#1 Contender’s Battle Royal Next Week

Divas from both Raw and SmackDown will compete in a battle royal to determine the #1 Contender for the Divas Championship next week on Raw.

The winner will face Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly, at SummerSlam.

So, who’s your pick?

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  • #1beliEVEr

    Eve <3 (if she turns heel)

    • stevenrafael


      • #1beliEVEr

        Um yess :-)

        • ChrisxLita

          I’m thinking maybe for the fact that she has been helping K2 for the past few weeks. But She would be happy for k2 win of the title and wouldn’t think much of it. So no.

        • http://twitter.com/# stevenrafael

          it will be Alicia or Beth

    • laqisha

      Whats up with you wrestling wants everyone a heel???

      I mean we all got exited when Sarita turned heel but look at her now she barly uses wrestling moves and the jillian hall of TNA.

      • Harley

        Well, like I said before, I still don’t get that.

        I know its been the American prowrestling traditions to have faces wrestle in a flashier manner while heels tone down their skills. But I think that this tradition should stop because it seems rather childish. Just because a face turns heel it automatically means that s/he should forget how to do the flashy moves s/he did in the past? It’s a little ridiculous.

        And for that matter, why is American pro wrestling that black and white in the first place? I remember the time when the WWE allegedly fired Serena because she was caught breaking her straight edge credo. If their really that concerned, then why would they have such overly standardized heels and faces to begin with? That’s not how it is in real life. People aren’t all good and all bad. We’re all shades of gray.

        Anyway, I think that heels should be allowed to retain the full extent of their wrestling abilities because that would make it more believable.

        And they shouldn’t be concerned about controlling the crowd reaction. Even on TV shows where there are clear lines between “good and evil” people still cheer / like who they want. All that really matters is that you deliver a good story that will get people interested.

        And being so formulaic about who is “good” or “evil” will only make things oh so monotonous.

      • laqisha

        I didn’t mean heels should use flashy moves, We all know flashy moves are made for faces but Sarita isn’t known for only doing flashy move….Like why not use that Submmision move, springbored cutter, pumbhandel suplex, or the tiger bomb now days all what she does is punches, stomps, and dirty roll ups. Like I’m pretty sure ppl are gonna be like WTF didn’t she had the best move-set in the KO’s roster.

    • Harley

      I see some potential there. Eve is not exactly the best woman for the job as far as being a wrestler is concerned. But right now, her involvement in Kelly’s feud with the Bellas actually adds a little weight to the possibility of her betraying Kelly for the title or some other scenario. The history (well the short history) between the two of them adds more of a foundation to the match as supposed to the other Divas (sans the Bellas) who haven’t really had any notable encounters with Kelly since she won the title.

      • Popo Amascual

        the reason why the company makes only the heels use flashy moves is because those moves generate pops every time they are done.. i do, however, understand what you mean when u said the abilities of a wrestler need not be limited for them to be considered heels (i disagree on the term “tone down” because Trish wrestled at her prime as a heel, in my honest opinion). however, the tactic of MOST heels is usually to gain victories without breaking a sweat. that’s why they end up cheating or pulling out less flashy but more devastating moves to end bouts quickly.. for the case of the crowd reactions, they actually matter because that’s how the WWE SHOULD base their pushes: if the audience cares about the wrestlers or not (except in instances when spots generate cheap pops).. and by saying that they pop to anyone they like, then that means the writers should take note of the wrestlers who get those pops and turn them faces.. what they should be concerned about are the storylines because they suck.. and another thing is, how they will present the heel and face character in a more unique way because i also find some characters repetitive and that’s when they seem “monotonous”.. but then again, we have the TWEENERS..haha

        you also have to consider that sometimes, the crowd pops for heels for other reasons rather than just the wrestling.. the people after WM 21 popped for a heel Trish because they didn’t like the Matt/Edge/Lita situation.. then some popped for heel Trish simply because she was hot.. and even others popped for her because they found her promos funny and the bitch Trish cracked them up..

        i, for one, think that the study about wrestling is what the WWE should really look into.. the squared circle and everything that’s a part of it, is a story of good versus evil.. and that’s why the gap between good and evil must be kept.. because that’s how the audience relates to the wrestling and that’s why they buy the entertainment because it’s that amazing for a story.. :)

        • beliEVEr

          I think you mean the faces use the flashy moves, not the heels. Heels use more grapples and mat-based moves. Trish did wrestle great as a heel. It’s not the fact that heels don’t put on great matches, it’s the fact that most of their moves are cut out and the flashy-ness is toned down. Trish didn’t do a lot of her flashy moves when she turned heel.

    • Popo Amascual

      @BELIEVER, my bad.. yeah, i meant to say FACES instead of HEELS..haha.. i was thinking of heels the entire time i was typing my reply.. and you are absolutely right about the style of heels.. or at least the moves they usually do.. they provide “breathers” for both performers by doing the grapple moves.. and yeah they are more often than not grounded because the high flying moves usually get cheers.. :)

      yehey.. we agree that Trish wrestled great as a heel.. and her personality was so made for her moves.. and i’ve noticed that she was rarely using the Stratusfaction as her finishing maneuver compared to her Chick Kick.. but she cheated and used roll-ups to pick up the victory..

      at the end of the day, it’s how the match was delivered that matters most along with the story (and a good story has the good and evil formula).. :)

      • beliEVEr

        Haha, I thought you meant faces. Lol, but yes. Trish didn’t do the stratusfaction much during her heel run. I think she may’ve done it once or twice? I could be wrong though but I know she did the chick kick a lot, which I loved. It was a great finishing move as a heel. In fact, if you compare Trish around 02-03 compared to her heel run in ’04, she did definitely improve lots. She was terribly awful in 02-03 but her moves got much more crispier and perfected during her heel run. She also was better on the mic, so Trish’s heel run in ’04 worked for her, well. But yes, I think it does matter most the story is told. I feel like matches today would be better if there was more of a story told. Victoria, Jazz, Lita, Molly, Trish, all were good telling stories with their feuds within each other. Then again, the girls aren’t given much. We can assume that Brie hates Kelly, and let it be that. But Victoria, Jazz, Lita, Molly and Trish all had more defined reasons why they hated each other..

  • Jaefoxx

    A.FOX ALL THE WAY!!!!!

    • http://facebook.com/sannielane SannieLane

      Alicia Fox!!!! for the win!

      • stevenrafael

        yes Alicia Fox next Divas Champion

        • laqisha

          Yes me too either Fox or Tamina.

    • NaomiNightfan2011

      I’mma agree with this. I’d like to see Alicia win the battle royal as well as the title.

  • jim3009

    Hopefully Naomi & Aksana will be added

  • WWFoverWWE

    I will faint of joy if Naomi debuts next weel, and I will die of happiness if she wins xD

    but I expect eve or beth to win

    • jim3009

      Imma keep my fingers Crossed…i would be nice to see her debut & then win the match

    • WWFoverWWE

      oh yeah I forgot about alicia, yeah i think she’ll win

      • jim3009

        Yea hopefully, ever alicia or Beth (maybe naomi)

  • The_JM

    Alicia Fox has this one in the bag <3 and I gotta say these last few months she's stepped up her game and dumped her sloppiness and has became quite better.

  • silverink-25

    I pick Melina for 3 reasons:
    1. I’d love to see another heel Melina title run.
    2. I want Melina to get some payback on K2.
    3. Melina’s awesome, and she only has so long left to be an actual competitior in the business.

    Or Beth Phoenix, cause Beth has never won the Divas Championship, and she deserves to be in the group of Divas who’ve held both the Women’s and Divas Championships.

    • ChrisxLita

      I would be happy with this Picking Melina. For the fact that I’m still really shocked plus upset that K2 defeated Melina just like that twice.. Really.! Melina is a Former Multi. Champion But I think it maybe would be Alicia fox for the way she looked at K2 this past week on SD. Or My favorite WWE Diva’s Champion Maryse “Be Sexy” Pourqui?

  • Lanoom

    It will be a Bella. And the suffering will continue.

    • AdrianRay

      Exactly…keep dreaming people. Keep dreaming.

    • shannymac

      DON’T EVEN SAY THAT! I would have a fit!

    • laqisha

      If a Bella wins I’mma ram my head through the lap top

      • ChrisxLita

        Nooo! K2 and Bellas are the worst feud I seen so far in WWE Diva’s History.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/jayd211 Jayd211

    im pulling for Alicia or Beth or the long shot naomi debuts and wins

  • TheGunner

    Knowing WWE it will be like all the other multi Diva matches and go 90 seconds. I assume given it’s the WWE Nikki Bella will win since the are so key to make the Bellas the top divas

  • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

    Melina! Well she’s been buried for two weeks. Gail? Nattie? Eve? NOOO more Bellas….AJ!!! Lmao jk. Debuts for Maxine, Aksana, and Naomi pleas! haha.

    I can see either Beth or Alicia winning or a “controversial” finish making it a triple threat.

  • toddminor18

    eve torres’s

  • Kaledrina

    yay, about two weeks too late! unfortunately it’s too obvious that alicia’s going to win, i prefer surprises.

  • Krazyvickay

    Eve or Beth heel turn

  • jim3009

    Naomi 4 the win, WWE make it happen

  • Lily

    Alicia Fox, thank you. She’ll bring the title down to Smackdown were the real sh*t goes down.

    • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

      True, true…too bad the divas haven’t been featured on SD since like 3 weeks ago?

      • CRosario2010

        but they are getting 12 minuets on Superstars so that dosen’t change anything. Plus they still get seen because the people see by the people at SD. They film SD! and Superstars in the same night.

        • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

          Yea i know but Superstars isn’t even on TV. The girls deserve a spot on SD every week.

  • MickieFan226


  • SherriShepherdWWE


    so its gonna be like a 13 diva battle royal :), come on Naomi make it a 14 diva

    • AdrianRay

      If there is a wrestling God, I would love to see Tamina win.

      • ChrisxLita

        Why [ With total respect we all know WWE is not going to have this anytime soon after losing to A.J] But what makes her so great. She is a Legend’s Daughter I see that but I don’t see her being all that but a new version of Jazz Or Victoria…?

        • LaDyFrEsHz1

          She can wrestle, thats why. All of these “divas” dont deserve it and they cant wrestle. To have some win the title that actually has skills would be nice.

  • davepower

    Cluster F

  • CRosario2010

    Alicia Fox!!!! SHE IS GONNA WIN! I know it! Lol

  • http://facebook.com/sannielane SannieLane


    i hate to see the Bella Twins and Kelly Kelly Feud! so lame and Boring!

    the top 4 will be
    1. Alicia Fox
    2. Beth Phoenix
    3. Melina
    4. Gail Kim

    maybe Natalya.. well let see next week..

    but im sure any of the 4 will become the #1 contender..

  • GlamazonInTraining89

    STEVIE WONDER saw this Match Commin !!
    BT MY top Five 2 Win:
    1)GAIL KIM
    2) Beth Phoenix
    3)Alicia Fox

    • http://facebook.com/sannielane SannieLane

      yahp any of those girls..except
      EVE TORRES..

    • stevenrafael

      it will be Alicia Fox

  • iLUVwrestlingValets

    I want Alicia to win but honestly im not looking forward to it

  • Bryana

    i hope it is a not a clusterfuck, i already know Rosa and Kaitlyn will be eliminated as soon as the bell rang, i hope that Alicia Fox or Beth Phoenix wins because they can bring a good match out of kelly and hopefully take the title from her

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001164441111 Straight Edge Mattie

      Sadly yes but i’m still pulling for Kaityn

  • http://Facebook.com/bayaanhakkani WWEmarysefan602

    Maryse should defenently be the #1 contender because she CAN beat that tramp kelly kelly.I mean who CANT beat kelly kelly?????But,wrestling is fake so the GM picks it:(

    • AdrianRay

      Oh my….you guys better get ready for so much hate! People are gonna kill you! Wish you guys luck.

  • LlamaWhisperer

    I reeeeally want it to be Nattie, but I see Foxy taking the win. Maybe if Foxy takes the title, she can feud with Nattie?