New Knockouts Tag Team Champions Crowned

New Knockouts Tag Team Champions were crowned tonight on Impact Wrestling as Tara and Miss Tessmacher defeated Sarita and Rosita to win the belts.

The win marks Tara’s first reign as Knockouts Tag Team Champion after four reigns as Knockouts Champ. She joins Awesome Kong (Kharma), Madison Rayne, Taylor Wilde and Angelina Love as women who have held both sets of belts.

Meanwhile, this marks Tessmacher’s first title reign.

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  • Hands.ofthe.Wicked

    i hope this means madison gets a new tag partner & there is more focus on these belts!

    • Kaledrina

      madison’s feud with tara has been pretty one-sided, her getting back up/tag partner would make sense.. and anything that means another ko tag team is great

    • laqisha

      One word…….Rain

  • Kaledrina

    usually i’d be a bit pissed that somebody as new and inexperienced as tessmacher was handed a belt so soon, but i’m actually really pleased at the result! she’s still soo new but she’s definitely worked her ass off so far. give it a year or so and i can totally see tessmacher as head of the division.

    it’s a shame the circumstances of the title drop (i’m guessing sarita’s facial paralysis played a huge factor in it) but it was great of tna to give the knockouts a backstory for this match, even if it was uber-rushed.

    • Dale

      Tagging with a veteran like Tara and generally being protected by the tag team format could really improve Miss T ten fold. That’s providing she ever makes it onto TV with the belts which doesn’t seem too often.

  • WWFoverWWE

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they have someone come in to replace sarita in mexican america, so she can rest and treat her condition

  • NT86

    It’s a random tag team, considering that Miss Tessmacher was tagging more with Mickie and Velvet recently. But this could prove to be a nice veteran-youngster tag team. Tara in a mentor sort of role of Tessmacher who has been improving of late.

    • Kaledrina

      i loved the short-lived tara/christy team purely for that veteran/rookie dynamic, tara and tessmacher can definitely work if given time.

  • seasons-of-love

    Ew, Tessmacher is a champion? Gross. I guess the pointlessness of those title belts is confirmed now. Oh well.

    On the bright side, maybe Sarita can go for the singles gold now.

    • Kaledrina

      i don’t get why you always seem to find tessmacher offensive =/

      the tag titles have always been secondary belts, like the kos equivalent of the intercontinental championship, i guess. so surely tessmacher being involved in the tag scene is best for her.

      • seasons-of-love

        I think she’s a useless wrestler and an even worse person. I also find it ridiculous that she was ever signed to begin with.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    So glad Tara is A Champ again , Eh not so much Miss T but she is growing & Lets not 4got Tara is the 2nd Women to hold 3 Consecutive Titles.

    Tara = Knockouts Title , Womens Title , Knockouts Tag Team Titles
    Mickie James = Womens Title , Divas Title , Knockout Titles

    Go Tara The Black Widow !!! LOL

  • KellyKay23

    Loved ms.tessmacher’s Stratisfaction!

    • Sitau

      ditto she looked like a pro when she hit it

      • KellyKay23


  • Sitau

    yaaayyyyy i hope madison does get a partner and feuds with tara and ms t maybe jillian??? lol that would be so great if she could get signed by tna now

    • CursedMilkshake

      OMG Jillian & Madison would be amazing together. 2 of the most annoying, shrieking voices there are in the wrestling business haha.

    • laqisha

      Guys…..lets not focus on ex-wwe divas I prefer to see somebody like Rain or Jessica Havoc.

      • CursedMilkshake

        But you have to admit that Jillian and Madison would be epic together (:

        • laqisha

          They almost similar but one is a jobber and one is a maineventer.LOL

  • lazberg

    i can understand pairing tessmacher with tara to get some of the veteran rub and to place her with a mentor but i’m bummed that it could take tara out of the focus of the singles division. i’m not a fan of tessmacher, i think tna/impact has enough stripper vibe in the women’s division already and she comes off as clumsy. the work ethic is there though, so if she doesn’t improve under the guidance of one of the all time best… well she can always play to the taz mentaltiy. if nothing else maybe tara will let her know that if she’s going to steal a move that maybe the stinkface isn’t the one to grab.

  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    Great Match! Sad To See Sarita & Rosita Lose The Belts I Hope They Will Regain Them In The Near Future, Its Great To See Something Refreshing In The Knockouts Divison I Know Its A Random Tag Team But You Never Know Something Good Might Come Out Of It, The TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles Have Been Great This Year Alot Better Than Last Year.

  • adam

    I would like to see Shelly Martinez (Salinas) come back and join the MA, if TNA are going to give Sarita some much needed time to recover. I know she is not as technical in the ring, but she is definately over…and would stir up some good heat with Rosita. In a perfect world they would sign up Mercedes Martinez but hey, we can dream, right? I hope Sarah (Sarita) gets well soon…would love to see her as KO champ.

  • wrestlingfan16

    Tessmacher winning knockouts tag title means all 3 members of extreme expose (layla, kelly and brooke) are now certified champions. Lol

  • Raekon

    Happy for both! :)

    Tara is one of my all time favorites and Ms always had the passion and the heart but wasn’t given the chance to prove it.

    At least now in TNA she got the chance and from what I see on her improvement everytime she appears, she makes good use of it aswell. :)

    Good Job girls!

  • CursedMilkshake

    Don’t like the random pairing and Tessmacher being a champion already but I guess it’s better this way because of Sarita’s health.

  • Mikas

    Bad news for Tara, being a Tagteam champion usually means you are no longer used on tv. But maybe this means Sarita will go for a singles push once her injury is healed.

    • laqisha

      Not really since both the champions are former WWE talents.

  • twilson addict!

    Odd pairing? Have these 2 actually ever paired in the past? Oh well. I do hope they are treated like a team. Right now it feels like TNA have just pulled 2 names out of a hat. I do like the pairing though, I think Tara could be Brooke’s mentor or something. I praise Brooke for working so hard to improve, she’s been doing so well.

  • melina prez

    Well this is good and bad 4 tara…she will not b on tv as often but she will b a champion . And Ms T well she wona title, she probbaly has been working her butt off…i mean b4 she got injured she could not wrestle but afterwards she was pretty good . But this is completely random.