully searching for the answers to them.

        2) To answer the second part of your query the reason why I end my posts with my username is because that is the way I like and have always ended my posts, and unless I’m prevented from doing so in the future I will continue to end my posting in the same fashion.


  • Piggie James

    Nothing against Christina (or Andy for that matter) but the contest is pretty unfair when these two were always going to have a WWE developmental contract to fall back on. Someone else should have been given the opportunity to be on the show, rather than WWE simply using the program to promote talent they had already signed. This might not have been so bad though if the show had at least made mention of their FCW history as opposed to being deceitful.

    Hopefully they’ll do better picking the contestants for TE2 though, and we don’t get another Ariane (who thankfully doesn’t seem to have been signed like she was saying).

    Anyway, Christina does deserve to be in FCW (as opposed to TE), and has potential. I think she needs a lot of work in all areas though if she’s ever to get out of developmental, and for that she really has to adopt a more serious attitude than what was depicting on TE.

    • Anthony

      I remember reading an article on why the WWE decided to put Andy and Christina on TE. Apparently it was because at first they had a company not affiliated with the WWE casting for the season, and WWE decided they wanted to have some contestants that in case no one casted could possibly win the competition they had contestants there just in case.

      (That’s just what I read though)

    • Bobby

      I honestly think the FCW (and independent) talents believed they were getting contracts to the main roster if they won.

      • Katie

        That’s what the FCW talents were told, if they release themselves to join the contest they will be brought up to the main roster.

  • Anthony

    Ah this is great, I can’t wait for Tenille though..thats gonna be so sick!

    Bobby, do you have any idea on how Irena did in the match??

    • Rhawk

      Adding to Anthony’s comment, do you even know if they were called out as Christina and Irena, or do they both have new names, on in Christina’s case, old names such as Caylee Turner?

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i can not wait to see Irena on FCW, she was one of my favorite’s on World of Hurt, and i think she is gonna be really good :)

    Also, glad to see Audrey Marie and Sonia getting more action as well, cant wait for there FCW TV match,

    Glad to see Caylee back aswell, she was coming along very nicely when she was with tough enough and also when she was with FCW, it will be interesting to see if anymore past tought enough women start to appear

  • wwedivaTamina

    Nice to see Christina and her aj attire… rofl , Irena haven’t seen much from her nor Audrey sonia could be good from what i see in the pictures all looks good . Doesen’t fcw now have 11 female talents ?>

  • B Fizzle

    I’m glad to see that Christina was resigned. She really grew on me during Tough Enough. Now they just need to sign Rima and Luke. :)

  • Jake

    Glad to see them debut

  • LadyGoDiva

    Sounds great to hear Christina is back in FCW. Glad to see Irena Janjic make her debut which reminds me of when Aubrey Marie pictures were released and everyone thought that it was Irena so this can be settled and now I want to know more about Aubrey. I’m getting testy on why I’m not seeing Sonia on FCW TV?

    • Bobby

      Sonia & Audrey will make their TV debut on July 17th I believe

  • WWFoverWWE

    very happy she’s back

  • velvelove

    im so happy wwe resigned christina
    i havent been so excited for a diva since i saw naomi in the divas fcw title tournament

  • French.One

    From what I saw on TE, I don’t think Christina will be a successful diva. She doesn’t seems to me athletic enough…
    I hope Irena will do well.

    • imj1995

      Did you not see Ireana on WOH? Or one of her most recent matchs which is on YouTube?

      • xxxsuperstar

        Do you have a link?

  • WWFoverWWE

    she’s wearing AJ’s outfit xD

  • Spike7000

    Naomi, Sonia, Tenille, Irena, Christina, Maxine, Aksana, Shaul, Audrey Marie, and Ariane are the New Divas currently down there

    Don’t know what’s going on with Ariane, I guess WWE probably are holding off of her reporting to FCW due to the Twitter incident. If she wasn’t signed then she wouldn’t known what FCW is also I even remembered when I started following her on twitter she put down she was based off of Tampa, Florida- (WWE/FCW) then she changed it on that infamous night and a friend asked her why did she move to Tampa and she said for work- (FCW)

    • Piggie James

      Really hope that isn’t true (although it surely is) because I really don’t see what WWE could possibly see in her.

      • Spike7000

        Like I said a friend asked her on twitter which this was after all the contestants including her were announced for Tough Enough 5 and she said she was moving to Tampa, Florida- (WWE/FCW) and called it a new adventure so a friend asked her why was she moving to Tampa and she replied back for ”work”- (WWE/FCW) then she posted that she now in Tampa including a picture of her which I guess at the airport

        Like I said also my guess after the twitter incident WWE are probably holding off Ariane’s arrival down at FCW

      • Spike7000

        I heard all contestants were on the radar for WWE for potential developmental deals but all 14 were chosen for Tough Enough 5

    • ElectricMVx

      Woah, that’s a lot of FCW Divas, i hope Aksana puts her FCW crown on the line in a Battle royal, to let the new girls debut all at once

      • Spike7000

        Yeah I know…lot of new girls

        With AJ called up and Maxine reported for next call up also I expect Naomi Night later on due to because of the new hirings and potential ones

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Yay, Im happy christina is in FCW again!!!

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    yes i am so glad she is back to FCW i loved her next to RIMA

  • AFox_RoxX

    As a MAJOR A Fox fan, im so happy about this! I was originally just a fan of christina bc she was alicias sister, but watching her on the show made a fan fan for her! she’s so cute, and not bad in the ring! although she has alot of work ahead of her, i cant wait until she makes the main roster!!

    Also, i really hope rima reports t fcw, she impressed me Soo much on TE! she definitly has potential!