Do We Have Some Stratusfaction Looming on the Horizon?

Forecast for tomorrow: sunny with a chance of Stratus clouds. In other words, it’s looking more and more likely that Trish Stratus will be making an appearance on tomorrow night’s Raw. It, as we mentioned previously, is taking place in Toronto, Canada. However, Jim Ross recently took to his blog to address the rumors:

I would say my chances of seeing one of my all time favorite hires, Trish Stratus, is better than 50/50 but that doesn’t necessarily mean she will appear on TV.

Of course, Ross could just be avoiding spilling the beans, but all signs are pointing to at least a small cameo by Toronto’s hometown girl. That, combined with the fact that tomorrow’s Raw will be taped during a SuperShow (meaning Raw and Smackdown folks will be under one roof) lends one to believe that her little “tiff” with Natalya may be played out to some extent. So if you’re a Trish fan, set your DVRs!

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  • Kari

    I hope she shows up. If she does I’ll be marking out like there’s no tomorrow.

  • Luis-Angel

    why is smackdown and raw under the same roof?

  • TracyWilson

    I set my DVRs ages ago. I’m hoping for some type of appearance. In-Ring or Backstage I don’t really care. Running into Beth or Nattie would be great… or running into both of them, even better. Only time will tell.

  • bonepile

    Don’t forget the other “hometown girl” Gail Kim is home in Toronto right now visiting her parents and family. Let’s see if possibly Ms. Kim will make an appearance too. What a night that would be.

  • amygirl

    Luis they taping Raw and SD on the same night this week, probably because of the holidays and as a way to save money. SD will be taped first with Raw being done live after.

    It’s also Christian’s hometown…that’s the one I would be marking the most over personally…

  • Melanie

    Yay, I think we’re due a dose of Stratusfaction! If Trish were to make a cameo on Raw and Gail were to debut on SmackDown this week, it’d be a Christmas miracle!

  • Marco

    Cmon Trish cmon!!!!!!

  • Marco


  • Rebecca

    I think there’s more chance of some interaction Between Beth & Trish than Nattie and Trish. I love Nattie, but WWE has used her so badly, why would they give her an appearance with Trish unless its for Trish to beat her down. I really doubt they’d put Trish on Smackdown with Raw being live…

  • KiKi

    If Trish shows up tonight……Raw’s gonna be awesome!
    A Beth and Trish interaction? Priceless!

  • Dani

    i’m crossing my fingers.i seriously miss that woman.

  • UkBoi123

    Shes backstage.. All we have to do now is wait. and See