Raw Redux (August 1st, 2011): Beth Turns Heel While Vickie Continues to Bring the Fierce

When Raw has a good showing three important things happen; angels start to sing, a unicorn sprouts fairy wings and begins to fly, and I get to write a happy Redux. Last night, Raw had a good showing, and I found myself incredibly excited to talk about the show, and write about it. So lets not waste anytime and get right to work.

Last night, we had a battle royal take place to determine the number contender to the Divas Championship which you all know is held by the lovely Kelly Kelly. It involved girls from both Raw and SmackDown and as far as Diva battle royals go, it wasn’t to shabby. Several things about the match surprised me so it deserves the label of ‘good.’

The Good: I mentioned surprises and the ending wasn’t one of them. No one is really surprised Beth Phoenix pulled out the victory, are they? What surprised me about this match is that it was probably one of the longer battle royals the Divas have partaken in. The eliminations didn’t look cheaply done except for the fact Melina seemed to have sneezed and eliminated herself (not really, but you get the point). Despite the fact the thing was billed as every girl from Raw and SmackDown being involved, Maryse (my pick to win…) wasn’t a participant! She would reveal on Twitter the reasons for that later on in the night. The majority of the Divas were eliminated before the commercial break and their order of elimination was Melina, Gail Kim, Rosa Mendes (congrats on not being first, girl!), Kaitlyn, Tamina, AJ, and Natalya. The final five, Brie and Nikki Bella, Beth, Eve, and Alicia Fox continued to battle as Raw went to commercial break.

I can’t really decide if the commercial break was a good or bad surprise, but the fact that all the girls were still in the ring when it returned was a great surprise. The Bellas were working over Beth, while Eve worked over Alicia. The twins had Beth close to elimination but the Glamazon was able to battle back and stay in the match. Alicia was on the brink of being eliminated but she was able to battle back and send Eve over the top. Eve landed on the apron and this is where I got confused. Something happened and all of a sudden Alicia was on the outside of the ring and Eve was still in the match. I’ve watched it a few times and it still doesn’t make sense, so who knows what happened there? Either way, Alicia got eliminated.

That left four girls in the ring, so Nikki turned her attention to Eve, while Brie fought with Beth. Nikki was able to get the better of Eve and dump her from the match, and while she celebrated, Beth scooped Brie up and brought her over to Nikki…

The Great: Yes, we are turning the ending of the match into the great portion of Raw and rightfully so. As I said, Beth carried Brie over to where Nikki was perched on the ropes and not heeding her sister’s screams, Nikki found herself scooped up as well in an amazing show of strength from Beth. Beth toyed with both Bellas on her shoulders for a second, giving the crowd and the announcers a chance to ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhhh’, and then she unceremoniously dumped them from the ring earning herself a shot at the Divas Championship come SummerSlam. Brie hit the floor first, followed by Nikki, and the bell rang for the end of the match.

Before we even move on, wow. Beth never ceases to amaze me with how beautiful and how strong she is. She started a hash tag on Twitter called Pin-up Strong and when it comes to her, I completely believe it. The Bellas elimination has to go down as one of the best Diva eliminations of all time and kudos to all of them for thinking that up. Loved it!

As for what happened afterwards, well that’s just the icing on the cake. Kelly left the commentary table, with her title, and went to congratulate Beth on her victory. The two girls embraced during the post-match celebration and once they pulled apart, Kelly stepped back and clapped for Beth. The Glamazon stared at her for a minute before seizing the moment, as well as the opportunity, to send a message. She grabbed Kelly and chucked her from the ring. Kelly tried to shake it it off and get to her feet, but Beth picked her up and literally tried to throw the blond champ through the guardrail. Kelly hit hard (no one can take an outside bump like this girl, good grief) and Beth went for a microphone. She walked back over to Kelly, dropped down beside her, and delivered a simple, yet effective message.

“Kelly, your days as the perky, cute, blond little bimbo are officially over.”

She dropped the microphone right on Kelly’s chest and her music hit. Beth walked off leaving the champ a sobbing, hurting mess. How amazing was that? Beth does her best work as a heel and I’ve personally loved her matches with Kelly in the past. Kelly is great as a babyface who can take a beating, and as seen on SmackDown, have a magical comeback. The match at SummerSlam has all the potential in the world to be great. Beth can have a great match with anyone. Kelly works very well against evil, uber heels. I don’t want to gush too much, but last night’s heel turn by Beth could be just what the Divas need. So excited!

And just when I thought the excitement of Raw was done, Vickie Guerrero comes out. And she’s given a microphone. Let’s take a look at what I’m dubbing ‘The Amazing’ part of Monday Night Raw.

The Amazing: Vickie is able to garner a ridiculous amount of heat simply from screaming ‘Excuse Me!’ She started off her promo with that and it just escalated from there. She was basically booed out of the building before she could make a valid point and it was amazing. She was finally able to introduce her man, the gorgeous and sexy United States Champion, Dolph Ziggler, and put him over as being better than both CM Punk and John Cena combined. The crowd didn’t agree. Dolph mentioned the challenge he made to the lockerroom last week at the conclusion of his match against Evan and said that no one can top his skills, his techniques, his talent, and his charisma. Vickie agreed. Before Mr. Gorgeous could continue, Alex Riley’s theme song hit and I freaked. Personally, I couldn’t handle the hotness of Dolph/Vickie/A-Ry on my television all at once. Alex had his own microphone and asked Dolph why he always had to hide behind a woman, or in this case, Vickie Guerrero. That comment alone angered Vickie and she snatched the mic from her client’s hand. Vickie, oozing attitude, ran down the list of everything she’s done for Dolph throughout his career and the former NXT rookie failed to look impressed. A-Ry climbed into the ring, looked at Vickie, and said ‘excuse me.’

Vickie wasn’t impressed by that!

Alex started talking again and said that Vickie did bring up a good point. Dolph truly has had a hell of a career up to this point but what A-Ry wanted to know is when the last time Dolph accomplished something on his own? What else is said truly doesn’t matter because they’re men. But what does matter is what this storyline could lead too. A-Ry basically challenged Dolph to drop Vickie, and if I get a chance to see a storyline featuring Alex Riley and Dolph Ziggler, my number four and two respectively favorite wrestlers, oh my God. I can’t even go there. Vickie is the perfect person to use if they wanted to keep Alex Riley’s roll going. The Miz did everything he could for the guy, who I believe is a future world champ, and now I can’t wait to see what Vickie and Dolph can do for him. This storyline is beautiful. And it’s not even really started yet.

From Beth to Kelly to Vickie, Raw was beautiful this week. I have no real complaints. I have no gripes and no coulda, woulda, shouldas. Last night I got to embrace my inner Diva fan and was completely happy with everything the girls got a chance to produce. Good luck topping Raw this week, SmackDown. I never thought I would ever write that!

Until next week… Cryssi out!

P.S. I swear that wasn’t me dressed in a fierce black jumpsuit acting out the Ziggler/Vickie/Riley segment while pretending to be Vickie. Ahem.

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  • SherriShepherdWWE

    loved the heel turn on Beth, and also i loved the Tamina and Beth action in the match would love to see a feud between them

    however, i think this was one of the better battle royals and also the move beth did on the bella’s at the end was awesome and got a good reaction as well :)

    • BC757

      the fans actually reacted to this segment! which is something that hasnt happened in a good while

  • BC757

    Another great redux but Eve eliminated Alicia when Alicia tried to baseball slide her out of the ring and took a bump to the outside floor. This match was great, promo was good and they put a lot into this 6 minute segment. Fans like to think the longer something is the better but as long as there is meaning in a segment it is fine with me!

    BTW i can’t wait for Diva Dirt Fanline, hope you guys pick me!

  • wayhey

    you should have picked a different video off youtube cause it skips some parts of the match

  • davepower

    So Punk resigns and his girlfriend is suddenly in the title picture.

    Had to laugh at Melina and Kim paying for not known how WWE works after all this time.

    • chrisP

      Yeah, Gail just left the ring on her own and seemed to do so on purpose.

      • Crazy_J

        I noticed that as well.. the only thing I could think of was that she slid out to attack Melina who was walking right by, but they didn’t show us anything. If not then she just rolled out of the ring lol.

        • Raekon

          Melina was tiying(sorry if I misspelled it x_x) her boot when Beth dropped her out. Then she walks and complains to the referee coming by Gail that sees her, rolls out and chases her starting to fight.

          Unfortunately the camera didn’t show that. :/

          Another thing they cut was that Cole once again got the mic and started yelling “can we end this already? It’s like watching paint drying”, Kelly throwed her water cup at him and told him to shut up and sit.

  • cheerleadermelissa

    I think the Beth heel turn was a great idea — she really shines as a ‘Bad girl’ I can’t see her losing at SummerSlam, but I can’t see Kelly beating her cleanly. If that makes sense. I’m hoping Beth just like destroys Kelly at SummerSlam, getting herself disqualified. Then maybe Gail or someone could come to the rescue, but instead of taking out Beth, she could attack Kelly too. It would make her a tweener, and set up a great three-way feud. Besides, I think Kelly could really learn from having two veterans like Beth and Gail to feud with. Didn’t mean to map out a storyline, just thought it would be a decent idea.

  • wayhey

    is it just me or is dolph’s neck bigger than his head

  • Blonde Bombshell

    The battle royal was indeed good and Beth looks more appropriate acting as heel, and Kelly is good at taking bumps!

  • xadpfan

    i realllly wanna no wut happened to gail…she didnt sell a punch from one of the bellas the threw a.fox into the corner then she just collapsed and rolled out the ring???? i assume since maryse was gone she had 2 eliminate herself…

    • Raekon

      I explained above already that she saw melina provoking her and she rolled out, chased and fought her outside the ring. The camera unfortunately didnt followed.

  • MickieJamesFan07

    After over five years, Kelly got her first commentary and I can see why. She was unbearable to listen to. I can’t stand her valley girl voice and I didn’t like that all she did was argue with Cole on stupid airbrushing and not focusing on the match itself.

    • AJ

      I thought Kelly did good on commentary.

    • Jake

      I’ve never heard any Diva or Superstar when they are guest commentator actually call a match because it’s not their job lol.

  • MickieJamesFan07

    BTW I love Eve’s new theme remix!!

    • Melina&Mickie4ever!

      LOL oh so u noticed it I did too i thought nobody else would

      • Lita-Sault-666

        Yeah I noticed it too and it does sound pretty good :). Will have to wait for a singles match now to see how it really songs

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

      Its Freaking AWESOME loll better than the other one ,This one sounds more energetic xD

  • xcc77

    This is just like the beth/candice feud. Except Candice actually improved eah week and looked like she had a chance.

    • LadyGoDiva

      I loved the Beth vs Candice feud.

      • xcc77

        Me too! I believe Candice would of been more amazing had she never been injured. She had a lot of heart.

        • WWFoverWWE

          I love candice also:D

          YAY for candice love ^.^

        • gl83

          I agree, Beth and Candice had very good chemistry with one another and the moves Candice took really highlighted and showcased Beth’s power. From Unforgiven we saw Beth use a Argentine Backbreaker and Military Press Slam, in ’08 Beth used triple backbreakers without ever even releasing her and in Candice’s last match we saw Beth do a Slingshot Back Suplex. We don’t really see alot of variety in Diva matches so the fact that they would do something new in each match made things less stale and predictable.

  • LadyGoDiva

    I’ll say that battle royal didn’t suck? Apparently the commerical break had me surprised, because we never a divas match last until a commerical break. But I don’t except to see Beth win at Summerslam.

    Beth’s heel turn was a good thing and has me hoping for a handicap match between the Bellas vs the Glamazon.

    Dear WWE,
    Can you make the Divas title match at Summerslam a good match and nothing like MiTB?
    Plus I want a feud. Never see alot lately like a feud and I hope for one this time.


    • Jake

      Divas Battle Royal for a shot a Victoria’s title in 2004 did.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Kelly Kelly & Beth is going to put on a great match at SummerSlam ! Kelly & Beth has had some great matches in the past that I’ve enjoyed. Im not going to lie after the match when Kelly stormed in the ring I thought she was gonna B*tch slap Beth with Teh DIvas Title LOL But I was wrong….Heel Beth is back and I must say Im loving it. Beth played a great face but I love her more as a heel. And with Melina heel again could we be seeing a Beth & Melina heel reunion LOL Kelly Kelly better njoy these last 2 weeks well because Beth is 2-0 at SummerSlam so I hope to keep it that way…

    Also no one really dosent care about eve to notice she has a new theme song…LOL Correct me if im wrong though but it sounded like her Theme was turned into a remix ….IDK maybe Im hearing things…

    • MickieJamesFan07

      Lots of people I know that watched noticed the theme change and they like it more than the original.

      • Melina&Mickie4ever!

        Yeah I like it though …but no one really said ne thing so i thought they ddnt even notice

  • AJ

    You have to give Kelly credit. Part of what made this segment so great is how innocent she looks and how great she can sell bumps.

    She made Beth look like she could pick Kelly up with her pinky. Just damn, Kelly threw herself into the barricade like a pro.

    • MickieJamesFan07

      This is like the first time shes done well at selling an attack, that I give her credit for but she’s just horrible on commentary.

      • AJ

        No! Remember when she defended Edge’s WHC on SmackDown? She was whipped head first into the barricade by Michelle McCool and sold that fantastically.

        Also, at MITB that spot she did when Brie threw her to the outside from her handstand?
        Kelly’s always been good at selling attacks.

        And I don’t know why you think she did so bad at commentary. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it.

        • shameronstar

          Or that time a long time ago when Kelly was still kind of new when Sandman hit her directly in the head with a kendo stick. I loved that! HEHEHE;D

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I will admit Kelly Kelly did make herself look good last night during her beat down. This is was Kelly Kelly needs a vetren to make her look good and bring her out. She cant really do that with Eve , The Bellas…although i was gunning for Alicia to win..but Alicia is better in the ring than Eve & The Bellas anyway so Alicia & Kelly fueding would have been good for her too lol

  • French.One

    Speaking of final five, the cylon were 12, just saying !

    I laught when Gail jump out the ring alone, I don’t know if she and Melina were pissed, but if so it would be interresting.
    I’m not a big fan of battle royal, especially for diva, it was an average battle royal, and since wwe gave time to it, that was a big improvement.
    I liked how Beth throw kelly out and to the barricade, that made my day !!!

    Now we’ve got two option :
    1 – we can have good (I mean not bad) match, and it would mean Kelly need to be carried by an experienced diva
    2 – we can have bad match and that would mean kelly is a lost cause

    take your pic …

  • art

    so beth wins a battle royal enters as a face wins & decides to attack kelly why didnt she do this before..layla & kelly take those guard rails throws the best out of the girls they just throw themselves into it…kelly saying she wants beth to win i said before the end beth was gonna win..even thou eve is meant to be her bestie lol..

    best parts..tamina & beth finally got into some action id love a feud between them…rosa taking that throw over the ropes not many girls take that..alicia going to back drop eve over & eve landing on the apron i dont think ive seen any diva go over like eve did..BETH holding the bellas on her shoulders holy shit shes strong…i just dont want beth to lose to kelly if anything beth gets dq’ed or counted out…id die inside seeing beth get pinned to the k-drop or whatever it is..

    the bad,the kicking looked weak,gail just rolling out of the battle royal wtf did she go after melina what happened their…melina as well..i was shocked.

    • art

      eves theme is a BIG improvement..she can actually dance to it too..the first version just sucked big time..i like her theme now..

      • AJ

        I love her new theme too :)
        I can’t stop listening to it on YouTube.

        • ilovelita

          It’s on iTunes, like most of the other Divas too.

        • art

          @aj its on utube cool ill have to check it out..

          @Raekon thanks but it was awkward..

    • Raekon

      Gail went after Melina due to provocation but the camera didnt followed so it looked akward.

  • Justin0422

    Hopefully this means things will get better for the divas! Hell, they have already started to get better! :D


    I wish Tiffany would return!! A Kelly/Tiffany vs Beth fued would be GREAT! Tiffany debuted with Beth has her partner. But she got released as Kelly’s BFF.


    I wish Tiffany would return. A Kelly/Tiffany vs Beth fued would be GREAT! Tiffany debuted with Beth as her partner. And was released as Kelly’s BFF.

  • Looking Glass

    Melina’s little crouching tiger elimination routine – I don’t know whether she came up with it herself or if creative just wanted to assassinate her character some more, but really!? It beats Jillian throwing herself out the ring back along by miles. I was so surprised to see Rosa actually last more than a nano second and I know everyone’s already having an orgasm because a ‘real wrestler’ won and I’m all for it. However can we have a heel or face turn that’s not forced into the last minute the Divas are allocated?

    First Melina turned on Natalya after she came off commentary and now this? Plus given the material Beth’s put out before, that little speech just came across really bog standard, Sonia down in FCW could’ve pulled that off – yes it would have taken her twice as long to say it – the whole little promo just came across as WWE’s way of saying – “Yeah thats why Beth hates Kelly, there we go storyline done until SummerSlam”. I had much higher hopes for Beth if she were to turn heel, guess that’s where fault lies, I shouldn’t expect so much….

    • Raekon

      If you check exactly she was tying her boot before it started and was still going at it when beth dropped her. Due to this she complained but the refereee sent her away. ^_^

  • DJsol

    Funny, I thought Kelly did really well on commentary. She sounded natural and relaxed and had some attitude (and im rather indifferent towards her, not a psycho fan) She also sold that bump very well. I think the bottom line is some people will just never like Kelly no matter what she does, and thats just the way it is. I think for someone who was a bikini model picked out of obscurity, shes done pretty well as a wrestler. You cant compare her to these indy girls or japanese female wrestlers or whatever, theyre in completely different categories and if youre constantly waiting for K2 to be that youre just going to be miserable. Enjoy it for what it is, RAW was great last night.

    • French.One

      I think most people wait to see wrestling on raw ;)

    • art

      IF kelly started actually wrestling & could carry a match id like her but she isnt their to where id actually like her..

  • Rhyseboi

    Melina clearly eliminated herself and if you watch you can see Gail notice straight away and rolls out after her and seems to give chase, were they trying to steal the spotlight by having a brawl (carrying on their fued from superstars) but it was ignored by the cameras?

    • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

      Yea that’s what i read on youtube and what i thought. It would’ve been great if the cameras followed that.

      • Looking Glass

        Even if it were true, where’s the logic? “Oh crap the girl I don’t like anymore just left the ring, who needs a championship shot when I can spend the rest of my career continuing this feud without any spotlight on WGN? Best leave now whilst I still can…”

        • AdrianRay

          @Looking Glass

          It’s a chance for the Divas Championship. I would’ve left also.

        • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

          Well she confirmed it on her twitter that she rolled out on purpose. And re watching it, it looked like she did throw a punch.

      • Felipe

        I was at they show last night and Gail didn’t go after Melina, I guess Maryse was orignally suppose to eliminate her.

        • Lita-Sault-666

          I’m pretty sure that Gail & Melina would have found someone to throw them out if Maryse was originally suposed to eliminate them. I think they were out to prove a point, I think they’re sick of sitting aside. They shouldn’t have to take it.

          Maybe there’ll be something posted on twitter by one of them at some point

        • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

          @LITA-SAULT-666 I think so too. Gail always points stuff that fans point out…and all she said when someone asked her why she went out on purpose was “because :)”

        • Raekon

          A other guy that was in the show aswell said that she went after Melina. O_o

  • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

    I loved it. Kelly was great on commentary it wasn’t forced. I don’t know how many times she’s been but i liked it this time. The battle royal was okay. I loved how there was a commercial break. I’m so glad Beth won. I’m also very excited to see where this goes and can’t wait for SummerSlam.

    hmm sidenote….did anyone else notice that Gail just rolled out on her own. Somebody somewhere said she went to go fight with Melina but it wasn’t on camera so…..i lol’d at that.

  • WWFoverWWE

    I was never a fan of Beth as a heel, the only time she ever caught my attention as a heel was when she re-debuted with melina and went after candice

    I liked nice Beth better, but I guess their was no other option :/

    • WWFoverWWE

      btw I liked kelly making fun of cole, finally someone put him in his place :P