SmackDown Watch: December 19, 2008

SmackDown saw a #1 Contenders match for the Divas Championship, with Michelle McCool at ringside, Maryse and Maria battled to become the new challenger.


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  • Anthony

    I feel like Maryse took 1 step forward and 2 steps back. She’s getting waaaayy too dramatic with her poses and stuff and she won the same way she won against Maria last time. I think she needs tag matches because she can’t really carry a match on her own

  • nicorette

    I was laughing so hard at Maryse at the very end when she put her finger in her mouth, she looked like a complete idiot. However, thats what i love about Maryse. She is really dramatic, you’re right, but at least she does something. I think it’s entertaining to watch, though. Michelle McCool is too boring. Maryse has great character and is sooo much more improved than any other diva search competitors. It’s about time a Canadian woman wins a championship. I really hope the WWE doesn’t screw this up.. When I first saw Maryse, I and probably most others, felt that she would be another Kelly Kelly or Maria but i am really impressed. Go Maryse.

  • Christi84

    I totally disagree Anthony. She is a total heel Diva. She has to be dramatic with how cocky she is and how hot she is. She’s meant to act like she’s better than everyone else. how many times has Kelly Kelly won the smae way? Or Michelle? Or Maria? That works for everyone. And Maryse can definitely carry her own. She’s done it like 4 times with Michelle. Matches with Maria look bad for everybody because of Maria. This match was alright. For a #1 contenders match it was pretty weak, but that’s fine. Maryse has got some magnifcient taunting going on, I love it. Maryse definitely brings out the best in Michelle in matches. You can tell they’re not too fond of each other and Michelle actually shows some personality with her. Personally I hope the title changes hands, this reign has been stale as week old bread.

    I guess Michelle is a heel cuz she’s wearing black and leather right?


  • nicorette

    I totally agree. I would like to see Natalya or Victoria get in there as well..I LOVE Natalya, but I would rather see her as Women’s Champion rather than Divas Champion..Maryse is certainly growing on me, and I would love to see her take the title from Michelle McCool.

  • Jordan

    Eh I agree with Anthony, these poses are kinda stupid. Like what in the world was the point of putting her finger to her mouth, it looked more like she was gonna kiss Michelle rather then taunt her; weak taunt, none the less. Maryse does have good emotions and actions in the ring, but that afterwards was just plain stupid. The only thing that made sense was Michelle backing her off her championship. Eh, tbh I hope Michelle retains. Would rather have Gail take it from Michelle, then Maryse. Victoria or Natalya would be even better, but we all know better then to hold our breath for that. >_>

  • nicorette

    They are stupid. But they’re supposed to be. Maybe it is getting to be a bit too much..but just like Victoria and Jillian, the WWE obviously wants their heel divas to make fools of themselves to put over the faces more. If anything, I am tired of the Bella Twins stupid poses.

  • Luis-Angel

    all 3 looked great.
    that was the exact same ending to their previous match lol
    i luv Maryse and her taunting hahaha
    wtf is up wit Michelle is she heel or not?

  • Al

    Maryse’s taunting after the match was a bit too much. I think she was moving her hands around like that and putting her finger in her mouth as if to say “hmmm, I wonder what I’m looking for?” Then, she put her finger on the belt to say that “this is what I want.” It was a bit much, but Maryse is still awesome. What the hell is up with Michelle looking like a bitch, yet acting facish? Seriously, make the turn already!

  • Erin

    Kind of a slow and sloppy match. It all looked pretty lazy. I have a irrational hatred for Maria’s clotheslines. They look prissy and kind of “special”.. IDK…

    I enjoy Maryse’s act, but I agree that the “showdown” at the end was lame. Maryse looked like she was trying to cross the non-existent language barrier (since she can speak English) and speak to Michelle through sign language. :P

  • Marco

    This was a great match!!!
    And I disagree with Anthony. Maryse is supposed to do that!
    Its her whole gimmick.

  • boi213

    yay maryse better take the belt this time…..and when is michelle gonna be a full on heel??? when gail debuts???? and when will the match be in two weeks????

  • mah

    the start of the match was cool…tht slap from maria but after tht everything became normal
    but after all…i still see maryse as a gr8 newcomer..she is proving how good she is n the taunt thingy…i liked it
    if any of u play wwe videogame n went to creat maryse,u will understand what i mean…she is exciting

  • Daniel

    Je T’Adore Maryse! <3

  • VakhoMcCool

    I like maryse she was behavin her self like drunk :) lol and i love michelle she rocks :)

  • Melanie

    It’s j’adore, Daniel.

  • Daniel

    J’adore is I love.

    Je T’Adore is something on a whole other level. It means more than love. It means; ‘I adore, I love, you’re everything!’. In context, of course.

  • KiKi

    It was really funny, the aftermath of the match…Maryse makes me laugh.
    Hopefully, Maryse wins the championship this time.

  • Malfunkshun

    I agree that Maryse could tone down the posing a bit, as the ending was kind of silly, but I guess it’s all apart of her eccentric character.