SmackDown Redux (July 8th, 2011): Tamina: Warrior Princess is Clearly No Xena…

In a land far away, evil tyrant Vince locked out his SmackDown Divas deeming that they would not have “fun, fun, fun” on a Friday. It was a cold, harsh lockout. The Divas wandered aimlessly backstage, their reason for being taken away from them. Some drowned their sorrows in catering. Some tried to dress up as male Superstars to try and get on the show. Some stuck pins in voodoo dolls of the Raw Divas.

But then… The drought eventually ended when AJ, the spunky young newcomer, decided that she had to, in fact, “get down on Friday.”

And so, here we are. The Divas lockout is over! Hurrah!

SmackDown, it seems, is now the tale of womanhood as AJ, a ‘little girl’ (Michael Cole’s words), journeys to become a woman by defeating Tamina: Warrior Princess (Booker T’s words).

It’s AJ, minus her annoying/catchy (delete as applicable) entrance theme, taking on Tamina as the Divas drought ends on SmackDown. As usual, team leaders, Alicia Fox and Natalya are also at ringside.

As the bell rings, AJ and Tamina lock up as AJ tries to go for an armdrag on the much larger Samoan Diva. Tamina, of course, is not budging — Duh! — and uses her strength to hoist AJ off the ground with great ease. The Great Khali Tamina has both of her hands around AJ’s neck and tosses her into the corner. Tamina gets in AJ’s face before the referee pulls her away. AJ looks horrified.

Tamina runs at AJ, but AJ scouts this and kicks Tamina in the face with both feet. AJ with forearms before being pushed into the ropes by Tamina. She uses the momentum to baseball slide through Tamina’s legs. As Tamina turns around, she takes AJ down with a chop.

AJ is whipped into the corner with great force. She slumps into the corner as Tamina hits a running butt-bump, shades of the late Umaga. Tamina grabs AJ by the hair, taunting her. Meanwhile, Michael Cole continues his usual anti-Natalya spiel on commentary. The sky is blue.

Tamina slams AJ back to the canvas and goes for a pin but AJ kicks out.

Tamina with a chinlock on AJ, almost bending her in half. As the crowd tries to cheer on AJ and get her back into the match, Tamina slams AJ face-first back into the canvas. Tamina with a boot to the fallen AJ. She then whips herself off the ropes and goes for a splash but AJ rolls out of the way.

Meanwhile on commentary: “Tamina’s a woman. AJ’s a little girl.” – Michael Cole.

AJ gets back on her feet and hits Tamina with a forearm followed by a spin kick to the midsection. With Tamina down on her knees, AJ runs the rope and hits her patented running knee strike, taking down Tamina. Pin attempt but Tamina shakes AJ off.

AJ with a splash in the corner on Tamina. Tamina whips AJ into the opposite corner and goes for a splash of her own but AJ moves out of the way.

AJ with a roll-up on Tamina for the win.

After the match, team leader Alicia is not happy with Tamina’s loss as the pair come face to face and exchange words. Dissension in the ranks, already? We need Rosa to tie their hands together with her jump rope so they’re forced to make up.

Thoughts: Question: Is Gabrielle supposed to be able to beat Xena? Once again, Tiny Spicy picks up a victory over the much larger Tamina. Sorry Booker T, Warrior Princess she is not.

Decent little match, but unfortunately, after being spoiled with lengthy Superstars matches of late, none of the matches on Raw or SmackDown quite measure up. Timing is everything and these Divas matches are never of a suitable length.

The Tamina/Alicia tension is interesting but I think it’s far too soon in the game to break up these teams they seem to have created. But having said that, at least there’s some sort of storyline here. Perhaps they could build up the Tamina/Alicia situation and do a full-blown storyline. WWE clearly has no long-term plans for the SmackDown Divas with the Divas Championship mostly seen on Raw despite being available to both brands, so they need to do something. I’m not a fan of WWE having a division on SmackDown when there’s nothing to compete for. It makes the matches meaningless, in my opinion. They need something to fight over. Or they need to create storylines like they did back in the days of Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie which didn’t have a belt involved, but had a continuous storytelling week-to-week. That is something they could do with Alicia and Tamina.

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  • RR45

    I liked this match.. I thought AJ was gonna win with her shining wizard. I was hoping she didn’t have to use a roll up but I’m glad to see her win. Tamina and Alicia have tension already? They haven’t even been a team that long. They haven’t been a team tbh. Anyway I liked this better than Monday’s match.

    More wins for Tiny Spicy!

    • xxQOXxx

      It’s not a Shining Wizard.

      • art

        yes thats what the move is called..

        • xxQOXxx

          No, On the indie’s she did the Shining Wizard properly.
          The move that she did in the match(and does every week) was a simple knee strike like Melanie said.

        • future tna knockout.

          That’s definately the Shining Wizard. A simple knee strike looks totally different. She did the Shining Wizard in FCW too.

  • iLUVValets

    Is this match from today or last week, im confused???

    • EveLover

      This week

      • beliEVEr

        It’s from today. It probably feels like last week because the spoilers for this match came out last week.

        • iLUVValets

          oh ok thanks cause i was hella confused

        • beliEVEr

          Haha. I know, I was actually looking for the Tamina/AJ match last week but forgot Smackdown was taped two weeks in advanced. But your welcome ( :

  • MelinaMickieF3v3r

    Nice short match! Too bad Michelle McCool is gone , Michelle McCool vs Aj would have been a great match. Michelle would have brought out the best in Aj , not that she isnt already great in the ring but…Michelle helps these umComing divas shine in the ring , and that really could have helped Aj out. The match was nice thought Tamina did awesome , I just wish they would have Aj and Tamina wrestle alone without nattie or Alicia there. None the less great match.

    LOL Did anyone notice at the end when Alicia was arguing with Tamina , she was like Aj is this small motioning her hands to match Aj’s height lol

  • rodneyclint

    Short, but pretty good match up. I love David vs Goliath battles but I’m ready for AJ to use a finisher to win a match.We’ve been seeing a lot of roll up victories as of late from the ladies.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    short compared to the superstars match lol, but it was a good short match, and i really like Tamina the powerhouse :), i wish WWE would let them go at it on Superstars because i think it would be awesome, but very interesting in the tension between Tamina and Alicia,

    I am thinkin Alicia VS AJ next week, with Alicia losing and then Tamina making fun of her

  • abeckel

    Despite this being a fairly good divas match, sitting in the arena people didn’t like it what so ever. This was the quietest reaction from the audience was worse then even the dark matches that night. So sad to see two talented women get such horrible treatment.

    • beliEVEr

      I don’t even think it matters anymore, when it comes to Smackdown, how quiet or loud the audience is. It’s all replaced by fake crowd reactions anyway, so it’s no where as cringing to watch as a quiet Divas Raw Match or Divas PPV Match.

    • RR45

      Well actually there was an AJ chant going on which surprised me.

      • beliEVEr

        Yea, I know. AJ is actually pretty popular which doesn’t surprise me. She’s really likable when it comes to her ring work which the crowd usually always appreciates.

  • knockoutdivafan930

    I am definitely loving this push that Tamina is getting. She has made major improvements since she came in with the Usos and it’s nice to see her working with Nattie again. I am sensing Tamina vs Alicia very soon

  • EveLover

    I liked this match it felt longer that what it was ,I really liked it. Tamina did pretty awesome & aj did too but I wanna see aj get a finisher hopefully she uses the slice bread I just love that move .

    btw Why did aj come to natalyas them ?? :o .Speaking of AJs theme ,I could swear that I heard it a phineas and ferb commercial on disney channel

  • Williambitious

    Its so great to see AJ in a WWE ring. I wish her name was still AJ Lee, but oh well. This was an okay match but I didn’t understand the tension at the end. There was no need for that because they are barely a team as it is. Where was Rosa?

  • Lily

    I’m for one glad Alicia/Tamina have tension already. It’s good to see the Smackdown writers giving us some ‘action’ something RAW writers don’t know anything about. The thing is, who’s going to be the face or maybe it would be a feud like Maryse/Michelle as both heels. Tamina needs to be rebuild as a dominant heel like what they’re doing with Mark Henry.

    As for the match, It’s one minute more then the past RAW/SD matches. Tamina/AJ are really good at giving us an intense/quick 3 minute match. I think it’s time for Tamina to get a win though!

    Also, these 4 should be the only girls competing on Smackdown. I don’t care what they do with Rosa and Kaitlyn. Bring up Naomi and Aksana!

    • Lily

      I also think it would be interesting to see Tamina/Alicia feud for that ‘leader’ spot.

  • beliEVEr

    Good, good match. Not really all too memorable, IMO. But I do think that Alicia looked amazing tonight and I really enjoyed the after math of the match more than the match itself (though I do think that Tamina/AJ worked great together, just wasn’t feeling their ‘feud’ tonight tbh) it’s great to see some tension between Alicia and Tamina and if WWE go down the route with Tamina/Alicia it would actually be a nice change with putting a heel vs heel (even though one of the two would obviously have to go face down the road).

    • Marshy

      Since they did had Beth Phoenix VS Gail Kim on Superstars,I say why not have Alicia Foxx VS Tamina match instead of turning one of them back into face.

  • WWFoverWWE

    see it’s time like this that make me think retiring the womens title was a mistake, because you have women like natayla and tamina who could’ve won it

    these smackdown girls have nothing to fight for

    • Marshy

      Yes it was a big mistake of retiring something that has prestige as title even though Hervina AKA Harvey Whippleman shouldn’t had won the title as a guy in womens garb,he could have had easily won it as a guy,when Bobcat has won the Hardcore Title that no one had made her to dress up as a guy to win it.Just like when David Arquette has won the prestige WCW Heavyweight title just to promote the movie Ready To Rumble that one can argue that celebrity can win the title just to promote a movie when it fact that title has held by the greatest wrestlers of all time.

  • joeyesrojo

    I would like to see a storyline with the Smackdown Divas that brings the Women’s Championship out of retirement. That sounds like a good storyline. Not sure why they retired it in the first place, what did having two women’s belts hurt?

  • TheBeautifulPeople.

    I just saw this match like 30 mins ago. The match happened to be really good. I was hoping to see Alicia vs Natalya. I want also hoping for Alicia to attack Taminia also.

  • IvanPang

    seriouslt they should get back to the division where smackdown divas can have their ppv

  • Dorothy Gables

    That was a sick shining wizard. Oh, and I don’t understand why every match needs to end with a freaking rollup.

    • Dorothy Gables

      Actually nvm, I just realized why this particular match ended in a rollup… haha

  • BillyGP

    good match glad aj won she my favorite diva on smackdown.

  • _Bryan_

    i actually enjoyed the match. i dont really like aj’s character at all but that shining wizard kneed some serious face. tamina’s running butt buster looked painful, and once again shes impressed me a little. shes growing on me, and i think she has some chance of getting to the top of the division this year. she was put in the superstars to watch list afterall.


    To everyone on Diva-Dirt, I thought I should note this because I swear to God when Cole was bitching about Natalya all I heard was “womp womp womp womp womp womp” Oh my GOD I wish he would just shut the hell up 95% of the time. He talks too much. I liked the match…sucks it didn’t get to many spots and AJ was banging her foot on the ground trying to hint to the crowd hellooo give me strength lol, and they came late with the chant, but at least she got one. I love Alicia Fox =D she’s just so feisty and dominate when she stood up to Tamina, I just wish she wouldn’t have done like sign language for the crowd O_O she mapped out almost everything she said lol, but eh…i digress. FoxyRunTheWorld<3

    • RR45

      A lot of divas do that stomping during the “slow” part of the match. Tag partners and managers do that too.

  • e.beautyy

    really good match in what, 3-4 minutes?
    aj is an amazing wrestler, & tamina is definitely getting up there.

    matches like this proves that the whole ” but if they would’ve gotten more time it would’ve been better, bleh bleh, ect.” is just a crap excuse for bad wrestling.

    and do i smell an alicia face turn? probably not, lol. its prob. gonna be tamina .

    • beliEVEr

      Lol, I wouldn’t mind a Alicia face turn, but yeah I think if it comes down to it, Tamina will be the one turning face. In their aftermath post match, Alicia just seemed like the cocky know-it-all heel type, why Tamina looked like she was leaning towards getting fed up with her. (I’m still rooting for a Tamina/Alicia feud down the line. If they’ll turn Tamina face, maybe there’s luck Eve will turn heel, lol)

  • Glen

    I don’t know why but I could care even less about the Smackdown Divas then the Raw Divas. At least Raw has the belt. I just can’t get behind any of them and I think that it’s all become stale. I really am just left wondering what Melina, Gail, Beth, or even Maryse is doing. At least Maryse had some type of actual character that didn’t make me totally cringe.

    • WWEAddictful

      I think Melina & Gail. are having a good time having matches on Superstars.. :D and it’s great because WWE Superstars hold WOMEN matches not just for DIVAS


    Match was ok. I have a feeling Tamina and Rosa will be turning on Alicia. And OMFG will you get over Eve turning heel? What do SD Divas turning have to do with Eve? Eve has NO heel personality. She doesn’t have mic skills to be a heel. Eve is like Kelly they couldn’t pull off being heel.


    Will you get over Eve turning heel? She has NO heel personality or heel mic skills. She is just like Kelly. Couldn’t pull off being heel.

    • art

      eve has mic skills shes proved that…so you need to do your research..even if kelly or eve turned heel its not like wwe would go you know we need to give them a mic that just wouldnt happen…

      • beliEVEr

        How can you say someone has no heel personality or heel mic skills if they’ve only been a face their entire career? Actually, if anything, that would be a compliment to Eve because that means she’s doing her job as a face. We don’t know if or if not Eve can pull of being a heel. So relax and give her a chance, if the chance is given to her. I’m sure you’re in the same group of people that were complaining and arguing to people to give Kelly a chance when she was champion and now you’re taking down shots at Eve before a heel opportunity was even given to her, if it is given of course. Practice what you preach. And as ART said, Eve does has mic skills. She’s proved that time and time again.


    Anyway I hope Rosa and Tamina turn on Alicia.

  • art

    decent match glad aj won by taminas mistake..i do hope aj has the shinning wizard as her finisher since it can be done at any time & she does it really well…

    • BillyGP

      yes shinning wizard would be a good finisher for aj. hope she in or dlc for wwe 12 game

      • art

        maybe she’ll make the game as the game needs a new face in their so brighten it up…

        it would be so quick & since aj is quick it suits her well..cant wait too see what else she brings to the ring…