Gail Kim Comments on Her Self-Elimination During Divas Battle Royal on Raw

Amid all the action during Monday’s battle royal on Raw, fans may have missed a certain golden nugget — Gail Kim eliminating herself from the match by rolling under the bottom rope.

Gail has been asked an abundance of questions about her bizarre elimination, responding to one fan that she did, in fact, eliminate herself on purpose.

Taking to her Twitter page today, she further commented: “oh and also on the contrary, I wasn’t being a mark 4 myself I was being a good employee when ur told to get out of the ring in less than a min.I just did it the fastest way possible:)so really I saved some time!”

Thoughts: Gail has been pretty candid on her Twitter page over the past couple of months about the way she’s been used — or rather, not been used — on TV. I get the feeling that she’s pretty frustrated, and who can blame her? Perhaps her tweets may not be wise politically, but they’re refreshingly candid and damn right entertaining!

Watch Gail’s elimination at the 00:35 second mark below:

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  • Lanoom

    And yet, with the nature of the Punk storyline and the recent developments with the main Divas angle, there’s the sliver of doubt as to whether this is legit frustration that will lead to either nowhere or future endeavors,or partly a work leading to something bigger in the story.

    Fun times!

    • karl

      I’m thinking exactly the same. I hope that this is infact some kind of work.
      By the looks of things, it seems that some of the divas are rebelling (Beth and Natalya) I just hope Gail is part of this as well.

      Its fun speculating :)

      • Lita-Sault-666

        I fail to see how the Divas are rebelling? Who are Beth & Natalya rebelling against? The WWE cus’ they turned heel?

        • Straight Edge Mattie

          they are rebelling against most likely the WWE divas theat are stick figures and get more screen time than them

      • jonboi

        it would be good if the wrestling divas all turned against the wwe trained divas they just destroy all of them faces and heels that would be good but its wwe again

  • stephenpwwe

    Poor Gail she gets no push at all…. Kelly,Eve and Bella’s are on but she and other WRESTLERS are not :( maybe she’ll get a push when Beth wins…. yeah right.

  • wl75

    This is leading to one of two things- either she’s going to join the Nat/Beth faction and this is just to build a storyline (remember, she was talking to Nat just before the match started), or she has a legit problem with the company, and probably is going to quit/get released pretty soon…

    • samtherofl

      Gail Kim is exposing the WWE on twitter, There’s no way that’s storyline.

      “They tell you to get outta the ring in a minute” <<<

      • Lanoom

        Your grievances are entirely counteracted by the way CM Punk’s angle has been built up to and embraced by WWE. They’re blurring the line between work and shoot to great effect. If the Divas can get in on that action, addressing some of the VERY real concerns that fans have had for YEARS, they can only improve the same way.

  • samtherofl

    I don’t mean to be cruel but.. Gail really should stop talking, She’s seriously exposing the business and is basicly disrespecting her employers.

    If she’s so unhappy and hates being there so much, Why not ask for her release? She’d obviously have a Job waiting for her in TNA.

    ‘You don’t bite the hand that feeds’

    When WWE did push Gail on Raw against Maryse, She botched alot.
    I think WWE are holding back a push in Gail because she botches alot and doesn’t possess alot of charisma, just my opinion.

    • andagain

      Have you seen the girls they use on TV? Botches and a lack of charisma are probably the least of the WWE’s concerns.

      And “botches a lot” is a pretty big exaggeration.

      • samtherofl

        Okay, Fine, Gail Kim is not good looking enough to WWE standards.

        • andagain

          And you’re condoning that? False btw.

        • DarkMaverick87

          In my opinion Gail is just as beautiful as any of the model Divas. I want this whole thing to lead to a heel stable of Beth, Gail, Natalya and Melina. Could be the most exciting female alliance in WWE history.

        • samtherofl


          Where the heck did i condone that? I said she isn’t good looking enough to WWE standards not mine!?

          “False btw” Of course, Because you’re WWE and you know what there standards are.

        • andagain

          Gail’s look are no different to the other girls in the division. If she wasn’t good looking enough, she wouldn’t have a job in the first place.

        • samtherofl

          She’s good looking but she’s not as good looking as the barbie-models. according to wwe anyway.

          She had a job in WWE when it was about wrestling, She has a job in WWE now because WWE wanted to apparently take her away from TNA.

      • Jake

        Kelly, Eve, or the Bellas never botched so bad that it knocked them so loopy like Gail did. Shit happens.

    • wayhey

      its hard to wrestle good when ur wrestling against someone who cant wrestle

      • samtherofl

        Beth Phoenix, Mickie James and Michelle McCool managed it against people like Kelly, Maryse, Candice, Maria and Layla?

        • Lita-Sault-666

          Gail Kim’s had some half decent matches with Maryse. She has never thought Candice as far as I’m aware, & same again with Maria & Kelly? Not sure about Layla.
          Maryse doesn’t have good chemistry with many to be quite frank, one of those was Mickie James, so for Gail Kim with her high flying style to work better with Maryse than Mickie could, thats a testement to her ability.

        • Raekon

          Sorry but Layla started wrestling only a few months after Michelle, even Michelle was hired around 2 years before her(didnt do any training or wrestling till 2006). So you can barely say that Michelle was THAT better than Layla.

          She just got pushed allover the place the whole time while Layla was mostly used as a jobber putting over Kristal in their feud.

          Candice and Maria improved very fast and got to be better then Maryse and Kelly in the ring.

          Maria was even suggested to get the belt as a champion and she said no!
          The reason why was because she said she wasn’t ready or good enough.

          At that time she was already better then Maryse and Kelly in the ring because she trained hard and had also the talent to back it up.

          Beth and Mickie were the only ones that came from the Indies, Mickie in 2005 and Beth in 2007(even she was earlier with WWE but was in their training facility OVW with Rosa and others).

        • samtherofl


          Someone said that it’s hard to wrestle against people who can’t wrestle.
          I said Michelle, Beth and Mickie managed it against the people in question.. (Maryse, Maria)

          “Sorry but Layla started wrestling only a few months after Michelle, even Michelle was hired around 2 years before her(didnt do any training or wrestling till 2006). So you can barely say that Michelle was THAT better than Layla.”

          Michelle started training and wrestling in 2004, She wrestled Melina, Dawn Marie, Victoria and probably more before 2006. So, I don’t know what you’re talking about….

          Layla isn’t as talented in-ring wise as Michelle. That’s a fact.

          “Candice and Maria improved very fast and got to be better then Maryse and Kelly in the ring”
          What? Maria better than Maryse? Yeah Right.. You’re obviously a Maria mark.

          But anyway… I don’t see how any of this is relating to what i said.

        • DjayDay

          I completly dissagree. Exposing the buisness is something the internet did about 10 years ago, my friend. What ever Gail said is not exposing, it is the truth. If WWE did not appreciate her comments, she would have been released. Besides, as she said, she did it as a test, and also said she loves the WWE, just wishes the women would get apprectiated.

          This “exposing the buisness” comment isn’t even close, to what Gail was going for.

        • _Bryan_

          thats because for gails offense, she needs to be carried heavily, beth michelle and mickie are not as dependant. unfortunetely because of maryse lack of skill (in relation to gail anyway) it made gail look pretty bad, but she did screw up a little herself, but maryse is a large reason.
          gail has an abundance of talent then the majoirty of the diva roster, look at her tna matches against kong, one of the best fueds of the decade.

        • Harley

          :SAMTHEROFL: “Beth Phoenix, Mickie James and Michelle McCool managed it against people like Kelly, Maryse, Candice, Maria and Layla?”

          Since DJAYDAY already discussed the differences in training, then perhaps I shouldn’t mention that anymore. But perhaps I should remind you that Gail’s wrestling style as a face required her opponents to have a strong grip and to be stable as supposed to the styles used by the three divas you mentioned above.

          And before you go on a tirade about how Mickie was able to manage the high flying moves perfectly, then perhaps I should also remind you that Mickie’s “high flying” was very limited. Her rana is the most extensive among her usual moves and she does it while holding the ropes.

        • Raekon

          I’m buffled that on the one side you are really a michelle “fanboy” that praises her to heaven but on the other side don’t know the facts around her.


          – she got a wwe contract in 2004 BUT she wrestled for only 3-4 times in 2005.

          Her first match was a intergender match in 2005 in which she barely wrestled at all, same goes for her other matches back then.

          Reasons: She was used as a valet/manager only and had to also fall out because of a allergic reaction she had.

          She was sent into Deep South Wrestling training facility after she recovered and she had her smackdown debut in june 2006.

          In her time in wwe she had several dropouts due to health issues being it allergic reactions and injuries among others.

          So saying that trained and wrestled in 2004 and was THAT better than the other girls is bullshit.

          As about Maria: nope I’m not a “mark” nor was I fan of hers, however, if you check all her matches and compare them to maryses then you will actually see what I mean.

          Same goes with candice.

          Both girls improved a lot and their wrestling skills in ring was very good before they quit.

        • samtherofl


          Are you a retard? You clearly stated about Michelle saying “(didnt do any training or wrestling till 2006).”

          Yet you just said “- she got a wwe contract in 2004 BUT she wrestled for only 3-4 times in 2005.”

          That means she wrestled before 2006, You idiotic child.

          “Both girls improved a lot and their wrestling skills in ring was very good before they quit.”

          Another little lie? Maria and Candice were RELEASED, They did not quit.

          I don’t see how Michelle McCool’s injury record relates to what i was talking about?

      • Raekon

        Actually all these girls can wrestle, some are considered better due to their flashy moves, others because of their experience.

        Some could be the best in the world and people would still call them “models” only because they started their wrestling training and career within the FCW or WWE instead of coming from the indies.

        In my opinion is this a unfair treatment cause all of these girls earn our respect no matter where they are coming from and how they started.

        Nobody was born as a wrestler after all.

        The main difference is that some that are born in “wrestling families” (like Nattie), have the advantage of starting earlier than others and have more support through the experience within the family.

        • samtherofl

          What are you talking about? All these girls can wrestle? Sure.. Some wrestle better than others because they are BETTER. not because of stupid flashy moves or experience…

          Michelle McCool NEVER does/did flashy moves, She in WWE the same time as Maria–Are they on the same level wrestling wise? Hell to the No.. McCool triples Maria’s wrestling ability.

        • Lita-Sault-666

          @ SAMTHEROFL
          Yes I know you said that, but what I’m saying is that the divas you put forward by suggesting that they cant wrestle, Gail has only competed against one of those (as far as I’m aware).
          So Gail could very well be as good as Mickie, Michelle & Beth with the lower tier of women in the division, she’s just never against them. She’s either tagging with them or stuck in the lockerroom.

          In all honesty, I applaud Gail for showing her frustration. WWE creative do not listen to the divas with their input into storylines, several released women have stated this. Gail shows up on Superstars every few weeks & only on Raw in multi diva matches … 7diva tag 2 weeks ago & the battle royal last night… I’d have done exactly the same if I were in her situation. ..& I’m glad Melina did such a great job of getting eliminated straight away too. I only wish more had done so. The company would not have fired them all. My fingers are just crossed now that Gail will stay with the company & hopefully get used. A nice faction would work with Beth, presumably champion, leading the faction of Melina, Natalya & Gail Kim.

        • Harley

          SAMTHEROFL: “Michelle McCool NEVER does/did flashy moves, ”

          LOL. Your definition of “flashy” is so messed up. As I recall, when McCool was a face, she did a flipping arm drag from the top ropes regularly. And if she wasn’t THAT tall, I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to do a headscissor rendition too. Also, as a heal, she uses an extensive “strong” moves that wouldn’t really work well in a real fight. That, by definition, makes it flashy.

        • samtherofl

          What’s a ‘heal?’

          Strong moves aren’t flashy moves.
          ‘Flashy Moves’ are top-rope attacks, high flying moves and variatons, McCool done flipping arm drags that was on a low level kind of flashy.. That doesn’t matter, that’s one crappy move.

          “she uses an extensive “strong” moves that wouldn’t really work well in a real fight. That, by definition, makes it flashy.”

          Then every move in flashy, Natalya’s sharpshooter and Kelly Kelly’s k2 is flashy because they wouldn’t work in a R/L fight.

        • Harley

          Lol. You are seriously going to pick on a typographical error? Why not pick on something “within your size.” For instance, this statement: “Michelle McCool NEVER does/did flashy moves.” I do believe that NEVER means that she has not done a single flashy move. And yet you acknowledge that she does one.

          Sure. You can say that its a “low level kind of flashy.” But bending the truth does not make your statements true especially when you are contradicting yourself. And I know that it would be convenient for you to MAKE your own definitions in this discourse. But that doesn’t mean your definitions are right either.

          “McCool done flipping arm drags that was on a low level kind of flashy.”

          flashy (adj.)
          1. Cheap and showy; gaudy.
          2. Giving a momentary or superficial impression of brilliance.

          Perhaps we should analyze the move: She goes to the top rope while holding her opponents hand, she does a backflip, lands (cutting her momentum) and flips her opponent to the other end of the ring.

          The mere fact that she cuts her momentum already signifies that the backflip and top rope bit were unimportant. And since they are unimportant yet she does it anyway, that is superficial.

          “That doesn’t matter, that’s one crappy move.”

          Sure. But that doesn’t change the fact that she still did it when she was a face. I do believe that craps all over your “NEVER” statement.

          “Then every move in flashy, Natalya’s sharpshooter and Kelly Kelly’s k2 is flashy because they wouldn’t work in a R/L fight.”

          LOL. Being flashy and being impractical are too different things. Those moves are impractical but that doesn’t change the fact that no aspect of those moves are unnecessary for the supposed impact.

        • Harley

          And if I may add, SAMTHEROFL. High-risk and flashy are also two different things. High-flying and flashy are also too different things. A flying cross body is not flashy because it does not have unnecessary elements. However, it can be considered as high risk and it is a high-flying move.

    • NaomiNightfan2011

      And Kelly Kelly doesn’t? She’s been with the WWE for 5 years, and she shows minimal improvement year by year. I don’t want to sound like a hater, but she does the same moves every match (thanks to WWE Creative) and doesn’t show signs of improvement.

      • samtherofl

        Kellly Kelly hasn’t nothing to do with it, however.. I agree and disagree, She’s shown alot of improvement over the last year though.

        • NaomiNightfan2011

          Well your saying that WWE keeps Gail botches a lot (which is exaggerated in my opinion) and lack of charisma (check out her promos from TNA). Now Kelly may have charisma (Though I don’t think it’s because of her promo work.) but she botches a lot more than Gail does. And I’m sure that someone shouldn’t be pushed for just charisma alone.

        • samtherofl

          Gail Kim has been given chances though, against Maryse/Mickie James and she messed up twice. that’s why WWE probably hold her back.

          I’ve seen the promos, I don’t rate them.. ! I’m not saying Kelly is better in-ring wise or charisma wise! I didn’t even mention Kelly!

        • NaomiNightfan2011

          Kelly Kelly gets a lot more chances than Gail, but she botches more than Gail ever could.

          I know Kelly wasn’t mentioned, but you said that Gail was kept back because she botches. If that was true, why would Kelly be the Diva’s Champion?

        • DjayDay

          @samtherofl go away mark. Your clearly up Michelle’s ass for no reason

    • A.E

      seriously REALLY REALLY,gail is one of the most fantastic wrestlers see the matches of her tna days. but sadly wwe don’t utilize on that very well,well deserving of a push unlike the models who are the worst excuse of being a wrestler like mayse ,rosa the bella kaitlyne not too mention kelly kelly,and about the botch everyone botch and everyone make mistake so GET OVER IT.

      • samtherofl

        I didn’t say she was a bad wrestler? Every botches, well..duh! But… I was trying to say she botched alot during her storyline(s) She even messed up throwing glitter over someone..

        • Aksana

          That segment was hilarious. Felt quite bad for Gail once it happened, though.

        • Raekon

          if you mean the vickie segment, I must say that this stuff they used glues together a lot and its hard even if you throw it with power (like she actually did), it might not fly as far as you want it.

          Was better like that instead of canning vickie with the bin though. :P

        • DjayDay

          But you have to remember, Gail was taught a COMPLETLY different style of wrestling. Girls like Beth and Nattie never botched because Neidhart was groomed for WWE, and Beth spent almost 3 years in development. Kim was put straight on T.V and expected to work with girls who couldn’t work as fast as her. It’s not the girls fault nor is it Gail’s. It’s booking.

          Also, in the fued she had with Mickie James, she never really botched. It was Mickie’s problem, even though she is a legend. MANY have said, and this is not a shot, Gail could simply not hold Mickie up. And when Mickie went for the kick to redeem the messed up DDT, she botched the kick. Most of Gail’s issues have came from a lack of faith. Not every girl can get a push. Although Gail Kim, sure as a hell needs one.

          I hope it is just a work.

        • xXL3Xx

          Actually @DJAYDAY (not trying to be snotty or anything) the confirmed story behind the Mickie-Gail match was that it was, in fact, Gail botched both the DDT and the reverse roundhouse. She suffered a stinger after missing a second rope crossbody. Therefore, she was uncertain of taking the DDT (not wanting to further any unknown damage) and no-sold the kick because of her daze. If you watch the match, you can actually see where Gail lands head first.
          Now, I may be coming from a different place than @SAMTHEROFL, but I understand the reasoning. Kelly never really botches, her technique is just boring. Same goes for the Bella Twins. However, Gail (as well Jillian) had a nasty habit of botching badly in key matches or spots. *see Jillian’s matches with Melina in their short feud and Gail’s accidents. Even though they are stellar performers, this may have put a bad taste in management’s mouths about them. Btw, I actually liked Maria’s wrestling. She was very gawky, but her matches were actually exciting. She gelled well with most of the girls she worked with.

  • divaknockout0913

    I also noticed in the video how Beth was the one to eliminate Melina right away. Maybe they are all gonna join forces (Beth, Nat, Gail, Melina) and dominate the division. I would love for this to happen. I really hope we’re not getting our hopes up over nothing.

  • C@ndyWr@pper

    If she is frustrated why she dose stay in WWE. The money is good but is it worth her happyness to her. Oh and love you Gail but if your gonna do that just stay out of the match next time.

    • _Bryan_

      we dont know if she did this out of frustration. its just an interpretation, if she did though, i think i would do the same thing, so i dont really blame her.

  • A.E

    and news flash if gail lack charisma wwe should have helped her improve that what a good wrestling company should do with their talents.

    • samtherofl

      You can’t teach charisma, Michelle McCool should of taught you that by now.

      • Lita-Sault-666

        LOl, Michelle showed some signs of charmisa when she was with Layla, but just some lol. However, Gail Kim is actually pretty charasmatic, she was so in TNA.

      • _Bryan_

        everyone has charisma, just some need to have it taught to bring it out. but i dont even know why were are saying gail has none, watch her tna matches, shes clearly got it. the way shes being used, you cant really show charisma (she doesnt really have a character)

        • Harley

          SAMTHEROLF: “You can’t teach charisma, Michelle McCool should of taught you that by now.”

          LOL. That is so true. Even after all those years in television, McCool still seemed to lack the necessary charisma of a star.

        • AdrianRay

          Gail Kim’s tough and strong, yet still an underdog, character was rather bland. It was her in ring abilities that always made her shine. She has a passion for wrestling and you can see it in her TNA matches. To be honest, Gail’s character was pretty much who she is in reality. Which to me, made her promos a little blah.

        • _Bryan_

          @ adrianray, i dont think her character was rather blind, she was a good heel in tna for a short time, and her ‘underdog’ feel made her shine as a face( which like you said was pretty much her). her charisma really shined as a heel imo. her face character is a little bland in wwe because she really isnt on camera therefore cant show it.

        • AdrianRay

          Agree. I honestly forgot about her heel run. :/ In TNA she was treated so well, that they could have made her come out in a full clown outfit and people would still respond to her. She was good heel also in her first WWE run. I still personally felt her character was a little dry as a face. Not to much, just a tiny bit.

  • astarr

    If WWE didn’t want her saying these things, she wouldn’t be. She’s not “exposing” anything, everyone knows that Divas matches are short and in a situation like that, most of the girls are eliminated within the first minute or two. WWE is big into making people question what is gimmick and what is “real” lately, it seems, so I wouldn’t be shocked if she was told to eliminate herself just to get people talking. Why not? Aside from Beth winning and attacking Kelly, the rest of the match would have gone by unnoticed and barely talked about, so why not have someone do something bizarre and draw attention to the division, if only for a little bit.

    • samtherofl

      “I was being a good employee when ur told to get out of the ring in less than a min”

      That’s exposing wrestling.

      • davepower

        And her conduct was disrespectful to Beth

        • andagain

          How so?

        • davepower


        • andagain

          If you’re going to make a comment like that, you might as well elaborate.

      • Lita-Sault-666

        Kids wouldn’t read too much into it & most adults (i hope) already know that wrestling is fake & its quite clear that there are far more time restraints on the diva matches that any other on WWE programming.

        • _Bryan_

          again, we dont even know if she did this out of frustration. so no need to debate over something like “exposing the biusness”. lol, she isnt exposing anything, shes stating what everybody already knows. looooads of former divas talk about how thier matches get shortened etc. the biusness has already been exposed pretty much completely anyways.
          as far as being disrespectful to beth, what does that even mean? gail has been exposed for much longer than beth has…so i think beth would be a little selfish if she was being “disrespected”, again, IF this was out of gail’s spite. it woudl eb directed to wwe management

  • Cj2010

    I LOL’D so much @ Gail eliminating herself. I had to watch it three times to actually believe she did eliminate herself. God this is gonna be on the next Botchamania video on youtube

    • DjayDay

      Hahaha. I know, eh? I was like “You know Maffew from Botchamania is gonna love this shit!”

  • Kantrell

    I don’t understand.. She’s just voicing her statement about why she got off the ring quickly. WWE don’t control your thoughts and mind…jeeezzz

    • davepower

      It was childish and unprofessional.

      • _Bryan_

        i have to say davepower, you never have anything nice to say at all. you are not in her position, so how do you have the right to look down on her? besides we dont even know if this was out of spite.

  • Piggie James

    It’s fairly obvious recently that Gail and Melina are considered by WWE to be at the bottom of the Divas division and treated accordingly. Do any of you really believe this is a work? So they’ve spent the better part of the last two years completely misusing Gail so that they can work an angle out of it? She’s been nothing less than critical of WWE’s treatment of the Divas in the past few months and ironically is so far under the radar of WWE that no one in management is even aware of her, much like her slipping out of the ring unnoticed (then again perhaps her increasingly bad treatment is due to someone in WWE taking note).

    If this was a work, then surely they would have made it a bit more obvious. Very few people saw her self-elimination. At best, she was simply pandering to the IWC or at least her fans to get noticed.

    It’s highly rumored that her contract expires at the end of this year, and if she has no intentions on re-signing it, then it’s unsurprising that she’s ‘protesting’, since she has no fear of losing her job. Her fiance is a famous TV chef, and she was obviously offered a good deal from WWE to steal her away from TNA (who she was prepared to work for if they gave her a reasonable pay rise, which they weren’t prepared to do), so money is no longer an issue like it was before. There’s a rumor the only reason she went for the money in WWE was to help her sister’s medical payments, and she simply wasn’t making enough with TNA to do that.

    I’d be unsurprised if Gail isn’t back in TNA or even wrestling in Shimmer next year. Then again she might retire, but I’d figure she’d want her career to finish on a high. WWE might give her a push before her contract expires to entice her to sign a new one (like CM Punk), but I don’t think they really care enough for her anymore to give her that. Still I really do hope she gets that final push in WWE before leaving (like having some inclusion in the current wrestlers vs models Diva angle).

    • samtherofl

      You said everything i wanted to!

    • davepower

      Dave Meltzer said that Melina and Gail are being punished.

    • laqisha

      Gail in SHIMMER??? Sorry I can’t see that happening maybe WSU but SHIMMER I highly doubt it.

    • DjayDay

      I don’t think that’s quite right. If they were to do an angle like that they wouldn’t wait two years. It would WORK beacause she hasn’t really done anything in two years.

    • _Bryan_

      who could be, but i think wwe just want to focus on one ‘work’ at a time here. melina has been used heavily by the wwe in the past, again we actually see her compared to gail, who we rarely see.
      if they go into the idea further down the track, it would be good, but the wwe needs to slowly all these ‘works’ if they are going to sounds believable (even though the idea questions it)

      • _Bryan_

        slowly explain* all

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I do think Gail Kim is frustrated ! Im not a huge fan of Gail Kim but I am a fan of hers. There was plenty of times where i was gunning for Gail to get a push. I mean if you brought the girl back at least use her. I am glad though she has been getting win on superstars though she has hhad some decent matches , with decent opennents. First off since Gail came back she hasnt really wrestled a decent oppenent the only diva i can say she wrestled with that was up to par with her was Michelle McCool & Beth Phoenix , & Melina. Im not counting that Mickie james match.

    I do hope Gail joines Natalya and Beth at least she can get some retrobution !
    The Team of Galina & GlamHarts taking a stand over the cute little divas is okay in my books

  • Raekon

    She should had let alicia at least hit her and push her out to make it less obvious in my opinion.

    Doing it that way showing some sort of rebellion on tv won’t get wwe to push her in her career, it will rather push her outside the door and thats a bad thing. :(

    I’m also a person that stands up for himself and everyone at work(including our administrative director and our chairman) knows it and respects it in the meantime over the 10-11 years I’m in there.

    I’m not talking around, I’m talking face to face and speak my mind.

    Maybe she could try that aswell? Not sure if it will work in her case but better try then being unsure forever or doing such things like “behind their back”.

    I like her a lot and don’t want her to get fired because of it. :(

  • darkangels

    gail and nattie unlike beth have wrestle all over the world wwe has ruin her

  • seasons-of-love

    Lmao, I love her. So glad Gail started tweeting. She’s got attitude, but in the best possible way.

  • Fartycow

    um gail hardly botches, the two times she has people seem to mention it all the time. But if you look at every match she has, she really really gives it her all, you can tell she loves it and it’s so unfair she hasn’t gotten to wrestle for like a month.

    really guys, at this point it is clear that she really doesn’t give a ___ whether or not she is fired now. She’s had twitter frustrations for a long time now. Really, she just left the ring and seriously NO ONE noticed at first until someone mentioned it…doesn’t that prove her point? No one in the WWE noticed, as gail how is it disrespectful?

    also, no charisma? lol, look at her tweets, how is that someone who doesn’t have charisma.

    • samtherofl

      Do you even know what charisma is?

      • Fartycow
        1. a special personal quality or power of an individual making him capable of influencing or inspiring large numbers of people.

        Yeah, everyone posted about this, tweeting her, is OBVIOUSLY influenced by what she had to say.

        The question is, do you know what charisma is? Or did you make up a definition?

        • Fartycow


        • Harley

          Ugh… thank you FARTYCOW. I was wondering whether or not I have to give another English lesson to SAMTHEROLF.

        • samtherofl


          Another English Lesson? Hahaha, Get Real. Just be quiet and don’t get involved.

          “also, no charisma? lol, look at her tweets, how is that someone who doesn’t have charisma.”

          Oh.. She tweets something slighly disrespectful and she has charisma? Makes perfect sence.

  • bonepile

    Gail Kim tweeted (1:30 PM Wednesday) …”Nooooo I’m not doing my best to get fired. Wrestling websites who like to make up news with their wild imagination…haha don’t believe it.”

  • Johnyfaction3

    I wouldn’t be surprise if she gets released with in few days. She is basicly asking for it.

  • Angelsaur21

    Guys. Gail just doesn’t give a f**k anymore. It’s plainly obvious. And as much as it sucks, I would rather her be let go and retire or go back to TNA, where she was originally the face of the entire division. :o

    Plus, if NOBODY backstage saw her self elimination and cared enough to get on her about it, then why should she care?

  • art

    Poor gail i hope punk can get her a push or moved to smackdown as the top face & develop her their…on raw shes lost in the shuffle badly…

    her talent shouldnt be wasted even if the crowd doesnt cheer her on her entrance they get behind her when she wrestles..

    a move to smackdown would do her wonders & when layla returns they work together as the top faces..that way gail,layla,kaitlyn & aj vs Nattie,Alicia,Rosa & Tamina..

    • Kaledrina

      maybe i’m being too conspiracy theorist.. but punk re-signs with wwe and his gf and his gf’s best friend both get pushes the next week. and colt cabana gets a try-out match and jim ross gets re-hired on commentary. coincidence?? maybe, maybe not! but perhaps gail is just finally sick of all the backstage politics =/

      • art

        Well at least actual wrestlers & one of the best commentators are being used…all i need now is gail to move to smackdown & get a push or get a push on raw..

  • AJ

    Sorry but honestly, Gail isn’t going to get a push in the WWE for the rest of her career. If she’s that unhappy then she needs to ask for her release.

    The crowd doesn’t give a crap about her and no matter what you all say that is the most important thing you need to be a top diva right now. Also, she does botch a lot… like more than any of the other divas.

    • art

      she botches when like 2 years ago… the divas champ has botched more then gail…so that’s absolutely b.s..kelly cant even perform her own moves that well..

      Gails moves are harder to hit & execute…the crowd doesnt care because shes never on any of the main shows..they’d rather use kelly who the crowd only responds to because of her looks is really sad…

      • Kaledrina

        it seems to be the better wrestler you are, the more a “botch sticks in the memory. she doesn’t seem to get a free pass for messing up once in a blue moon like the lesser talented kellys or bellas of the world, who mess up a lot lot more, do.

        • art

          @Kaledrina thats something that annoys me,kelly botches & people start by saying it happens but for gail she botches all the time, like shes the most unsafe person to be in the ring with…

    • Raekon

      Actually she always got a good reaction in superstars and also in the main brands when she got to wrestle because high flyers like her mostly get all the “ooohhh” and “aahhh” out of the audience due to the fact that their moves are more high risk and more flashy aswell.

      The main problem is that vince stopped caring about the whole division and put up kelly into the title because she was the face of wwe divawise on every poster or promotion anyway.

  • WWFoverWWE

    Gail my advice to you is to save your money and head back to TNA. At this point, WWE is never going to push Gail. They will always push a kelly, or eve, or someone over her

    But I wouldn’t be surprised if TNA doesn’t take her back because she did sell out after TNA gave the whole world to her by pushing her to the moon

    money is not everything, people should be in wrestling for the wrestling, if it’s all about the money, then get a new career imo

    and with sonia in FCW, WWE does have an asian backpack

    • laqisha

      Sonia is terrible, she needs like at least 2 years of training.

  • SeraphimJester

    I was right. She eliminated herself.

  • cheerleadermelissa

    I find it funny how people are saying Gail should keep her mouth shut, yet these are things we as Diva fans have been commenting on for ages. Gail is arguably one of the most talented Divas of the division, why shouldn’t she have the freedom to complain about how WWE misuses her talent? I find it refreshing that Gail is speaking out, and calling management out on their stuff.

    As far as Gail botching, well, so does every other wrestler in the world. Point is, every time Gail is in the ring she puts on hell of a match and as I said, she is probably one of the most gifted wrestlers in the WWE.

    I agree with the Charisma thing, but WWE still pushed Michelle with no charisma. Why not Gail? Gail can work circles around Michelle in a ring, so I don’t see the logic in a lack of charisma holding her back. And anyway, like someone mentioned, Gail often gets cheers in the ring when she wrestles.

    • laqisha

      Are you the REAL cheerleader melissa???

    • RR45


  • THETommyTommy

    Gail probably should be careful about what she says, I am worried about her and Melina… perhaps getting future endeavoured. But I’m totally gunning for this being a work. WWE has so many eyes on the Twitter accounts of their employees, I’m hoping this is plugging Gail to join Beth and Nattie. I really hope Melina joins and they become some kinda “Original Diva” faction.