Randy Orton Apologizes to Kelly Kelly Over Radio Interview

World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton, was the talk of the Internet yesterday after a radio interview (listen here) he did was posted online in which he said some pretty inappropriate things about Kelly Kelly.

Orton has since taken to Twitter, offering K2 an apology for his comments:

Yesterday I put my foot in my mouth and I need to try my best to make it right. I owe Kelly K an apology. The fact that she has dated a few guys I work with doesn’t make her a bad person, and is also none of my or anyone elses buisness. [sic] Yesterday I got caught up in a live radio interview and brought Kelly’s personal life into it. It was completely uncalled for. Kelly I hope one day you can forgive me. I do however understand if that doesn’t happen.

Thoughts: Erin and I had detailed thoughts on this situation when we recorded Diva Dirt Sheet last night (audio will be up today), so I won’t write too much here. I do think being in an interview with two male hosts in a “boy’s club” environment and being as uninhibited as Orton was in this interview, he got caught up in the moment and said some things he really shouldn’t have. That doesn’t entirely excuse the comments he made because they were inappropriate and unnecessary, however, I’m glad to see that he has apologized to Kelly. It’s the least he could do for basically blasting her personal life all over the radio and Internet.

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  • http://axekick.tumblr.com axekickk

    Orton is a douche. The second I heard what he said about Kelly I knew there’d be consequences. He clearly wasn’t thinking; K2 should give him a punt to shut his trap!

    • http://www.sodazzling.com Trashley

      totally agree but i never knew kelly is such a skank

      • davepower

        Someone with Ashely avatar is saying this?

        • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45


        • http://www.sodazzling.com Trashley

          i guess a whore certainly knows a whore ;P

  • andagain

    That amount of stuff this guy gets away with is unbelievable. He had no right to say anything he did and those hosts were just as bad. It’s a shame radio show hosts are usually so misogynistic and disrespectful, you’d think a grown man with a wife and daughter would know better than to join in. Especially when it comes to a co-worker.

    I’d imagine this apology was forced out of him, and I hope this doesn’t affect K2 too much.

  • Lily

    I was listening to the interview earlier but it bore me so i stopped before i was able to hear what he said about her.

    What did he say?

    • http://axekick.tumblr.com axekickk

      I’m paraphrasing but:

      Host: “How many guys has Kelly banged?”

      Randy: “I could easily name 10.”

      Something to that effect.

    • andagain

      – Spured on by the hosts, Orton levied some unflattering remarks towards WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly after saying he worked a brief romance storyline with her a few years ago.

      “I would be a method actor, and actually sleep with her,” joked host John Holmberg.

      “I could name a few method actors in WWE,” Orton replied. “Like, ten guys.”

      The hosts tried to pry names from Orton, who tried to deflect from the topic by joking that it’s all the big guys on the roster. Orton and the hosts continued to joke about who Kelly has or hasn’t slept with throughout the show.

    • Rhawk

      So an unscripted style interview with Orton is boring to you… good to see where you stand in the style of wrestling/sports entertainment. ¬__¬

    • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

      Yea I listened to it. He said something about her and Dolph. He was just rambling on about personal stuff.

  • Jake

    Orton slipped and I can’t blame him. I’m sure people on here will chastise Kelly, which will be the main topic for diva-dirt for the next two weeks. Which will be rather ridiculous since 90% of the roster sleep around so it’s not that shocking lol.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOyzTv-g8FA Piggie James

    This is simply damage control that Orton has been forced to do by WWE management. I don’t know if he’s trying to lose his job with that interview, or seeing far he can push the tolerance of management. He has a reputation for making fairly candid interviews, but I could imagine that he might want to outdo CM Punk, by actually shooting (as opposed to ‘working’).

    It’s hard to take any public apologies as sincere, I hope that there was some truth to it, and he actually spoke to her privately, because burying the Divas champion (and WWE’s favourite girl) when she is already under such close scrutiny and criticism is just incredibly stupid to do.

    He buried some other people in the interview, as well as WWE, so there’s no doubt he’s already in serious trouble, and doesn’t hold as much value at the moment with Smackdown’s falling ratings under him as champion. Wouldn’t be suprised if he lost the title very soon.

    The fact remains, that he never actually renounced any of the comments that he said, simply that Kelly’s not a bad person (even though in his opinion she’s a slut) and it wasn’t any of his business to make those comments. I see that Kelly retweeted parts of his apology, and I wonder if WWE just made her do that to create the illusion of peace between them.

    If I were Kelly, I’d be incredibly pissed off at Orton, and wouldn’t forgive him unless he flat out retracted everything he said about her, but politically, WWE is a horrific nightmare for most employees, so she hasn’t been given any real choice in the matter, when all the blame is on Orton.

    Orton’s comments will fuel all those rumours already existing about Kelly Kelly, and didn’t help anyone in saying them.

    • andagain

      I agree completely. And the fact that the political landscape of the WWE makes it so Kelly can’t say a single thing in return makes me sick.

  • davepower

    What an over reaction to dumb banter.

  • Raekon

    Funny, really funny! No wonder this guy never grew on me.

    A Immature little boy that thinks that its ok that almost the whole roster of superstars are sleeping around left and right, but when a diva had a few relationships or romances she is immediately a slut and everyone should know it.

    Maybe he should had also commented on what hard times she had when her boyfriend died (Test) and how she felt about it? Nah…. let’s just call her slut that just sleeps around.

    I wonder how many times he already cheated his wife because he is a “man” and can do it.

    Muscles+Looks – Brains = Orton

    • art

      because he is a man..im a man & if Orton cheated & slept around id call him a slut..

      • Raekon

        That might be the case but it doesn’t mean that most man would. :/

        Unfortunately most males (and no I’m not exaggerating…) would rather shake hands with him and congratulate him on what a “hot hunk” he is that can “nail” so many girls. -.-

        I have a co-worker in my department, I even see him typing messages on a dating site from work and he even admitted himself that when he is in longer pauses sometimes (outside the company of course), then thats because he has sex.

        Yes, he is very proud about it and feels safe because he knows that I or other people from work that know what he is doing wouldn’t say a thing.

        We don’t know his wife and 3 kids after all…. Only from pictures.

        I hate what he does to the bone, but still tolerate him since its actually not my business and since we have to work together anyway.

        He is nice to me most of the time and helpful, other times we fight a little bit about this and that but in overall we work well together.

        • art

          i get your point but this is wwe their together almost every year so anything that happens becomes everyones business in a way since their all together most of the time…thats a sad story im glad ive never cheated & im way different from most guys..

  • seasons-of-love

    Well, that’s nice I guess. He was clearly joking around for most of the interview, but he went a step too far there and he knows it. Good on him to apologize, and my utmost respect to Kelly for not letting it get to her.

    Val Venis and Paul London take note. >_>

    • Melina&Mickie4ever!

      Val Venis and Paul would never aplogize to Melina. They make it their personally vendetta to put her down. Did you read Batistia’s tweet about her ? Shame…..

      • davepower

        Why would they apologise if it was true?

        • Melina&Mickie4ever!

          They dont have to apologize if its true , because it probably is which I sadly beleive it is , it would be nice for them to apologize for being disrespectful , Val did make a video bashing Melina , Paul London in a interview put Melina on blast. What if Melina said oh none of them were that good anyways. They would probably be pissed. I mean do they have kids and their talking like that about a women ? How is that being a great role model.

        • davepower

          The disrespect was intended. Melina isnt well liked in the WWE. Foley even wrote about the rep she had and they were friends.

        • seasons-of-love

          Whether it was true or not (and Melina says it wasn’t, ftr), it has absolutely nothing to do with them, and it put them in a much worse light than Melina. They attacked Melina and John purely to boost their own names. No questions asked. What they did was pathetic and hateful, and that’s why they should apologize.

          And yeah, I did read Batista’s tweet, and I can understand it tbh. Her wrestling career has seen her attacked and scrutinized from all angles. Saying that, Melina is passionate about what she does, and I can’t see her leaving the business anytime soon. I have a lot of respect for her. Here’s someone who has held her head high for YEARS, in spite of so much unwarranted hatred from a bunch of people who clearly aren’t happy with their own lives. She’s the better person here.

          Likewise with Kelly Kelly in this situation. I give her all the props in the world for not rising to the bait.

        • seasons-of-love

          @DavePower: Foley also said the reason she had a bad rep was because she’s introverted and shy. He said the exact same thing about Jeff Hardy. Shame on them for not fitting in smoothly to the frat environment.

          And regardless of whether their disrespect was intended or not, it’s still not right. Sort out your own lives and don’t feel the need to make creepy ass videos about women who have accomplished more than you ever have.

        • davepower

          Again Foley is her friend and in general never likes to be the bad guy and hurt feelings.

          She is more than just an introvert. Daniel Bryan is an introvert but you dont hear stuff about him. It is not just that.

      • http://twitter.com/LaycoolLove16x LaycoolLove16x

        hmm is batistas account real because wwe tweeted something about it being fake

        • seasons-of-love

          He posted a photo with him holding the username, so I imagine so. :)

  • seasons-of-love

    Oh, and so what if Kelly plays the field? To our knowledge she isn’t tied down, and I’m betting a lot of the guys screw around just as much. Good for K2.

    • GlamazonInTraining89

      I understand ur point But unfortunately America is a country that Frowns upon a woman for sleeping with multiple partners While “Praising” a man for doing the same thing…..

  • davepower

    I know this is a women’s wrestling site so this is more a comment on the Wrestling media and fans in general.

    Orton talks about ODing and having six concussions but all people are interested in is this Kellly Kelly thing.

    • Kaledrina

      it is a shame that the sex life of a woman is more gossip-worthy than the state of mind and the health of a top star in the top company =\ six concussions? i always thought that after the fourth was when things could go seriously wrong and you should quit jeopardizing your health?

  • LayCoolAddict

    I didn’t listen to the interview i read parts of it on a fansite but Randy really sounds like a horrible person, he talked about the women that played his wife in wwe segments he said ”Both those women were actresses. Not even actresses. They were like models who couldn’t act; it was awful. (hosts laughed) It actually ruined both segments because they couldn’t act,”
    and basically calling Kelly a slut was uncalled for! But of course he wont get in trouble because he’s a guy and he’s Randy Orton, if it was the other way around Kelly would be released now.

    • seasons-of-love

      In fairness, they were TERRIBLE actresses, so he’s totally right in that regard. I mean, Randy himself can’t really act, but he outperformed them by miles.

      They should’ve just used his actual wife. She’s very pretty and she couldn’t any worse at acting than those two, lol.

      • shameronstar

        I think there’s a good reason Randy doesn’t want his wife on wwe tv. It’s because he doesn’t want what I call the “Marc Mero-Sable Effect” happening. He doesn’t want his wife potentially becoming a break-out star(Miss Elizabeth, Sable, Vickie Guerrero, Karen Angle/Jarrett) like many wrestling wives have become and stealing the spotlight from him.

        • seasons-of-love

          Aw, that’s a pretty big assumption to make. And with respect, Randy has a lot more going for him than the likes of Marc Mero!

          If I were going to make any assumption about it, I’d probably guess his wife just doesn’t feel comfortable about appearing onscreen?

        • davepower

          It isnt an assumption.

        • seasons-of-love

          Which one?

        • davepower

          Anyone with a brain wouldnt involve their wife in Wrestling. I am fairly sure Randy has said that too.

          Once you bring your wife on TV you are booking your own divorce.

  • KidKamikaze

    Opportunity lost. Kelly Kelly should have gotten at that guy and all the diva-haters on the mic. She is the face of the division. She should be allow to be a voice of it as well.

    And that apology sounds way too hollow.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I didnt hear the interview but I read about what he said. Randy Orton seems like a real B*tch in real life , the way he acts on T.V to me makes it seem like that is how ge really acts everyday off camera. None the less he did stepp over the line about what he said about Kelly Kelly. Im sure some of us now she dated a few guys in the wwe.

    Over the past years divas are always getting put on blast about who they are messing with or so called have dated. It happened with Mickie & Cena , Melina & Bastista and so forth. I just dont understand why would you wanna mess with guys u wrk with …lol come on their is more fish in the sea..

    • Kaledrina

      “I just dont understand why would you wanna mess with guys u wrk with …lol come on their is more fish in the sea..”

      i understand what you mean but at the same time, the guys and girls are on the road for many days of the year. if you’re gonna wanna date somebody, it more often than not is going to be somebody you see more than two or three times a month, i guess. it’s actually a pretty sweet thought, being on the road with the person you have feelings for, experiencing everything and seeing the world together.

      • Melina&Mickie4ever!

        Yeah that would be kinda of a sweet thought. Then again they would have to know the consequences that come with it. eh….IDK I woudnt understand im not a wrestler so lol I guess dating a Diva or Dating A SuperStar they work with is okay with them.

        • Shan

          The close proximity thing makes sense all around but it might become a problem when you date more than 10 guys in the same business. Male or female where I’m from it’s never viewed as a good thing; especially when you’re all swimming in the same pool so to say.

          However, Orton blasting her like that was unprofessional. If it’s his thoughts he should just keep them to himself. However he might have just been too relaxed and let everything go. Personally I have nothing against either of them and really have no reason to believe his apology was fake. It sucks that Kelly can’t reply though. If she doesn’t hold a grudge it would just show she’s a bigger person.

  • Kaledrina

    hopefully his apology is actually sincere and not something he was told to do. as a father of a little girl he really should’ve handled the situation differently.

  • shameronstar

    Poor Kelly, its bad enough she can’t wrestle now people are going to think she’s a hoe who can’t wrestle. How can someone as handsome as Orton be such an ugly person on the inside. If he looked like the person he is on the inside he’d look like the Creeper from “Jeepers Creepers”. He gets away with so much it’s not even funny. Because of him, former wwe diva Amy Weber quit because he badly hazed her because she didn’t acknowledge how much of a superstar he is or something, and that was a shame because I liked her. He also harassed former diva Rochelle because she didn’t even know who he was. I was thinking if it were me he was bullying I would have to do something to him like fight him and I’m not someone who tries to get into conflicts either, and I don’t care if he’s a wrestler I’ll bite, scratch, claw, I’ll use a belt, a shoe, or any other blunt object to knock his ass out to show him I’m not the one to mess with because “if you piss me off your ass is grass”. He’s just so aggravating at times that I just wish someone would go Madea on him.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Kelly Kelly responded to Randy Orton’s Interview comments on her twitter page.

    You know I dont know if its just be but sometimes when rumors fly up about a superstar or diva , or accusations have been brought up against them. When they hear about they never actually deny it half the time. They always come back with a comment like ” Oh I do pay attention to stuff like that ” or ” Me and so and so are good friends” etc.

    Sometimes they never physically deny it , but eh maybe its just me

    • silverink-25

      You’re right, and the only one I can seem to go back to is Melina, cause she gets a lot of heat for some reason and she never denies the accusations, but I think it’s cause even if she does, most won’t believe her anyway.

  • http://twitter.com/greatones1 Prescott

    Kudos to the original Seasons-of-Love comment. That about sums it up. Some people are blowing this WAY out of proportion; few are going to turn around and immediately think that Orton’s comments were true. They almost certainly weren’t. At the same time, sure she has dated a co-worker or two, and they are in the public spotlight as semi-celebrities, so speculation will occur. She’d have just as much right to call him an over-pushed, under-charismatic politician, K2 is just too wise (and has worked too long for this run) to pull that. Good for her.

    Those of you acting like Orton won’t get punished for this should think twice. I can assure you that he will; just wait. In fact, this outburst has been speculated to have been primarily feuled by the news that he’ll possibly be dropping the belt (to MITB winner same-night, predictably) to set up the “face chase” for SmackDown’s BGB.

    Also keep in mind that Randy is lobbying to run as heel again, and getting some ‘net or shoot heat is way up there in his consciousness following this trenchant, newsworthy angle w/ CM Punk. This may have been his unwise attempt to begin paving the way. Nevertheless, he’ll do the honors a few more times than he would have to send the right message. He’s smart enough to accept that as shown by the apology. Not only do people not think K2 is a bad person, they don’t think Orton is ugly on the inside either. It was a mistake and shrewd fans and followers should read the apologies as if Orton’s already in plenty of hot water from it, given that K2 is clearly the face and flagship of the Divas at the moment. We know Randy made a mistake, at the same time, let’s not assume that Mgmt won’t even send a slight message as a result.

  • Mikas

    Kinda late to apologize, the damage is already done. Wasnt there a diva in a shoot interview that also called her a slut? So now with Orton’s comments and an apology without actually retracting his comments this will probably hunt Kelly for a while.

    If a midcarder would say something like this they would be immediatly de-pushed, but in the state Smackdown is in right now i see him getting away with it.

    • seasons-of-love

      Ya, I think Maria listed the divas she considered sluts or something in her shoot? Gosh, it must be great to be so respectable and pius, right?

  • http://twitter.com/LaycoolLove16x LaycoolLove16x

    im not taking anysides but its both their fault randy sgouldnt of said it and kelly shouldnt be sleep with half the lockeroom then these situations would not happen and in randys denfence he was caught up in the moment with the radio hosts guessing superstar

    Also glad someone comfirmed maryse and the miz tho if you didnt already know they was dating then where you been living under a rock

  • art

    wow if she has been with 10 guys in wwe thats just nasty & another reason for me too dislike her even more..gross…shes only 23 & has been with 10 guys in wwe thats 2 a year…

    • seasons-of-love

      You consider two guys a year bad? o_O

      Trust me, by typical standards that’s really not that awful at all, lol.

      • art

        that last comment wasnt meant to be here as a reply…its not that bad but she shouldnt be spreading herself around in a company full of guys who are going too want some even if they have wives..she should be more smart if anything…

        • andagain

          Then shouldn’t the guys be chastised too? Are they all nasty sluts? Or does that only apply to women? *rolls eyes*

    • art

      remember theirs always some truth too every rumor..

    • andagain

      How old are you? Because believing there’s a limit on how many people a person should sleep with (especially considering “10” is probably a huge hyperbole) makes me believe you’re a little kid.

      • TheBeautifulPeople.

        How are you gonna judge someone if you don’t even know them? You don’t like Kelly Kelly for on screen reasons not Off Screen reasons. You sound so childish. How would you know if she slept with 10 guys. What if she only slept with 2 or 3? There’s no limit into someones love and you cannot judge them for that. What if you were ”Sleeping” with 10 guys? How would you feel if someone blast that on the media? Exactly.

        • art

          @Mikas that would have to be awkward & i wonder how justin & randy are going to get along in the locker room….i agree with u 100% co workers are different from ten random guys LOL..

      • art

        @andagain read MY Comment above…

        10 is abit much in 5 years..im 26 & ive been with 10 people since 13 so its not 2 a year or more in a year for me..ive never been with 10 people in 5 years…its MY opinion that its nasty & it would be nasty if it was a guy too im not sexist at all..you people dont know me so dont assume things about me you dont know..i just said me opinion on kelly IF she has indeed slept with 10 guys in wwe..

        • andagain

          10 people in 5 years is not too much. Sorry we’re not all woman hating prudes.

        • art

          andagain either am i…but shes 23 not 35 by the times shes 35 what its gonna be 50-60…hotdog down a hallway..

        • Mikas

          “10 people in 5 years is not too much. Sorry we’re not all woman hating prudes.”

          It’s not just 10 GUYS in 5 years, 2 a year wouldnt be that bad if you are single. But this is 10 CO-WORKERs, thats different because those 10 guys all work together and share a lockerroom. For whoever is currently dating Kelly (i think thats Justin Gabriel), that must be a very awkward situation. Especially if one of the other 9 guys “jokes” about Kelly while Justin is around. So you cant really compare 10 guys with 10 co-workers.

        • lazberg

          art, does it not enter your head when you say, “you people dont know me so dont assume things about me you dont know” that that is exactly what you are doing to kelly with a heap of judgement on top? you’re making the assumption that orton is speaking accurately which is a stretch given his reputation for mistreating women co-workers. but you happily accept his word and go on to make your own crass comments.

          in the spirit of being mean to strangers, one might suppose that given what we DO know of you, by your own statements, is that you’ve been sexually active since you were 13. if you’re a boy, you’d likely be judged as successful and precocious, a real lad’s lad. if you’re a girl you’re a right little slut. in either instance you might be seen as a hillbilly and given your penchant for judgement one might speculate on whether your cousin did you out of pity. we also know that you’ve claimed 10 partners between 13 and 26 years of age. perhaps your early start was a fluke and the few people willing to sleep with you would indicate your ineptitude in the sack, your unfavourable aroma or plain unattractiveness physically and socially.

          but then, we don’t know you beyond your words. what is clear is that you are willing to make assumptions and cast crude judgement against a woman who is sexually active, based on the rumours spread by an unsavoury co-worker.

          i’ve worked in the entertainment industry for a long time. road work is grueling and lonely and there are not a lot of people you can relate to that get what you’re life is like. my experience has been that the guys are a hell of a lot more interested in racking up numbers of partners. they are a hell of a lot less interested in the persons with whom they rack up those numbers and they are generally cheered for their prowess. while on the other hand women tend to be more selective and are judged much more harshly when their flings become known. in 5 years on a full time road schedule 10 people is not a vast number for a healthy 24 year old of either gender.

          as for your speculation that her frequency of partners would remain consistent over time and result in a vulgar comparison to a frankfurter in a hallway, well that just tells us how little you know about anatomy. after all, your momma squeezed your lumpy head out her lower parts and i’m sure your dad would argue that she remained capable of successful intercourse. in any event, you exhibit the same double standards and limited mentality that gives an asshole like randy orton the sense that he can make such an uncalled for comment about a female co-worker. the sort of comment i can pretty much guarantee he would never make about one of the male co-workers whose personal infidelities and dalliances would likely make the activities of young kelly seem quite tame.

        • Raekon

          Two people I know for sure:
          – Batista with which she were dating but briefly
          – Test with which she was in a two-and-a-half year relationship that had ended prior to his death in March 2009

          Justin Gabriel has a girlfriend but its not kelly kelly, its a girl thats outside the wrestling business.

          The problem the superstars and divas have is that they are like 250+ days on the road for houseshows, tv shows, promotion, backstage work that doesnt get televised and much more.

          So its rather likely that they will connect with each other at some time instead with someone outside the business.

          If of course after a while the dating ends because there are too many differences, its obvious that both people will still have to work together sometimes since its the same company.

          My collegue at work was divorse from his wife and after a while he started a relationship with a woman from a other department of our company.

          In the meantime she changed work and lives in a other town but the relationship still goes one and very well even they can see each other only at weekends in the meantime.

          I on the other hand had many opportunities to start something with someone from the company but never wanted it.

          However, I’m not like half my life on the road like these superstars and divas so I understand the big difference there and that in that case I have it “easier” when it comes to this.

        • B Fizzle

          @lazberg Thank you for saying everything I wanted to express and then some. Some people’s comments on this situation are very saddening.

        • art

          @lazberg I was commenting as if it was true i never said it was i said “IF” some where on this article…im sorry but how out of line where you saying ive had sex with my cousin which i havent & never would..im a guy but from 13-17 i was in a relationship so neither of us would be judged…
          hahahahahaaaaa i can post my pic here ok im in pretty good shape & i get complemented on my looks..

          we dont know she might if true had 10 guys in the last 3-2 years..what if she had 10 guys in 2 years??..that isnt something respectable..she can do whatever she wants but when shes dated guys in wwe she knows their gonna talk about her..i bet the girls talk about it just as bad as the guys…

          justin gabriel & kelly ARE dating or he has an open relationship because hes posted pics of him & kelly kissing & stuff…

        • Raekon

          I guess he has broken up with his girlfriend then.
          The pictures I had seen with him and his probably EX by now, were a few months ago so I thought he is probably still with her. ^_^

          Nice couple if he and kelly kelly are together. I hope things go well between them and that they can outstand the whole rumours.

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Wesley Romano

    Wonder what a “Girls Club” convo sounds like =)

    Hmm…Must be that thing Maria K was talking about how Melina and Kelly love to have girl meetings about who is dating who and how they cant date certain guys and whatnot…smh

    Was Orton wrong for that? Sure he was. Is Kelly suppose to mess around? Sure! Why shouldnt she?! =D
    Damn If i was on the road with Kelly 360 days a year…Imma stop there ;)

    • Your_NamE_hErE

      I LOL’D, maybe kelly k just has a very friendly v****a. I see nothing wrong with that.

      On a serious note: Randy Orton must have not have thought that this wasn’t going to go mainstream. I believe that what he did was indeed wrong if you’re going on a show to represent the company. I think that he had gotten a little to comfortable with the radio host and forgot who was signing his checks for a sec and slipped up. He shouldn’t have mentioned anything about her personal life to the public…. which was probably true though. That’s kind of what happens if you sleep with more than two or more of your co-workers. People start to gossip and your business is everywhere.

  • silverink-25

    Does this mean that Kelly is put in the boat with Melina? I remember that their was a kayfabe moment in like ’07 where Melina’s character was deemed as a whore who slept with half the locker room. However, this seemed to be put in her real life, and everyone kept calling Mel a whore in real life. Now Kelly is put in the “whore” boat, I wonder if anyone is gonna go on vids where Kelly wins a match, and call her a slut because they don’t like her…Just like they do Melina.

  • art

    kelly shouldnt have responded too his comments either true or false its none of his business at all to even talk about,who she sleeps with isnt anyones business but those two people involved..if i were kelly i would act like he didnt say anything…

  • Rhawk

    In all honesty, as much as I dislike Kelly Kelly, even I can see Orton crossed the line somewhat. And like mentioned, I’m sure he nver purposely meant to insult the woman, but he was in that environment with all the guys, and what else can you talk about other than the boobies right? x-D

    Will Orton get punished for saying what he did, yes, IN A WAY, and I say this because since he’s clearly the bigger star than Kelly ever will be, he can’t get punished too much to insulting a ‘DIVA’, we all know how it works lets be honest. But even still, at least he apologized. Alhough I still laughed at the end of this considering both Orton or Kelly never denied anything said in the issue, since Kelly only called Orton stupid and to be ignored (which she did a bad job of really) and orton only apologizing, never taking back what he said.

    But even still, we all knew the women ‘got around’ in the company in more ways than one for awhile now, so thats notreally news to us.

    • B Fizzle

      That is so Teutonic.

      • Rhawk

        Okay theres a HUGE difference between Welsh and German, you need to get that straight! lol jk I knew what you meant, but thats how they would deal with the situation, am I wrong?

  • TheBeautifulPeople.

    He should apologize! When I read that interview on PWTorch, He sounded like a stuck up Jock. He was criticizing So many wrestlers out of his league. He was talking about John Cena, Sheamus, And Kofi Kingston on how they are babies and wimps and stuff. He said The Rock ”Almost” Got him in trouble backstage and how he confronted him on his way’s. He said He could name the 10 guys she could be with and all of them are Big names in the WWE. Personally to me he sounds like hes saying Kelly Is a Wh*re. Randy sounds like a total Bitch in real life and it’s disgusting. Those things that Randy said must be hurtful to some wrestlers. He also said that His actors to act like his wife are horrible actors. Kelly should stand up for herself,

    • Rhawk

      You must have been listening to a different interview then, because some of the things you mentioned are false. Of course he mentioned the 10 guys thing about Kelly, but everything else u mentioned, u could not BE more wrong.

      He never criticized any of the others in the back for being lower than him. He PRAISED Cena and Sheamus while Kofi wasn’t even mentioned in the interview. And about the Rock incident and his horrible fake wives, he had a right to say that because one, he COULD have been in trouble because of Dwayne, and two, those tw women were DREADFUL actresses, like he said they were models who TRIED to act, but couldn’t.

      Hell I’m not even much of a Orton fan and even I can admit that he wasn’t as bad as you make him out to be in your post. Now did he go over the line, of course, but theres no need to go around spreading lies just to give him more heat, thats not needed for him anymore.

      • TheBeautifulPeople.

        There not false? Its the interview that he actually said on PWTorch in the description.

      • TheBeautifulPeople.

        And its kind of funny how your standing up for Randy Orton in the other comments, Were just saying how we feel about this situation, Not a letter to WWE saying to fire him