Tara Takes Part in Underwear Run for Charity, Reveals Recent Breast Cancer Scare

TNA Knockout, Tara, took part in a charitable run this past week in Chicago. But unlike normal marathons, this one came with a twist: Participants dressed down in their underwear!

The Undie Dash took place on Thursday and raised money for breast and ovarian cancer care, a cause that is close to Tara’s heart.

Speaking to CBS Chicago, Tara — real name Lisa Marie Varon — admitted she recently had a cancer scare of her own.

She told the local station:

“I had my scare actually six months ago, finding a little cyst in my right breast and it scared me so much and thank goodness I caught it just in time.”

You can read more of the article here, and check out pictures of the Undie Dash here.

Thoughts: Lisa shows considerable compassion for several charitable causes, including dog rescue which she regularly promotes on Twitter. Very commendable of her to use her fame in a positive way. Hopefully this will encourage female fans of wrestling to also get checked for lumps etc. and look out for their own health.

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