FCW Live Event Notes & Pictures from July 9th: Ariane’s In-Ring Debut, Divas Battle Royal

Saturday night, I attended another FCW Show, and as always, it was a great time. Before the show, I got to meet Kaitlyn and just as I was literally stepping out the door to leave, I spotted Maxine and also got to meet her. Both of them were great to talk to and it was awesome to get to see them as I normally dont get to meet people who are wrestling that night.

This was definitely the best of my trips, and the Divas match was a large battle royal involving Audrey Marie, Caylee Turner (Christina Crawford), Sonia, Maxine, Kaitlyn, Raquel Diaz, Divas Champion, Aksana, and the debuting, Ariane, of Tough Enough fame. Now before I get into the match, bear with me that it’s pretty hard to remember most of the eliminations since I was trying to get some non-blurry pics, so I’m just going to summarize the match with some notes instead.

* Ariane (which she was announced as) was the first eliminated but tangled with Caylee Turner for a few I believe.

* Somewhere in the middle of this, Audrey Marie, Caylee Turner, and Maxine (I believe in that order, but not definitely sure) were all tossed over because the next thing I knew we were down to 4. (It’s pretty hard to pay attention to eliminations when trying to focus on everything without a camera crew to film it).

* The final four were Aksana, Kaitlyn, Raquel, and Sonia, with Sonia eliminating Aksana next.

* Kaitlyn was then double teamed by Raquel and Sonia, as they lifted her over the top rope but she was able to hang on until being knocked off by both of them (pretty sick).

* Sonia and Raquel battled for a little bit trying to eliminate each other with clotheslines over the top rope, but Sonia was able to dropkick Raquel out of the ring and surprisingly win.

It seems they might be pushing Sonia as Aksana’s next challenger based on tonight, as well as the ‘Diva of the Month’ video on their site. All in all, the match was fun, but hard to keep up with so much going on. I liked Sonia winning as I was expecting Aksana to so it’s cool to have a surprise. Check out some pics below!

Check out some pictures of the show below. Yes, that is Ariane in the furry boots!

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  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    Not Bad, Looks Like We Have Askanas Next Challenger For The FCW Divas Championship, Or The Queen Of FCW Crown? I Guess We’ll Have To Wait And See.

  • http://youtube.com/user/xblutoxic xblutoxic

    of course they’ll push her, since she’s dating Jerry Lawler.
    she have some talent, in my opinion.

    • Bobby

      She didnt even wrestle for a good probably 6 or 7 months so I dont think thats any issue. With AJ and Kaitlyn on Smackdown, they’ve gotta start using more of the other divas like her, Christina, and Audrey

      • Spike7000

        She did actually wrestle

        For a few house shows she competed against AJ in submission matches also the match involving Jerry Lawler

        • Bobby

          I barely count that as wrestling xD the mixed tag she did kicks and clotheslines. I’m talking wrestling full time week to week

    • Raekon

      She didnt started to date him now so what you are saying its inaccurate cause it has nothing to do with it.

      If they would had pushed her because of it, the push would had came almost a year ago if not longer.

      • Lily

        You would not be pushed unless you were dating Cena, Orton, Taker or HHH meaning it would be un-likely since they’re all taken.

  • NaomiNightfan2011

    No Naomi? That’s upsetting!

    I guess Ariane’s in ring abilities haven’t gotten better if she’s getting chucked over the top rope first.

    • Lovedaddio

      I was thinking the same thing about Naomi, but trying to look at from the other side, it could be possible that they are close to bringing her up to possibly Raw and align her with Kelly Kelly, Not my fave scenario but I just want Naomi on the main roster NOW!!!!!!!

      What concerns me is there are usually spoilers from various sites including DD that have the early word about a new Diva debuting on TV and I’ve heard nothing about Naomi. We’ll just have to wait, see and be hopeful

      • NaomiNightfan2011

        Well if Naomi does get brought up, it’d probably be RAW since they are lacking by a heel

  • http://twitter.com/ThatKidPaul AmazingRed!

    Ariane looks pretty damn good that ring gear….

    i always wanted to attend a FCW Event to bad i stay in NC

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/BenxXROCKS katarinaw4ever

    why is christina always wearing AJ’s outfits ?
    the match looked reall good but whos that girl with that hat? on the first picture

    • Bobby

      The cowboy hat one is Audrey Marie

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i wonder where Naomi and Irena were????

  • Marshy

    We,the fans who lives outside of the state of Florida doesn’t get to see on what these ladies can do inside the ring unless the Next NXT features women again to get a redemption like the guys.

    • Marshy

      Oh yes BTW,The Diva Search better features women from the indies and not from FCW.I kno that they have said they will start using women from the independent scene,but don’t get wrong,I love WWE,but I wouldn’t put it past them,I mean Christina Crwaford to get release to be on Tough Enough and also her male counterpart Andy Levine.

  • laqisha


    • Anthony

      Which FCW diva’s do you consider cookie cutters? I think this might be the most diverse group of diva’s in not only FCW history. 4 White divas, 2 blonde (Kaitlyn & Aksana) 2 Brunette (Irena & Audrey) 4 African Divas (Christina, Ariane, Eden & Naomi) 1 Asian (Sonia) 3 Hispanic (Raquel, AJ, & Maxine) I think its really impressive.

      • Anthony

        ****in not only FCW history, but WWE history

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001164441111 Straight Edge Mattie

          don’t forget 1 European,1 Canadian,and 1 Australian

  • Lily

    Oh my god, who is wearing those furry boots!?! Maybe now that Melina doesn’t wear her old attires maybe Ariane can reuse them. That attire made me a small fan of Ariane (attire wise).

    I think Sonia should be the one to win the title from Aksana because she’s the most talented girl in FCW since Naomi will probably be gone by the end of summer.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/dsanchez96?feature=mhum sanchezdiego96

    Yeaa! I’m happy to see that Sonia has something going on.