Another Tough Enough Contestant Debuts in WWE Developmental

Last night at an FCW event in Tampa, former WWE Tough Enough contestant, Ariane Andrew, made her debut as a ring announcer for the night.

Andrew previously stated on Twitter that she had been signed to a contract in early April, despite being the first contestant eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin on Tough Enough.

Diva Dirt recently reported that fellow TE contestant, Christina Crawford, signed a new developmental deal and has already returned to FCW.

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  • Jake

    They were not lying when they said they were going to rebuild their division. They have 13 girls on the roster now.

  • seasons-of-love

    I got all hopeful thinking this was Ivelisse.

    But cool. Ariene wasn’t exactly the star of Tough Enough, but gotta show respect to a fellow Melina fan.

  • dirtydiva007

    Who cares about those two, no offense to Foxy number 2! They really need to get on the ball and sign Ivelisse! She was my female pic on TE and she deserves a contract!

  • xxQOXxx

    God i hated her on TE.
    I wouldn’t be sad if she was released before making it to the main roster because i like every other FCW girl.

  • Kaledrina

    so it turns out michael with a k was right when he said something along the lines of how all you need is booty to be a diva ;)

    anyway, it’s always nice seeing newbies getting a shot..good luck to her !

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    good luck to her, hopefully this means, that Ivelisse will be next to get signed :)

  • AmazingRed!

    I actually like her maybe its because she hella sexy haha…but we didnt really get to see what she could bring to the table. give her a chance people

  • Rhawk

    She’s alright figure wise, around 19 years old figure, but her face… she looks 15, and thats no joke! To be fair I almot forgot the woman exsited on Tough Enough, and tbh, considering they could have signed Ivelisse and Rima (even though I’m sure both are still recovering from ther TE injuries), I’m not happy she’s signed and there would be no love lose of se ended up being the next Jenny Cash.

    • Jolaboeylaby Cylabyrulabus


      • Anthony

        hahahaha I was just going to write that..CHA-CHING!

  • art

    if she keeps her attitude she’ll be released & i bet that will end up happening..

  • TheBeautifulPeople.

    I hope she comes to the WWE And Alicia’s sister And all join Alicia Fox

  • Kat

    I don’t understand why WWE keeps signing these girls that had their chance. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad there’s plenty of Divas, but who’s going to use them? I would prefer Ivelisse, to be honest, but I guess we should give Ariane the benefit of the doubt. Right?

  • ThePopPrincess2000

    Im so happy Christina got signhed Rima and Ivalieese should be signed for certain. The only reason i can think she could have been signed is she showed a good soild spunk attidue for a heel, she is a beautifull young girl, was kinda funny and sh’s black and the diva divison need to represent more black girls for sure

  • Marshy

    That it makes you wonder what happen to the others on who they have said that has sign with WWE Developmental deal.

  • Raekon

    When I saw the title I dearly hoped to see Ivelisse. :/
    Old news about arianne and even I actually don’t care about her, good luck to her.

  • laqisha

    I don’t know why they keep on signing random chicks. Too many Divas in the WWE world right now.

  • Lily

    The only TE girls WWE should have on their roster are Christina, Rima and Ivelisse. Ivelisse because she’s talented as hell. Christina because she has a lot of potential to be a really talented wrestler. Rima because she has the passion for the wrestling meaning that she’s going to try as hard as we saw she did on TE.

    Ariane, i don’t care. She clearly has no clue on what she’s doing, so she can join the club of the rest of the clueless girls.

    I think FCW has a good group of girls (Naomi, Aksana, Maxine, Sonia, and Tenille). I’m excited to see how much Irena has improved in her wrestling and Audrey, we know nothing about her but for some reason i’m excited to see her wrestle even though i’m against model signings 100%.

  • WWFoverWWE

    omg FCW is getting crowded with girls, they need to send at least 2 girls to the main roster now

    I was hoping they would sign rima, because she’s middle eastern (I think) and she reminds me of candice michelle, and i love candice

    • Marshy

      WWE has never had a Middle Eastern Diva on their roster,cause in the past WWF now WWE has mostly hired Middle Eastern Guys but not the women,even after 9-11 that you can count on one hand on how many Middle Eastern guys are in the Developmental deal,and Rima is the only Middle Eastern woman who can become a Diva.

      • WWFoverWWE

        actually former WWE diva serena deeb is half arabic, so WWE did have a middle eastern diva

        • Marshy

          Oh okay thank you for telling,cause I didn’t know that.

        • Marshy

          Oh okay thank you for telling me,cause I didn’t know that about Serena Deeb.

  • ElectricMVx

    I thought it would be Ivelisse…. but instead we get Miss Divalicious. Let’s hope she can at least do a roll now.. or run at the ropes without constantly pulling up her sweats.

    • Marshy

      Hopefully can afford to get sweatpants that she doesn’t have worry about her sweats when she runs at the ropes without constantly pulling her sweats.

  • iLUVwrestlingValets

    Im kinda glad she got signed, that makes at least six black divas in the wwe right now which probably has never happend before, i think she would be an amazing heel.Im definitly giving her a chance because we didnt see what all she could do on TE. By the end of this year everyone should expect to see more divas, because isnt the WWE bring back the Divas Search as welll?

    • Marshy

      Oh yea that is right the Diva Search is on way too,but in fairness that we don’t know when it is going to start and who will be the participants or Are they going to keep on a hush hush secret on who the participants are?

      • iLUVwrestlingValets

        I have know idea, but assuming from the past Diva seaches, the contestants are probably going to be a bunch of ex models, dancers, or reality tv contestans in which you cant tell the girls from whom want to be in the business from the ones who just want tv exposure

        • Spike7000

          Last thing I heard was that the pending 2011 Diva Search was going to be a mix of models and Indie Wrestlers and that it was suppose to start Summer time

        • iLUVwrestlingValets

          Well if that is true, then hopefully more indie wrestlers than models, but i kinda doubt thats gonna happen cause Vince views the Divas as just simply eye candy. For example Maryse

        • Marshy

          I think that I have read somewhere that they were going to be women wrestlers from the Indies participating in the 2011 Diva Search.

  • Spike7000

    Funny how before Tough Enough 5 around March, she said on her twitter that she was moving to Tampa and a friend asked her why was she moving there and she responded for ”work”- (FCW/WWE). She even posted a picture of herself at the Tampa airport

    Although she ”disappeared” from her twitter after the incident, she’s was giving lately hints that she was signed from being asked to appear on a radio show and saying she has to ask you know who for permission to being followed by Irena Janjic on twitter also to doing her ”homework”-(watching wrestling tapes) and working really hard

    Apparently she might be working with Bill DeMott down at FCW which she said today something of the lines of that it was great seeing him and hoping to work with him next time also doing a promo with Naomi Night

  • Wesley Romano

    Get Ivy on board…wow man with all the WWE Cuts on the roster, the FCW Divas HAVENT been cut o.O

    While this may seem good news, imagine what the current divas must think??
    Practically a GARANTEE that they WILL be replaced…just a matter of WHO.
    Im pretty sure it will be the divas who are 30 years and plus unfortunatly
    IE Michelle McCool, Melina gail Kim Layla..and so on..despite these being the BEST ones

    I really would hate to have ANY divas get cut I trully love em all =( idk I just could care less about her..she looks like a neighbor of mines..same size same face…also looks like an ex of mines…shes very common looking =D

    I want Ivelysse on board baby!! thats one badass female!! And shes fine ass hell!!
    Get the Freaggin Rican on!!!

  • RR45

    I really thought it was Ivelisse. Ahhh oh well.

  • Dave Muscarella

    If they only use this girl as a ring announcer than thats fine. But, the fact that chicks like this get hired and Sara Del Rey and other deserving girls on the indies sit there unwanted by WWE makes me sick.

    Its not like there aren’t talented girls out there that have actual talent AND are nice to look at.

  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    God Damn It! I Was Hoping To See Ivelisse But Ariane? Seriously? She Obivously Hasn’t Got What It Takes To Be A Wrestler, Lets Just Hope She’ll Just Be A Ring Announcer, But Wow FCW Is Full Of Divas Now They Should Naomi & Maxine Or Even Aksana To The Main Roster Very Soon!

  • ElectricMVx

    You never know, maybe she has gotten good and trained a lot over the months..