More Detailed SmackDown Spoilers for Friday

More detailed spoilers for this week’s SmackDown which airs on Friday on Syfy.

* Natalya and AJ come out for their match. It is a pretty decent match. There was a sloppy part where Nattie tries the sharpshooter, and I wasn’t sure what AJ was trying to do to get out of it, but it looked sloppy to me. Anyway, eventually AJ succumbs to the Sharpshooter. Winner: Natalya. POST MATCH: Natalya goes bonkers, and attacks AJ after the match, including giving AJ a snap suplex on the outside. Natalya grabs a mic and says “Beth, you are so right sister, the days of these cuties are over.” (paraphrased). Natalya evidently has turned heel. (Source)
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  • Envy


    • JillianHallTNA

      It looks like Goldust is doing a great job with divas :D

  • DIVAsupporter

    Oh how.. WWE has changed… just hope things are turning up from here

  • mrdiva518

    once again ma jaw has dropped so…this means Alicia can go face right lol

  • LuckySeven

    To me it sounds like WWE is doing their own take on what TNA is doing with Jacqueline and ODB’s storyline with Velvet Sky. Which I don’t mind, but considering that Natalya’s whole thing up to this point was being a mentor to AJ and Kaitlyn this feels like a total shift in things for no real reason.

    • Raekon

      They can put it like “she was wasting her time mentoring two barbies that tend to lose their matches and making her having a losing streak aswell”, blaming all her latest loses to Kaitlyn and AJ.

      After she saw how Beth changed, a “light” went on for her and thats why she mentioned beth. ^_^

      • Lanoom

        Not only because AJ and Kaitlyn were losing; it could be seen as a situation where she’s essentially “training her replacements,” so to speak, the rookie girls who were going to get spotlight over her, compounded by the fact they got on the main stage through the joke that was NXT3.

        Definite cause for a turn, which is what makes this good.

        • Raekon

          Yeah that would work well too. :)

          It also works for AJ that they are trying to put as the top face in SD at the moment.

          She was in NXT with hornswoogle again this week and went to the commentary when titus had to team up with Matt Striker (YAY! I missed him in the ring :D ) vs Darren and Derrek.

          After the match she even entered the ring and such.

  • Lanoom

    This is great! You have the two best women int he company being put front and center as driving forces in a compelling, developing story; the third best woman being given an opportunity to come into her own; and Kelly, the most popular.

    Please don’t fudge this, WWE.

  • sylvainiac

    Nasty Nattie is back! I’m really hoping that the WWE don’t drop the ball with either Natalya or Beth Phoenix.

    I’m putting that down to me meeting Natalya in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2008 – when it was just her in the Divas Championship match at the time. She was absolutely lovely and after I had my photo taken with her, I told Natalya that I was going to be at the show that night and that I had my fingers crossed for her winning the Divas Championship and the match that was scheduled for that night. She said thank you so she’s always been a favourite in my book.

  • katarinaw4ever

    OH LORD~~~!!!!
    i cant wait to see this!!

  • 04bia

    yay! this is great! heel nattie is back. seems to me that goldust has been very lucky for the divas. also i feel punk may have had an influence too! im so happy, finally wwe is using their talented divas right, beth on raw and nattie on sd.
    also i hope to see gail used much more too!

    i cant wait for this weeks sd, so excited!

  • _Bryan_

    This sounds really epic. I thought Natalya was actually pretty good as a face, but any change of character to the divas can only be a good thing, especially for beth. Tbh though the past thing I want to see is some giant stable of beth Natalya Gail etc because we’re just going to get 7 on 7 tag matches for 3 months. The best thing, and this is what I hope they are doing, is really progress into a storyline for nattie on sd and beth on raw, a long and personal story like victoria and trish or something. I just don’t want to see bad writing for such a great opportunity here, and two diva factions, wrestlers vs divas is going to be bleh.

    • _Bryan_

      Basically what I’m trying to say is that focusing on only a few divas at one time for actual storyline is better for character progression and intrest when the divas get such little time. Putting the division inot two giant stables just lessens individuality, and there would jot be enough time to actually get a nice And understandable fued when trying to capture everyone in 2 mins. Like someone said previously, this sounds very, almost too similar to tna storyline with odb and Jackie…hmm

  • NaomiNightfan2011

    Well hopefully this means Naomi can be called up to the main roster as a babyface, since that’s something the divas are lacking in.

    There’s 5 babyface divas- AJ, Kaitlyn, Eve, Gail and Kelly (7 if you include Layla and Kharma)

    There’s 9 heel divas- Beth Phoenix, Maryse, Melina, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Natalya, Tamina, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes.

    This means that two heel divas will turn face, two divas from FCW will be brought up as babyfaces or that one diva from FCW will be brought up as a babyface, and one heel diva turns babyface.

    Sorry if that seems dumb, but I’m a perfectionist and I like to have things at an equal number

    • gl83

      Considering how Alicia, Tamina and Rosa have been tormenting AJ and Kaitlyn the last few months,they would have no reason whatsoever to turn Face. Likewise for the Bellas, Maryse and Melina. I actually would hold off on calling up Naomi right now. If she dies get called up they runt he risk of two things; either she gets pushed to the top quickly in which case you run the risk of fans turning on her for being pushed “too hard, too fast, too soon” or she ends up getting lost in the shuffle. Use this time to build up and establish Kelly and AJ and then once you have done that, then you bring up Naomi.

      Trying to Do too many things at once and trying to push and establish too many people at once can dilute things and make things very confusing. Just look at TNA’s booking in the past to see proof of this.

      • NaomiNightfan2011

        I’m not saying that Naomi should be called up quickly. But since the WWE only have 5 active babyfaces and 9 active heels, someone has to turn babyface quite soon.

        • Raekon

          Yep. :)
          I think thought that Aksana is already confirmed joining SD as a face and there is a good chance that Naomi was prepared to join Raw as a face.

          With layla coming back soon then the faces will equal the heels in SD and there will be only one small gap in RAW till Kharma returns.

        • NaomiNightfan2011

          That’s good to hear. I loved Aksana in NXT and she has certainly improved in the last few months at FCW. I can’t wait to see her wrestle on SmackDown.

          But Layla’s still going to be inactive for a few months. She tore her ACL and MCL in May, and normally an injury like that takes 6 months to recover from (I think). Layla still has 4 months to go.

    • DivaKnockout66

      Alicia or Maryse face turn

  • laqisha

    I hope the perpouse of this storyline is WWE bring in more tough looking women rather than bikini models.

    • Marshy

      Exactly Laqisha.They should in The States and in Japan. If Bull Nakano would came to WWE today that the Divas will get mop up or we will be seeing Beth Phoenix,Natalya,Gail Kim,Kharma,Tamina,Melina,and whomever else VS The Pretty Divas.

      • laqisha

        Funny how everybody now thinks Melina dosn’t have the typical diva looks anymore.

        • Marshy

          Melina has beauty and brawn,but she isn’t getting the title shots that the WWE have her wrestling mostly on Superstars and not too many times that you see her wrestling Eve for the Divas Title on Raw.

  • EveLover


    Whoever Did this THANK YOU !!!!!! Cant wait :D

  • FoxAxeKick

    Aksana is gonna debut on Smackdown this week.

  • Aksana

    Sound’s very entertaining! Honestly cannot wait to see how it all turns out. I couldn’t care less if it’s a spin on the Jackie/ODB/Velvet storyline… Beth and Nattie are great heels and surely will follow up from there sudden heel turn. I’m also very much looking forward to Aksana’s apparent debut.

    • FoxAxeKick

      yeah she is going to seduce teddy long

  • Piggie James

    The Beth/Natalya heel turns are extremely random (especially Natalya), but it’s better than having a completely stale Divas division with lack of any storyline at all. It feels like they’ve recycled Kharma’s planned angle and given it to Natalya and Beth. I just hope that WWE fully commits to the heel turns and don’t drop the ball like they did with Melina.

    Also don’t really get why Alicia has been pushed so much if she’s only going to have her top heel position stolen by Natalya. Guess she’s going face?

    I wonder if this will ‘eventually’ result in Beth and Natalya finally clashing against each other like most of us have wanted. Obviously if only Beth turned heel, we could have had that match up much sooner.

    Anyway, I really wouldn’t get my hopes up too much until we see a consistent improvement with the Divas, but this is a somewhat positive sign.

  • MarckTorrieJames

    OMG Natalyt again Heel buuu beth vs nataly cant never be reall u.u :(

  • art

    awesome but how are we gonna get beth vs nattie???..or tamina grrrrrr..least they can carry the face divas…

  • BillyGP

    Well hasn’t HHH been a supporter of the divas division? i know Stephanie is so maybe good things are on the horizon. Bikini models can turn into good wrestlers (Trish,Melina) to name a few.

    • laqisha

      Yeah lol only like 10%……and Melina don’t count since she started in the indies.

      • BillyGP

        Melina was in modeling before going into the indies and before wrestling so yes she counts.

        • laqisha

          But WWE hired her straight from the indies, is not like they snatched her from modeling like they doing right now.

  • RR45


  • melina prez

    Omg Goldsust and C.M. Punk are my saviors !!!!!!

    • BillyGP

      Triple H also

  • Kharmaofficialfansite

    okay everyone stop being aroused/horny this just proves two heels has turned..yiu never know that it might not be such a good storyliune..for example you guys are happy and this and that but when someone rights the right up you guys are all judgemental and shit

  • FashionQueen86

    I wonder what this will mean for Gail Kim. I mean ever since she got here, she held up the Diva’s title, signifying that she was going to be the next champion REALLY soon at that time. Then a year goes by, then another year and she’s still being ignored. WWE is wasting her time. She deserves to be shown and hidden.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Very interesting. Hopefully it keeps getting better from here. Goldust and HHH having new found power seems to be very good so far. Here’s to hoping it stays that way!

  • Lily

    I think that staredown that happend a few weeks ago between Natalya, Gail, Eve, Beth and K2 meant something.

    • CRosario2010

      Yah! Now I know I wasn’t the only one who saw that! lol

    • ElectricMVx

      Staredown? I must have missed something, when did it happen?

  • wangzy

    powerhouses Beth, Natalya, Tamina are heels, plus Alicia, Melina, Eve could turn heel

    cuties are: K2, AJ, Kaitlyn hope Bella Twins will turn face, Rosa too will turn face, Maryse also…

    …………….so now lets enjoy the beat down of the barbies

    • gl83

      Boy, am I glad you’re not booking the Division. The way you have it set up, it’s going to end up being a one-sided feud, which after a few weeks is going to end up being boring, stale and predictable. That was the biggest problem with Smackdown’s Diva division, yes we got good wrestling, but we were getting the same match results week in and week out. That’s boring and dull.

      If you want to have a good feud/storyline you can’t have it be one-sided. There has to be some sort of balance to keep things unpredictable and entertaining. It’s Basic Booking 101. The way you have things set up, it’ll be a miracle if this storyline actually lasts a month before it gets boring.